Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 7: Shane's Karma, Part 2

Shane walked into a clearing to face Vexacus who was waiting for him.

"That was very touching. But if I can't get the power from her, I'll get it from you." Vexacus snarled and charges at him.

"This one's for Skyla." Shane said grimly; "Ninja Storm! Ranger Form! HA! You're chum chump!"

"Prepare to be destroyed." Vexacus grumbled.

They charged at each other, weapons drawn.


"Guys, Look who is back!" Cam shouted and the others rushes over to look at the computer screen.

"Him again," Blake exclaimed "Doesn't he ever take a vacation?"

Dustin chuckles "I guess not".

"Is the Megazord fixed?" Tori asked.

"Of course, I am half of the brains of the operation remember?" Cam retorted.

"What about the Thunder Zords?" Hunter asked.

"The Energy field in the forest is weakening. I should be able to call them in any second. Cam told them.

"We'll meet you out there." Hunter replied.

"Hopefully I'll be able to get a lock on Shane too." Cam told them "Marah, you stay here because I need to talk to you".

Marah nods "Okay".

Dustin and Tori went and stand in the center of the room.

"Ready?" Tori asked.

"Ready!" Dustin replied.

"Ninja Storm! Range Form! HA!"


"Guess you're ready for round two!" Zurgane growled.

"Bring it on!" Dustin exclaimed.

"Let's do this," Tori replied.


"Now while they do that." Cam says "I'm going to try to get the Thunderzords back online".

Zurgane blasted at the Wind Megazord, knocking them both down.

"I got it!" Cam said; "The Thunder Megazord is online."

"Let's go." Hunter told his brother.

Blake nodded.

"Thunder Storm! Ranger Form!"

"Now," Cam got up from his chair "For you necklace you gave me, I managed to found something in it," he told her.

"What is it?" she asked.

Before Cam can reply, the computer beeps. He and Marah went over and looked at the screen "I tell you later, I promise," he says.

"It's okay," Marah smiles "Go Cam, the others need you," She ushered.

Cam nods and left.


Blake and Hunter have made it just in time to intercept one of Zurganes blows that was meant for the Wind Megazord.

"Welcome to the party!" Dustin smiled.

"Yeah thanks." Blake nodded.

"Lightning mode online." Zurgane stated. His zord got rid of its outer bulk.

"Let's do it guys! Come on!" Tori shouted.

They used a power disk, but Zurgane got a hold of it.

"Oh no!" Tori shouted.

Dustin, Tori, Blake, and Hunter were struggling to get the hold of the power disk that Zurgane holding his grip on, but it didn't last long when Zurgane's zord got blast from behind by a new zord that swoop in and take the power disk from Zurgane really fast.

"Huh?" Hunter, Dustin, Tori, and Blake replied, surprised to a new zord helping them out.

"Is that," Tori begin,

"A deer zord?" Dustin asked, interrupting Tori in the middle of her sentence.

"Is it on our side?" Blake asked.

"I don't know," Hunter replied "I wonder who's helping us?

Cam arrives in his zord and was also surprises to see the deer zord. The deer zord came over to him and gave him the power disk before it attacks Zurgane.

"Alright guys, put 'em together!" Cam instructed a minute later. They merged the Wind Megazord and Thunder Megazord together.

"This does not look good!" Zurgane mumbled.

"Thanks whoever you are," Cam says "We can take it from here".

The deer zord moves out the way and left quickly.

The Thunderstorm Megazord punched Zurgane's Zord a couple of times and then took him out with his blaster.

"Ejection!" Zurgane yelled.

"Oh yeah!" Dustin yelled.

"Zurgane has left the building," Hunter joked.

"No Problemo!" Blake replied.

"Bye, Bye," Tori waved

"See ya Zurgane!" Cam replied.


"Where are you going?" Shane demanded as Vexacus fled back into his ship; "Stop!"

"No more games." Vexacus grumbled flying away.

"Battleizer! Flight mode!" Shane yelled.

"Catch me if you can!" Vexacus dared. Shane caught up to him easily; "What? Uh? Firing lasers!" He shot at Shane, but he blocked it.

"Fine! More Power!" Shane took them out with his lasers and kept following Vexacus.

"Go Shane!" Tori exclaimed as she and other made it to where Shane was.

"C'mon! Surrender!" Shane shouted.

"Never!" Vexacus growled as he flew closer to the trees. Shane flew close to Vexacus and slashed at the ship. Shane was finally able to destroy the ship with his Ultralaser. Then he landed in front of his friends.

"Oh wow!" Tori smiled.

"Awesome!" Blake said in awe. They circled around him, admiring the Battleizer.

"Amazing!" Dustin exclaimed.

Shane slightly smile "Thank guys," He says and then notices Cam and Hunter was staring at something in front of them. Curiously, he walked over to Cam and Hunter. Soon Dustin, Tori, and Blake join him.

Standing in front of them was the Samurai Pink Ninja Storm Ranger. Her outfit was similar to Tori, but has a deer picture in front of her chest.

"Wow, another ranger?" Tori asked.

"Looks like it," Hunter replied.

"Hey, do you guys think she's going to demorph so we can see her face?" Blake asked.

"Probably not," Cam asked.

"Hey, thanks for helping us," Tori said as she steps forward "Cam you tell us who you are?"

The Samurai Pink Ninja Storm Ranger slightly turns and looked at them before she vanishes in the pink light.

"Wait!" Hunter and the other ran over to where the Samurai Pink Ninja Storm Ranger was standing.

"I guess she's not a talkative person," Blake chuckles and everyone glares at him before they begins to leave "What?" he asked, following behind everyone with a confused look on his face.


At Ninja Ops, everyone was talking about the Samurai Pink Ninja Storm Ranger and was curious to know who she is except Shane was sitting by himself thinking about Skyla.

"Hey, are you alright?" a concern voice asked.

Shane looked up and saw Marah standing next to him.

"Yeah, I feel kinda bummed." Shane sighed.

"You miss her don't you?" Tori asked as she walked up next to Marah.

"Yeah, I guess I do," he nodded.

"She will always be with you Shane. Her power lives through you for all eternity." Sensei told him.

"Thanks Sensei." Shane replied with a small smile.

"Yeah, can we talk about the Battleizer? How sick bro!" Hunter exclaimed.

"Now that was the ultimate rush or what man?" Blake chuckled.

"Yeah it's pretty sick huh?" Shane replied, finally cracking a smile.

"You all did well in my absence." Sensei spoke; "I am proud."

"Pity it had to happen on someone's birthday." Hunter sighed.

"Hey no worries, they'll be more right?" Tori laughed.

"Hey! The day's not over yet!" Dustin chuckled, coming out with a poorly made cake.

"Aw Dustin, you shouldn't have." Tori grinned.

Marah touches Tori's shoulder "Well go on and make a wish," she says.

Tori blew out the Candles and everyone pulled her into a group hug; "Happy Birthday Tori!"

"Thank guys," Tori smiles "Well I guess my day is not totally ruin".

"No," Shane says with a smile "Because you still have presents to open".

"Oh," Tori blink her eyes and then laugh "I almost forgot about the presents".

Shane, Dustin, Hunter, and Blake looked at each other before rushing over to their presents and then went over to Tori.

"Open my first, Tori," Dustin says when he got push by Blake.

"No, open it my first," Blake extends his gift toward Tori, but his gift got knock down by Shane.

"Dude, she should open my first," Shane replied, moving in front of Dustin, Blake, and Hunter.

"Hey!" Dustin, Hunter, and Blake shouted.

"Ok guys, I open all it," Tori replied.

Cam and Marah was standing to side watching the guys giving their gifts to Tori.

"Aren't you going to give Tori her gift?" Marah asked her cousin.

"Nah, I give to her last," Cam says "What about you?"

Marah shrugs with a smile "I give it to her later; I don't want to get stuck in between the guys fighting over who give Tori the gifts first".

"I agree," Cam replied, folding his arms.

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