Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 20: A Gem Of A Day

In the middle of the forest, Marah and Kapri training with each other, trying to improve their fighting skill when their communicators beep.

"What is it Cam," Marah spokes to her communicator as Kapri appears next to her.

"Marah and Kapri, I need you guys at Ninja Ops right away," Cam's voice told them.

"Okay," Marah nods then turn to Kapri "Let's go!" she said before she and Kapri left.

~Ninja Ops~

Marah and Kapri walked in and saw everyone was around Cam's computer.

"What's going on," Marah confusedly asked.

"Is everything okay?" Kapri also asked with concern.

Cam and the other rangers look at each other with a smile before Cam stepped forward "Well I called you two here for a group meeting, but first," he smiled "We want to give you two something since you two had join us and help us a lot".

Marah and Kapri look at each other surprised and anxious to know what Cam and the other rangers want to give them.

"What is it," Kapri asked.

Cam and the others move out the way, revealing a chair behind them. The chair turns around, revealing Dustin sitting in it with a smile on his face. In his hands, he was holding two uniforms. He got up and walked over to Kapri and Marah "Since you girls are already a power rangers, we thought you should also have the uniform to go with it," he said and gave the uniforms to them.

Marah and Kapri took the uniform and stare at it. A smile appears on their faces as they rushed up to Dustin, pulling him into a hug "Thank you," they beamed.

Then they hug Cam along with the rest of group.


Later on, Cam was explaining to everyone about what he found.

"After we found Zurgane's sword, I located a satellite picture of the area" Cam explained, holding up a piece of Zurgane's sword and showed to everyone. He then leaned forward and hit the 'enter' button on his Laptop as the screen changed to that of Vexacus destroying Zurgane.

"Not that I'm going to miss Zurgane," Tori said "but why would Vexacus do that?"

"It appears a power struggle is at play in Lothor's lair" Sensei explained

"Isn't that a good thing?" Dustin asked with a smile "Maybe they'll just keep fighting each other until no one is left!" he chuckled

Sensei nodded "That is possible. But I suggest Lothor has an even more sinister plot in mind"

"So what do we do next?" Shane asked

"We must face the enemy proactively," Sensei explained "We must reinforce our ranks with all the captured Ninja's; we must find a way to get onto Lothor's ship"

Blake sighed "That's not going to be easy,"

"Lothor's ship is protected by a powerful energy shield," Cam added in "without some way to break through, we'll never get in"

"Leave that to me!" Hunter said as he left quickly leaving everyone wondering what he's up to.

Kapri who was worried for Hunter, decides to follows him.

~In the Forest~

Hunter walked up to a rock in the clearing of the forest. He knelt down beside a boulder and started digging in the grass before pulling out a small pouch out from it. He sighed and was about to take something out from the pouch when a giant shadow fell over him.

"So," Vexacus spoke from behind Hunter "my readings are correct!"

A bird like monster landed beside the General "Meet Condortron, an ingenious creations, if I do say so myself"

"What are you doing here?" Hunter asked, maintaining a firm holds on the pouch that contain the gem

Vexacus growled "For the same reason you are!" He blasted Hunter with his powers.

Hunter jumped aside "I've got more important things to think about now!" he yelled "Thunder Storm! Ranger Form!" he morphed and started his battle.

The battle went on for a while, before Condortron sent the Crimson ranger rolling down a small incline, Hunter stumbled back to his feet and braced himself for another attack when out of nowhere a bolt of lighting struck Condortron in the back. He stumbles away from the Crimson ranger as the Lightning Samurai Pink ranger appears with her sword in her hand.

"Kapri?" Hunter looked up at her surprised.

Soon, the other rangers arrive at the scene on their tsunami cycles bikes. Marah was sitting behind Dustin while Cam was riding on the back of Shane's.

"Mind if we join the party," Shane said when Motodrone and a bunch of Kelzaks suddenly appear.

"Guys!" Hunter said as he and Kapri rush over to them.

Cam got off Shane's bike and went up to Hunter "Hunter, are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, thanks to Kapri," Hunter nodded.

"I guess we aren't the only one crashing the party," Dustin said when he notices Motodrone and the Kelzaks.

"Attack!" Motodrone orders the Kelzaks.

Shane and Cam fought the Kelzaks, while Blake and Tori took on Motodrone. The Blue and Navy rangers flipped off their bikes to double team attack on Motodrone.

Dustin rode through a second group of Kelzaks blasting at them as Marah uses her sword and slashes the Kelzaks that was trying to attack them.

Meanwhile Hunter and Kapri went head-to-head with Condortron. Hunter kicks Condortron in stomach and leaned over as Kapri rolled across his back and kicks the monster hard in the stomach, which sends him stumbling backwards away from the two rangers. Kapri went over to Hunter once she was back on her feet. Condortron fired several lasers at her and Hunter.

"Look out!" Hunter said, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her aside. The two rolled before coming to a halt with Kapri on top of Hunter, against his chest as he was lying on the ground. Their face were close to each other. "Are you okay?" he asked

"Yeah, thank you," she answered him, pushing herself up and helping him up.

He nodded "You're welcome".

The others regrouped with Kapri and Hunter as Vexacus stood before them after Motodrone and disappeared taking the defeated Kelzaks with him

"Any last words?" Vexacus asked the rangers as they got into fighting stances.

"Yeah." Cam said as he removed his armor and his visor spun around. "Super Samurai Mode!"

"I'm pulling the strings now." Vexacus said as he shot energy strings at the rangers and made them smash into each other before dropping them on the ground.

"What do you want?" Marah asked as she stumbled upwards.

Vexacus shot strings at Marah, making her move towards him.

"Marah!" Dustin, Kapri, and Cam shouted.

"Just having some fun!" He laughed as he flipped Marah and slammed her into the ground before grabbing her wrist.

"Let her go!" Hunter demanded as he and the other rangers stood up.

"Gladly," Vexacus laughed again as he threw Marah toward the rangers. Dustin quickly ran toward Marah and catches her in his arm. He looked down and saw her winces in pain "Are you okay?"

She looked at him and nods. Then he put her down on her feet.

"I'll take you all on!" Vexacus exclaimed as he drew his sword out.

The rangers took out their swords/staffs before charging at Vexacus.

"Ninja Shadow Battle!" Shane cried before resuming the fight, but Vexacus was easily able to beat him, Tori, and Dustin.

Marah and Kapri double team, attacking at him at the same when he blasts them in the chest. They landed on the ground as Tori and Dustin rush over them.

"Navy Antler!" Blake cried as he used his weapon to grip Vexacus' waist.

Hunter rolled in and aimed his Crimson Blaster at Vexacus before shooting. Vexacus was able to break free from Blake's grip and threw the navy ranger on top of Hunter. Vexacus disappeared before reappearing on a giant shark's fin.

"Land Shark Attack!" He called as the fin knocked down the two Thunder Rangers.

The rangers ran over to their two teammates before Vexacus appeared on the ground again while he laughed. "You didn't think I'd leave without saying goodbye? With or without the gem, I will defeat you!" Vexacus stated before disappearing.

"What Gem?" Tori confusedly asked "What did he mean, Hunter?" She turned around to look at Hunter as all the rangers opened their visors while Cam removed his helmet.

Kapri looked over at Hunter knowing what Vexacus was talking about. Earlier when she was following Hunter, she was sensing something and now she know it was the Gem. Hunter looked around at them all; they were staring at him with the same confused faces.

~At Ninja Ops~

"The Gem of Souls," Hunter shows them what was in the pouch and received a shock looks from everyone.

"The Gem," Kapri muttered and looked at Marah who was shock to see the Gem.

"You should've told me." Blake told his brother as he crossed his arms.

"You didn't know about this?" Tori asked as she looked over at Blake, surprised that he didn't know.

Blake shook his head. "No." He responded as he looked up at Hunter. "And we're going to have a long talk about why, aren't we bro?"

"I was going to tell you." Hunter insisted. "But the more time that passed, the harder it got. I'm sorry."

"Hold on, those fragments must've been the source of the radiation I was tracking earlier." Cam realized as he crossed his arms and looked at Hunter. "It had nothing to do with Zurgane's sword at all, right?"

"Wait a sec," Shane turned and looked at Kapri and Marah "Did you two know about this?"

"No," Marah shook her head as Dustin look at her and held her hand.

Kapri sighed "I knew it was the Gem when I sensed it," she admitted, but Hunter defends her.

"She didn't know, matter of fact, I never mentioned anything to her about the Gem. After Lothor shattered the Gem, I hid these two pieces out there." Hunter told the others. "I'd go out there every now and then to find out if they can help me contact my parents."

"I understand that sometimes your loss is difficult to accept, but what's done is done." Sensei stated as the rangers looked down at him in his habitat. "You can never go back in time."

"Not without a scroll or something." Dustin added, remembering how Cam travelled back in time to retrieve the Samurai Amulet.

Hunter sighed a bit to himself. "I know my parents are gone, but I still miss them." He said before looking up slightly. "And those students up on Lothor's ship, someone misses them too. But it's not too late for them. Let's bring them back." He suggested as he placed the Gem fragments in Cam's hand.

Cam glanced down at the fragments before looking up at everyone. "I think you can use the Gem fragments to get onto Lothor's ship?"

"I can teleport inside Lothor's ship and weaken the shield, making easy for you to use the Gem fragments to break the barrier down to get inside," Marah offered, but Dustin shook his head disagreeing with the idea.

"No, I'm not letting you get back on the ship".

"Dustin," she touches his arm "If there a chance to save those student on Lothor's ship, then I want to help," she told him.

He grabs one of hands and held it "You don't understand if you go on Lothor's ship then you might not come back".

"That's the risk I'm willing to take," she turn and looked at Cam "Beside Cam will watch out for me," she assured.

Cam touches Marah's shoulder "Marah, I don't know if it's a good idea for you to go".

"Then, let's me go," Kapri said all of sudden and everyone look at her "I can help too".

"It's good that both of you girls want to help, but it too risky for both of you," Sensei said with understanding.

"I know the risk, Sensei" Marah looked at Sensei "And I really want to do it to save all the students".

"Marah, let me go instead of you," Kapri replied, hoping to change her sister's mind because she knew that Dustin doesn't want Marah to go.

Marah shook her head and turn to Kapri "No, you must stay here and help the rangers because you are strong and able to assist them in battle".

"But..." Kapri was about to say something, but Marah stopped her.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine," she assured her sister and the others.

"Then it's settle, Marah will go with Cam to Lothor's Ship and Kapri will stay here to help rangers out if Lothor sent his monster down to attack," Sensei ordered.

Cam sighs and nodded and Dustin sadly looked away.


Cam turned to his teammates wearing his ranger suit and holding his helmet in his arm. "With the Gem shards, I should have enough energy to be able to break through Lothor's energy field." He started. "Once I've done that, you guys should be able to teleport onto Lothor's ship."

"We'll be standing by." Shane assured the green ranger.

Marah walked up to Cam and looked at him "I guess should go first and let you know when it's ok to go".

"Be careful, Marah," Tori and Skyla told her.

"I will," Marah nods with a smile

Kapri walked over to Marah "Marah, once you are done with lower barrier of the ship, get out of there immediately, ok," she said and then hug Marah.

"Okay," Marah was about to teleport away when a voice interrupts.

"Marah!" She turned and saw Dustin walked up to her.

"Dustin," She looked at him as he grabs her hands and held it in his hands.

"Promise me, you will come back safely".

Marah nodded "I promise," she replied and then Dustin pulled into a hug and whispers "I love you" in her ear as she did the same,

Then Dustin let her go and watch her teleports out of Ninja Ops. Hunter placed a hand on Dustin's shoulder "She'll be fine," he assured the Earth Yellow Ranger.

Once inside, she was dressed in her Alien outfit to easy fool the Kelzaks that she ran into on the way to the control room.


Kapri's necklace was glowing and she looked up at Cam who nodded at her "here's the power disk to if you need to form the Hurricane Megazord." Cam said as he handed the power disks to Shane.

"Thanks, Cam. Just be careful out there," Shane said as he took the power disk from Cam.

"Why does everyone keep telling me that?" Cam asked as the others smiled a bit.

"Good luck." Tori told Cam, who nodded.

A panel in the wall opened up and Cam walked down it towards the room where the zords were usually kept.

"Dudes, why does this feel like one of those weird moments in a space movie before the astronaut goes into space?" Dustin asked as he looked at his friends.

"Now that I think about it, I guess it kind of is like one of those moments." Blake realized.

Everyone went over to main frame and watch as Cam left in the new Dragon Force Vehicle and smiled a bit. As they saw Cam fly into space, the vehicle was hit by a laser from Lothor's ship.

"Cam!" Shane shouted as he and others watch with concern on their face. Dustin looked back at Kapri who was looking down at her necklace and up at him with a terrified expression.

"Kapri, did Marah contact you yet?" Dustin asked with concern.

"No," Kapri shook her head "I'm starting to worry about her".

Dustin face back to the screen with a worried expression "C'mon Marah, please be okay," he muttered.


Marah had made to the control room and saw Lothor and Vexacus there, viewing the screen. She heard Lothor telling to Vexacus to attack Cam. Without thinking, she points her hand at the control panel and blasts at it. Lothor and Vexacus turn to her direction as she quickly hides before they saw her.

"VEXACUS! You go deal with the intruder while I take care of my nephew," Lothor ordered.

"Yes sir," Vexacus said before he left.


"I'm hit, but I'm okay."Cam assured his teammates as he avoided more lasers. "The problem is if I don't get closer, I'll never be able to break through the energy field."

Suddenly, the image on the screen changed and showed a giant Condortron flying around the forest and squawking. "Uh oh." Blake muttered. "The big bird is back."

"We have to call the zords." Hunter decided.

"We can't leave Cam out there." Shane insisted.

"Nor Marah," Dustin added, refusing to leave.

"Cyber Cam and I will monitor my son and Marah." Sensei told the rangers. "You must take the zords and face Condortron."

Dustin shook his head "I'm not leaving without knowing if Marah is okay".

"Dustin," Hunter was about say something, but Kapri stopped him and turn to Dustin "Dustin, you go stop that bird monster; I'll stay here and tried to contact Marah. I promise she will be okay," she told him.

"Okay," he sighs and nodded.

Tori nodded. "Let's go." She said as the rangers ran out of Ninja Ops.

The rangers formed their three separate megazords before going into battle. "Let's do this!" Shane told the others.

"Right with you, Shane." Hunter nodded.

The megazords fired lasers at Condortron, who was able to get undamaged by them. Condortron charged at the megazords and hit each of them. As the fight continued, the rangers got beaten pretty badly.


Cam has made on to the ship and found where the students where captured. They were pleading for his help. He presses his communicator and told his father to teleports the student when Lothor appears and sent the Kelzaks to attack him.

The Kelzaks knock a small device out his hand as Lothor walked up to him and ask the Samurai green ranger to stay here forever, which Cam refused.

Meanwhile Marah was about to teleport out the ship when Vexacus attacks her from behind "What's the hurry, Marah?"

Marah slowly got up and got into her fighting stance "Should have known you would show up," she said "Flaming Samurai! Ranger Form! Ha!" She morphed and then lunges at Vexacus.


Kapri's necklace glow and she looked at it "Marah is okay, she just morphed," she turned to Sensei "I need to go and help her".

"Say no more Kapri," Sensei nods "Go and come back safely".

Kapri nods and then morph "Lighting Samurai! Ranger Form! Ha!' Then she teleports to Lothor's ship and appears where Marah was battling with Vexacus.

Marah swings her sword at Vexacus who caught it and tosses her to the ground "Prepare for your own demise," he said, getting ready to obliterate her when a bolt of lightning blast him in the chest making him tumbling away from the Orange Samurai Ranger.

Kapri rushes over to Marah and help her up "Are you okay?" she asked her sister.

"Kapri?" What are you doing here?''

"Saving you and Cam," was Kapri's respond.

Vexacus blasts his energy beam at Kapri when Marah blocks her with her barrier.

"Marah?" Kapri looked at her in surprise "When did you learn how to do that?''

"Ninja training with you," Marah smiles at her sister and reflect the blast right back at Vexacus who flew backward to the ground. Then the girls' teleport away at the same time Cam reaches for the device and teleports himself out of the ship leaving a pissed Lothor.


"We can beat this bird!" Hunter insisted.

"Concentrate!" Tori told the others.

"Okay!" Dustin nodded.

"Focus!" Blake tried.

"We can do this!" Shane stated.

The bird monster was about to attack them again when it got blast in the face. The rangers turn and saw the Samurai Star megazord arrive next Wind Megazord.

"Cam!" Dustin, Shane, Tori, Hunter, and Blake were relieved to see him.

"Sorry for being late," Cam said "But don't worry I brought you some back up," he smiled.

Marah and Kapri arrive in their megazord that was combined by the fox and deer zords "Hey guys!" Kapri smiles "Ready to roast this bird!"

Dustin was relieves to see Marah was okay "Marah, you're okay," he beamed.

"And ready to kick big bird butt!" She added with a smile.

"One roasted bird coming up!" Hunter shouted as he took out his power disk.

"Right!" Shane, Kapri, and Cam nodded as they took out their power disks too.

The three rangers placed their disks in their slots and twisted the handles. "Power Disk, Locked and Dropped!"

The rangers combined their megazords and formed the Hurricane Megazord. The megazord grabbed the Star Sword, which glowed red, and the rangers slashed Condortron with it as the large bird monster stumbled back and squawked loudly in pain.

"Alright, time to finish this feather-freak!" Shane decided.

The star on the megazord started spinning around rapidly, creating a hurricane, which swallowed up Condortron and made him explode, and the rangers cheered in victory.


Marah and Dustin were walking holding hands. He glances at her "I was scared when I thought I was going to lose you," he told her.

"Aw, I wish I was there to see your face," she teased.

Dustin glares at her, pretending to be upset and Marah laughs "I was joking with you!"

"So was I," he smirked and she playful punches him in the arm.

He grabs her arms and attempting to tickles her when he notices she was wincing in pain "I'm sorry," he let go of her arm "Are you okay?" He asked with concern.

"Yeah, it's just only a bruise from Vexacus attacked," she told him "It could have been worst if Kapri haven't been there to save me".

"Still," he sighs "Wish I could be there to help you," he softly touches her injured arm, careful not to hurt her.

"But you were there," He looked at her in puzzlement. Noticing his expression, she grabs his hand and placed on her chest where her heart was "Right here when I need you," she smiled.

Dustin then placed his hands on her cheek and kissed on the lips. Then let go and held her hands "let's go check on Hunter shall we?"

Marah nods and let Dustin lead the way.


Hunter was sitting on a boulder staring up at the sky. "You don't have anything buried out here, do you?" Hunter smiles and turned around to see Kapri standing nearby.

"Maybe," Hunter smirks and Kapri stare at him "Kidding,' he chuckles when he notices her concern look. She slightly chuckles and sat down next to him.

"So, did Cam send you out here to look for me?" He looked at her "Or did you follow me again?" he asked.

"No, I came out here on my own," she told him.


"Okay, Cam told me I would find you here and also want to me to tell you that he said thanks for giving him the Gem fragments," she admitted.

"Oh," He looked away and up at the sky again.

"I know it must've been hard for you to give them up," Kapri said a moment later and he looked at her.

He shook his head. "They weren't doing me much good anyway. I guess they didn't do Cam that much good either, considering we never got back the students."

"Well, it got him onto the ship." Kapri pointed out. "Blame Condortron though. If he didn't attack, we might've gotten back the students."

"Do you think we'll ever get back up there?" Hunter asked as he looked up at the sky.

"After checking on the Dragon Force Vehicle earlier, it took a good beating. Cam should be able to get it running again though." Kapri stated before looking at Hunter. "We'll get those students back. I know it especially with me and Marah helping"

"What make you believe that we would get the students back," he asked.

"Let's just say," She leans forward toward him and smiles "Me and Marah figure out a way to save the student".

"How?" He curiously asked.

She smiled "I tell you when Marah and I make sure it would work".

"Okay," Hunter nodded.

Suddenly he realizes how close his and Kapri face were to each other. Kapri also notices it and stare back at him. Before they knew it, they were both leaning in and kiss each other on the lips. Hunter wrapped his arm around her pulling her close as she wrapped her arm around his neck. Just when the kiss was about to turn to passionate, they heard a rustle sound and quickly jump apart.

They looked up and saw Dustin and Marah walked over to them with a smile on their face.

"Hey Hunter, Kapri" Dustin beamed and turned to Kapri "I didn't know you would be here".

Kapri smiles "Just came out here to check on Hunter to see if he's alright," she explained.

"What are you guys doing?

"Nothing," Hunter and Kapri replied at the same time, slightly blushing on their face.

"So, are you okay Hunter?" Marah asked.

"Yeah," Hunter nodded.

"Since all four of us are here, I was thinking about having some fun," Dustin suggests.

"What do you have in mind," Hunter asked.

"Go see a movie," Dustin answered with a smile "So what do you guys say?"

"Sound good," Hunter and Kapri agreed.

"Let's go then," Dustin grabs Marah's hand and left with Kapri and Hunter following behind.

Hunter grabs Kapri's hand and walked with her next to him. Kapri looked at him and actually see him happy again, which made her smile.

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