Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 24: Storm Before The Calm, Part 3

Shane, Dustin, and Tori were thrown aside and landed on the ground. They got up from the ground slowly, only to realize that they were surrounded by monsters.

A beam of light sent a group of space mutants cowering backwards. Shane, Dustin, and Tori looked up at the sky.

"Mind if I play too?" Hunter yelled as he soared above on his glider bike.

Lothor looked up at him with disgust, "You will never stop me!" he insisted.

"But we will," Blake informed. Lothor spun around to lock eyes with the Navy Thunder Ranger and notices he wasn't alone. Next to him were Marah and Kapri who were standing with their arms fold.

"Do you actually think you can get rid of us that easy, uncle?" Kapri asked and Lothor growled.

The captive ninja students were also there with Blake, Marah, and Kapri.

"Marah!" Dustin exclaimed, relief to see her okay.

Hunter jumped off his bike; he glided effortlessly to the ground.

"Battlizer!" Shane called on his Battlizer, while Lothor's called Choobo and the kelzaks.

"Attack!" Lothor ordered as the kelzaks and aliens charged at the rangers and ninja students.

Most of the ninja students were able to throw a couple of kelzaks and aliens back into the Abyss.

Marah was fighting against Beevil

"I see you're still alive, Marah" Beevil growled a bit "Looks like I'll have to kill you again!"

"I don't think so, Beevil!" Marah exclaimed before she unleash a ball of fire at Beevil and then kicks her into the abyss "So long Beevil!"

Meanwhile, Tori were by the skateboarding ramp as she flipped over multiple times and avoided several blasts from some of the aliens.

Dustin had split himself in two and fought double the amount of monsters he could usually handle.

Blake flipped off a ramp and threw his Thunder Staff (which was in its Tornado Star mode) at some of the kelzaks, slashing them in the process, before he caught it.

Hunter drove his Thunder Staff into the ground and used it to spin around while kicking multiple aliens, before landing on the ground again.

Kapri shock the aliens with her lighting power and kicks them all into the abyss.

"Nice one!" Hunter walked over with a smiled.

"Thanks," She replied.

Shane activated the flight mode on his Battlizer and flew into the sky, before shooting a giant laser beam at the remaining alien generals. Lothor growled at him before firing a blast of energy at Shane, knocking him out of the sky and crashing on top of a haystack.

"He destroyed the Battlizer." Shane realized when he noticed his was in his regular ranger form, while the other rangers ran over to his side.

Lothor flipped over and landed in front of the rangers, who got into fighting stances and prepared to fight.

"Give me those ranger powers," Lothor instructed. He pulled out the samurai amulet from his pocket and aimed it at Hunter and Blake.

Immediately, Kapri rushes over and shield Blake and Hunter from Lothor's attack.

"Kapri!" Hunter shouts as he watches Kapri get her power drained from her body.

Kapri collapses on the ground demorph. Hunter and Blake got up and attack Lothor, but end up getting their power absorb. They landed on the ground demorph, grabbing their chests in pain.

"Nothing can stop the power of the amulet," Lothor laughed.

"I believe that belongs to me," Cam interrupted. Lothor spun around to face his nephew.

"Not anymore," he sneered.

He threw a blast of energy at Cam. The power caused Cam to cower backwards.

Lothor lunged towards him, "Goodbye nephew."

Shane, Dustin, Marah and Tori blocked his path as Hunter went over to Kapri who slowly sat up, clutching her chest in pain.

"He's not going anywhere with you," Shane yelled.

Lothor glowered, "Fine!" he yelled, "I'll just take you in his place."

He aimed the amulet at Shane, Dustin, Marah and Tori. Marah got in front of Dustin and got her ranger power drained, but it didn't help because Dustin's ranger power ends up getting drained as well. She flew backward and collides into Dustin's chest. Both of landed on the ground with Dustin's back on the ground and Marah's back on top of him.

The four rangers collapse to ground, but immediately got up along with Hunter, Blake, Cam, and Kapri.

You fools!" Lothor growls "Haven't you had enough!" He asked before firing another beam.

An explosion went off behind the rangers, as they screamed and stumbled to the ground, but all of them stood up anyway and got into fighting stances again. The eight of them charged at Lothor, but once again, each of them failed and ended up yet again on the ground.

"I have your ranger powers!" Lothor laughed as he watched Shane, Tori, and Dustin stand up. "You are at my mercy once and for all!"

"We won't let you win!" Shane insisted.

Lothor just grinned in amusement. "What can you do to me without your powers?"

"We may not be power rangers," Shane started. "But we still have power!"

"Power of Air!"

"Power of Earth!"

"Power of Water!"

Hunter, Blake, Marah, and Kapri went over to the wind rangers.

"Don't forget about us," Blake turns to the wind rangers.

"Power of Thunder!" he and Hunter yelled.

"Power of Lighting!" Kapri uses all her energy from her necklace and herself.

"Power of Flame!" Marah combines her energy with her necklaces together.

Lothor watched as the wind started to swirl around him. "Ninja Powers!" All the rangers shouted as they raised their fingertips, which glow their signature colors, before pointing them at Lothor, and shooting their element at him.

Cam was shock as he was seeing what was happening from where he was standing.

Their powers hit Lothor violently in the chest.

"Noooo!" Lothor screamed as he felt his body being dragged towards the abyss. The rangers watch as Lothor was picked up and dropped into the Abyss, which exploded and closed up with Lothor trapped inside.

"What happened," Tori asked once it was over.

"Lothor's evil," Blake answered, "It must have overloaded the abyss."

"Causing it to implode on itself," Cam finished Blake's sentence.

"So, he's gone?" Dustin asked. "He's really gone?"

"I believe so." Cam nodded.

"And our ranger powers?" Hunter asked as he looked down at his morpher.

Shane looked at his morpher too before looking at where the abyss was, as the realization came to him. "They're gone too."

Suddenly, there was a thump on the ground. The rangers' turns and saw Kapri and Marah both lying on the ground unconscious.

"Marah!" Dustin rushes over to her as Hunter rushes over to Kapri. They were both holding their lover in their arms.

Cam immediately checks on Marah and Kapri and looked up at everyone with a worried expression.

Dustin and Hunter look at each other before turning to Cam.

"How is Marah and Kapri?" Dustin asked with concern.

"Not good," was Cam replied.


The Wind Ninja Academy in the infirmary, Marah and Kapri were both unconscious lying in bed where the nurses were watching them. Two hours has passed and they haven't wake up, which made Hunter and Dustin worried.

Hunter and Dustin were outside the infirmary with the others talking to Cam.

"Cam, what's wrong with Kapri and Marah?" Hunter demanded to know.

"And how come they haven't woken up since we brought them back here?" Dustin added

Cam sighs "Marah and Kapri has used all their energy combining with the power from their necklaces to defeat Lothor, which has drained them and weaken them in the process," he explained.

"Are they going to be okay?" Tori asked.

"I don't know yet," Cam answered.

"Hold on a minute," Shane spokes "Didn't you say that Lothor drained their energy when you guys were captured?" he asked in confused.

"He did," Cam nodded "But thanks to their power from their necklaces, they were able to regain their energy and were able to fight in battle with us".

"Which mean when Kapri and Marah uses all energy with their necklaces combined, it totally drained them," Hunter said, finally understand.

"Without the power of their necklaces, Marah and Kapri might not have a chance to wake up," Dustin added with sadness in his eyes.

"There has to be a way to save them," Blake glances back and forth at Dustin and Hunter "C'mon you two, don't give up," he touches Hunter and Dustin's shoulder.

"Blake is right," Sensei spokes "We can't give up that easy, there can be a way to save them," he assured everyone.

"We just need to figure it out, right?" Skyla asked.

"Precisely," Cam nodded "I know Marah and Kapri are both fighting to wake up, so we must think positive".

Dustin and Hunter turn to everyone and nodded when suddenly a nurse comes running out all panicking. Everyone immediately turn to the nurse.

"What is it?" Cam asked.

"It's..." the nurse was breathing heavily while trying to speak "There..." she points toward the infirmary.

Hunter and Dustin hastily went into the room.

"Dustin! Hunter! Wait!" Tori called out as she and the others follow them into the Infirmary.

Inside, everyone saw a figure in a white robe with a hood standing over Marah and Kapri beds

"Hey!" Hunter shouted.

"Get away from them!" Dustin added as he got into his fight pose with Hunter.

"Who are you? Cam asked.

The figure in the white hood turns around revealing herself.

"You're Marah and Kapri's mother," Sensei recognizes the figure in the white hood.

Everyone eyes widen and look at Sensei.

"Dad, you know this woman?" Cam asked in a shock.

"She's your mother sister," Sensei explained.

"My aunt?" Cam stares at the woman.

"I came here to see my daughters one last time and want to thank you all for helping and saving them from Lothor," the woman smiled "Now that they are free from Lothor, I can finally go without any regret".

"They are family and I had no regret saving them," Cam replied and Sensei touches his shoulder.

"Same here," Hunter nodded.

"Marah means everything to me and I would always protect her no matter what," Dustin added.

The woman went over to Hunter and Dustin "I know I can trust both of you and I can tell that you both really love them".

"With all our heart," Hunter replied with a smiled and Dustin nodded, agreeing with Hunter.

Marah and Kapri's mother smiled and went over to her daughters, kissing them on their forehead. Then she looked up at everyone

"Thank you," she said once again before she vanishes.

Dustin and Hunter smile and glance over at Marah and Kapri, noticing their bodies were glowing.

"Guys look!" Hunter points at Marah and Kapri.

"What happening?" Tori asked slightly confused.

Marah and Kapri's bodies were glowing for a few second and then stopped.

Everyone was waiting to see what would happen next when suddenly Marah and Kapri woke up.

"I don't believe it!" Tori smiled as she looked at Blake, Shane, and Skyla.

Everyone rush over to Kapri and Marah, relief to see them okay and awake.


Two days later, at the US Action Games, Marah and Kelly cheers from the side as they watch Dustin soars through the air.

Dustin laughed as his bike collided back on to the ground effortlessly, "yyyeeeaaa!" He turned and smile at Marah and Kelly.


"Go Shane!" Tori and Skyla cheered, as he did a complete 360. He soon came to a smooth halt.


After the US Action Games

"Check it!" Hunter greeted, as he motioned to Dustin.

Dustin was all grins as they approached Marah, Tori, Kapri, Skyla, and Kelly.

"Dustin," Tori beamed, "Third place! That's awesome!"

"Congratulation Dustin," Marah hugs him with a smiled.

"Yeah," Blake agreed, as he patted Dustin on the shoulders, "my boy came through."

"I'm so glad you changed to freestyle," Kelly motivated, "You've got a real career ahead of you."

"You guys!" Shane announced, as he ran towards them. "You won't believe this?"

Everyone turned to look at him.

"You know the guys from Truth Trucks?" Shane gushed. "They want to sponsor me."


"Ohhhh ho!"

"That's great?"

"That's awesome, Shane!" Skyla hugs him.

"What did you tell them?" Kelly asked earnestly.

Shane shrugged, while everyone looked at him earnestly.


The next day in the early afternoon, the former power rangers were at their graduation ceremony at the Wind Ninja Academy.

"Shane Clarke." Sensei called first.

Shane walked towards the stage and accepted his scroll before bowing slightly and walking to the side.

"Tori Hanson," Tori smiled as she accepted her scroll from Sensei and bowed before standing next to Shane

"Dustin Brooks," Dustin walked up to the stage with his signature grin and accepted his scroll before joining his two best friends on the side and Marah was smiling and mouthed to him "Congratulation,". He smiles and hugs her.

"Blake Bradley," Blake stepped in front of the stage and accepted his scroll before bowing and walking to the side.

"Hunter Bradley," Hunter smiled on the inside as he accepted his scroll from Sensei and bow down before he joined his friends on the side where took his place beside Kapri who placed a hand on his shoulder, giving him a smiled.

"And finally, Cam Watanabe," Cam wore a proud smile on his face as he looked up at his father and bowed before accepting his scroll.

The ninja students clapped as the former rangers smiled and looked at Sensei.

"I almost forgot to mention someone else name".

All rangers knew what Sensei was talking about except for Kapri and Marah who has a confuse look on their faces.

Sensei looked at Kapri and Marah before he spokes "Marah and Kapri, both of you also earned the badge of honor," He pulled out to two scrolls.

Marah and Kapri looked at Wind Rangers and Thunder Rangers who usher them to go. They walked over to Sensei who extends the two scrolls out to them.

"Sensei," Marah hesitates "Me and Kapri don't know if we deserve this".

"We have done some things that we are not proud of," Kapri added.

Sensei smiles and touches their shoulders "Everybody deserve a second chance and both of you have proven that you deserve this".

"Thanks Sensei," Marah and Kapri replied before bowing down and accepting the scrolls from Sensei.

Marah and Kapri then join the rangers who congrats them. After that everyone look over at Sensei.

"You have all earned the badge of honor that is to graduate from the Wind Ninja Academy." Sensei told the former rangers as he smiled. "I cannot be more proud of you, for the sacrifices you have made for your school, and indeed for your planet. The world is a better place today because of you."

All eight of them raised their scrolls in the air and cheered.


Kapri and Hunter were walking quietly side by side holding hands.

"So, what do you have any plans after this, Hunter," Kapri asked, breaking the silence.

Actually yes, you're looking at the new Head Teacher of the Thunder Ninja Academy." Hunter said with a grin on his face.

"Oh," Kapri said, sounding sad because she really didn't want Hunter to leave "Congratulation!" She smiled and hugs him.

"Thanks." Hunter said as he put his arm around Kapri's shoulder. "So, what about you, what are you planning to do after this?"

"Nothing much," Kapri shrugs "Stay at Wind Ninja Academy and help around," she told him.

Hunter stopped walking and turned to Kapri who also stopped walking and looked at him. He grabs her hands and held it in his hands "Kapri, If I ask you to go with me, what do you say?"

"Go with you to the Thunder Ninja Academy?" she asked, slightly confused.

"Yeah," he nodded.

"I'm not sure," she looked down "Beside I can't leave Marah".

"I can manage on my own," Marah's voice spoke all of a sudden and Kapri and Hunter turn to see Dustin and Marah walked over to them holding hands.

"Marah I..." Kapri said, but Marah stopped her.

"It's okay, Kapri," Marah walked over to her sister "You should go with Hunter, I can take care of myself," she smiled and look over at Dustin who was next to her "Beside, I'm with Dustin".

"Yeah," Dustin beamed "And I promise would take care and protect Marah," he added.

Kapri smiled, knowing that she can trust Dustin that he would protect Marah. Kapri turns to Hunter who was still waiting for her answer.

She glances over at Dustin and Marah who nodded and gestures her to agree to go with Hunter.

Hunter was waiting for an answer, hoping that it would be a yes.

Kapri turns to Hunter and nodded with a smiled.

"Alright!" Hunter hugs Kapri with a smiled. Then he kisses her on the lips.

Dustin and Marah watch the happy couple with a smile on their faces.

"That was the nicest thing you did for them." Dustin commented as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"Thanks," Marah looked up at him "I just want Kapri to be happy and beside I'm alone when my sister leaves with Hunter".

"Oh," Dustin smirks "Why is that?" he pretends that he doesn't know why.

Marah laughs and playfully hit Dustin in the chest with the back of her hand before she kisses him on the lips.


"So," Tori asked hesitantly, "When do you leave." She secretly prayed to a higher being that Blake wouldn't be able to detect the sadness hidden behind her words.

"I start testing next week," Blake replied, "The first race is in a month."

"You must be really psyched," Tori enthused; with as much fake enthusiasm that she could muster. She was happy for Blake, she really was. But she couldn't deny that she was going to miss him. Not seeing him everyday was going to be hard.

"Yeah it's great," Blake agreed.

Tori's face fell slightly.

"So uh…" Blake offered, "You think you might want to come out and watch me some time."

Her face brightened, "Yeah," she replied happily, "I'm all over it."

"I can't believe this!" Hunter gushed as he came up from behind them, "Sensei Omino just asked me to be the head teacher at the Thunder Ninja Academy!"

"That's great!" Tori congratulated.

"Right on, man!" Blake props'.

"Hey!" Shane greeted as he and Dustin joined them. "You guys ready to do this?"

The group nodded; each of them taking confident strides into the Wind Ninja Academy.


"Keep moving," Cam ordered. "New students check in over there," he points to where the new students need to go.

Cam sighed and turns to greets more new students when a brunette woman rushes over into the entrance, knocking all her stuffs down on the ground.

"Oh," she sighs and kneels down to pick up her stuffs.

"Let me help you with that," Cam offers as he kneels down in front of the brunette woman to help her pick up her stuffs off the ground.

"Thanks, "She smiled and looked up at him. He was in shock when he saw her face.

"You're... welcome," He said as he slowly got up, not taking his eyes off and helps her up. Then he gave her stuffs to her.

"Thank you so much, I'm clumsy and was in a hurry to get here because I was worry that I might be late," she explained.

Cam shakes his head with a smile "No, you're not clumsy and you're not late at all," he told her.

"My name is Leila," she extends her hand out toward him.

"Cam," Cam smiled and shakes her hand "Have we met before?" he asked.

"Yeah," She nodded "We have".

"Oh, um," he tried to remember where he met Leila "I don't where we met before," he honestly said.

"We use to trained together when were little," Leila helps him out, giving him a clue.

The clue Leila give, actually help Cam remember as he realizes who she was "You went to the Wind Ninja Academy and we used to hang out a lot when we were young," he smiled "You were the one with the braided hair, am I right?"

"Yeah," she beamed "I'm glad that you remember!"

Sensei approached him easily.

"So, I take you two remember each other?" he asked.

Cam and Leila turn to him.

"Dad, you knew she was coming and you didn't let me know".

"I want it to be a surprise reunion," Sensei touches Cam's shoulder "Beside, you were the one that had a crush on her or should I say the other way around with Leila having the crush on you".

"Dad," Cam look at his father in annoy while Leila turns away, blushing on her face.

"Just be glad that everything is okay son"

Cam shook his head, "I'm just glad that I don't have to feed mine guinea pig food anymore."

Sensei grinned and Leila laughs when she heard what Cam said.

All three of them were about to leave when a voice spokes up.

"Hey!" a male voice yelled. "Hold up!"

Cam spun around only to find the three misguided teens who had tried to 'help' him and Hunter in the clearing.

"You three?" Cam greeted; skyward.

"Ninja's dude," the taller boy greeted.

"No one says dude anymore," their female friend lectured.

"Yes they do," he insisted.

"No they don't," she persisted.

Cam frowned. "Dad I don't think I have it in me to go through all this again."

"Then perhaps we should leave their training to the three new teachers," Sensei grinned.

Cam followed his gaze, only to find Shane, Dustin, and Tori adorned in teaching robes.

A smile slowly spread across Cam's face.

"A happy ending is nothing more than a new beginning," Sensei enlightened, "Besides, one should never break up a winning team."

Shane, Dustin, and Tori bowed in agreement.

"Yeah!" Blake agreed, as he, Hunter, Marah, Skyla, and Kapri joined them.

Sensei gestures Cam and Leila to join the other.

Cam smiled and turn to Leila "Hey, would like to meet my friends," he asked.

"Sure," she nodded "I would love to".

Then Cam leads Leila over to his friends where they all welcome Leila to the group.

Sensei was watching from a far with a smile on his face, seeing the happy couples together.

The End

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