Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 2: Aftermath (All about Beevil)

"Cam, what's wrong Marah?" Dustin asked with confusion and concern. He was shock when Marah flipped him over on his back and then startled when Marah didn't recognize him or the others.

"Marah doesn't recognize any of you guys because she doesn't remember anything even about her being evil nor she remember any of you guys except for me and my dad. She can only remember what happen before she was evil," Cam explained.

"Are you saying she has memory loss?" Tori asked.

Cam nodded "Yes".

"Is it permanent?" Dustin asked all sudden.

"No, it's temporary," Cam replied "It's going to be awhile before she remembers everything. It takes time".

"How long will it be until Marah remember again?" Shane asked.

"I don't know," was Cam reply.

Dustin looked down with a sad expression and then he looked up at Cam "I'm going to go home and get sleep so I can help Kelly tomorrow," he says to everyone.

Everyone waves goodbye and Dustin left out of Ninja Ops.

"Poor Dustin," Tori thoughts

She turned and looked at Cam "Is there anything we can do to help?"

Cam touches Tori's shoulder "No, it's okay, you guys should go home too. It's getting late. I called if anything comes up".

"Okay," Tori replied.

Tori, Shane, Hunter, and Blake say goodbye to Cam and Sensei and then left.

At the Storm Charger

Dustin is fiddling with some small tools, which looks like he's stripping a wire or something when the other four; Tori, Hunter, Shane, and Blake come over slowly.

"Hey," Blake says his usual smile on his face.

Dustin glares up at them. "You okay?" Tori asked.

Dustin shakes his head, taking a frustrated breath. "No," He pauses. "I thought working would take my mind off of everything, but it's not helping".

"Hey," says Hunter "We all know how you feel Dustin so just take it easy."

"Yeah, we're here if you need to talk," Shane said, willing to listen to Dustin talk about his problem".

Dustin shakes his head again, blinking. "You know, first that bike guy, then . . . Marah—"

"Hey," Hunter says. "Don't blame yourself."

"It's not fault," Tori comforted him "Beside Marah is fine now. Cam said that Marah would recover".

"It was just," Dustin sighs "If I would have known Beevil is still alive, I would have save Marah instead of her saving me".

"Then you would end up being hurt," Tori mentioned.

"Or worse," Blake added in and everyone stares at him.

Dustin looked down at his hands when Kelly comes over. "Uh, Dustin, there's somebody here for you."

Dustin turns away, "Can you, tell 'em I'm not here or something?"

She smiles. "I think you'll really wanna see this," she replied

Dustin looks at her confused and then towards the door quickly. His eyes widen and he races over to where the man from before is standing with his bike. "Dude, I'm so sorry," the man says as they clasp hands. "Turns out the printer messed up the address on my new business cards. You must've thought I was a coot."

Dustin laughs in relief as he looks at his bike. "You have no idea how stoked I am right now!" The others watch them, amused but happy for him.

"So your bike's all dialed in," he says. "Let me know how it rides."

"Hey, sweet," he says, grinning as he shakes the man's hand. "Thanks, man." He smiles before leaving the shop. Dustin gets on his bike and grins over at the others. "See, sometimes you just . . . gotta trust people."

Tori smiles and was happy that Dustin got his back. Still she knew he was still thinking about Marah. She walked over to him and taps his shoulder "Dustin?" He looked at her "You should go see Marah and spent time with her. Maybe that can jog her memory".

Dustin sighs, gave a small smile and then nods.

At Ninja Ops

Marah walked out from her room "Morning Cam, morning Sensei," she greeted.

"Morning Marah," Cam and Sensei replied.

Cam walked over to Marah "How do you feel?" he asked.

Marah smiles "I'm fine, my head hurt," she touches the bandage on her head "I think I feel a lump on my head".

"Dude, you should feel it," Cyber turns around in his chair "You took a nasty hit to the skull uh I mean head".

"Cuz, is that your clone?" Marah asked as she looked at Cyber Cam.

Cam sighs "No, he's Cyber Cam that I build myself because I need to someone here monitoring while I help the rangers," He pulled a small remote and press a button, making Cyber Cam disappears.

"He look exactly like you," Marah commented.

Cam sat Marah down on a chair and run a scan on her "Yeah, but he need a little adjustment because last time he went haywire and lock me in the closet".

"Wow, I bet the others were surprise to see Cyber Cam," said Marah who shock to hear what happened when Cam built Cyber Cam.

"Yeah," Cam agreed "Very surprised and upset as I recalled".

Cam finishes "You're fine, but later I need to run some test on you again to be sure," he told her.

Marah nodded and got up "So, do you need help with anything?" she asked.

Cam smiles and shook his head "No, but thanks anyway".

"Okay, I'll be in my room if you need me," she told him and then left.

Cam sighs and went over to the computer to check for any signs of Luthor's goons when Dustin and Tori walked in.

"Hey Cam," Tori says

Cam turned around "Oh hey Tori, Dustin," he replied.

"How's Marah," Tori asked.

"She's better, I ran a scan on her and she's recovering," he told them.

"That's great!" Tori looked around "Where's Marah?"

"She's in her room," Cam replied.

"Do you think Dustin can talk to her," Tori asked.

"Sure," Cam agreed "First door to right".

Tori slightly push Dustin from the back "Go," she ushered him.

"Ok, Ok, stop shoving," Dustin said, lightly chuckles.

Marah's room

Marah was sitting on her bed looking a small photo of her and Kapri when they were young. They were in their ninja uniform. She remembered they were happy while taking the photo. That was the day; she and Kapri went up a rank because they improved their fighting skills.

A knock at the door interrupts her thoughts. She looked up and saw Dustin at the door

"Sorry to bother you," he says "But is it okay if I can come in and talk to you?"

"Sure," she agreed.

Dustin walked and sat next to her, but not too close to her because he worried that he might startle her.

"Dustin right?" she asked, looking at him.

Dustin nodded.

"So, were you and I close friend," she asked.

Dustin flinches a little "Yeah, we trust each other," he told her.

"Oh," she looked down at her hands "I wish I can remember, but I can't. Everything I tried, my head hurt".

He placed his hand on her hands "It's okay, don't pressure your self. It takes time".

She looked up at him with a smile "Thanks, maybe if it's alright with you, we can get to know each other starting with being friend and maybe I can remember something".

"That a good idea," Dustin agreed. Then he notices the photo on the pillow "You miss her don't you?"

"Yeah," Marah grabs the photo from her pillow and look at it "I'm worried that she might be in trouble".

"Don't worry Kapri is okay and I promise she will be saved," he assured.

"Something tells me I can trust you," Marah said, looking at him.

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