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Reckless Flames


After the King passed away, the Prince, Jonathan was ready for his sister to get married. He sold her away to the barbarian's son, who is a lot different then she thought he would be.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I stood silently as my brother paced around the throne room. He inherited the throne a month ago, and he is already ready to marry me off to the highest bidder. He has met with princes, lords, and even tribal leaders, but I have never been allowed to meet them or speak to them. I would sneak along the banister and watch from afar. None of them were appealing. The few tribal leaders that have come scared me, the lords made me squirm in disgust, and the princes made me want to slap them. The fact I was going to be forced to marry of one of these veil creatures made me sick.

I know my father was thinking of having me marry soon, but I knew he wanted to wait another year or two in hopes I would look older then I am. If I am not wearing makeup, I look like a twelve year old girl, which isn’t very appealing to men. I do radiate innocent, and my mother always says men want to conquer the innocent. These little chats with her always made me uncomfortable, but I understood the need for them. As a wife my job was to save my virtue and please my husband.

I dreaded the idea of getting married.

My eyes flicked up to Jonathan's, as he paused in front of me. Jonathan was a handsome man. The artist in me tells me that he is quiet beautiful, but his eyes shadowed his true nature. His black eyes stood out against his bleach blonde hair, which made him look deviously handsome. He normally has a smirk spread across his face, making him look even more evil. I’m not going to pretend I love my brother because I don’t. All we do is get in each other’s faces, and flight like school girls until the claws come out. He was dark vail human being who shouldn’t be king. He had me standing in here as he thought for about 20 minutes, which was beginning to put me on edge. He was king now, so I said as quiet as I could until he was ready to speak.

"Have you decided?" I asked sternly, keeping my fiery glare lock with his. Ok, I tried to wait.

"Yes, sister, I have." He started pointedly at me, seeming annoyed with me interrupting his thoughts.

"Of course you have." My voice was bitter when I spoke to him. "You have wanted to get rid of me since before our parent’s bodies were cold! You want to get rid of me because I oppose you, because I disagree with you, because I challenge you." I yelled, standing my ground. I was not going down without a fight. Why should I have to lose my independence because my brother thinks it’s time for me to marry? Although I knew how my speech would end, I said it anyways. My head was thrown to the side; my cheek was stinging with radiated pain, as slowly stood back to my full height. I acted unaffected even though my cheek was probably bruised. It isn't the first time I have been hit, and it probably won't be the last. My father often hit me for my outburst, claiming they were unladylike like. Really he just didn't like disagreements. He nearly drove my mother mad, but she thought she loved him. He and my brother always teamed up against me, and my days would end without a meal or a smack across the face.

"Your tongue runs away with you. Your future husband might not act kindly to such behavior." He gripped my chin tightly, making my jaw drop open to relieve some pressure. I could feel my heart start to race a little faster, worried about what he might do. There is no one to hold him back anymore, so I don't know what he's capable of. He has no boundaries anymore, which is why he is marrying me off. I would push him to do things differently then he would, and he doesn’t like that I have that effect on him.

"He can whip me bloody. I will speak my words when I please." I bit out, as his grip tightened. I whimpered, closing my eyes. A grin sneered across his face. I know Jonathan’s affections for me are a little odd. I’ve walked by his room when he’s with his women, and he calls out my name. I know if I’m not careful he will take me, and then I would be ruined.

"I can't wait to see when he breaks you. Being violated might do that to you." He whispered in my ear. "Being touched in places where you didn't want. Being forced to pleasure a man when you don't want to. Sex can break a woman." His voice was terrifying. It chilled me to my very core, and I feared the time I would be married. He let me go, walking up to the throne, as he plopped into his new favorite seat. I think he slept in his throne just to feel more powerful.

"Who is he?" I turned around, asking him with my same calm collected voice, even though I was shaken. Showing weakness would give him more power over me.

"Jonathan Herondale." He announced seeming annoyed with my question.

"You had to pick a man with the same name as you?" I challenged, raising my eyebrows. Seriously is everyone named Jonathan.

"I picked his father, and he gave me his son. His father’s wife had passed away last year. I hoped he was looking for a wife for himself, but his son will do." He shrugged his shoulders.

"Did you meet his son?" I questioned, hoping I would have snuck a peak at him from the banister.

"No." He sighed, kicking his feet over the arm rest. "Are you asking me if he is handsome? Or do you want to know his personality." He grinned deviously.

"I am asking because I was curious if you knew him." I snipped.

"I met the father that's it. He will be arriving here tomorrow to collect you and your things." He explained.

"Tomorrow?!" I exclaimed, widening my eyes.

"Yes, the sooner the better. You are growing tiresome." He groaned.

"If I'm growing so tiresome, I'll leave your presence." I bowed respectively, before turning on my heels to high tail it out of the throne room. I can’t believe he didn’t give me more time to prepare and adjust to this news.

"Wait!" His voice boomed in my ears, as I took a deep breath to calm myself. I faced him, crossing my arms. "Come here." He gestured to me. I lifted my skirts, making my way in front of him. He stood from his throne, rubbing my arms lightly. "I need you to be my ears in their territory. Become their confidant." His eyes seemed a little softer, but he was still behaving strangely.

"How do you expect me to do that?" I sucked in a sharp breath, wondering what he was planning.

"Spread those legs, little sister. I fear that they are hiding something from me. Something to take down our rule, and I am not ok with that. If you hear any plans of rebellion send a message at once." He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, making me gulp visibly. "Get the maids to cover this up with makeup." He traced his finger along my chin where he hit me.

"Ok, brother." I whispered, waiting for him to step back from me. Jonathan released me, letting me retire to my chambers.

I made note that he said our rule, which made me wonder what his true intentions were. Was he marrying me off to get rid of me or to make me a mole?


I was awoken early in the morning by a maid, and I spent the entire morning being prepared to meet my future father-in-law. I had been waxed, plucked, and shaved. My entire body was oddly smooth, which I thought was very strange. Multiple oils were spread along my skin, making my skin softer. I was sitting in my robe, facing the vanity, as my hair was being pinned up when my brother came in.

"Leave her hair down." He told the maid, standing next to her.

"What?" I furrowed my brow, looking over at him. It was improper for a woman of my stature to walk around with my locks down.

"The Herondale's are the leaders of a clan in the Brocelind forest. They like their women with they're hair down." He explained harshly.

"You’re giving me to the savages in the Brocelind forest?!" I exclaimed, standing up.

"Yes, I am, sister. Now sit down, and let the maids finish preparing you." He snapped, as anger grew in his eyes. I collapsed back in the seat, letting the maid take out my hair and slowly run a brush through it. Tears welled up in my eyes, as I thought about having to live with those savages. I hoped at least I would be with a prince or a lord in a decent home, but I guess my brother thought that was too good for me. A lord or prince might be somewhat respectful about my virtue and wait or at least be gentle, but a savage will probably take me like a dog.

"Why did you give me to them?" I hissed, glaring at him through the mirror.

"They have a lot of money, resources, and I have heard rumors about them wanting to rebel against me. I need you to watch them, like I told you last night." His voice was bitter and directed sharply at me.

"They are savages, and I'm a woman. I doubt they will let me near anything of importance." I snapped, clutching at my hair pins.

"You will get more access then you think. Suck up to the father. Fuck the son." He played with one of my curls. I flinched away from him, making him chuckle.

"Don't touch me." I spat, feeling even more hatred toward my brother then normal.

"Oh, come on, don't be like this. Mom and dad were going to marry you off eventually." He leaned against the vanity facing me.

"They would have had me marry a man I approved of." I kept my eyes on myself in the mirror.

"Whatever." He rolled his eyes. "I could have gotten you a husband that was a lot worse."

"Right." I scoffed, picking at my nails.

"I met with a man that was offering this castles weight in gold, but I denied him because his sick fantasies are rumored all around the world. I tried to find someone that would benefit us." He spoke softly.

"You wanted somebody to benefit you. Don't pretend otherwise. If you were picking someone good for me I would have been allowed to meet them." I countered loudly.

"Think what you will. I heard the Jonathan Herondale is a monster on the battle field. I am quite interested what he is like personality wise." He hummed, pushing off the vanity. "Stephen will be here in about an hour. Keep her on the more natural side. The dress I want her to wear is on her bed." He nodded to the maid, as he exited out the door. I released a breath, fighting back tears. I cried most of last night, so I wasn't going to cry now. I should take this next step in life with grace. That's how I was raised. That's what my mother would want me to do.

The maid only put on a little make up to accent my eyes and cheeks. I strode over to my bed, seeing the gown stretched across the comforter. It was a deep wine color with good design along the waist. It was held up by a strap of gold cloth that would go around my neck, which left it backless. It was a fairly scandalous dress, but if I showed up in something else, I would hate to see what my brother might do.

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