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A tale of young love between a newbie and bad ass/kind heart. Going to a new school and being the newbie is a tricky thing for someone who wants to start a new life. Eren is a guy who is moving to a high ranking highschool to redeem himself. In this new school he is reunited with his best friend Almanase. As days go by he meets the kind, geeky, funny Armin. As they spend time together, Armin helps Eren's cold heart grow warm. Will Eren open up to his feelings for Armin, or will drama rise between friends?

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Today is my first day of 11th grade at my new highschool. It's called Maria High, a school for teens to redeem themselves and train to better their skills. I already planned how I will start my day off and I don't plan to make friends.

As I walked into the doors, the school exploded with a vibe that expressed chill and fun. Maybe I was over thinking it. But here I knew I wouldn't enjoy this very much. I walked to the receptionist desk and was told to fill out a sign in packet since I was new here.

Noticing there were benches near a wall, I walked there and sat down as I started to fill out the first sheet. As time went by, the bench I was sitting on felt as if it was vibrating a bit. When I looked down at the bench, it had turned a crescent red and had a cushion on it. This creeped me out so I just forgot about it.

After getting halfway through the packet I took a rest from all the reading and writing and stretched out a bit. I passed my fingers through my silky black hair that I got trimmed a few days ago. My green eyes seemed to glow as it meet with the lights from the ceiling that shined brighter then the ones in my old dim house.

When I started to think about my sister and how she was doing in her new elementary school, a girl with bright pink hair and blue highlights ran into the office. She looked panicked in ways I can't explain. Her skin was a bright golden tan that looked like she never had to sun bath, her cloths were bright and expressing. She wore this pink skirt with purple laced flowers on it, and her shirt was short, like someone cut it to look like a bra.

When she turned and looked at me, her purple eyes shined and a smile appeared on her face. I haven't been here for a whole hour and I already see someone I know.

"OMG! Is that you Eren!!??" she asked in a thriller way that shows she's excited. "Oh, hey Almanase, what up?" I say in a tone that's stable and calm. She squinted her eyes then ran to me lifting me off the bench pulling me into a hug.

I shivered as she hugged me and growled a bit after she lifted her hand slapping the back of my neck. "It's been two years! Why haven't you contacted me? I missed you so much" she then said burying her face in my neck. To be honest, I missed her company, she's the only one who keep me happy, or at least content and un-angry.

She snuggled up to me and I couldn't help but give her a small hug just to show her I missed her as well. "Sorry Alma, it has been a while and I been busy... " I finally say and lift my face up to look at hers. She hummed softly and lifted her face up to mine "I understand, you been through a lot and with that other girl and..." I stoped her before she went on. "look, that was years ago, and I got over it. So don't worry about the girl. Plus, Im not a girl liker and you know it." I responded in a way sarcastically but demanding.

She nodded in a way making a face of sadness. I looked her in the eyes and sighed "why the sad face, you were just happy a second ago" I stated and took a glimpse at the receptionist standing behind her. "I-its nothing, ok" She tells me and turned around and walked out of the office leaving me the only one there.

After what felt like forever, I turned in my packet and was told to go to classroom 2c which was on the third floor of the school. Walking around this school felt like getting lost in a haunted house excluding the creepy parts. To be frank, haunted houses are stupid, they really are. But to be honest, I was lost and would be forced to ask so rando about class 2c.

The bell rings and the halls start to flood with students. I duck my way through some, but one tags me and managed to pun me to a locker. "Oh my, so handsome!!! You must be new here" this short girl shrieked in my ear. Her skin was a fair chocolate brown, her eyes were a defined Hazel. But her cloths shouted kid all over.

"I recommend you get off of me now" I hissed to her and hugged her off of me. She bit her lip as if frustrated. I huffed and fixed my coat, then started walking away from this girl. "Look, I'm sorry we had to meet this way. But I can't help it if your so hot, but if you need help hiding I could help. Unless you like hundreds of girls chasing you" the girl said as she had grabbed my coat sleeve. "Why the hell would I want girls chasing me? You are already getting on my nerves and I don't know you" I say harsher then I meant it to be.

I turn my head and see her face lower. The crowds of people slow down as the y look in our direction. As im looking at this girl, she looked young like an elementary girl. I partially slap my face then start hearing the shrieks and screams of girls saying "OH MY GOSH, HES SO HOT!!!" I took the little girls hand and dashed forward as a crowd of girls start chasing us. My chest got tight with rage and I can tell the girl was enjoying this.

I go to a stop, turn around and growled in some sloppy way "WILL YOU QUIT FOLLOWING ME!!" I suddenly seem watching the girl back up. "So cute!!" some of them say before I realize this will be part of my daily routine now. The little girl tugged my hand and walked me to a door "Here is room 2c. I hope you enjoy it here at Maria High" she said and disappeared in the crowed of girls.

I looked at the door and sighed as I put my hand on the nob. Loud noises came from the room and when I looked through the little window, there were students throwing knives and blades around. I shrugged and open the door in a speedy yet normal way. As soon as I stepped into the room, a blade was thrown at me. It went center for my head, so I lifted up my hand, placed it between the crest of my nose, and caught the blade between my fingers. The class went silent as eyes were drawn to me. Just great, the last thing I need is attention on me.

A lady walked to me and looked me up and down. She was short and mature. I could tell she was the teacher because her name tag matched the tag on the desk. "Welcome to class 2c Mr. Eren, this will be your main class for the rest of the year. " She welcomed me inside and closed the door when I was in.

The girls started whispering and giggling as I walked to the front of the class. Now I was pissed, first I get pinned by a little girl. Then I get chased down the damn hallway, and now I got to introduce myself to the class. The lady stood by me and spoke "I am Mrs. Magna your course teacher, you will take my class as your main class, and your other classes will be electives you will choose later on. Oh and I would like you to now tell the class a bit about yourself." she told me as she laid her hand on my left shoulder which made me move a bit from her hand.

Mrs. Magna just smiled and looked at me waiting for me to introduce myself to the class. I took a breath so I would calm down, then started speaking. "My name is Eren, my last name isn't known. And umm, I live alone with my nine year old sister." I started to say and I could tell the teacher wanted me to go on. "well I don't know who my dad is cause he's never home and my mom was stabbed to death when I was ten, so yeah, I miss her. My life is boring so there isn't mulch to say." I finally end the speech or whatever the heck it was and looked at Mrs. Magna a bit from the corner of my eyes.

The door swings open and Almanase runs into the room, up to Mrs. Manga and bowed. "I'm so sorry I'm late I was looking for someone and couldn't find him! " she rushed saying as she stood back straight and her eyes met mine. "you little! I was looking for you Eren!!" she stroked as she rushed to me hugging me.

I rolled my eyes and looked around the room and back down at her. "OK shorty, let me go" I insisted. She nods and released me, then looked at Mrs. Magna "oh, sorry about this."

Mrs. Manga smiled and nodded "how about you let Eren sit by you? It seems that y'all are close friends. Am I right?" Alma nodded and grabbed my hand and smiled leading me up the rows to her seat. She sat me next to her and smiled holding on to me. She is the only girl I let this close to me. And it will stay this way. I could hear the whispered of girls all around as they smile at me screaming silently.

I don't get girls, they can be pains. But Almanase is a girl who I trust and secretly adore. And knowing after what happened earlier, I can tell that my school days are going to be a hell hole.

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