Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 8: Shimazu Returns, Part 1

Nighttime at Ninja Ops

Cam was still awake working, typing on the computer when Marah walked out.

"Um, Cam?" She walked up to him "Can I talk to you?"

"Marah?" Cam stopped what he was doing and looked at her "Why aren't you asleep?" he asked.

"I can't sleep," she told him "I was thinking about what you were planning to say about my necklace".

"I see," he got up from his chair "What I wanted to tell you was that I did find something inside your necklace when I did a scanning on because I was unable to open it. It's like there is something keeping me from opening it".

"Oh," Marah looked down at her necklace that was in the palm of her hand "But you did said that you found something, what was it?" she asked.

"A power energy," Cam replied.

"A power energy?" Marah asks, blinking her eyes in confused.

Cam nodded

"Do you know what is it?" Marah asked.

Cam sighs "Unfortunately no, sorry Marah," he says.

"Perhaps the only person who can unlock the necklace is Marah," Sensei spokes all of sudden and Cam and Marah looked at him.

"Dad, you're not asleep?"

"I can't sleep knowing that you are staying up late son," Sensei replied.

Cam folds his arms "Dad, since you are awake, maybe you can tell me if you know the Samurai pink ninja ranger," he says.

"When times come, son, you and the other rangers will know the identity of the Samurai pink ninja ranger," Sensei replied.

Cam chuckles "Is that your way saying you don't know?" he asked.

"I'm going go back to bed now," Marah says.

"Good night, Marah," Cam touches Marah's shoulder "Don't worry I keep looking for a way to unlock your necklace," he assured her.

Marah sighs "No, it's okay, Sensei is right, only I can unlock this necklace," she told him.

"That's right Marah," Sensei says "Just remember, the answers that you are searching for is in within yourself".

"Thanks Sensei," Marah replied and then left.


Marah sat down staring at her necklace in the palm of her hand wondering what was locked in side of it.

"I wish I can remember something about this necklace," she muttered.

She sighs and was about to put the necklace away when a light was shining out from it.

"Huh?" She stares at her necklace closely at the light when she was hit in the face with it, blinding her eyes.

Two little girl was sitting on the floor in front of a woman who reached out touched both girl's head.

"I have a gift for you," the woman told the girls and extended her hands out revealing two necklaces in the palms of each hand.

Two girls take it and stared at it.

"What is it? The little brunette girl asked.

"It's a special pendant necklace that contains a special power in it for both of you," the woman explained "It's also a device for you girls to communicate each other".

"Wow," the blond girl exclaimed "Thanks mommy!"

"Now I need you girls to promise me that you will hold on to the necklace and will not let it fall into the wrong hands".

"Promise!" the girls replied and hugged their mom.

Images of her memories was coming back to her, even the memories of her being evil.

Marah gasps blinking her eyes "Mom, Kapri," she muttered.

She stares at the necklace again and the light from it was gone. The necklace was beeping and immediately recognizes the beep sound "Kapri".


On the Luthor's Ship, Kapri was in her room holding her necklace in the palm of her hands when she heard the beeping sound. A smile was on her face "Marah, I knew you would remember," she softly said.


The Next day at the Museum

Cam and Marah were at the Museum that was closed. They were looking for something

"Found it!" Cam walked toward Marah with a box in his hands "Let's go!"

Marah nods and follows Cam when they got block by a monster that Cam recognizes "You have got to be kidding me!"

Marah eyes widen "Is that..." she begins.

"Motodrone," Cam says, finishes Marah's sentence.

"But how?" Marah looked at Cam "Didn't you say Hunter destroyed Motodrone?" she asked.

"He did, but I guess Luthor got Motodrone leftover pieces and reanimated him," Cam replied.

"You're not going anywhere;" Motodrone growls "Hand over the box!"

Cam smiles "I'm going to have to say no," he threw the box over at Marah who catches it. Then he went to fight Motodrone "Take the box and go, Marah!"

Marah nods and was about to leave when Kalzaks appear in front of her, blocking the exit.

Marah smiles "Hey guys," she says before she kicks them in stomach and flip over their head "Hey!" she called out to them "Over here!"

The Kalzaks turn around and Marah blasts fire at them "You should have a nice tan after I'm done with you," she smirks.

Cam manages to fight off Motodrone and went over to Marah "Let's head back to Ninja Ops".

"No problem," Marah grabs Cam's arm "But we are taking a short cut," she says before she teleport herself and Cam out of the museum.


Marah and Cam appear back in Ninja Ops and was shock to see Ninja Ops the place was filled with music and dancing as the Wind Rangers practiced their pieces for the show. Cam walked in after retrieving an artifact from the museum and was shocked.

"It's the Kids from Fame," he said sarcastically, setting the box down. "Please tell me this isn't a part of the ninja training dad!"

Sensei's ears were plugged making him oblivious to everything his son was saying and what was going on with the Wind Rangers.

"Dad? Dad!" Cam yelled, causing Sensei to jump and tumble out of his chair.

Cam sighs, shaking his head.

"What's going on?" Marah asked, looking around "It's like a party in here".

"We are going to be on Totally Talented!" Dustin smiled.

"Totally Talent?" Marah asked.

Dustin wrapped his arms around Marah "Yeah, you should try out, Marah, it's going to be fun!"

"Uh, I don't know," Marah says, unsure if she should.

"Don't you have to have talent?" Cam asked.

"Why?" Dustin asked "You're not planning on trying out for Totally Talent are you?"

"Well you guys aren't the only ones with hidden talent," Cam smiled.

"What do you do?" Tori asked.

"If I told you that, it wouldn't be hidden," Cam smirked. He turned to his father. "Dad, I got it."

"Got what?" Shane asked.

"I don't know," Cam said, half laughing as he looked at the box. "Can we open it?"

"Only in case of emergency," Sensei said. "Whatever is in that container is far too powerful to be used otherwise."

"If it's only for in case of emergency, how come its label "in case of emergency," Dustin joked and everyone looked at him "Sorry".

Everyone continues asking question about the box, not seeming to notices Marah was slowly back away and left quietly out of Ninja Ops.


"And the strange wolf-life creatures have been seen outside Blue Bay Harbour," the news anchor woman was saying "until the authorities can be sure, that the area is safe. Citizens are advised to stay close to the city"

Dustin who had been sitting while cleaning his saxaphone looked up and frowned at the TV just as the report ended; they showed the freaky wolf-like creatures just as Kelly walked over

"Dustin, have you finishes with the stuff in the back?" she asked him. She notices that Dustin was staring at the TV and didn't hear what she was saying.

"Dustin?" she asked, "Helloooo" she waved her hand in front of his face causing him to snap out of her trance. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I need go find Shane and Tori," he got up and gave the saxophone to Kelly "I'll be back soon," he says as he was about to head out the door when he crash into Tori and Shane as they entered the store.

"Whoa, dude, what's going on," Shane smiles "Why are you in a hurry?"

"There are freaky wolf-like creatures in the woods," Dustin told Shane and Tori "I think Luthor is up to something".

Shane smiles fade away and his face shows a serious expression "Let's go!" he left out the door with Dustin and Tori following right behind him.


Somewhere in the forest, Marah was walking alone to an area where she meets up with the Samurai Pink Ninja Ranger.

The Samurai Pink Ninja Ranger turned and looked at Marah who nodded and then walked over.


"They can't be too far away," Shane said telepathically to the others as they walked through the forest. "They're right behind us."

"You sure about that?" Dustin asked as the wolves came out of their hiding.

"Guess it's time for obedience training!" Shane "Lead the way," Tori smirked.





Cam was backed into a tree by the brown wolf as soon as the fight started. He tried to fight it off but the wolf was too strong. He met up with his team and the wolves decided it would be fun to hit the Rangers at super speed. Before either of the five knew what hit them, they knew they were losing.

"Alright, I'm taking suggestions!" Shane said as the wolves slowly approached them after their first fun attack.

"Rolled up newspaper?" Dustin laughed.

"How about one of those electric dog collars?" Tori asked.

Suddenly, the wolves were hit by an energy beam as Blake and Hunter joined the party.

"Down boy!" Hunter yelled. As soon as the wolves spotted the Thunders, they lunged at them.

"Arrgh! I hate dog drools!" Blake shouted as he tosses one of the wolves off of him.

"Did anyone tell you need some mint for that smelly breath," Hunter says as he shoves one of wolves who has it mouth open trying to bite him

Dustin, Tori, and Shane were busy with the other wolves that they didn't notice one coming up behind Hunter.

"Hunter, look out!" Blake shouted when he saw it.

Hunter turned around and yelled as the wolf about to attack him when it got blasts it the back.

Two blur figures zoom over fast knocking the wolves off it feet and make them fled.

"Ha, "Dustin laughs "Look at them running with their tail between the legs".

Tori touches Dustin's shoulder.

"What?" he asked, but then stop when he saw what the others were staring at it.

"Whoa," he muttered.

Standing in front of them was the Samurai Pink Ninja Ranger, but this time she wasn't alone. Next to her was standing the Samurai Orange Ninja Ranger. Her outfit was similar to Tori, but has flame strips on the arm and an animal image of fox on the chest of her suit.

The rangers were speechless as they stares at two new rangers standing in front of them.

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