Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 25: Thunder Storm, Part 1

Take place during Dino Thunder Episode ThunderStorm Part 1 and Part 2.

Kira and Trent were studying at Hayley's Cyberspace in the lounge area when a guy wearing a navy blue baseball cap walked in and went over to the counter.

Kira looked up, noticing the guy in a navy blue baseball cap at the counter. For some reason, she couldn't stop staring at the guy.

"Hey Trent, does that guy at the bar look familiar to you?" She asked, as Trent looked up from his book at the guy at the counter.

"Not really." Trent shook his head. "Why?"

"I'm sure I've seen him before." Kira insisted trying to recalled where she seen the guy before.

"Well go ask." Trent suggested.

"I'm not just gonna go up to some guy I don't know." Kira stated, as she glanced back at Trent briefly.

"Okay, can we get back to studying?" Trent asked, sounding a little annoyed, before turning back to his book, but he could still tell that Kira was staring. "It's driving you crazy, isn't it?" He asked, and Kira nodded.

Trent sighs and looked at her "Go ask."

Kira faced Trent and smiled, before getting up and walking over to the guy. Trent closes his book, staring at Kira walking over to the guy wearing the navy blue baseball cap. He was wondering why Kira said that she knew that guy?

"Hey, do we know each other?" Kira asked once she was standing in front the guy wearing the navy blue baseball cap.

"I don't think so." The guy shook his head, before holding out his hand. "I'm Blake."

"Blake..." Kira said, thinking for a quick moment, as she shook his hand. "You seem so familiar to me."

Blake took off his cap, and looked at Kira. "Do you follow motocross?"

"No why? Is that what you do?"

Another guy walked over to Blake and asked for an autograph, so Blake signed his cap instead and handed it to the guy, who smiled before walking away. "Okay, so you're famous for riding a motorcycle?" Kira realized.

Blake chuckles "Don't be so surprised," he begins to walk over to game table.

"It's just; I didn't know you could be that famous for doing that. I'm not really into sports."

"Well, why don't you come see for yourself," Blake looked at Kira "The nationals are at the MX park here in Reefside, bring some friends and I can hook you up with some passes."

"Are you asking me out?

"No, it's nothing like, look its part of being a rider," Blake explained "Spread our word to our supporter and they come on their own. I promise you totally be into it".

"Ok," Kira agreed.

"Here you go," Blake's friend gave some passes to Kira.

"Thanks," Kira took the passes and left.


At Ninja Academy, two ninjas wearing a mask were fighting each other. One ninja who was wearing a uniform with orange strips leapt into air and aim her fist at the ninja wearing the black uniform. The ninja wearing the black uniform immediately block the fist colliding to her face with her hand clasping over it. With one hand, the ninja in the back uniform hurl the ninja wearing the uniform with orange strips to the ground, but the ninja in the uniform with orange strips was back up on feet quickly.

She charges at the ninja in the black uniform and fire a ball of fire from her hand. Hastily, the ninja in the black uniform dodges it and sweep the ninja in the uniform with orange strips off her feet. She landed on her back and winces in pain.

"Here," the ninja in the black uniform extends her hand out to the ninja in the uniform with orange strips.

"Thanks," the ninja in the uniform with orange strips grabbed the ninja in black uniform's hand. Instead of trying to get up, the ninja in the uniform with orange strips pulled the ninja in the black uniform forward and flips her over on her back.

The ninja in black uniform sat up and looked at the ninja in the uniform with orange strips. She shook her head and chuckles "You're improving more," she commented and removed her mask, revealing herself to be Leila.

"I still need some practice though," the ninja in the uniform with orange strips removed her mask also and reveal to be Marah "So, how it's going on with you and Cam?"

"Great," Leila smiled as she get up and help Marah "We were supposed to go out, but something came up so we have to reschedule".

"Oh," Marah nodded "Don't worry, Cam will defintely make it up to you for rescheduling the date".

Leila chuckles "Ok, enough about me, now on with you".

"On with me what?"

"Your boyfriend and sister"

"Oh, well," Marah smiled "me and Dustin have been hanging around a lot, plus today, I'm going to have to meet him for something. As for Kapri, I haven't heard from her, but does sent me letter".

"That's good to hear".

Suddenly, Marah's necklace started to glow.

"Marah, why is your necklace is glowing?"

Marah looked down "That's strange," she looked at Leila, slightly confused "It only does that when something bad happen".

"And you're right about it," a voice suddenly spokes.

Marah recognizes the person and immediately turns to see Kapri walking toward her.

"Kapri!" she smiled and rushes over, hugging her sister "I can't believe you're here, where's Hunter?"

"Hunter said, he take care of something first and tell me arrived here first".

"Kapri, what do you mean that I'm right?"

"I have a feeling that our necklaces is trying to tell us that Lothor is back"

"What, that's impossible!"

"But, didn't the rangers destroyed Lothor," asked Leila who overheard Kapri and Marah's conversation.

"Actually, the rangers used their powers and send Lothor into the abyss," Kapri explained.

"Now, Lothor is back," Marah touches Kapri's arm "We need to warn the others about this".

"I'll go find Cam and tell him about it," Leila said before she took off running out of the Wind Ninja Academy to find Cam.


In Blue Bay Harbor, a large group of ninja students wearing masks ran and flipped through the forest, until they encountered three ninjas, but because their uniforms looked different, they weren't students. The three mysterious ninjas removed their masks and threw them away, to reveal Shane, Tori, and Dustin. The ninja students got into fighting stances before charging at the three sensei, who hastily lunged towards them.

Shane leapt into the air and kicked against a tree, before landing swiftly onto the ground. Shane avoided hits from the ninja students, before he flipped into the air and landed on one of the student's shoulders. He jumped up again and spun around, before landing on the ground. As the students got into fighting stances, Shane fired a powerful gust of wind at them; blowing back some of the students and making them fall.

Tori flipped upwards to avoid a hit from a student, before she spun into the air, and landed on the chests of two ninja students, who caught her feet to hold her in place. She smirked down at the students, before she flipped upwards and landed on the ground again. Tori spun her arms, as water covered her hands, before she blasted the students with a strong stream of water, knocking down most of them.

Dustin jumped towards another student, and was easily able to defeat him by kicking his leg, and flipping the student over. He then jumped forwards and climbed up a tree before pushing against it, and landing on the ground. Suddenly, Dustin disappeared into the dirt and when he resurfaced, he shot into the air and fired a blast of earth at some students, making them flip and fall on the ground.

It wasn't long until the students were beaten, and the former Wind Rangers regrouped. "Stand down." Shane commanded, as the students got out of their fighting stances, and most of them were hunched over. "Alright, how do you guys think that went?"

"Dude, we totally kicked their butts!" Dustin grinned, making Shane glances over at him and raise his eyebrow.

Tori smiled in amusement and turn to ex yellow earth ranger "Uh, I think Sensei Shane was talking to the students, Sensei Dustin."

"Right, uh, sorry." Dustin apologized, clearing his throat "Proceed."

"Thank you. Now, I want you guys to think about what just happened here." Shane continued, as he faced the ninja students. "You all need to think about your commitment to ninja training. Class dismissed."

As the students walked back to the academy, Shane, Tori, and Dustin wandered around the forest. "Shane, you kinda sounded like Sensei back there." Tori stated with a smile, as she glanced at Shane.

"Speaking of Sensei, wasn't he supposed to meet us here?" Shane remembered.

"Do you think he forgot?" Dustin suggested.

"When has he ever forgotten anything?" Tori pointed out. "Ever?"

Dustin chuckles as he scratches the back of his head "Just asking, beside if he did, I can get out of here and meet Marah".

"Miss her already?" Shane teased.

"Yeah, I have plans with her," Dustin answered.

"Me too," Shane beamed and Dustin glares at him.

Tori shakes her head and smiled "Uh, Sensei Dustin," she taps the ex yellow earth ranger's shoulder.


"I think Sensei Shane means Skyla," she points out.

"Oh," Dustin laughs "I knew that!"

Tori rolls her eyes "Yeah right," she muttered.

The three of them found a scroll hanging by a tree, so Shane leaned in slightly and read it. "Shane, Tori, Dustin, go to the highest point in Blue Bay Harbor." Shane read. "Meet me there as the sun is setting."

"Do not speak of this matter until I have spoken to you." Dustin continued, as the three ninjas exchanged glances.


In the evening, Shane, Tori, and Dustin climbed up a hill, where they found Sensei waiting there while he looked out at the ocean.

"Sensei, is everything alright?" Tori asked, as she and the boys walked over to him.

"No, Tori, I'm afraid it's not." Sensei shook his head.

"Yeah, you don't look so hot." Dustin added. "I mean, no offense."

Sensei glanced at Dustin. "None taken, Dustin."

"So, what's up?" Shane asked.

Sensei then faced his former ninja students. "He's back," he stated "Lothor is back."

The three Wind Ninjas' eyes widened at Sensei's news.

"Wait, Lothor can't be back." Dustin insisted.

"Yeah, no way." Shane agreed.

"We saw him disappear into the Abyss of Evil." Tori recalled.

Dustin sighed a bit. "If Lothor's back, how are we gonna defeat him with no powers?"

"Cam has been saving these for such a special occasion." Sensei said, as a wooden box appeared in his hands. "Shane, Tori, Dustin, it is what I have a heart that I give you your new Wind Morphers." He announced, before he opened the box, which contained three new morphers that Shane, Tori, and Dustin took and attached on their wrists. "A dark cloud has descended upon us, and it is time for you to resume your duties as Power Rangers."

The three Wind Rangers raised their morphers up. "We won't let you down, Sensei. Let's do it!" Shane nodded, before the three ninjas activated their morphers, but a wave of purple electricity shot into the rangers, as all of them winced in pain and moaned.

Once the electricity stopped, Sensei's face darkened along with the Wind Ninjas' faces.

"Well?" Sensei asked. "How do you feel?"

"Like Blue Bay Harbor must be destroyed." Shane said with a dark tone.

"Why stop there?" Tori asked, before smirking. "I want the whole country."

"And then the world!" Dustin added with an evil grin.

Sensei grinned, as he threw the box away. "That's what I like to hear!" He exclaimed, before changed into Lothor in a flash of purple light. "I never thought I'd say this, but it's a pleasure to see y'all!"

"And it's our pleasure to serve under you." Shane told Lothor.

"Music to my ears!" Lothor laughed before glancing near the cliff, where the real Sensei was tied up and gagged.

"Now, it's time to pay visit to the Wind Ninja Academy," Lothor told them.

"Let's go," Shane ordered in a cold tone.

"And cause destruction," Tori smirked.

"And have some fun," Dustin added with an evil grin before he, Shane, and Tori ninja streak away and Lothor teleports away.


Cassidy and Devin were walking towards the MX park for the motocross race.

"So, Cass, tell me again why we're here?" Devin asked Cassidy. "Not that I'm complaining or anything."

"To get an interview with Blake Bradley." Cassidy responded as she smiled to herself. "He's like the biggest thing in mototoss."

"Cross, Cass." Devin corrected. "It's motocross."

Cassidy just rolled her eyes and ignored Devin. "Whatever. Mr Cormier says I have to be edgier, and this is as edgy as it gets!" She pointed out as they approached the security at the entrance. "I have a press pass. I'm Cassidy Cornell, you might've seen me on the Reefside News."

The security guard glanced at his clipboard, before looking down at Cassidy. "Well you're name is not on the list, and if your name's not on the list, you have to pay like everyone else."

"What about those guys?" Cassidy asked when she saw Conner, Ethan, and Kira near the track. "How did they get in?"

"They were on the list." The security guy stated.

Meanwhile, Conner, Ethan, and Kira were making their way to the track. "

"So far being here has been pretty awesome." Conner admitted.

"Let's get over to the track, I don't wanna miss the start!" Ethan grinned as all of them smiled and ran over to the track.

"The 30 second board is up!" A voice on the speakers announced as the racers put on their helmets and revved up their bikes.

The 5 second board came up and once the gates went down, the racers took off and sped across the track, while everyone cheered. After a few minutes of the race, Blake ended up finishing first, so the Dino Rangers cheered.

Once Blake came to a stop, he took off his helmet before seeing Kira, Conner, and Ethan cheering for him. Blake grinned, before he cheered in victory too.


The ninja students were gathering around training as Marah was walking toward the exit when Kapri appears next to her.

"So, did you find Sensei yet?" Kapri asked.

Marah shook her head "No, I search everywhere," she sighs "What about you, any luck find Shane, Dustin, and Tori?"

"No, nobody seen them at all"

"This is not good, we better find them before..."

Suddenly, a powerful blast was fired at the academy, creating an explosion that caused the students along with Marah and Kapri to be blasted backwards from the impact. Once the smoke cleared out, everyone saw Lothor and two new monsters by his side. The ninja students, Marah and Kapri got into fighting stances.

"It's so nice of you to be here to greet us." Lothor grinned, evilly.

"Lothor, what do you want," Kapri glares at him.

"Oh," Lothor blinks his eyes and then open his arm wide "Is this how you greet family?"

"You're not family to us no more".

Marah looked at Kapri and then at Lothor with a slightly scared look on her face. "But I thought you were-"

"Gone?" Lothor assumed. "Destroyed? History?"

"Well, yeah." Marah admitted.

"Sorry to disappoint, girls," Lothor started, as he stepped forwards. "But I'm back in black, and needless to say, I'm in a mood!"

Kapri rolled her eyes. "Yeah, like we care".

"I see you have some friend there uncle," Marah said as she tries to stay calm waiting for her friends to show up.

"New friends I made down in the depths of the Abyss." Lothor answered, as he glanced at the two monsters behind him. "They don't say much, but they fight like the dickens."

"I hate to break to you, but you and your friends won't be staying that long," Kapri smirked.

"I wouldn't count on it," Lothor answered.

Suddenly, another blast was fired behind Lothor creating another explosion, and when the smoke cleared, it revealed Shane, Tori, and Dustin, who stood up and began walking.

"Thank god you guys are here!" Kapri smiled with relief.

"Dustin!" Marah rushes over to Dustin and the others "We have been trying contact you about Lothor".

"We know," Shane said, before he, Tori, and Dustin walked over to Lothor's side. "Isn't it great?"

Marah and Kapri exchanged glances in confused

"Now, capture them." Lothor ordered the rangers.

Shane nodded. "Gladly." He said, before glancing at Tori and Dustin. "Ready?"

"Ready!" Tori and Dustin nodded.

"Ninja Storm, Ranger Form, Ha!"

"Power of Earth!"



The Wind Rangers drew their Ninja Swords, while the ninjas students got into fighting stances, before the rangers and students charged at each other.

"Stop it!" Marah tries to stopped Dustin and Tori, but got pushed out of the way by Dustin.

Kapri grabs Shane's sword, stopping Shane from attacking the fellow ninjas and end up getting slash in the chest. She landed on the group, grabbing her chest.

"Kapri!" Marah rushes over to her sister.

"We need to stop them,"


Marah helps Kapri got up. Then they both lunges at the three rangers to stop them, but they ended up get injure by Dustin and Shane.

"Capture them!" Lothor orders the Kelzaks who seize Kapri and Marah arms. They were struggling to free and at the same watch in terrified, seeing Shane, Dustin, and Tori attacking their ninja students.

"What did you do to them? Lothor," Kapri demanded to know.

"I just gave them their power," Lothor shrugs.

"You brainwashed them!" Marah shouted with a hurtful look on her face.

"If we only have our power, we can stopped you!" Kapri added.

"Stop me with your power?" Lothor walked over to them "Like that would work"

It wasn't long until the rangers defeated their students, and Lothor captured all of them in a bottle, while the rangers powered down. After the whole battle, the academy was completely wrecked, but luckily it wasn't as bad as when Lothor captured the school last year.

Lothor turned at the rangers. "Well now that's taken care of, onto bigger things."

"Alright." Dustin nodded.

"What about the others?" Shane asked. "Cam will be looking for us."

"Well one thing's for sure." Lothor started. "When he finds you, it won't be very pretty."

"No, it won't." Tori smirked, before all of them laughed evilly.

"Guys, snap out it!" Kapri yelled.

"Dustin, please if you can hear me, Lothor is brainwashing you," Marah pleaded to her boyfriend.

Dustin smirks and chuckled "Brainwashed, that nonsense"

Lothor turns to Marah and Kapri "As for you two, I have plan for the both of you," He aims his hands at them and blasts his energy beam at their heads.

"Ah!" They yelled, wincing in pain.

"Marah fight it!" Kapri turns to her sister.

"I can't," Marah cried "It too strong!"

It didn't last long when both Marah and Kapri eyes turn red and their ninja uniforms transform into their old space ninja outfits.

"So, how do you girls feel now?" Lothor asked as he signals the Kelzaks to release them.

Marah smiles evilly "Let's destroy the city".

"And the rangers," Kapri added with a evil grin.

"Excellent," Lothor laughs and soon the wind rangers and Marah and Kapri joins in laughing.

Later on, Cam and Leila came running in. Their eyes widen as they see the place was completely wrecked.

"We're too late," Leila said in shocked. "Lothor captured Kapri and Marah".

"This is not good." Cam frowned, as he stared at the wreckage of the academy.

"What happened?" a voice spokes all of sudden. Cam and Leila turn around and saw Hunter standing with a shock look on his face.


Back in Reefside, Blake was walking with the Dino Rangers once the race was over. "So, what'd you think?" Blake asked Kira.

"It was awesome." Kira commented..

"Hey Blake, thanks for hooking us up, man." Conner thanked Blake.

"No problem. So, do you guys wanna grab a bite?" Blake asked as he walked to his trailer, until he heard something beep. Blake grabbed something out of his bag and frowned a bit as he looked down at the object, which his emergency ninja communicator. "I take that back. Looks like I have to reschedule."

"It really nice meeting you all, I'll see you guys around." Blake said before running off.

"That was kinda weird." Kira commented until their bracelets beeped. "Okay, not so weird."

"Let's go." Conner told his friends before he, Ethan, and Kira ran away.


"Evil Power Rangers?" Kira asked. "How is that possible?"

Conner, Kira, Ethan, and Trent were at the Dino Lab with Tommy and Hayley, and all of them were watching the Wind Ninja Rangers attack the city.

"I thought we were the only ones left." Trent said, as he glanced down at Hayley for an answer.

"So did we." Hayley agreed, as all of them stared the screen. "There's been an evil energy surge for the past 24 hours. We think the Abyss of Evil has been opened up."

Kira looked down at Tommy. "Dr O, you think Lothor's back?"

"Unfortunately." Tommy nodded. "But there's only one way to find out."

Conner turned to his teammates. "Let's deal with these fakes."

"We should try not the hurt them too much though." Ethan suggested. "Those are the Ninja Storm Rangers. They used to be good."

"Ethan's right." Tommy agreed, before looking up at Trent. "Trent, you stay here with us." He instructed. "This is just the kind of opportunity that Mesogog would take advantage of."

Trent nodded, while Conner, Ethan, and Kira got into a line. "You guys ready?" Conner asked, as their bracelets changed into their morphers.

"Ready!" Kira and Ethan nodded, before the three of them pressed on the jaws.

"Dino Thunder, Power Up, Ha!"

"Dino Power! Hiya!"

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