Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 9: Shimazu Returns, Part 2

"An orange ninja ranger?" Tori said as she looked at Cam and the others.

"Hey Cam," Dustin blinks his eyes "Are we seeing things or is there another ranger with the Samurai pink ninja ranger?"

"Apparently we're not seeing" Hunter looked at Cam "Do you have any idea who they are?"

Cam shook his head "No, I'm just clueless as you guy are".

"Should we go over there and say hi?" Blake asked.

"Something tells me that we won't get a chance to," Cam says.

"What do you mean? Tori asked.

Before Cam can reply, Samurai Pink Ninja Ranger and Samurai Orange Ranger vanish in a pink and orange light.

Blake chuckles and touches Tori's shoulder "Well I guess you have your answer".

"We'll better head back," Shane suggests.


At the Ninja Ops

The rangers and Marah was standing around Cam

"Take a look at this," Cam said, turning a book so the others could read it. "I saw... it, at the museum. But it was just a statue!"

"Who is this dude anyway?" Dustin asked.

"Shimazu," Sensei explained. "An ancient warlord. What you saw was his spirit, preserved for centuries in an ancient mask carved in his likeness."

"But what does he have to do with those dog things?" Blake asked in confused.

"Shimazu was known for terrorizing the people of the villages with creatures called Wolfblades," Cam says.

"These wolves are roaming around Blue Bay Harbour now?" Hunter asked.

Cam nodded.

"How is that possible?"

Dustin snaps his finger "Oh, maybe it has something to do with magic," he guessed.

"Like Luthor maybe?" Tori asked.

Cam folds his arms "I'm guessing it has something to do with Motodrone".

"So now we have a three thousand year old masked man running around the city with his three pets!" Shane groaned.

"Don't forget Luthor!" Dustin added.

Tori looked at Dustin and sighs "So much for looking on the bright side of things,"

"Great, first we have Motodrone coming back, now this monster shazi or shamu or whatever the monster name is," Blake says "What else can be worst than this?"

"Well it'll be worst if Shizamu joined on Luthor side," Dustin points out.

"Dustin might be right about Shizamu joining on Luthor side," Sensei replied.

Shane throws his hands in the air "Great more bad news!"

"Not entirely true, Shane," Tori said "Aren't you forgetting about the Samurai Pink and Orange Ninja Ranger?"

"Oh yeah," Dustin smiles "I wonder who they are?"

"It's good that they are on their side," Cam says "Because we can sure use their help".

"There's one problem, we don't know where they are," Tori points out.

"Oh, don't worry they will surely show up when there's trouble," Hunter replied.

Suddenly the mainframe bleeped and the Rangers gathered around "What's going on Cam?" Shane asked

"No sign of Shimazu," Cam answered "but I've got Motodrone on the scanner"

"He's mine" Hunter said "You guys look for the three wolf blades"

Shane nodded "Alright, we'll take the forest"

And I'll track what's going on from the Samurai star chopper," Cam said, tapping the keypad.

Dustin turned and looked at Marah who gave him a smile "Be careful," she told him.

"Don't worry Marah, I'm always," he almost fell backward when he trip on his shoelace. He awkwardly chuckles "I'm fine".

"C'mon Dustin, let's go," Tori says.

Dustin was about to go stand next to Tori when Cam grabs his arm "Dustin, one more thing tied your shoe before you trip and fall again".

Dustin nodded and quickly tied his shoe. Then he went and stand next to Tori.

"Ready?" Shane asked.

"Ready!" the rangers shouted.

"Ninja Storm! Ranger Form!" the Wind rangers yelled "Power of Air! Earth! Water!"

"Thunder Storm! Ranger Form!" the Thunders shouted "Power of Thunder!"

"Samurai Storm! Ranger Form!" Cam shouted.


Blake, Tori and Hunter were looking around their surroundings.

"Cam, are you sure they're here?" Tori asked.

"They have to be there close by," Cam's voice replied through their communicator.

Suddenly the Wolf Blades came out of nowhere and attack Blake and Tori

"We found them Cam." said Blake as he braced himself on the ground from the attack.

All three wolves stood in front of the two rangers and growled at them.

"Better call for the others," Cam says as he watches what was happening on his screen "Shane, Dustin, where are you guys? Tori and Blake need you at the city square."

"We're on it. You got that," Shane replied before he looked at Dustin who nods.

Then they both took off fast on their ninja cycles.

"Easy there, big fella, nice and easy." Tori said as she and Blake starting move back and away from the wolves. Blake was standing in front of Tori, shielding her.

The black Wolf Blade growled and jumped at them when an energy blast it in the face and Dustin and Shane appears next to Tori and Blake.

"Sorry, we were late," Dustin apologizes.

"What up dog." Shane called out

"Time for you mutts a lesson, Dustin says as he pulled out his sword and attacked one of the wolves

"Right behind you, Dustin," Shane says as he pulled out his sword and rush in to help Dustin.

"Be careful Shane, they might have rabies." Tori shouted.

"Their bark is worst than their bite." Shane remarked as he was fighting with two of them and was losing.

A two blur figures super speed over to Dustin and Shane knocking the wolves away from them.

"It's them again!" Tori recognizes the two blur figure as Samurai Pink and Orange Ninja Rangers who was standing in front of them with their swords out.

"Though you guys might need some help," the Samurai Pink Ninja Ranger says.

"Nice for you two to joins the party!" Dustin said "Hey look!" he points at the bench by a tree where Shimazu appears to be laying on his side with his elbow propped up supporting his head watching them.

"Heh, heh, heh. Come, come power rangers. Don't you know wolves can smell fear, you obviously sent them into a fleeting frenzy." Shimazu laughs as he got up on his feet.

"Maybe we should put on some perfume to block the fear," Blake scoffed

"The only one who should be afraid is you." Dustin growls.

"We'll make sure the wolves will smell your fear," The Samurai Orange Ninja Ranger points her sword at Shimazu.

"And whoever designed that ridiculous outfit." Tori remarked.

"Why would I be afraid of children?" Shimazu asked

"Please tell me he did not call us children." Shane asked, not happy to hear what Shimazu said.

"Let's make him run with his tail between his legs," Dustin suggests.

All six of them charge at Shimazu, but were stopped by the Wolf Blades, Shane went after the warlord while the others took care of the wolves. The rangers were doing so well with the Samurai Pink and Orange ninja rangers by their side when Shimazu got Shane under his foot, literally.

"Shane!" Dustin shouted.

The others ran to help him but Shimazu blasted them with an energy bolt knocking them down to the ground, except for the Samurai Orange Ninja ranger who dodges it and leaping into the air kicking the warlord away from Shane. Shimazu stumbled back while the Samurai Orange Ninja Ranger slashes Shimazu repeatedly in the chest with her sword, but the warlord manages to grab her arm and twisted it.

"Let's her go!" The Samurai Pink Ninja ranger yelled, aiming her sword at Shimazu.

"I wouldn't if I were you," He placed the Samurai Orange Ninja ranger in front of him as shield

The Samurai Pink Ninja ranger lowers her sword as the other rush over to her.

The Samurai Orange Ninja ranger was struggling to break free, but Shizamu held his grip on her causing her pain.

"What are we going to do?" Tori asked.

"If we try to attack Shizamu then the Samurai Orange Ninja ranger is a goner," Blake points out.

"I got idea," The Samurai Pink Ninja ranger spoke "But I'm going to need the yellow and red rangers help".

Shane nodded.

"Okay," Dustin agreed "What do you want me to do?" he asked.

The Samurai Pink Ninja ranger whispers in Dustin's ear and then Shane's ear

Dustin uses his ninja power, entering the ground without the Shizamu while Shane uses his ninja power, blowing wind out from his mouth at Shizamu

"Allow me to help!" Shizamu blasts his energy at the rangers, knocking them to the ground.

"Hey," The Samurai Orange Ninja ranger spokes all of sudden "You may be strong, but you're forgetting something".

"Oh yeah and that would be?" Shizamu asked.

A small fire appears in her hand "Never play with fire!" She stomped on his foot and blast fire on his body. Then she kicks him tumbling backward.

"There, now you're nicely tan," she teased.

"I'll show not to mess with me!" Shizamu growls and was about to attack her when a hand tap on his shoulder.

"Excuse me sir," Dustin spokes "Is that how you talk to a lady?" he asked before he whacks Shizamu with his Lion Hammer and send him flying.

"See ya!" Dustin waved goodbye as he watches Shizamu fly away.

Then he went over to the Samurai Orange Ninja ranger "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, thanks to you," she replied before she and Dustin went over to the others.

"We need to get out of here before that freak comes back," Dustin suggested.

"Right behind you," Shane agreed and he and others left with Dustin and the Samurai Orange Pink ranger.

Six rangers were hiding under a flight of stairs as the wolves were looking around. As they were hiding, Shane's morpher beeped. "Shane, I've got Motodrone at the beach" Cam's voice says "and the wolf blades are right around the corner from you"

"Thanks for the update on the wolf dogs, but we already know just by looking around the corner," Shane stated "Okay, I'm on my way Cam".

"I'm going with you," The Samurai Pink Ninja ranger offered.

Shane nods then he and The Samurai Pink Ninja ranger left.

"Be careful!" Tori shouted.

"Don't they ever take a break or something?" Dustin asked, annoy with the wolves.

"I guess not," Blake slightly glances at the wolves "Man don't these dogs ever lie down?" he asked.

The four rangers quietly got out from under the stairs, but the wolves immediately spotted them.

"Anyone have a plan?" Tori asked when she and other three rangers realized they have been spotted.

"I got one," Dustin says then he looked at his fellow rangers "RUN!"

The four rangers took off running in different direction when the wolves jumped at them and in a streak of blurs going all over the place they started to attack the rangers. One of the wolves grabbed Dustin and slammed him against a wall and all three of them gang up on him.

"Dudes, I'm getting thrashed here!" he shouted.

A blur orange figure zoom over, knocking the wolves away from Dustin. She then blasts a huge fire out of her hand, burning their furs off.

"Thanks," Dustin walked up to the Samurai Orange Ninja ranger.

"No problem," she replied.

"Time to send you to the pound." and Tori changed her sword into blaster mode and fired at the wolves.

The wolves just dodged out of the way and rolled to safety and quickly stood up again growling.

"You mutts need flea collars." Tori stated.

"And muzzles." Dustin added as he and the Samurai Orange Ninja ranger went over to Tori side.

"Where's animal control when you need them." Blake asked as he joins the other rangers.

"Or a cage to keep them in," The Samurai Orange Ninja ranger said.

From up above on a balcony, Shimazu appeared again.

"You again!" Dustin shouted.

"Surprised to see me again?" Shimazu laughs "I'm not easy to get rid of".

"I can tell," Blake sarcastically replied.

Dustin turned to Tori and Blake "I'll take care of him while you guys take care of the mutts," he told them.

"I'll help you," The Samurai Orange Ninja ranger replied.

Dustin nods and Tori and Blake went after the wolves while he and the Orange Samurai ranger lunge at Shizamu.


Hunter was chasing Motodrone on his Glider Bike switching it into flight mode. He took off into the air and circled around fired his lasers at Motodrone.

"Hey! Up here!"

Motodrone went flying off his bike and landed on the ground hard but rolled into a kneeling position fired an energy blast that hit Hunter's bike directly.

"No, I'm hit! I'm hit!" Hunter yelled as he went down crashing while Motodrone walked away.

Suddenly Shane and the Samurai Pink Ninja ranger appear in front of Motodrone, aiming their blaster at him.

"Hey, it's nice to see you again, but I guess this is where we say goodbye to you...again," he said before he and the Samurai Pink Ninja ranger blasts him with their laser

"Hunter, are you alright? Can you hear me?" asked Cam who was watching from above.

"I'm fine but my bike going to need a little body work, Hunter stumbled away from the crash.

Motodrone flew backward, but landed on his feet and blasts his energy beam at them. It hit Shane and the Samurai Pink Ninja ranger hard in their chest, sending them flying and landed on the ground demorph.

Cam, can you get a fix on Motodrone, he disappeared." Hunter asked as he rushes over to Shane and the Samurai Pink Ninja ranger side.

"I'm working on it but nothing yet," Cam replied.

"Shane, are you alright?" Hunter asked.

Shane sat up wincing in pain "Yeah, I think so," he looked around "Nothing is broken yet".

Hunter notices the Samurai Pink Ninja ranger was laying on the ground demorph. He went over and help her when he recognizes her especially the outfit she was wearing.

"No way!" he says "Kapri?"

Shane quickly turned and looked at Hunter in confused "What! What did you say?"


The Samurai orange ranger quickly ran up and jumped up on the balcony floor where Shimazu was and pulled out her sword while the warlord blew his whistle and his wolves attacked the other rangers.

"Time to teach you some matter," The Samurai Orange Ninja ranger retorts, as she points her sword at him,

"You have no idea who you're up against." Shimazu replied.

"Hey, I was about to say the same thing," Dustin says before he and the Samurai Orange Ninja ranger attack Shimazu.

The Samurai Orange Ninja ranger swings her sword at him rapidly.

Shimazu manage to stop her grabbing the end of sword with his hands and blocked the attacks. He then grabs her wrist and twisted. She winces in the pain as she struggling with her sword and to break free from Shizamu.

"Hiya!" Dustin flips in the air and kick Shizamu in the back forcing Shizamu to release the Samurai Orange Ninja ranger.

The Samurai Orange Ninja ranger quickly turned around and blast fire out her hand directly in his face but the warlord moved out of the way and hit her with a punch really hard in stomach, sending her flying backward.

He then blasts her in the chest hard with his energy beam.

"Ah!" She screamed as she was flying toward the wall, slamming against it and fall to the ground demorph.

"NO!" Dustin yelled as he whacks Shimazu in the face hard with his Lion hammer.

The warlord stumbled back and grabbed hold of the nearby railing for support. He then looked down and saw his Wolf Blades being pummeled by the other rangers.

"Alright, this calls for desperate measures."

Shimazu blew his whistle once more but this time his Wolf Blades started to attack each other instead.

"No! Stop! What are you doing?" Shimazu shouted.

"Now this is what I'm talking about," Tori folds her arms and watches the wolves fight each other.

"I agree," Blake replied as he joins Tori.

Dustin ran over to the Samurai Orange Ninja ranger side and flips her over on her back. His eyes widen


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