Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 3: Sensei Switcheroo

At the Storm Charger

Hunter, Cam, and Blake were hanging around while help Kelly

Hunter touches Cam's shoulder as Blake walked up and stands next to Cam.

"So, Cam," Hunter says "How's Marah doing?"

"She's better than I expected," Cam sighs and looked around "Still it better to run some test on her just to be safe".

"I have a question," Blake spokes up "Why is Marah here with you?"

"Well, I want her to go out instead of staying at Ninja Ops all day," Cam said as he watches Marah help Kelly carried some stuff around "I thought it would help recover better".

"She seems different," Hunter says as he was also watching Marah "It's like we are seeing a side of her she never shows before".

"Maybe you guys don't understand Marah well enough," Cam replied

Hunter and Blake looked at Cam and snorted "Yeah right," Blake says "Like you do?"

"Hey guys! I want you to meet my dad," Dustin said as he came walking in with his dad, over to Cam, Hunter, and Blake.

"Hey," Dustin's dad greets and shakes hands with Cam, Hunter, and Blake.

"This is Hunter, Blake, and Cam," Dustin introduces his friends to his dad.

"Hey, I'm Jake," Dustin's dad says "Dustin told me everything about you guys".

Hunter, Blake, and Cam glares at Dustin with "Please tell you didn't," serious looks.

"Not everything," Dustin whispers, slightly chuckles "I promise," he assures them that he didn't reveal about them being power rangers.

"Oh," Hunter replied, slightly nods.

Dustin notices Kelly walked by and quickly stopped her "Oh and this is my boss, Kelly".

"Hi, nice to meet you," Kelly shakes hands with Dustin's dad "Can I help you with anything?"

"We uh stop by to pick up some new gloves," Dustin explained "Dad trash his last pair".

"You guys ride together," Hunter says with a chuckles "That is so cool!" he clasps hands with Dustin.

"I taught him everything he knows," Dustin's dad replied.

"He did, yeah, it's true," Dustin said as he clasps hands with his dad. Then he walked away with his dad almost bump into Marah who was carrying a folder "Marah?" he said, surprised to see her "Hey, what are you doing?"

"Cam thought if would be good for me to work around instead staying at home and not doing anything," Marah explained "He say I need move around to get better".

Dustin smiles "I'm glad you here," he told them.

"Yeah, I'm glad too," she replied and smile at him.

"Uh hm," Dustin's dad clears this throat.

"Oh," Dustin turned and looked then at Marah "I almost forgot, dad this Marah. She's Cam's cousin".

"Nice to meet you sir," Marah says.

"Nice to meet you too," Dustin's dad replied.

"I should get going," she told them and then left.

Dustin's dad put his arm around Dustin's shoulder "So, Dustin, Is Marah your girlfriend?"

"Dad," Dustin smiles awkwardly "It's not what you think, we are just friend," he told his dad.

"Okay," Dustin's dad shrugs his shoulders "If you say so because I saw how you look at her".

"Dad, let's go get you some new gloves," He said, changing the subject and lead his dad toward to the other side of the store, where the gloves are.

Cam, Hunter, and Blake watch Dustin hanging around with his dad. They all sigh.

"A guy and his dad, I miss that," Hunter says.

"Yeah, me too," Blake agreed.

"So do I," Cam replied.

Blake and Hunter looked at Cam.

"What are you taking about?" Hunter asked "At least your dad is still around".

"Some how high fiving a guinea pig just isn't the same," Cam says as he watches Dustin and Dustin's dad high five each other.

At the Ninja Ops

Cam was thinking to himself and then he stares at the family portrait picture in his hands.

"One who is lost in thought," Sensei spoke all of sudden "is still lost son".

"I guess it shows," Cam replied, looking at his dad who's the guinea pig.

"You are missing your mother," Sensei says, understanding how his son is feeling.

"And father," Cam added in "So much has happen to me, I mean to us".

"I am always here for you Cam," Sensei assured.

"I know you are and I know I should be grateful that you are alive," Cam sighs "But sometime..."

"Sometimes a guinea pig or even a ninja master guinea pig is no replacement for a real life human father," Sensei finishes saying what was on Cam's mind.

"Do you think you ever get you know unstuck?" Cam asked,

"To undo what has been done," Sensei explained "You need a great mighty powerful source, one far greater than my energy alone".

Cam sighs, touching his green amulet he was wearing around his neck. He looked down at it when an idea occurs to him.

Luthor's ship

"Arrgh! I need a monster to attack the rangers," Luthor growls.

"Ooh uncle," Kapri rushes up to him "Allow me to send a monster down to defeat the rangers.

Luthor sighs "Fine, let's see what you got," he agreed.

"Thanks Uncle," she said cheerfully "I won't fail you".

At the Ninja Ops

Cam explained to Tori and Shane that he found a way change his father back to human using his energy from his morpher.

Tori looked at Sensei "Sensei, are you sure you want do this?" she asked with concern.

"I'm ready," Sensei replied.

"Here goes," Cam says and press the button.

Cam's green amulet glow, but then it starts to act weird. Marah, Tori and Shane looked at it and then Cam.

"Is it supposed to sound like that?" Tori asked.

"I don't know," Cam replied as he was typing something "I think energy might be too intense, Shane pulled main interface cable".

Shane nodded and yanks the red cable out causing an explosion.

"Everyone okay," Cam asked.

"Uh huh," Tori replied as she got up.

"Something feels different," Shane spoke up all of sudden. Tori and Cam walked up to Sensei and notices Shane voice was speaking from it "I can feel it in my whisker".

"Dad?" Cam asked.

"Who are you calling dad?" Shane in Sensei body asked.

"I am here Cam," Cam turned to the source of the voice and saw Shane.

"No way!" Tori held back from laughing.

"I think we have a problem," Cam said.

"So, Shane is in Sensei's body, and Sensei is in Shane's?" Tori asked.

"That would appear to be the case," Sensei said. Suddenly there was an explosion from the super computer.

"And if that weren't back enough, the force of the elemental pulse has sorted all of Ninja ops," Cam said.

Shane was frustrated and upset being stuck in Sensei body.

"You know, you look kinda cute when you wrinkle your nose like that!" Tori laughed as she kneels down and looked at Shane in Sensei body.

"This isn't funny Tor," Shane groaned "I can't be a guinea pig today! I have a skate demo!"

"Not to mention what we'll do if Luthor attacks," Cam added. "We're on backup power as it is!"

"We can't let anyone know about our dilemma. I will uphold your skating demo," Sensei suggested.

"No offence Sensei, you may look like Shane, but skate like Shane, no way," Tori said.

"You must not underestimate the power of a Ninja master, Tori," Sensei smiled. "Cam, stay here and correct the situation. Tori, take me to the skate park, please."

"What am I supposed to do? I'm starving!" Shane yelled.

"Here you go, try some of this!" Tori smiled, handing Shane some guinea pig food.

At the Skating area, Tori, Marah and Kelly watch as Sensei, or to Kelly it was Shane, tried to board.

"What is up with him today?" Kelly asked.

"I think it's an inner ear thing," Tori said. The three girls saw Sensei sitting on the board as it rolled along the ground. "The inside part..." Kelly had to leave after seeing the poor skating skills. When she did, Marah turned and looked at Tori "Is there something I should know?"

"Yeah," Tori said and then whispers in Marah's ear.

"You're kidding right?" Marah asked with a shock expression "Sensei is in Shane's body?"

"Yup," Tori replied.

Sensei tried going off the ramp but flew off, landing next to Tori and Marah. The two girls helped him up.

"Are you okay?" Marah asked.

"I'm not used to being back in human form again," Sensei sighed.

"A wise rodent once told me to use my inner ninja in times like these!" Tori smiled, remembering the time she was in the camera. Sensei smiled at the girls before skating off.

"Hey!" Dustin smiled as he met up with the two. He went and stand in between Tori and Marah.

"You're made it just in time," Tori says.

"Yeah, I just dropped my dad off at the airport. Did I miss anything?" Dustin asked.

"You could say that," Tori says before whispering what had happened to Sensei and Shane in his ear.

"No way!" Dustin yelled, making Sensei lose his concentration and fall.

Finally, when the demo started, Sensei had gotten used to being on human legs again with crowd amazed at his skating skills when all sudden, Kalzaks appeared and Tori, Dustin, Marah, and Sensei in Shane's body ran over to them.

"Marah, go to safety," Dustin told her.

"No," Marah touches his shoulder "I want to help".

Dustin sighs and nods.

"You ready for this Sensei?" Tori asked.

"I think the term is bring it on," Sensei replied and stepped forward into his fighting mode "Come," he said, gestures with his hand. The Kalzaks lunged at them.

Marah did a back flip as one of the Kalazks ran toward her. She then kicks the Kalzak in the stomach, sending it flying backward and land on it back.

Another Kalzak approaches up to Marah from behind, but she outsmart it by flipping it over on it back

Tori, Dustin, and Sensei managed to destroy the Kalzaks when a monster appeared "Ready to get stomped on by Footzilla?" the monster growled

"Wanna do the honors Sensei?" Tori asked.

"It would be my pleasure," Sensei smiled. "Ready!"





"This feels quite pleasant!" Sensei smiled.

Marah notices Kapri was watching from behind a tree "Kapri?" she muttered.

Kapri notices Marah was staring at her and quickly vanishes before Marah get a chance to go over to her.

"I'll keep you on your toes!" the monster yelled. The two teams were going to fight but Sensei put his arm out.

"Allow me please," he says and then he pulled out his ninja sword. He managed to slashes the Footzilla with one strike

"AWESOME" Tori smiled.

"Wicked moves dude!" Dustin exclaimed.

"Dustin, please do not refer to me as dude," Sensei told him.

"Dustin!" Tori says, lightly hit him on the arm.

"Oh right, sorry Sensei," Dustin bowed apologetically as Tori laughed.

"Now I'm hopping mad!" Footzilla yelled as he fought Sensei. The Ninja master pushed the foot back and the three others attacked it. As Sensei got his blade ready, they held the foot still. Sensei slashed at the foot and he ran.

"Time for some sole searching!" he said before vanishing. The Rangers' morphers beeped.

"Go for Sensei," Sensei spoke into his morpher. "I've always wanted to say that."

"Everything is back up and running here," Cam said. "I can make the switch back."

"Aw, do we have to!" Dustin whined.

"I heard that," Shane said as he was watching the screen from Ninja Ops.

"We should get going," Tori suggested.

They were about leave when Dustin spokes "Wait!" He looked around "Where's Marah?"

"I'm right here," Marah says as she ran up to them.

Dustin touches her shoulder "Are you okay?" he asked.

Marah nodded "I'm fine".

"Let's head back to Ninja Ops," Sensei says

Everyone follows Sensei back to Ninja Ops

At the Ninja Ops

"There," Cam said as he finished the final touches on the computer. "By implementing the power supply, I think I figured out how to fix the problem."

"So it'll work this time right?" Tori asked.

"I hope this will work," Marah says

"As long as nothing interrupts the energy flow," Cam said. He started up the machine and it was working just fine.

"Hey! It's working!" Dustin laughed as he foolishly put his hands into the energy field and cause an interruption in the energy flow.

A small explosion tosses Dustin away from Shane. Cam turned off the machine and ran over to Sensei with Tori while Marah went to check on Dustin.

"I got legs!" Shane smiled. "I'm me again!"

"Dad, how do you feel?" Cam asked the guinea pig.

"Like I could go for a big bag of sunflower seeds," Dustin voice came out from the guinea pig.

Cam and Tori turned where Marah was staring at and saw Dustin standing there on his feet.

"We seemed to have solved one problem, and have caused another," Sensei, in Dustin's body, says as he gestures with his hands.

There was an awkward silence in the room "Can this get any worse?" Tori asked.

The screen on the computer went back on and Cam went over to it "Footzilla's in the shopping district," Cam told them.

"Have the Thunder Rangers joined us there," Sensei in Dustin's body says "Marah, you stay here in Ninja Ops".

"Okay," She replied.

"I'll be there as soon as I fill them in," Cam told the team. The four ninja went to the monster in a blink of an eye.

"Ranger's you're not going to step on my party!" Footzilla yelled.

"We're going to wipe you out toe jam!" Shane yelled.

"Ready?" Sensei in Dustin's body asked.

Shane and Tori nodded and together they morph.


"After you, Sensei said, letting the red, blue fight first. They quickly fell to their feet and Sensei stepped forward. Footzilla tried to punch Sensei but he dodge hit. The monster tried again but Sensei blocks it. He uses his fists, aiming at Footzilla's stomach and with one hit, the monster flew back.

"It is interesting to know the difference between Yellow Ranger's and Red Ranger's physiology," Sensei says.

"Um Sensei, can you deal with your observation after we finish the monster," Tori suggested.

"You absolutely right Tori" Sensei turned and looked at Footzilla "You must pay evil space alien!"

Footzilla laughed and was about to attack the rangers when all sudden, Blake and Hunter arrived and kicked the monster off his feet.

"It's time to give this foot the boot!" Hunter said.

At Ninja Ops

Cam finished typing on the computer "Okay, everything set and ready," He turned and looked at Marah "You think you'll be okay here?"

"I'll be fine Cam, go help the rangers," Marah replied

Cam nods and left to help the others.

The Thunders fought the foot for a while until Cam came.

"Oh great another one!" Footzilla yelled.

"Don't worry, I'm the last one!" Cam smirked before he attacks the footzilla.

Cam stopped to join his friends when Footzilla spokes. "I tapped you all with anti-gravity bunion pads!"

"Huh? The rangers says they look around their body for the anti-gravity bunion pads

Footzilla uses his powers to make the Rangers float. Shane is singled out and is slammed into the ground. Shane is now stuck in the ground.

"Oh no!" Marah says as she watches on the screen.

"That's not good," Dustin in Sensei's body remarked.

The rangers was not doing so well floating in the sky.

"Shane, focus your energy. I'll distract footzilla!" Sensei yelled. "Lion Hammer!" Sensei hit the foot with the hammer and the monster went flying into a car.

"Ninja power of Air, break free!" Shane yelled before he flew out of his hole.

When Shane was free, he used his hawk Blaster on the monster. As it blew up, the others were free from his spell. They all landed on their butts except Sensei.

"Ouch! Such a rough landing," Tori say as she got up.

They all destroy Footzilla with the Thunderstorm Cannon.

Luthor slam his fist down angry. Then he activates a scroll of empowerment from his PAM.

Footzilla grows large and the Rangers take him out with their Thunderstorm Megazord.

At the Ninja Ops

"Everything is all set," Cam says, hoping this time everything will be back to normal.

Everyone stood behind him and watch. Cam activates the machine and it successfully work. Dustin jumped off the stool "I'm back!" he exclaimed.

"And I'm back as a guinea pig again," Sensei says as he looked at himself.

Marah kneels down in front of Sensei "Don't worry Sensei, Cam will eventually succeed to changing you back," she comforts him.

"Marah right, Dad," Cam looked down at Sensei "I promise I'll keep searching for a solution to change you back to your human self," he assured.

"I trust you, Cam," Sensei replied, knowing that Cam can do it.

"Uh Cam, there won't be after affect from being a guinea, will there?" Shane asked as him and the other looked at Dustin scratching his head.

"Highly improbable," Cam smirked as Dustin ate guinea pig food.

'What?" Dustin asked with a confused expression.

Everyone laughed.

Marah stand to aside with a small smile on her face. Everyone was busy laughing at Dustin except for Cam, who notices something was bothering her,

Night time at Ninja Ops

Marah couldn't sleep at all. She was awake in her room staring at the necklace she was holding in her hand. The necklace was given to her by her mother. Kapri also got one too and if they are lost they can easy contact each other with a code that only they know and nobody else. "Kapri, are you still being control by Luthor?" she wondered.

When Marah saw Kapri standing by the tree watching, she wanted to confront her, but didn't get a chance to. Kapri vanished before she can even walk over there. She was worried at the same question whether Kapri is herself or being control

Meanwhile on Luthor's Ship

Kapri was in her room staring at her necklace also "Marah, I'm glad that you are okay, but I can talk to you until it's the right time. Plus side I have to make Luthor thinks I'm still under his control. So the next time I see, I'm going to have to fight you because Luthor is watching me and testing me," She thought.

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