Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 21: Down And Dirty

"Welcome to the Blue Bay Harbor and the last qualifier before the Nationals next month," the announcer said "the top four qualifiers this season will go through to the big show, so there is a lot at stake here folks"

"You put in a new air filter right?" Kelly asked as she walked ahead of Blake and Hunter towards the starting line of the next race, Kapri was walking alongside Hunter who was holding her hands. It was clear that there was something more going on between them from Blake's view when he notices they were holding hands.

"Yeah," Blake answered as he looked up at Kelly's questioned

Hunter glanced across at his brother "Did you seal it, so no dirt gets in your air box?" he asked

Blake shook his head "Bro, I'm not an idiot"

"Hey, has anyone seen Dustin?" Kelly asked with a small frown

The three rangers frowned

"No," Hunter answered "I thought he'd be here for sure"

"Hey, thanks guys" Blake and Hunter said moving to their bikes as Kelly headed back to the sidelines, Kapri smiled at the boys and wish them good luck before following Kelly.

The 5 second board was shown and the gates came down "The gates are down and - their off!" the announcer said, loudly for all to hear.

Hunter and Blake were the first two riders over the gates and sped off over the track as the crowd around the outside cheered loudly. Kapri smiled as she watched Hunter and Blake. She was standing next to Kelly.

"And there they go!" the announcer continued "and it seems like an early start for Hunter Bradley on the inside track" the two brothers pulled ahead.

Blake coming closer to Hunter as they hit a hill and reached the corner "Now it's Hunter and Blake Bradley out in front and they are battling!" the announcer continued "You wouldn't know these guys were brothers!"

Kapri frowned as she watched Blake pull ahead of Hunter

"Oh, boy!" she heard Kelly said as she and Kelly was watching the two brothers turn the corner; Blake pulled head and Hunter hit the outer lane and it was clear he hadn't planned for that to happen. Seconds later Blake flew through the finish line and rolled up towards the Storm Charges van as Kelly and Kapri run off to join him.

"And Blake Bradley takes the win!" the announcer confirmed "that was a close race ladies and gentlemen"

"Hey," Kelly said when she was next to Blake "nice race..."

Then Kapri appears next to Kelly "Where's Hunter?" she looked around.

Blake didn't have a chance to reply as there was a shout from ahead of them and the three of them looked up as Hunter made his way towards them; he threw his helmet to the ground causing Kelly and Kapri to exchanged looks.

"You're going to scratch your helmet," Blake said, pointing at his brother's helmet

Hunter didn't seem to care "What was that?" he demanded "You totally high-sided me"

"No I didn't," Blake argued "You came under me"

"That's ridiculous!" Hunter protested, following his brother towards the equipment tools on the other side of the bikes

Blake scoffed "Besides, you wanted to race?" he questioned "I was racing!"

"Do you realize this means, I don't make nationals?" the Crimson ranger asked

"So what?" Blake questioned "You said you can't go anyways,"

Hunter growled slightly and turned away from his younger brother; he moved past Kapri and Kelly, he would have kept going if it hadn't been for Blake calling out to him and stopping him in his tracks.

"Hey! You know what I think?" Blake asked "I think you're just mad, because you got beat by your little brother! If it was any one of these other guys it would have been a clean pass, but because it was me!"

Hunter shook his head and continued walking away; kicking a plastic chair out of his way as he went.

"Just great!" Blake answered her before walking off himself; Kelly looked towards Kapri who looking towards the area Blake was heading before following after Hunter. Kelly watched her go before turning and heading off in the same direction Blake had disappeared.


Blake was watching the free style game from the side when Kelly came up behind him "Where's Hunter?"

"He got a ride," Blake replied "Kapri went with him," he added and then went back to watching the free style.

"Hey guys," Marah came up behind Kelly and Blake.

"Marah," Kelly looked at her with a surprise look "What are doing here?"

"Dustin told me to meet him here," Marah answered.

"Dustin?" Kelly looked around "Where is he anyways?"

"I have no idea, I have been looking for him," Marah said as she was also looking around.

"Hey, check it out," Blake taps Kelly and Marah shoulders. They turned around and looked at the Free-Style game

There was a rider clad in yellow coming riding out.

"Dustin?" Marah muttered

The rider went up the ramp and into the air, did the splits in mid air and came back down the other ramp, but his bike slid out from under him, and he went rolling on the ground,

Marah gasped, placing a hand over her mouth as the medics came over to check on him. The rider pulled off his helmet reveal himself to be Dustin.

"Dustin!" Marah and Kelly exclaimed before they can rushing over with Blake right behind them.

"Are you alright?" Marah asked when she appears next them with her hands on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Dustin replied with a smile, grabbing her hands and held it in his hands.

"Since when did you start doing free style demo?" Kelly asked.

"Yeah man, I thought you didn't want to get hurt for race season?" Blake added.

"Dude, you're not helping," Dustin replied, glaring at the Navy ranger.

Blake patted Dustin's shoulder, "I'll be waiting in the van," he said and then walked off.

"What's happening?" Kelly asked.

"I guess I just miss free style you know, I've been so busy racing, I haven't had time to hit the ramp," Dustin replied.

"You have a promising racing career," Kelly pointed out.

"I don't know, why can't I do both?" Dustin asked, looking at Kelly.

"You're a great rider, Dustin. But you're not Travis Pastrana," Kelly replies, then walks off.

Marah placed a hand on Dustin's shoulder "Don't worry Dustin, you will figure out a solution to your problem and when you do, everything will be okay," she assured him. Then he looked at her with a smile "Thanks Marah".


"Hunter!" Kapri yelled, running to catch up with the Crimson ranger.

Hunter heard Kapri's voice and slowed to wait for her to catch up; when she did he started walking once more. Kapri held his hands and walking alongside him.

They were silent for a while before Hunter spoke "Did Blake ask you to go after me?" he asked

"No, I want to go after you "Kapri shook her head "Blake is pretty upset, but you seem worse...what was that all about?" she questioned

"Were you not watching?" he asked

Kapri nodded "Yeah, I did," She answered.

"He stuffed me," Hunter protested "he totally blocked me"

"You don't expect me to take sides on this do you?" she asked as they entered Storm Charges and went into back. Kapri notices Blake in the TV room with Tori before she entered the back room into the workroom behind Hunter, who turned around and looked at her.

"I can't stop thinking about what happened at the race earlier," he sighed.

"I know how you feel," She looked up at him as he looked down at her. He then leans down and kisses her on the lips. The kiss didn't last long when they got interrupted by Shane and Skyla who walked in on them.

"Whoa," Shane spokes, making Hunter and Kapri jump apart, slightly embarrassing "I'm sorry I didn't you guys were busy back here," he chuckled and Skyla playfully smack him in the arm

"It's okay," Hunter said "Beside I was planning to find you and talk to you".

"About what?" Shane asked as he jumps onto the counter and sat on it "Oh, about you two getting together," he assumed and Hunter glares at him.

Shane clears his throat "Okay, what you want to talk about?"

Hunter joined him, sitting on the counter and explained to red air ranger and Skyla what happened earlier at the race.

A minute later...

"He stuffed me," Hunter states, "He totally blocked me to the burn"

Shane looked at Hunter, "I'm not choosing between you two cause that would be like..."

"All I know is there's clean racing and dirty racing" Hunter interrupted "and what he did was defintely dirty!"

"Look, I don't know what happened out there;" Shane responded after Hunter finished talking "I think you and Blake just gotta work this out!" he suggests.

Hunter shook his head stubbornly "I'm not going to him!" he told him "No matter what!" and he pulled away and walked out, running into Blake on the way. They avoid each other and walked away in the different directions.

Kapri, Skyla and Shane looked at each other and sigh.

They're both stubborn as mules!" Tori remarked as she walked over to them.

"Well, how about locking them in Ninja Ops and letting them fight it out" Shane suggested.

Kapri and Skyla laugh.

"I don't think it's a good idea," Skyla said.

"Beside, they probably drive Cam and Sensei nuts with their fighting," Kapri added.

Suddenly Dustin walks over to them carrying a rag, looking bummed out, holding Marah's hand.

"Dustin, are you alright?" Tori asked when she notices him.

"Yeah, I could have used a little more help with Hunter," Shane stated.

"Yeah, I just have a lot of things on my mind," Dustin replied.

Kapri went over to Marah "Hey, mind telling me what's wrong with Dustin?" she whispers.

"I tell you later, Marah whispers back "Anything I should know?"

"We talk about it later," Kapri answered and Marah nodded.

Suddenly, their Morphers beep, it was Cam "You guys better get over here"

"On our way," Shane answered, and the four of them headed out the door before Ninja Streaking to Ninja Ops.


"What's up?" Shane asked when he and the other rangers walked in.

Skyla and Cam looked up from the laptop in front of them

"Look at this," Cam said and all the rangers gather around him "Here listen to this," he pressed a button and let everyone hear.

"C'mon rangers, come out here and play fetch with my pet," said a familiar voice.

"Ok, that's is rude," Tori said as she turned and looked at her friends.

Dustin frowned "Is that who I think it is?" he asked

"Shimazu" Marah answered.

Sensei slid across the top of the laptop and landed on the desk beside Blake "You are correct Marah," he answered "there is no time to waste; you must intercept him before he can do any damage"

"Look like Shimazu decides creates a robot pet for himself," Dustin chuckled.

"And it ugly than his first pets he had," Shane remarked.

"Also a zords for himself," Kapri added.

"I'll initiate the Zord sequence from here" Cam told them "then join you"

"Right," Shane nodded as he turned away from the laptop, the others following him.

"Wait!" Sensei said stopping them "Before you go! Hunter, Blake" he addressed the Thunders who turned to him "remembers, what ever differences you may have right now, you must put them aside while performing your ranger duties."

Blake folded his arms childishly "I will if he does,"

"Don't worry about me, dude!" Hunter spat back; Kapri and Tori exchanged glances and slight frowns before following the other rangers.

"Ready?" Shane asked.


"Ninja Storm! Ranger Form!"

"Lighting Samurai! Ranger Form!"

"Flaming Samurai! Ranger Form!

"Thunder Storm! Ranger Form!"


The seven of them morphed and left Ninja Ops. They quickly entered their Zords before meeting Shimazu on the battle field.


"So you rangers finally come out from your nest to play fetch," Shimazu sneered.

"No thanks," Tori said "My parent taught not to play someone pet".

"Then prepare to be destroyed!"

Dustin scoffed "Oh, now it's on!"

"Let's do this!" Hunter said from the Thunder Megazord as it stood on the left flank of the Wind Megazord; each with a weapon.

"Attack!" Shimazu said and ugly dog monster whack it claw, hitting the Wind Megazord

Dustin locked and dropped a Power Sphere as he produced a laser cannon which he fired at The ugly dog monster.

The ugly dog monster managed to dodge and the lasers collided with the Thunder Megazord; who didn't move in time and hit the ground with a crash.

"No!" Kapri, Marah and the Wind rangers yelled

Shimazu laughed from inside his zord "Nice shot, but you miss".

Suddenly Blake and Hunter's arguing could be heard over the intercoms.

"Guys, now it not the time to fight," Tori said, shaking her head.

"Those two need to knock it off," Shane yelled.

"Why didn't you duck?" Hunter demanded

Blake's anger filled voice sounded "Me? You're the one with lateral controls!" he slams his fists down.

"Now," Sensei's voice interrupts "what did we just discuss?"

"Sorry Sensei," the Thunder brothers apologized "It won't happen again"

"You know, it is time like this," Cam looked at his father "that thankful I'm an only child"

Kapri and Marah went forward in their megazord "Let's play catch the ball!" Marah smirks and presses a button releasing a ball of flame at the Ugly dog monster. It hit the Ugly dog monster in the chest.

"Bullseye!" Kapri exclaimed.

"Great Job girls!" Shane commented when Shimazu grabs Kapri and Marah megazord and tosses them at Wind Megazord who flew backward and landed on the Thunder Megazord. The small impact for the Wind Megazord had knocked the Thunders back online.

"I'm back online" Hunter said

Blake had to agree "me too!"

"I'm going to Lightening Mode!" Shane said and Blake, Hunter, Marah and Kapri watch as the Wind Megazord became slimmer and managed to slash at Shizamu's zord sending to the ground.

The Wind Megazord landed back on the ground as it stood over Shimazu "let's finish this!" Shane commanded.

"I don't think so," Shimazu smirked and fire his laser at the Wind Megazord, knocking them backward to the ground. Then he got off the ground.

The Ugly Dog monster stomps on the Wind Megazord with his feet when it got kick by Marah and Kapri megazord.

"Tori are you alright?" Cam asked as he monitored the rangers from Ninja Ops

Tori groaned before answered "Yeah, just a little shaken"

"You're going to be more than a little shaken in a minute," Shimazu answered.

Kapri presses a button and blast a ball of flame to Shizamu's megazord face "That should shut you up!"

"Tori, I've got something to even the odds" Cam said over the open communication link "Stand by, I'm on my way"

"You got it!" she answered

Cam had arrived on scene. But he wasn't alone; there were three other helicopters behind him, all of the Samurai Megazord.

"It's Cam!" Shane said

"And Cam!" Hunter responded

"And Cam?" Dustin said in surprise

"Whoa!" Shimazu shouted "What?"

"Hey, fight fire with fire right?" Cam asked, the four Samurai star Megazords landed one after another of the ground beside the three other Megazords

"But how?" Tori asked in confusion

"Their drones," Cam answered "use them to combine with your Megazord!"

"Talk about multi-tasking" Dustin laughed

"Let's try them out" Shane said, as Tori removed herself from the side of the Wind Megazord and one drone re-attached itself; the second drone then turned back into a helicopter and attached itself to the Thunder Megazord, the last of the drones then combined with Marah and Kapri's megazord creating a new combo Megazord.

Tori laughed "I didn't know you can create a copy of you zords?" she questioned Cam

"I am the brains of the operation," he answered her

This left Tori on her own on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity to open up so she could get back in on the battle.

"Stand by Tori," Shane told her.

"Got it!" Tori replied.

Shane aimed a hit at Shimazu, but the clown deflected it and slashed back at the two wind rangers knocking them slightly off guard for a few seconds. "Maximum power!" the red ranger commanded and the spinners on the side of the Samurai Star Megazord that had attached to the side of the Wind Megazord started to spin wildly before the cannon was aimed at Shimazu.

Blake and Hunter also started to collect electrical impulses from the surrounding air and aimed their Cannon's at Ugly Dog monster. The two Megazords fired and the energy blasts hit at Shimazu and the Ugly Dog.

"Ladies and gentleman, Shimazu has left the building!" Hunter mocked with a smirked.

"I knew this would happen!" Shimazu complained from the ground "But I always got a back up plan!"

"What!" Shane and the other exclaimed.

An Uglier dog appears.

"Now that's a face, only a mother would love," Shane said.

"Urgh! That's one ugly dog!" Blake replied.

"What's up with this guy loving dog," Dustin asked, slightly chuckles.

"And Ugly one," Tori added.

Shane smirked "Tori?" she asked "ready to get in this?"

"Oh yeah!" the Dolphin Zord squeaked as it appeared "Remember me?" she asked, latching onto the side Uglier Dog

The Uglier Dog tries to pull the Dolphin Zord off of it as it howl in pain.

"That's going to leave a mark," Blake said.

Tori let go and bobbed backwards on the tail of her Zord; as the dolphin chirped happily.

"Yeah!" Shane yelled.

Tori re-attached herself to the Wind Megazord "Now, let's show her what a real Zord is!"

"Whoa," Shane said "You heard her guys!"

"Locked and dropped!"

Hunter, Shane, Kapri and Cam locked and dropped their Power Spheres combining all the zords together as one.

"You're going to have a mammoth headache when this is over!" Tori said, as the Lightening rift blaster was passed onto her; as she commanded the Mammoth Zord forward. The rangers combined with the Mammoth Zord and called forth all their individual weapons which also combined.

"Mammoth Megazord Blast!" Tori yelled "Activate!"

"FIRE!" the others yelled as they all pulled back on their controls; and shot out numerous energy blasts at the Uglier Dog monster destroying it.

"Yeah!" All the rangers cheer.


"Urgh! I can't believe they defeated my monsters!" Shimazu growled.

Suddenly a shadow appears behind him. He quickly turned and was shock to see Kapri and Marah.

"You! Don't think this over, I will destroy both of you and the rangers," he growled.

"Not if we stopped you," Marah spokes and looked at Kapri.

"Shall we?" Kapri asked

Marah grinned "we shall" she answered

"No wait!" Shimazu begged, but the sisters weren't listening. They exchanged looks before throwing out their arms and blasting the clown with their combined energy power as he exploded upon the impact.

Dustin, Tori, Shane, Hunter, Blake, and Cam rush over to Kapri and Marah.

"Whoa," Shane stares in shock at what was left of Shimazu "Nice work!"

"Thanks," Kapri smiles "Now, we don't have to worry about him trying to destroy us".

"Let's get out here before Lothor decides send down another monster to attack," Dustin suggests and everyone laughed as they walked away.


Dustin walked in with Marah and look around for Kelly when he spotted her.

"Go," Marah ushered him with a smile. He turned to her and nodded before he walked over to Kelly.

"Hey Kel, Can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Sure," Kelly replies, as she came out from around the counter "What's up?"

"I made a decision," Dustin stated

"About what?" Kelly asked, looking at him.

"I'm giving up racing.

"You're not serious?" Kelly asked with a shock expression.

"Yeah, I am." Dustin sighs and nodded.

"Please tell me, this has nothing to do with what we talked about?" Kelly said with a concern look.

"I really like racing," Dustin begins, but Kelly interrupts him

"Then why would you give it up?" she asked.

"Because I realize I love free style," he explained "That's what I want to do and um I don't want to let you down, and you have been so good to me,"

Kelly touches his arm "Look, Storm Chargers is about action sports and freestyle Motocross is an action sport," She smiles "If that's what you want to do, I'm behind you one hundred percent and so is the shop."

Dustin smiled and hugged Kelly, "Thanks, Kel."

Marah smiles, knowing that Dustin has finally figure what he really want to do.

"Oh, I almost," he let go of Kelly.

"You got go somewhere, right?"

Dustin nodded "Yeah, I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you, working extra shift," he assured.

Kelly playfully hit his shoulder and smile "It's okay, don't worry about, go," she told him.

"Thanks," he smiles and went over to Marah "Let's go," he grabs her hand and lead her out the door.

"Bye Kelly," Marah waved with a smile.

"Bye Marah," Kelly waved back.


"What are we doing here?" Blake frowned, looking over at Hunter.

"Five laps, settle this once and for all" Hunter told him.

Blake nodded "Fine!"

Then the two took off around the track. Cam, Kapri, Tori, Shane, and Skyla show up watching the Bradley brothers. A minute later, Dustin and Marah arrive behind them.

"Sorry guys for being late," Dustin apologizes "I had to drop by Storm Charger to tell Kelly something".

"So, everything is okay?" Tori asked.

"Yeah," Dustin nodded and then he, Marah, and Tori watch Hunter and Blake racing.

For the first few runs Hunter was in the lead; but when they came to the last turning Blake took the outside track and managed to come out on top, and flew through the finished line first. What they realized when they came to a stop.

"Yeah, man" Blake said with a smile as he removed his helmet "good race. You totally railed that last turn"

"Yeah, thanks" Hunter said, breathing heavy "you were right" he added

"About what?" Blake asked, looking back at his brother

"About what you said earlier," Hunter continued "you beat me fair and square – its hard to admit that your little bro does something better than you do"

Blake shook his head "Hey, today may be better, tomorrow may not be" he responded as Cam, Kapri, Tori, Marah, Dustin, Shane, and Skyla rush over to them.

"So, I take that you guys settle your problems," Shane said as he clasps hands with Hunter and then Blake.

"Yeah," Blake said, "We're brothers!"

Hunter smirked "Yeah!" he agreed as he and Blake both high-fived

"Glad you two guys are brothers again," Tori smiled.

"And not fighting," Dustin added and everyone looked at him "What?"

Everyone laughs at Dustin's expression. Then everyone left the dirt track having a conversation where they should do now.

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