Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 18: General Deception, Part 1

The guys were packing up for a camping trip. Kapri shows at Storm Chargers to see if the guys need help with packing since Marah was staying at Ninja Ops to help Cam and had told her to go to have fun. She had only one bag that she was carrying over her shoulder. She notices Tori and Skyla were at the van looking exasperated because they were trying to shoves everything together in the back of van. From the look of it, the van was totally stuffed.

"Tori," she called out the blue ranger who turned around, surprised to see her. She and Skyla walked up to Kapri as she walked over to them.

"Kapri, Weren't you at Ninja Ops with Cam and Marah?" Tori asked.

"Yeah, but Marah and Cam told me to go with the guys and have fun," Kapri explained "I wanted to stay, but they told me I should go, so here I am," she smiled.

"Oh, Tori notices the bag Kapri was carrying "Is that what you are bringing?"

"Yeah," Kapri nods "Why? Am I supposed to bring something else?"

Tori shook her head and smiles "No, I'm just surprise that you pack less than the guys".

"I'm surprises that the guys pack a lot of stuffs," Kapri chuckled.

"They sure pack a lot," Skyla laughs.

"Yeah," Tori agreed with sighs.

Hunter came out from Storm Chargers carrying another box. Kapri, Skyla and Tori turned around and saw him.

"You're kidding me right?" Tori said as she puts her hands on her hips, staring at Hunter who shrugs and gave her the box.

"We have to make sure we have everything for this camping trip," he told her. Then he notices Kapri "Hey," he walked over to her "I thought you were planning to stay with Cam and Marah at Ninja Ops, what changes your mind?"

"Cam and Marah told me to go and have fun with you guys," Kapri smiles "They said they can handle it".

"Oh," he smiles "I'm glad you came".

"Me too"

"Oh I almost forget, wait right here. I need to make sure we got everything," he said before he left inside Storm Charger as Dustin heaved a TV out of the store.

"Dustin, really?" Tori sighed, raising an eyebrow. "Isn't a TV a bit much, since you're going camping?"

"Beside the van is already stuffed," Skyla points out "I don't think you're able to fit that TV in".

"How else are we going to watch Supercross tomorrow?" he asked, stuffing it into the van too and Skyla and Tori shakes their head with a smile.

"You're not supposed to watch the Supercross, Dustin" Tori rolled her eyes as she shut the back and walked to the front of her van. "That's why it's called 'roughing it'" she pointed out.

"Well if man was supposed to 'rough it', then why did he invent a portable generator?" Shane challenged.

"Because man got lazy" Kapri pointed out with a smile on her face.

"Kapri?" Dustin walked over to her "Where's Marah?" He looked around.

"Sorry, it just me only".

Dustin sighs "I was hoping that Marah could go with us"

Tori touches Dustin's shoulder "Maybe Cam and Marah would show up later after they finish everything at Ninja Ops," she told him before she got in the van in the driver seat.

"Move it or lose it you two!" Blake said as he climbed into the front beside Tori. "Thanks for giving us a ride Tori" the navy ranger smiled to the blonde, who smiled back as Hunter and Kapri got in the back with Dustin. Then Shane and Skyla got in the van and sat next to each other.

"No problem, I wouldn't miss seeing you guys in the wild" Tori chuckled, before smirking a little. "Besides, this way I know where you guys are when it all goes horribly wrong" she told him brightly, as if she was expecting it.

"Come on! We're highly trained Ninjas!" Blake defended the male honor of the van "What could happen?" he laughed, and they shut the door.

Tori smiled, starting the van, driving away from Storm Chargers.

The atmosphere in the van was light as they drove through the woods, the excitement of camping hitting everyone as they chattered about anything and everything.

"Hey, did you guys ever wonder why the sky is blue?" Dustin asked, earning several amused looks. "Shouldn't it be see-through?" he asked, but there was pretty much a unanimous 'no' as the earth ninja looked around. "Like, it's just air" Dustin continued on, making the others laugh. "It should be see-through! Didn't you ever wonder about that?" he pushed Shane, who had been laughing away quietly.

"Dustin" Shane chuckled. "I'm the air guy" he told him. "You know the power of air. You should just try and figure out why the dirt is brown" he told Dustin, making everyone start laughing again.

"Ok, I was just asking" Dustin raised his hands in defeat, and Kapri glances out the window. Everyone continues to talk about more interesting stuffs.

"Huh?" Tori frowned as a young woman leapt in front of the van, and they slowed to a halt. Everyone looked up, frowning in confusion.

"Last time we stopped at the side of the road our school got sucked into space" Dustin reminded Tori hesitantly, but Tori pulled over anyway. They all leapt out of the van, and gathered around the panicked girl, who wore climbing gear.

"Are you ok?" Tori asked as the girl thanked her for stopping.

"My friend, she's stuck. We need help" the girl said desperately. "Do you have a rope?"

Tori looked over the guys "You guys didn't happen to pack a rope, along with the CD player and the laptop, did you?" she asked, doubting it.

"As a matter of fact I did" Shane remembered, dragging Hunter to grab the rope and climbing gear. They then sprinted along through the path towards the cliff, where several other people were waiting.

"Her rope broke, and she's stuck" the girl said as her voice shook, and they looked over the edge to see how far down the girl was. She was stuck about halfway, with a good drop still between her and the ground.

"Hold on!" Shane called down to the terrified girl, who cried out as the rope slowly loosened around her harness, causing her to jolt a little

"Lower me down, I'm the lightest" Blake told them.

"No," Kapri spoke all of sudden and everyone looked at her "Let's me go, I'm the lightest".

"No," Hunter shook his head "I don't think it a good idea, Kapri," he said, not liking the idea of Kapri going down there by herself.

"I'll be fine, don't worry," she touches his arm "Beside you guys are holding the rope and will be watching me".

Hunter sighs "Okay, but be careful," he told her.

"I will," she nodded.

Blake, Shane, Hunter, Tori, and Dustin lower Kapri down toward the girl.

Suddenly the rope started to move a lot faster than it should. Shane and Skyla quickly grabbed it and held on tight.

Hunter rushes over to the edge with Tori to see what was happening.

"Kapri!" Hunter yelled, trying to see the Lighting Samurai pink ranger. "Are you okay?" he called down.

The girl behind Blake and Dustin smirked suddenly "She won't be for long" she stated. Dustin, Blake, and the others hastily turned around quickly at her sudden change in her attitude. Suddenly she changes into a Kelzaks, and threw Dustin and Blake back before the rest of the people on the cliff changes into Kelzaks Furies and began advancing on them.

"Well...did anyone else not see this coming?" Shane asked as he looked up, still holding the rope with Skyla.

"That's what I was hoping for!" Zurgane appeared and sent the Kelzaks forward to attack.

Hunter, Blake, Tori, Dustin, and Blake got into their fight stances before Zurgane yelled "attack!" and the Kelzaks immediately charges at them.

The rangers begin to fight off the Kelzaks as they charges at them. Shane blocked the attacks from the Kelzaks surrounding him mostly, before another caught his undefended chest and stuns him long enough for another to tackle him, where he rammed into Blake as he threw one, and they both ended up on the ground.

"Shane!" Skyla yelled as she still hanging onto the rope that was holding Kapri from below.

The Kelzaks lunges at her, but she outsmarted them and kicks in their faces. Then with one hand, she mange to flip one of the Kelzaks over on it back. Shane appears by her side, fighting off the rest of the Kelzaks that tries to attack Skyla.

"Are you alright," he glances back at her.

"I'm okay," she nodded.

Hunter and Tori fought off the Kelzaks and rushed over to the edge to see Kapri was fighting off another Kelzaks. She was swinging to avoid its knife and placing in a couple of kicks to push the foot soldier back. However, it managed to knock her foot off the ground and got her rope stuck tighter on her. She tries to reach for the wall of the cliff to hang on to as she tries untangling the rope. She looked up, just as the Kelzaks swung its knife and cut the rope "Noooo! She let out a cry as she hurtled towards the ground at a fast speed.

"Kapri, Noooo!" Tori shouted as she watches in horror, seeing Kapri falling down.

Skyla gasps when she felt the rope loosen and become less heavy "Kapri!" she rushes over to the edge just in time to see the Lightning Samurai Pink ranger plunge toward the ground.

"Kapri!" Hunter yelled and jumps down after her "Thunder Storm! Ranger Form! He ninjas streak down, catching Kapri in his arm and landed safe on the ground.

“Hunter”! Blake gasps and shouted as he saw his brother jump down from the cliff in his civilian form.

He quickly pushes the Kelzaks out the way and went over to the edge. He sighs in relieves seeing his brother already morphed in his ranger form safely on the ground with Kapri who was in Hunter's arm

Hunter was still holding Kapri in his arms when she smiles and looked up at him

"You're okay?" he asked, looking down at her breathing heavy.

"Yeah," she nodded "Thanks to you".

"How about we head up there and kick some Kelzaks butts," he suggests.

"I'm right with you there," she answered.

He put down her on her feet.

"Lightning Samurai! Ranger Form!" she morphed and then ninja streak together with Hunter, knocking the Kelzaks Fury loose of its harness and made it crashed to the ground.

The rest of the group had been pushed together, with the Kelzaks Furies advancing on them with Zurgane when Hunter and Kapri landed in front of them with their back leaning against each other. Then Kapri lift her hand up and blasts lightening bolt at the Kelzaks sending them flying backward

"You guys ok?" she and Hunter asked the other rangers.

"Never better" Shane told him as Skyla helps him up. "I think it's time to clean up these clowns" the red ranger told the rest of the group. He turn to Skyla "I need you go somewhere safe, while me and the other rangers deal with these freaks".

Be careful," Skyla nods and went somewhere safe.

Once Skyla left, Shane turned back to his team "Ready?" he called.





The rangers drew their weapons, and Zurgane sent the Kelzaks Furies forward again. Kapri dodges from one of the Kelzaks attack before kicking right in the chest. She then slashes in it chest with her sword, and it flew back, knocking another two down with it.

Hunter joins by her side and smirk "Ready to attack together," he looked at her.

"Let's do this!" Kapri nods and they combine their ninja's powers, blasting at the Kelzaks away.

Shane uses his battier, shot into the air, and fired a blast that wiped out the last of the Kelzaks.

After that, everyone demorph and regroup together. Skyla went over to Shane as Blake went over to Hunter and punches him in the arm.

"Ouch!" He rubs his arm and glares at his brother "What was that for!"

"For almost giving me a heart attack," Blake points at the crimson ranger "And don't ever do that again".

Dustin appears next to Hunter "Wow! An overprotective brother," he remarked with a chuckles.

Everyone bursts into laughter.

Later on

"Alright Sensei, whatever you think is best" Shane cut off the communication with Sensei, and looked over to where Tori, Blake, Hunter, Kapri and Dustin stood by the van. "He told us, there's nothing we can do back there, that we can't do out here" the red ranger explained to the other rangers.

"Cool, so we camp?" Dustin asked hopefully, and both he and Hunter looked at their leader.

"We camp" Shane grinned, and the three cheered happily. Blake clapped his hands together and they all bundled into the van once again.

"I still don't know how you can call it camping" Tori smiled as she opened the door to the driver's seat.

"Tori, don't say anything until you experience it" Blake scolded playfully, grinning as he went to open the door.

"I'm not experiencing anything" Tori replied, making him stop. "I'm just going to drop you guys off and then I'm outta there" she told him, getting into the van before he could say anything more.

"Man" Blake sighed with a small Then Tori starts the car's engine and drove off towards their camp site once again.

Tori slammed the back of the van shut as her, Kapri, and Skyla heaved out the last of the backs.

"That's the last of it!" Kapri called, before looking up and staring at the sight in front of them.

"What the hell?" Tori raised an eyebrow as she saw Dustin, Hunter and Blake relaxing on seats while Shane brought the TV over and tossed Dustin the remote. Skyla and Kapri shake their heads slightly laughing.

"This isn't camping, this is a resort!" Tori exclaimed as she stared at the four guys in disbelief. "All you need is a waterslide and a luau" she rolled her eyes as they liked this idea.

"That would be cool!" Dustin stated, and Blake laughed as he agreed.

"Come on Tori, put on a grass skirt and dance!" Blake taunted, and Hunter whacks in the back of the head.

"Ouch, hey, what was that for, Hunter!" he scolds the crimson ranger.

"One, not considering Tori's feeling and say something stupid," Hunter said "Two, it's payback for hitting me in the arm earlier".

"That hurt you know," Blake rubs the back of his head with his hand.

"Anybody want to order pizza?" Hunter called, getting to his feet and join him by his side.

"Yeah, just none of that ham and pineapple stuff" Blake told him, making Hunter roll his eyes.

"Fine" he grumbled, before lifting the phone. "Aw, no signal. Looks like we're having hamburgers" he wandered off, trying to find the fridge.

"I think you guys are missing the point here" Tori stated.

"The point is, to have fun" Blake replied as he messed with a fishing pole. "You sure you don't want to stay?" he offered again, but they shook their heads.

"Thanks, but I got to get back" Tori told him, still in disbelief at their attempt to camp. "Cam needs some help back at Ninja Ops" she walked "But I'll be back to pick you guys up, the day after tomorrow. Bye!" Tori headed to the van and climbed in as they called out their goodbyes.

Tori started the van and was about to take off when suddenly the van was stuck and not going anywhere. She looked up and frowned before leaning out of the van and groaned as she realized that the van was stuck in the mud.

"Guys?" she called out to them with a weak smile. "Can I get a" she asked hopefully.

The four guys stood at the back of the van, ready to push as Tori looked out at them. "On the count of three! One, two, three!" she called, putting the foot down on the accelerator as they began to push. Mud splashed everywhere, hitting the ground and covering them in mud. Finally they pushed it free, only for the guys to crash into the mud.

Kapri and Skyla gasp and slightly giggle at sight of the guys covering in mud.

The van, now freed, kept going, and crashed into the generator, causing it to short out and stop the TV, fan and the stereo. The four male rangers stood in front of the van, not looking too impressed. Tori smile sheepishly at them.

Skyla, Kapri and Tori was waiting the guys by a small lake when guys emerged from the trees, all clean.

"Man, I haven't had that much mud in my eyes since I ran outta tear-offs last week" Dustin complained as the two girls got to their feet.

"You guys, I'm so sorry about your generator" Tori apologized, but was waved off.

"It's not your fault" Blake smiled. "Things happen".

Tori smiles at what Blake said "How was the shower?" she asked, still looking a little guilty.

"Well, you could say it was refreshing" Shane stated, but Hunter rolled his eyes.

"But cold would be more accurate" he told them, making the others laugh lightly.

"I know this doesn't exactly make it up to you, but your burgers are on the grill, and your sodas are getting cold in the stream" Tori told them, and they all sighed happily. Blake opened the barbeque, and inhaled the scent of the burgers cooking.

"You're forgiven" Blake grinned as they all looked happy for the time being.

The good mood disappeared as thunder boomed overhead, and two figures fell from the sky.

"What was that?" Shane asked as he and the others turned toward the direction where the two figures just fell from the sky.

"I don't think we're ever getting back to civilization" Tori sighed as she and the other rangers raced towards whatever had landed nearby.

Stopping at a clearing near the hills, they spotted Vexacus and Shimazu standing waiting for them.

Skyla and Shane was the first to arrive at the scene where Vexacus and Shimazu was.

"Vexacus!" Skyla glares at the alien monster.

"You again!" Vexacus points his hand at Skyla "I thought you were dead".

"I should be asking you that especially you're the one that should dead," she spats and Vexacus growls at her.

Shane got in front of Skyla, protecting her.

"I thought I smelled garbage" Hunter snarled as he and others stopped nearby next to Shane and Skyla.

"Oh, we'll see who gets trashed" Vexacus laughed.

"Hey, no offence, but you don't seem like the outdoor types" Shane pointed out, and Vexacus shrugged lightly.

"We're not. We just came to watch your ultimate demise" the fish alien told them.

Tori frowned at his words, not understanding what he meant "Don't you mean, 'cause our ultimate demise?" she asked.

"Ok, I like your way better" Vexacus remarked.

The rangers were forced to leap out of the way when Vexacus fired an energy blast at them.

"I am so not in the mood for this today" Hunter growled as he straightened up, coughing from the smoke.

"Just when you thought it was safe for a day off" Shane grumbled and Skyla quickly went somewhere safe and out of harm way. "Ready?" he called, and everyone straightened out into a line to morph.




"RANGER FORM, HA!" they morphed and leapt towards Vexacus and Shimazu. While Tori, Shane and Dustin ran at Vexacus, the other three launched their attack against Shimazu. Blake leapt in and caught the ancient warlord with his navy antlers, but Shimazu fought back and threw the navy ranger off. Kapri blasts the lighting bolt from her at Shimazu who dodges out of way. Hunter stepped in, changing his thunder staff into a tornado star.

"Try this!" he fired a blast at Shimazu, but as it hit him, Shimazu disappeared with a cackling laugh. "What?" Hunter looked around in surprise, only to see Shimazu's head in giant form flying towards them.

"I'm so close to victory, I can taste it!" he laughed as he then caught them with a laser attack, knocking the two thunder rangers to the ground.

Kapri blasts the bolt of lightning from her hands at Shimazu. This time it hit him, transforming him back actual form instead of his head.

He grabs Kapri and tosses her over his head and she landed into the dirt before she could react.

"Kapri!" Hunter rushes to her and help her up "You're okay?"

"I think so," she got up from the dirt, brushing the dirt off of her.

"It seems you have met your match" Shimazu laughed as he and Vexacus stood in front of the rangers as they regrouped.

"You're finished rangers" Vexacus taunted, only to be hit by a blast of green energy, while Shimazu was hit by a ball of fire flame. Cam and Marah leapt over the others heads and landed in front of the other rangers, facing the two generals.

"Cam! Marah! It's about time" Shane said as he and other rangers are relieved to see them.

Skyla rushes up to Cam and Marah. Cam turned to her "I'm going to teleport you back to Ninja Ops if that's alright with you," he told her.

She nods and looked at Shane who nod back, knowing that she want to tell him to be careful. Second later, Cam teleports her back to Ninja Ops safely.

"I picked something up on the radar, headed this way" Cam told the rangers after Skyla left. The rangers rush to his side in disbelief as Shane grabbed him.

"What? Worse that these super freaks?" the red ranger demanded. Cam pushed him away, nodding grimly.

"Way worse" Marah told them nervously, having seen the readings.

"Hey, rangers!" Vexacus called, earning their attention again. "Nobody's worse than we are!"

"I would have to agree" Shimazu nodded.

"No-one messes up my weekend!" Hunter growled angrily. They combined their weapons and aimed at the two, firing a blast. However, the two generals caught the attack and threw it back. It collided with the rangers and sent them flying backwards to the ground.

"Guys!" Cam rushed over as Vexacus and Shimazu laughed.

"This is too easy!" Shimazu stated, before the ground shook, nearly knocking the two generals to the ground. A giant robot burst from the ground, taking everyone, including the two villains, by surprise.

"Prepare to be destroyed!" a voice echoed from the cockpit as Cam straightened up, looking up at the huge robot.

"Zurgane!" he recognized the voice immediately as the other rangers tried to get to their feet.

"Not again" Marah said, not in the mood for another fight with the faceless general.

"Fight me, if you dare!" Zurgane challenged, making Shimazu groan.

"Haven't you had enough failure for one day?" the ancient warlord yelled up to him, but was ignored as the rangers got to their feet and accepted the challenge. They leapt into their Zords and formed their Megazords so it was 4 on 1.

"We haven't used this one in a while!" Tori inserted a green power disk, calling on the Star Blazer that fired four colored stars, which landed on Zurgane's Zord. They exploded, knocking the Zord back a little.

"This one's mine" Hunter called as the Thunder Megazord stepped in front of them. He inserted a power disk of his own, calling the sting blaster to fire their attack. However, Zurgane destroyed the attack before it could hit him, taking them by surprise.

"Our turn!" Kapri inserted a disk which sent out a ball that was in flame, which she threw at Zurgane's robot. However, he caught it and throwing it back at Kapri and Marah combined Zords. It connected, and the Megazord was knocked to the ground.

"I got one for ya!" Cam moved in front of the fallen Megazord and sent out a power sphere too. The bumblebee yoyo was knocked aside by Zurgane too, and the four Megazords stood together as their drivers were shocked by how every move they used. Suddenly Zurgane's Zord fired a strange electric attack that caught all four Megazords and floored them as everyone cried out.

"No!" Skyla cried out as she was seeing what was happening on the screen at Ninja Ops.

Shimazu and Vexacus watched as what seemed like an easy win for the Power Rangers began to turn in favor of Zurgane, who laughed as it seemed he was winning.

"My victory is at hand!" he laughed, surveying the four Megazords lying on the ground.

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