Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 23: Storm Before The Calm, Part 2

What happened?" Shane asked as he, Tori, and Dustin ran into ops to see it completely destroyed.

"It's trashed!" Dustin yelled.

"Cam! Sensei! Skyla! Marah! Kapri!" Shane shouted as he looked around.

"Marah!" Dustin begins to panic and looked around for her.

"Sensei! Marah! Cam! Kapri! Skyla!" Tori shouted.

The Wind rangers looked around for their friends and Sensei, but they were nowhere to be found.

Shane struggles as he tries to lift up a fallen wall as Tori and Dustin moved the fragments of a fallen wall.

"This can't be how it ends" Shane said as he forced the wall up a little, but couldn't move it any further.

"Marah!" Dustin franticly looked around for her, not attempting to give up.

"Over here!" they heard a voice and quickly turned to see Sensei comes out from where he was thrown to. He was in his human form.

"Sensei!" They exclaimed as they ran over and hugged him.

"It's good to see you again, and that you're okay," Tori smiled.

"I'm glad to see all of you alive and well too, Sensei nodded before he turned to where he came out of "But I need your help with Skyla," he said and Shane immediately looked at him.

"Skyla, where is she? Is she okay," he asked, panicking and worried at the same time.

"Follow me," Sensei leads the way to where Skyla was. Shane and Dustin immediately lift up a piece of the wall and toss it to aside.

"Skyla!" Shane picks her up and carry out away from the pile of broken metal and wall.

"Is she alright?" Tori asked as Shane kneels down on the ground still holding Skyla in his arms.

"I don't know," Shane answered looking at Skyla in his arms.

Everyone was surrounding Shane and Skyla, worrying for Skyla.

"Whoa, what happened here?" Hunter's voice spokes all sudden and the Wind rangers including Sensei turned. All of them were surprised to see Hunter and Blake walked in Ninja Ops.

The three Wind Rangers including Sensei smiled when they saw Hunter and Blake were okay.

"You guys made it!" Dustin grinned. "We thought you'd be toast for sure."

"Blake!" Tori rushes over and hugs him "I was so scared that I would never see you again," she cried.

"Glad to know that you were worried about me," Blake smiled and hugs her back "Vexacus torched the Thunder Megazord, so we ejected." he explained

Hunter notices Shane was holding Skyla who was still unconscious in his arms "What happened to her?"

"Lothor was here," Sensei answered and Blake and Hunter was surprised to see Sensei in his human form.

"Sensei?" they asked.

"Yeah," Dustin nodded "That's Sensei in his human form again

"Cool," Hunter and Blake smiled.

"We finally get see you in your human form, Sensei," Hunter said.

"I'm glad to see that both of you made it," Sensei smiled.

"So, how are you normal again?" Tori turned to Sensei and ask.

"Lothor's blast reversed the transmutation and allowed me to return to my human form." Sensei explained to the rangers.

"But, where's Cam?" Tori asked.

Sensei was about to answered when Skyla woke up "Shane?" she weakly said.

"Skyla, you're okay," Shane smiled in relieve when he saw her awake "Tell me what happened," he said as he helps her up on her feet

"Lothor came and took Cam, Marah and Kapri," She looked at Shane and the others. Hunter and Dustin was pissed and worried at the same time when they heard that Lothor took Marah and Kapri along with Cam "And Sensei he..."

"He's alright," Shane assured.

"Where's Sensei?" Skyla asked.

Sensei approaches her and she looked up at him "You're Sensei?"

"This is Sensei, he's back in his human form," Tori told her.

Skyla smiled "I'm glad you're okay".

"I'm glad to see you okay too, Skyla," Sensei smiled at her but then frowned when he thought about Cam being captured by Lothor.

"We need to go saved Kapri, Marah, and Cam," Hunter said with determination in his eyes.

"It will not be easy," Sensei frowned and everyone looked at him. "My darkest fear has come to pass. Lothor's preparing to open the abyss of evil."

"Are you serious?" Blake stated incredulously, "but I thought that was just ninja folklore."

"It is no coincidence that Blue Bay Harbor is home to the Wind Ninja Academy," Sensei informed, "We are the guardians of an invisible gateway. A gateway that once opened will allow all the evil of ages gone by to escape."

"Then why hasn't Lothor opened it before now?" Shane asked.

"The abyss can only be opened when it is filled to capacity," Sensei explained, "Even then it can only be opened by a mighty force."

"The Samurai Amulet," Tori stated knowingly; piecing the puzzle together.

"Yes," Sensei confirmed, "I believe that Lothor intends to use Cam's powers and also Marah and Kapri powers to open the abyss, and allow the army of evil to enter our world."

"Cam did say that Lothor didn't know about Kapri and Marah yet," Hunter points out.

"I hope he doesn't or else he will be more powerful with all three power combined," Sensei told them with a worried expression.

"We can't let that happen," Dustin retorted "We need to save them".


"That's right," Lothor grinned, as he eyed the amulet. "Drain all its precious energy." He admired the device he had attached to the amulet; sucking the life out of it.

"I've set the self destruct mechanism on the ships bridge sir," Choobo reported, "just like you ordered."

"Excellent," Lothor enthused "Soon the Abyss will open!"


Tori was busy bandaging Skyla's forehead as the guys were having a conversation about what they need to do about Lothor kidnapping Cam, Marah, and Kapri.

"We have to stop the abyss from opening," Shane instructed. "There has to be a way."

"We need help," Blake rationalized, "ninja help."

"Where are we going to find that?" Shane asked fretfully.

"Lothor's ship," Hunter explained. "Every ninja on the planet is locked up there."

"We can take the dragon force vehicle," Dustin theorized.

"Wait!" Hunter halted, "Blake and I should go alone."

"No, I'm going with you," Dustin insisted on going to save Marah, Kapri, and Cam.

"No, you're not going;" Blake placed a hand on Dustin's shoulder "You need stay in and fight along with Shane and Tori".

Tori narrowed her eyes at his statement; conveying she didn't like that idea one bit. Blake avoided her gaze.

"We've been on to Lothor's ship," Hunter added quickly, "we know where to look for the others."

"The dragon force vehicle is in the zord bay," Sensei revealed, "be careful and thank you for your courage."

"You can thank us when we come back," Blake stated; though he was staring at Tori when he said this.

Tori took a calming breath before she hugs Blake "Be careful, I love you Blake," she whispers in his ear.

"I will," he whispers back in her ear "I love you too," Then he kissed her on the cheeks before joining Hunter.

"Let's go," Hunter ordered and was about to leave when Dustin stopped them.

"Wait," he walked over to them "Promise that both of you will come back with them safety okay".

"Promise," Blake and Hunter replied before leaving out of the Ninja Ops.

Dustin, Shane, Tori, and Sensei watched as they left, vigilantly.


Cam suddenly woke up and notices he was tied up along with Marah and Kapri who was unconscious with their faces pale. He realizes that Lothor must have absorbed their energy, which mean that Lothor got his amulet

He quickly looked over at Kapri and Marah and notices they were still wearing their necklace, which mean Lothor didn't know about the power in their necklaces.

Suddenly, there were footsteps and Cam turns and saw the Kelzaks and Choobo enter the room to check on them and then they quickly left. He struggles with shackles to break free, but couldn't.

"Kapri, Marah, wake up," he nudges them and they groaned, slowly opens their eyes.

"What happened?" Marah looked around "Where are we?"

"We're on Lothor's ship," Cam answered and begins to explained to them what was going on.


Dustin was pacing around frustrated "I should have went with them," he said and Tori placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I know you are worried about Marah, but you are need here to fight Lothor," Tori slightly smiled "Marah would want you to be here helping instead of trying to rescue her".

Dustin sighs "You're right Tori," he touches her hand that was placed on his shoulder "Thanks".

"I keep thinking it's my fault," Shane muttered.

"That's crazy," Tori replied as she and Dustin turn to look at him. "How could you have done anything differently?"

"Being a better ranger," Shane berated, "if we'd destroyed Lothor sooner none of this would have happened."

"You guys ever think if we hadn't been late to class that day," Dustin muttered; interrupting Shane's thoughts, "we wouldn't even be power rangers."

"You were always meant to be rangers," Sensei revealed.

"What do you mean?" Shane asked.

Sensei approached them with a silver box in hand. He set it down, and pulled out a ripped piece of parchment. "This," he enlightened as he handed them the brittle paper, "is the last entry on the scroll of destiny."

Dustin took it, as Tori and Shane looked over his shoulders.

"It's us!" Dustin exclaimed.

"Now way," Tori laughed.

"As you can see," Sensei continued, "you were late precisely so that you would be the ones to become power rangers."

"And you knew this all along?" Shane asked skeptically. "Why didn't you show us this sooner?"

"Would you have believed me had you not learned the truth for yourself?" Sensei enlightened. "I have never doubted the scrolls prophecy and neither should you."

"So what happens next?" Shane asked.

"This is the end of the scroll," Sensei revealed. "It does not say who will be victorious; only that you must be there to face Lothor at the abyss of evil."

"That's where we'll be," Shane guaranteed. "Ready?"

"Wait!" Skyla stopped Shane and he turns to her as she walked up to him "Be careful, Shane," she touches his shoulder.

He placed on her hand that was on his shoulder and smiled "I will," he assured and kisses her on the lips. Then he turns to Dustin and Tori as Skyla steps back/

"Ready?" he asked his team again.

"Ready," Tori and Dustin answered in unison.

"Ninja Storm! Ranger Form! Ha!"


Marah fought against her shackles trying to break free while Kapri didn't made a move to her dismay.

"Doesn't work," Cam informed, "Trust me. I've tried."

"Great, then how are we going to get out of here?"

"Try using your power, Marah," he suggested.

"Okay," Marah uses her fire to see if she can break her shackles, but it didn't work "Sorry, it doesn't work unless I combined my power with Kapri".

"Kapri," Cam turns to Kapri who was looking down not saying anything "You need use your power with Marah to break the shackle so that we can get out of here".

"It useless to even try," he heard her muttered.

"Kapri, why are you say these kind of nonsense?"

"It's Hunter," Marah said and Cam looked at her "Kapri assumed that Hunter is gone. Now she is sad and has given up hope".

Cam turn to Kapri "Listen to me Kapri, Hunter is still alive".

"How do you know?"

"Because Hunter is fighting and wouldn't let himself be defeated that easy".

"Cam is right Kapri," Marah said to her sister "Hunter is okay," she assured.

"Kapri, I know how you are feeling right now, but you must fight and help us get out of here".

Kapri looked at them and nodded "Okay".

Cam and Marah smiled knowing that their words actually work.


Shane, Dustin, and Tori exploded onto the scene of chaos. They immediately sprang into action to take on the Kelzaks.

Lothor show up upon the scene in a megazord of his own.

The Wind Rangers looked up at him in anger.


"We don't have much time before this place self destructs," Choobo alerted his troop of kelzaks, "let's get out of here."

Blake and Hunter stepped out of the shadows. They watched Choobo disappear, cautiously.

"Great," Blake stated, once he was sure they were out of earshot, "ticking clock on top of everything else."

Hunter frowned with disgust, "We better find Cam, Kapri, and Marah quick before this place exploded."


Lothor hauled a beam of energy, which he accumulated from the samurai amulet, at the abyss.

"We've got to stop him," Tori cried.

"This is it," Shane instructed; he raised his morpher to his mouth, "Megazord time!"

As instructed, their zords appeared. They each sprang to their respective zords. Within seconds they were assembled in their megazord.

"Ready Rangers?" Shane asked.

"Ready!" Tori and Dustin replied.

Lothor sprung a blast of energy at them.


"This way," Blake yelled as he ran with Hunter running right behind.

Cam immediately turns his head and saw Hunter and Blake running in looking around the place before they finally notices him, Kapri, and Marah.

"Cam!" Hunter yelled in alarm "Kapri!" He glances over at the Light Samurai Pink Ranger.

Cam sighed with relief and Kapri look up in shock to see Hunter and Blake.

"Blake! Hunter!" Marah said with a smile on her face. She was also relief to see them.

Blake and Hunter immediately ran towards them.

"Thanks guys," Cam said as they undid his restraints. Then Hunter went over to Kapri and undid her restraints while Blake untied Marah

"Is Dustin alright?" Marah asked Blake.

"He's fine," Blake answered "Matter of fact, he wanted to come, but me and Hunter told him to stay behind with the others. He was really worried for you".

Marah smiles knowing that Dustin was alright and was worried about her.

"Hunter is that really you?" Kapri asked Hunter after Hunter undid her restraints.

"Yeah, it's really me," he smiled and before he knew, she threw her arms around him and hug him. Hunter responds back, wrapping his arms around her.

"I thought I would never see again," she cried.

"It's okay Kapri, I'm here now," he rubs her back.

"Um guys, I'm sorry to interrupt your reunion," Blake appears next to Hunter "But this ship is about to blow up and I really want to get out alive," he points out.

All four of them was about to leave when they froze in their track.

"Hello," Choobo greeted, "going somewhere?"

Hunter and Blake got in front of Marah, Kapri, and Cam as Cam glanced around quickly; noting the number of Kelzaks mentally.

"I see you have some new friends," Choobo jeered. "This should be fun."

Hunter eyed Choobo bitterly, "for old time's sake?" he asked Blake.

"Oh yeah," Blake agreed; his voice dripped with the destruction he had in mind of unleashing.

Marah turned to Kapri "Are you up for it sis?" she asked.

"Let's do this," Kapri nodded.

Cam eyed the Kelzaks warily.

"Thunder Storm! Ranger Form! Ha!" Blake and Hunter yelled.

"Flaming Samurai! Lighting Samurai! Ranger Form! Ha! Marah and Kapri yelled.

The three boys and two girls charged at the Kelzaks


The Wind Megazord hit the ground with a thud.

Lothor laughed, "This is the most fun I've had all season."


Marah kicks one of the Kelzaks in the stomach as another explosion shook the spaceship violently.

"Marah!" Kapri turns to her sister "The consol," she informed, pointing at a machine while she fought off the Kelzaks.

Marah nodded and hastily create a fire ball with her hands.

The spaceship shook viciously.

Cam fell backwards. "Marah, what are you doing?" he asked when he notices her forming a fire ball from her hands.

"Just trust me!" She shouted before unleashing a blast of fire energy and the machine shorted out

The force field binding the ninja students broke; just as the ship began to self destruct.

"Run!" Blake screamed.

"Teleporting, now!" Cam commanded as he pressed a button on a device and all four of them were teleported into the Dragon Force Vehicle.

Just as Lothor's ship exploded, all the ninja students got out just in time, and so did the rangers.


While Abyss was being open, Lothor was busy with rangers, attacking them.

He stood over the fallen Wind Megazord once more; he was a lot more powerful than the rangers ever gave him credit for

"Taste your defeat!" he said, as he pulled back a clawed hand and swiped through the air with it ready to destroy the rangers once and for all.

"Never!" Shane yelled as he locked and dropped the Power Disk beside him; a Power Sphere shoot out from the chest of the Megazord and it hits Lothor wildly causing sparks to fly and Lothor to stumble backwards.

Lothor was not going to destruct alone so he grabbed on to the Wind Megazord.

Shane, Dustin, and Tori eject quickly; just in time to watch their beloved megazord explode with their visors open.

"NOOO!" Tori yelled as she steps forward, but Dustin grabs her arm and pulled her back.

Suddenly, the ground of Blue Bay Harbor shook violently.

"What's happening?" Shane yelled.

"I don't know," Tori cried.

The ground spilt open; the gateway flew open viciously. Orbs of purple energies cannoned out of the abyss.

"Oh no!" Dustin frowned, "Not good!"

Tori gasped.

"Their back," Shane stated in shock.

He, Dustin, and Tori backed up as the Generals and monsters they had already faced landed in front of them; each one as realistic as the last time they had been defeated.

"Oh no," Tori breathed

"How does it feel to fail, Rangers?" Lothor asked, as he walked through the army ranks and faced off against the Wind rangers.

Shane glared "You should know!" he said

"Not this time!" Lothor growled "My dreams of World Domination are finally coming true"

"Ready?" Shane asked, his visor snapping shut as well as Tori's and Dustin's. They removed their Ninja Swords and waited for the fight to come.

"Destroy them!" Lothor ordered his troops.

They charged.

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