Reckless Flames


"Wake up." Jace hummed over me, playing with my hair. I did not want to wake up at all. Jace kept me up most of the night, which normally I wouldn’t mind, but it was not because of pleasurable things. He kept tossing and turning. He kicked me dozen times, and at one point he knocked me off the bed. I was not amused.

"No." I moaned, snuggling into the pillows. I was finally able to get some sleep, and now Jace is making me wake up.

"You are getting crowned queen today. You can't sleep in." He chuckled, brushing our lips together. “I can think of other ways to wake you up.” He teased, beginning to kiss down my neck, turning me onto my back. I groaned in annoyance, trying to roll away from him, but he kept hold of me.

"Fine." I sighed, slipping out of his arms and under the covers. I was not about to get all worked up this morning.

"No loving?" Jace pouted, propping himself up on his elbows.

"I don't want to get coordinated looking like I just had sex." I scoffed, slipping my robe on. "I already look like that enough as it is. Get dress. I need to get ready." I shooed him out of the room, so I could prepare myself for probably the most important day in my life.

Imogen came in a short time after Jace left, holding my magnificently made dress in her arms. It was a beautiful royal purple that was drafted by some of the finest tailors in the land, but I couldn't wear it. It felt wrong.

"I can't wear that." I sighed, crossing my arms, as I stared at the gown.

"What are you supposed to wear then?" Imogen questioned, furrowing her brow at me. I went to my wardrobe, pulling out the leather clothing I wore in Jace's clan. This was one of the more formal outfits I had while I was there. It seemed fitting for me to wear it because they are the ones who got me this throne. They are the ones who conquered my brother. I may have ended his life, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. I slipped of my robe, showing her how to get it on. I felt so much more powerful in these clothes compared to the many gowns I own. I felt beautiful. "Since you are wearing this you should keep your hair down." She suggested, running a brush through my unruly locks.

"You think?" I asked curiously, staring at myself in the mirror.

"I do." She hummed, looking down on me.

"Ok, let's do it." I shrugged, keeping my eyes on myself. I thought that I would look different after everything that happened recently, but I didn't. I felt different. I was a new person, one that didn't take orders from anyone because I am the most powerful person in this realm. Jace may be my husband, but he has no idea what it is like to be in charge of something this big. I might not have been personally trained by my father, but I have an idea of what I needed to do. Sebastian is still around, and he agreed to help me.

"You all ready?" Imogen asked, adjusting my hair around my shoulders.

"Yep." I smiled, taking one last glance in the mirror before I got up.

I walked down the empty corridors, as I walked to the throne room. Everyone was there, waiting for me. I stood at the entrance, gripping and ungripping my hands. My hands were sweating, which weren’t making me feel any less nervous. I quickly wiped them on my skirt, as I adjusted on my feet.

This is it.

It's time.

I opened the doors, striding in with my head held high. I could hear whispers erupt around the room about the way I was dressed, but I don't care. This is who I was meant to be. Jace was waiting for me halfway down the aisle way. He was smiling brightly at me, holding out his arm for me. I took it, grinning softly at him. He led me down me to my new throne. I can't believe this is going to be my chair. It was my father's and my brother's. I never thought it would be mine. But here I am. The new queen. I sat on the throne, looking over all the people in the room. They had all silenced, which let Sebastian is to begin the ceremony. For the first time in my life I felt powerful. For the first time I knew I was in control.

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