Dead Yet Still Alive


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Jordan Acker was on the run from the murder of her family and the person who wanted her in her army, Victoria. But, what happens if Jacob Black imprinting on her makes it even worst considering he`s head over heels for Bella and wants nothing to do with Jordan...


Disclaimers: I do NOT own Twilight.


Let's all dream of a crazy scene
Where the whole world's smiling and it's painted green
The air is cleaner than you've ever seen
And it's good to be alive ~Modern English



I ran.

I ran as fast as my legs would carry me. I knew I wouldn`t get away so easily. They weren`t human and I know it. I saw them kill my family by sinking their sharp teeth into their neck. The blood dropped down as the screams in rejections grew louder. My parents, my little brother. Oh my God! He was only four. Four for fucks sake! I covered my mouth to keep the sob from coming out, but continued to run. My lungs begged for air and my legs were burning, but I didn`t stop. How did this happen?

My mum thought it`ll be a good idea if the family went out on a road trip. We lived in California and so far, we traveled Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho. And now, we`re in Washington somewhere. We were in a clearing or mellow filled with flowers all of some sort. I was apposed of the idea of being cramped into an RV for weeks, but this made it all worth it. Until, it happened. We were just minding our business when a fury red head came into sight. We thought she was lost or something until she brought brunette boy with her.


I laughed at my brother, Lucas, who was laughing so hard, chocolate milk squirted out his nose. I snorted which I do a lot when I laugh hard. My mum shook her head with an amused look on her face. Dad just chuckled at our stupidity. Suddenly, a pale, red crazy hair stepped out from the woods into the open we were camping on.

"Are you lost, dear?" My mother asked, sweetly. I furrowed my eyebrows, curiously. She seemed... off somehow. She looked beautiful.


Too perfect. Her skin was flawless and white as snow. Her eyes. They were blood red. I don`t think those were contacts either. Her lips twisted up into a sickening smile. Something darkened in her eyes and I was fully alarmed.

"Da-dad." I said lowly. He didn`t hear me, he just kept watching the girl. The red head looked at me as if she heard me which is impossible because she was all the way across the field. I started to panic and she could sense it. It came off me like waves.

"Miss?" Dad tried. She was suddenly in front of him in a blink of an eye. How did she-? Dad grunted when she picked him up by his neck. He kicked and squirmed as I heard my mum scream. It was soon muffled by a hand covering it up. I looked behind her to see a brunette boy with the same red eyes. Her eyes widened at the surprised hand. My feet were planted to the ground, not knowing what to do. I watched as the brunette who had my mother, pierced his teeth into her neck. Blood started trickling down her neck as her eyes began to get heavy and lifeless.

"Jordan...G-get L-Lucas-o-out of here." Dad croaked out. My brain finally register what was going on and I scooped Lucas up and began to ran. He started to sob and snuggled deep into my chest. I didn`t realize I was crying until I tasted the hot, salty tears. I ran fast, but not fast enough. I was tossed halfway across the field in a flash. I let a whimper escape my lips when I landed on the ground with a loud thud. I noticed Lucas wasn`t in my arms anymore. I quickly looked for him to see him in the red head`s arms as she smirked at me. Then, the brunette had his hand around my neck. I clawed his hands to try and attempt to release his hands from my neck. I could feel him leaving a bruise on my neck as he tightened my grip. He lifted me up so my feet weren`t touching the ground.

He sniffed me before smiling mischievously. "Your blood smell so good. So...tempting." My blood?! These people were complete and utterly psychos and need to be in a cuckoo house!

"You.. can hell!" I breathe out as I kept kicked him. His eyes darkened and I could tell I was pissing him off. He snarled at me and his grip tightened. His mouth started getting closer to neck. I never thought I`d die like this. Seventeen with two monsters drinking our blood.


That`s it, huh? I was going to die with two vampires drinking my blood. I was sitting here thinking such creatures don`t even exist when I kept getting proved wrong with the hand that was clawing my neck. I was about to turn eighteen in four months and graduate high school this month. I was going to go to college and study art. Maybe even settle down and have a family. But, no. Because vampires were sucking my family`s blood. At least it was with my family I love and care for deeply in my heart. I love you mom and dad. Lucas. I shut my eyes waiting for the sting to hit my neck until I heard the red head say:

"Wait, we might need her." My eyes shot open as he carelessly dropped me. I gasped for air and looked up at them with tired eyes.

"What about the boy?" He asked without taking his eyes off me. I turned my head to the girl who just smirked at me. Please, God let her not be thinking-

"Well, since we can`t change him, I guess he might as well be useful as a snack."

"No!" I shrieked out, "Please! Don`t! He`s only four. That`s-that`s too young." My voice crack as fresh tears spilled from my eyes.

"Aw, but he just looks so plump and yummy." Her voice was completely false. She pinched his cheeks with a disgustingly sweet smile. I locked eyes with my little brother in pain and fear clouding my eyes. He was terrified and I could see it.

"J-Jordan." His voice quivered. Thick tears escaped his eyes.

"Lucas, I love you." I whispered as I furiously wiped the tears away from my cheeks.

"I-I love y-" He didn`t even get to finish his sentence before the bitch bit him. I covered my ears to try and block out his yelling for her to stop.

"No! No! No!" I kept chanting. I looked around my field to see my family.

Dead family.

My parents figure had paled as their lifeless eyes stared up into the sky covered in their own blood. I turned to my little brother who was now on the ground in his own pool of blood. Why did they have to die? Why couldn`t it be me? What was so special about me that they had to keep me alive? Was this some sick joke to make me live through the pain, remembering this? Was this some sick joke in general? I didn`t know at the time, but my legs were running and I didn`t look back. All I could hear was their chuckles as if they knew I wouldn't get away.

They were probably right.

I dodged the braches and logs as I dashed through the woods, aimlessly.

I can`t believe this was happening.


I cringed as I remembered it like the back of my hand. How can they be so cruel? They killed my little brother! I heard a stick snap from behind me. I was too scared to look back, so I just ran faster. I could hear giggling as if this was a game to them. Then I realized they were teasing me. They knew damn well they could just run up to me with their freaky vampire speed and catch me. Suddenly, the mocking laugh stopped as if suddenly aware of something. I heard growling and then a howl.

Oh shit! Maybe if the vampires don`t catch me, the wolves in the woods would finish me off. I was very tempted to just stop to end my misery, but a glimpse of hope surge through my body when a light caught my eyes. It was a way out the woods! That was my motivation to keep running .

Almost there.

I let out a huge breathe of relief when I made it out the wood. The sound of the ocean hit my ears as my feet met the wet sand. I placed my hands on my knees and took advantage of the air since it didn`t help that I had asthma. I examine where I was. It was a beach. A very wet beach that look abandoned. I ran my fingers through my dark brown hair. I inspected the woods as if waiting for the vampires to grab me and say, "Haha, you thought you got away!" But, it never came.

I took this as a chance to run again while I still had the chance. I soon saw a friendly looking home. I banged on the door, constantly looking behind me to check my back. The door opened causing me to fall onto my knees. I looked up to see an older man with a cowboy hat in a wheel chair. I studied his figures. He was tan and looked like he was in his late forties. His hair was graying and his eyes were a deep brown. His eyes showed fear, confusion and distress.

"Come in!" He said, quickly. He didn`t even ask about the drying blood that my shirt covered. I stumbled onto my feet as my eyes kept flickering back to the woods. I walked into the house awkward and embarrassed. What was I going to say? I haven`t even thought about that. Vampires attacked and killed my family. He won`t believe that. Hell, I wouldn`t either if it wasn`t for proof that I saw right in front of my eyes.

I followed behind the handicapped man into the kitchen. "Sit, sit." He urged me. I silently took a seat as he placed a cup of hot tea in front of me. I sniffed and looked at him through my eyelash. "Mind telling me what happened?" He asked, cautiously.

"I-" I couldn`t even find the words. I felt his warm hand run up and down my back in a comforting way. I noticed I was crying again as flashbacks flashed through my head. "They-they kill my family." I said quietly.


"I-I don`t know." I was useless with giving information. "Two pale people. One had fiery red hair and the other a brunette. Their eyes were red. Like, I mean seriously blood shot red." I explained. His frame tensed up as he removed his hand.

"How did you get away?" He was curious.

"I ran." I answered, "I heard something growled and I guess it scared them away." I shook my head and took a sip of the hot liquid in front of me.

We were quiet for a while until he spoke again, "What`s your name, dear." He asked, fatherly.

"Jordan. Jordan Acker." I gulped.

"Well, Jordan. I`m Billy Black and you`re welcome to stay here as long as you need." He smiled.

I gave him a grateful smile, "Really?" He nodded, "Thank you so much, Billy!" I exclaimed. My face soon fell as I remembered something. "What about my family?" He blinked as I rephrased the question, "My, um, alive family." I whimpered. I had an aunt that moved to Canada with her fiancée. We weren`t really close since she doesn`t live here in the United States. What was I suppose to say? "Sorry, your brother`s family died and I`m the only survivor." No. I already don`t spend time with her, I wasn`t going to tell her the tragic news.

"We`ll call and inform them the news." He gave me a sympathetic half smile. I heard the door slam shut, causing me to jump. I turned my head to see another tan dude, but this time younger. Like, around my age. He had short raven hair and I definitely took notice he was shirtless. I examined his tattoo he had on his shoulder that had a wolf on it. His large frame was slightly shaking and his face showed irritation and anger.

"Jacob." Billy looked at the young man. Now that I pay attention, I see the same features in 'Jacob' I see in Billy. Possibly his son. "We have company." He motioned towards me.

Jacob looked over to me and the first thing he notice was my clothes. He started to shake even worst and...growled? "What happened to your clothes?"

I looked down into the mug that was half way empty. "I was accident."

He scoffed, "An accident." I felt my blood boiled. This dude was officially pissing me off. Did he seriously think I was kidding when I said I was in an accident?! Was the blood on my clothes and the anxiety I was feeling not a good enough reason for him?!

Before I knew what I was doing, I flew out of my chair sending it onto the floor. They seemed shocked by my action, but it didn`t stop me from marching up to Jacob. I stood up tall to try and give myself the confidence, but he easily shadowed over me. I felt his heat from his body radiate onto me.

"You think making fun of my family`s death is amusing?" I said in a harsh tone, "You don`t know what I saw out there. Hell. I sat and watch my family they killed my little brother right in front of my eyes. " I sniffled as I thought about the scene that replayed in my head, "He was only four. I survived, but he didn`t. And you think it`s amusing?" I looked him in the eyes to confirm what I was feeling. Something about his eyes just called out to me. They were a lovely shade of brown and I was getting lost into them so easily. I had to keep reminding myself I was angry at him. His eyes flashed with adoration, regret and then anger so fast it made my head spin. He started vibrating. He was shaking so much, the outline of his body weren`t steady.

"Jake," Billy warned. Jacob growled (I`m pretty sure he did) and stalked out the kitchen and out the door.

"No offense, but your son is a jackass." I muttered. I could hear him chuckle.

"Non taken. He`s been acting like one lately." He began to roll out the room. "Follow me." I nodded, but stopped when I noticed he couldn`t see me. I followed into what seemed like a guest room.

"There`s a shower in there. After that, you should get some sleep." He told me as he patted the bed. I nodded once more. He rolled out of the room as I walked into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror to see a girl covered in dirt and blood. It took me a moment to realize that girl was me. My usually olive oil skin had paled. There were scares on my neck where he grabbed me. I shook my head and began to strip from my gross clothes. I sat in the shower crying about what happened today. The warm water relaxed my muscles. After a decent amout of time spent in the bathroom, I walked back into the room to see an over-sized t-shirt of a band and some boxers. It didn`t even accrue to me who`ve boxer these were, but I need something to wear and I`m not putting back on those filthy clothes. I shrugged and put them on. I pulled my wet hair into a pony tail and laid down on the bed. My eyes instantly closed.

Let this all just be a dream.


How did you like the first chapter of this story? Was it good? Bad? Any tips? Any perdictions? You could be Alice. Just saying. We still have so much more to learn about Jordan. BTW, Jacob`s around 17 or 18. I`m not sure if that`s his age in Eclipse, but it is now. Review!


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