Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 19: General Deception, Part 2

Zurgane advanced on the Thunder Megazords, The Wind Megazord, and Marah and Kapri combined zords, ready to destroy them when Cam's Megazord leaps in the way and block the attack. When Zurgane looked up startled, his Zord was knocked back by a kick. The other three Megazords got up, as everyone stared at Cam in shock.

"You've been holding out on us Cam!" Tori grinned as she tilted her head a little.

"Where'd you get that mode, Cam?" Shane asked, and the Samurai Megazord looked around as Cam smiled proudly at his work.

"I amthe one in charge of upgrades, remember" Cam chuckled, but looked around quickly as Zurgane rushed at him. The Thunder Megazord fired lasers at the Zord, knocking it away from Cam. Kapri and Marah combined zords landed a punch just below the cockpit, pushing it even further away.

"You guys ready to finish this?" Hunter called as Zurgane's Zord crashed to the ground. The four Megazords lined up, and attack, destroying the Zurgane's Zord.

"Yeah! No more Zurgane!" the rangers cheered happily at their victory, but Cam felt uneasy.

"Don't be so sure. Zurgane's smart"

"But we trashed his Zord" Hunter protested in disbelief.

"Even if he got out, he's got nothing" Dustin added in agreement, but Cam shook his head. Not liking how it was turning out.

"Something doesn't feel right" the green samurai said in concerns. "It was just too easy"

"You call that easy?" Blake stared at him.

"If that's what you call easy, I never want to fight what you think is hard" Kapri joked, and Cam smiled a little.

"Go back to your campsite. I've got to check something at Ninja Ops," Cam told them.

"I'll go with you," Marah spokes.

"I'll come with you" Tori turned to look at him. "I'm over the whole camping thing" she told him.

"I'll come too" Kapri nodded

"Let us know if you find anything out" Shane told him, and Cam nodded.

"I will" he told them. "Keep your eyes open out there" he told them before he, Tori, Marah, and Kapri, flew off in the Samurai Star Megazord, leaving the guys to head back to their campsite.

~Ninja Ops~

The three girls watched as Cam worked at his computer. He was trying to find if there was a reason for his unease. Marah was standing next to him with her hand on his shoulder, squeezing it to calm him down from being frustrated.

"It just doesn't seem logical" Cam muttered in frustration.

"Cam, sometimes one must turn away from a problem, in order to find its solution" Sensei told him, but Cam just seemed to get more stressed out.

"Dad, I've turned every way I know how. I'm not sure there even is a problem" he mumbled. "I just know something isn't right"

"You got to trust your instincts Cam, they've never steered us wrong before" Marah told him, smiling brightly and he nodded, smiling back before turning to work on.

"What did you find?" Tori asked as she watched the screen.

"I'm getting a strange energy reading" Cam explained, frowning as he examined the readings. "I think Zurgane used some sort of power replicator on us" Cam explained, and Marah glances at the others "What does that mean?" she asked curiously.

"It means we're in some serious trouble," Kapri said, sensing that there's more trouble ahead.

As Cam glanced back to the screen, it beeped, and everyone focused on it again, frowning as they saw another giant robot, being commanded by Zurgane.

"Guys, its Cam. Sorry to tell you this, but we've got another emergency" Cam contacted the four male rangers, who were currently foraging for food after their camp was mysteriously raided.

"I hear you Cam" Shane called in.

"With you bro" Blake answered.

"On my way" Hunter replied.

"Right behind you dude!" Dustin finished, and the four cut off their transmissions.

"Ready?" Cam asked, and Tori nodded as the four backed away from the computer.






The Rangers arrive in their zords facing Zurgane before combining all zord together to form Hurricane Megazord with the addition of Kapri and Marah.

"What's the deal?" Shane complained as they got ready to fight.

"I'm back and you're through" Zurgane told them determinedly.

"Zurgane! I knew it!" Cam complained.

"No way!" Shane scoffed. "Let's take him out!" he yelled, and they moved the Megazord towards Zurgane. They use their attacks on Zurgane but, it has no effect.

"What's the matter Rangers?" Zurgane taunted. "You aren't surprised, are you?" he asked, and they glared through their helmets at the opposing Zord. Suddenly Zurgane's Zord fired its fist at them, and the Megazord was forced to take off to the sky to avoid the huge blast. They fired another attack, which hit perfectly. As they landed, the Zord stepped forward.

"I have another surprise for you" Zurgane called, and suddenly he summoned a power sphere, much to everyone's shock.

"No way!" Tori exclaimed.

"It's a power sphere!"

"What a poser!" Dustin shook his head.

"I knew it"

"We're in trouble!" Marah shouted

"This is brutal!" Hunter growled.

"Totally brutal!"

"You can't use our powers against us!" Shane snarled, and Zurgane laughed lightly at him.

"We'll just see about that" he stated, and the power sphere broke apart to reveal a sword that straightened out before a spike stuck up at each side. He swung it, and the rangers called on a force field. It immediately shattered, and the Megazord shuddered.

"Hang on guys!" Shane yelled as they struggled to stay upright, but it was no use. The Megazord slowly fell backwards, and crashed to the ground. The rangers coughed as they lay either slumped over their consoles or back in their seats.

"Is everybody alright?" Tori asked weakly.

"Marah, are you alright," Dustin asked, worriedly about her.

Marah sat up holding her head "I'm fine, just a little headache," she told him.

The rangers watch as Zurgane hit the front lightly with his sword, before raising it above them, ready to administer the final blow. They all cried out, before Cam brought out the Riff Blaster, summoning the Mammoth Zord.

The Mammoth Zord arrived, firing a power sphere that connected with the back of Zurgane's Zord and knocked his concentration. However, using the power of his new sword, he fired a blast that caught the Mammoth Zord and knocked it down.

"He's immobilized it!" Cam called out in shock.

"No way!" Kapri exclaimed.

"I can't believe it!" Shane was equally shocked over what had just happened.

With that now out of the way, Zurgane turned back to face the Hurricane Megazord, got immediately and stand in it fighting stances.

"Let's put a new spin on this thing!" Shane yelled. However, as they fired their Typhoon attack, Zurgane countered with an attack from his sword, which easily broke through their attack.

"Rangers, return to Ninja Ops immediately" Sensei told them as they cried out in pain.

"Oh man!" Shane exclaimed angrily. "On our way, Sensei" he replied before he and the other rangers teleport out from the zord.

~Ninja Ops~

While Cam worked on restoring the Zords to full power, the other rangers pace around in Ninja Ops. Cam brought up an image of Zurgane's Zord walking through the city as the rangers gather around him, watching the screen.

"He's using our powers to attack the city!"

"We've got to get back out there!" Hunter growled as he looked to Cam, who frowned.

"I need more time before the Zord can be ready to battle again" he told them

"Time is what we don't have!" Marah sighs. Her head was still hurting a little bit from the battle earlier.

"How are we going to fight without our Zords?" Tori asked, and Sensei bounced off Dustin's head to hand on the desk in front of them all.

"Think Rangers, what other resources are at your disposal?" he asked.

"What about the gliders?" Dustin asked, and Sensei gave a nod.

"And the Tsunami cycles!" Shane added.

"Excellent thinking, individually, your weapons would be overpowered" Sensei told them. "But together, your resources will be significant" he stated.

"Follow my lead guys. Maybe we can draw him out of that thing" Shane told them, and they nodded. He then turned to Skyla "You stay here with Sensei".

"Okay," She nodded "Be careful".

"I'll bring the Zords when they're repaired. Good luck" Cam called, and they streaked off


"Hey Zurgane! You going to hide in that thing all day?" Shane taunted as he, Tori and Dustin flew in on their gliders.

"Come out and fight us!" Tori taunted, and the Zord spun around to face them.

"Or are you too scared?" Hunter mocked as he, Blake, Marah, and Kapri raced up on the Tsunami Cycles bike, close behind the gliders. Marah was using Dustin's Tsunami Cycle bike while Kapri was using Tori. Marah wasn't good with riding bike so Kapri has to teach her how to ride the bike about three second, which was success.

The seven rangers rammed into the Zord, forcing it back as they continued to mock the general.

"You can't catch us!" Kapri teased as she raced around, frustrating Zurgane even more. Suddenly he leapt out, attacking the three wind rangers in their gliders and knocking them to the ground as he landed lightly.

The four Tsunami Cycles bikes pulled up in front of the fallen rangers, and Zurgane let out a low growl.

"I'll fight you on my own!" he yelled, pulling out his swords as they rushed at him. Zurgane blocked the thunder rangers attack, and caught them with one sword forcing them back. He then caught them again, and knocked them to the ground.

"Surprise!" Kapri yelled, leaping up from behind Zurgane and slashes him in the back with her sword.

He spun around and caught her arm just when she was about to attack him again. Then he threw her over his head and she landed on her back.

Marah blasts a ball of flame from her hands at Zurgane who counterattack and flung it right back into her chest. She landed backward to ground, grabbing her chest in pain.

"Marah!" Dustin got up and rushes over to her side. Then he, Tori, Blake and Shane lunges their attacks at Zurgane easily block all the attacks from Tori, Shane and Dustin. Zurgane then floored them with his own attack, before they all leapt up and attacked again.

Zurgane cut across Shane's chest before slashing across Blake's chest and knocking the navy ranger flying. He then caught Dustin, and forced him to the ground. Marah leapt in the way, and got knocked aside, straight into Kapri. As they crashed to the ground, Zurgane turned and punches Hunter in the stomach, sending the crimson ranger flying backward to the ground.

Then Zurgane caught Tori and Blake once again. Shane rushed in, and blocked his two blades with his sword, only to be thrown through the air.

Kapri slowly get up and looked Marah "Plan B?"

"Plan B," Marah nodded and she and Kapri combines their power: Lighting and Fire. They blasts it at Zurgane who blocked it with sword and sent it right back at them. Hunter and Dustin quickly got up and rush over to Kapri and Marah, taking the hit for them.

"Dustin!" Marah yelled as she rushes over to him and held him in her arms "Are you okay?" she touches his face.

Kapri rushes over to Hunter and help him up. He was grabbing his chest in pain "Are you okay?" she asked with concern.

"I'm okay," he touches her hand assuring that he's okay.

"There's more!" Zurgane taunted as the rangers regrouped. He threw his swords into the air, and while they were distracted by them, he held his hands out and hit them with another attack. The rangers crashed to the ground, and he caught his swords.

"Cam! We're running out of options!" Shane yelled.

"Got it! I'm on my way, and I'm bringing some backup!" Cam called back to them.

Sure enough, their zords arrived, freshly repaired and ready for battle. The rangers cheered, happy that they were finally getting somewhere after the harsh beating they had just endured.

"Have it your way!" Zurgane snarled. "To the Zord!" he yelled, leaping back into the Zord. The rangers leapt into their own Zords, combining into their Megazords and facing Zurgane. He suddenly fired a fist at them, and it connected with the Thunder Megazord, also catching the other two as the explosion spread.

As Zurgane went to catch them with his sword, Cam fired an attack that forced him back, and Zurgane looked up to see the Star Chopper change into a Megazord Mode.

"Time to bring out the hurricane!" Shane called, and Hunter, Cam, Kapri, and Marah lifted their power disks.

"You got it!"


"Let's finish this!" The four sent out their power spheres and form the Hurricane Megazord. The two opponents faced each other, before the Hurricane Megazord rushed in. Immediately Zurgane began to get the upper hand, forcing them back. They lashed out, but Zurgane's Zord disappeared. The Megazord spun around, only to be hit once again.

Zurgane cackled, before unleashing an attack that almost forced the Megazord to the ground.

"It's over for you!"

"Not even close!" Cam yelled, calling on the Riff Blaster once more. "Mammoth Zord, let's rock!" he called.

The Mammoth Zord arrive into the battle. Zurgane growled and fired an attack, but it didn't even seem to faze the giant Mammoth. They leapt onto the Mammoth, and faced Zurgane.

"Give up!" Zurgane yelled.

"Never!" Shane replied, and the Mammoth Zord began to move. The Hurricane Megazord hit its head, sending out several power spheres that burst open in the air. They then landed on the Mammoth, and Zurgane stepped back.

"Fire!" they yelled, and the Mammoth sent out several energy blasts from the contents of each sphere.

Zurgane cried out as his Zord was destroyed, and the rangers cheered, glad it was finally over.


"Here we are" Tori pulled over as she, Cam, and Marah unbuckle their seatbelts. They climbed out, looking around for their friends

"I can't believe these guys still wanted to go camping after all this, and that Skyla and Kapri went with them, " Tori shook her head in exasperation.

"I just want to go to bed," Marah yawned covering her mouth.

"Me too," Cam smiled, and Tori grinned. "I just didn't want them thinking I was...well...lame" the green Samurai ranger admitted.

"Aw Cam, you're not lame!" Marah hugged him, taking him by surprise.

"Thanks Marah," Cam smiled.

They continue to walk over to where the others were camping out and stop when they saw the sight in front of them. The four male rangers, with Skyla and Kapri, were fast asleep in their chairs. Skyla was asleep in chair next to Shane who was snoring loudly. Marah smiles when she notices Hunter's jacket was on Kapri's body and Hunter was around Kapri's shoulder with her head on his shoulder.

"Who knew Shane was a loud snorer" Tori chuckled as they laughed at the sight in front of them.

"I bet Zurgane's in worse shape than them" Cam stated with amusement.

"No doubt" Tori giggled. "Should we wake them up and take them back?" she asked, and Marah shrugged.

"We should just let them sleep," Cam suggests "How would we plan to wake them up?"

"I don't know," Tori shrugs "Maybe, have Marah kiss Dustin to wake him up and than splash water on everyone else".

Cam glares at Tori as Marah look away blushing.

"What? It was just a suggestion," Tori looked at him.

Cam shakes his head with a smile.

"Cam?" Marah said a moment later with a smile on her face.

"What is it, Marah?"

"Do you have your camera with you?"

Tori smiles when she realizes what Marah was planning to do.

"Yeah "He nodded "Why?" He asked.

"To take some pictures," Marah simply replied.

Cam chuckles when he finally figures out what Marah was planning to do "It's in the van, I'll go get it," he begins to walked away with the girls following him.

Tori turned to Marah smirks "I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they see the picture".

"Me either," Marah smiled.

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