Reckless Flames

Chapter 5

I woke up, momentarily forgetting where I was. My face fell a little when I remembered I had gotten married. I felt sore everywhere, which made me roll onto my back. I glanced over at Jace's sleeping form, and noticed he had scooted closer to me in his sleep. Our sides were now touching. Other than getting our marriage runes today I wonder what I'm going to do. Jace started to stir, so I quickly rolled the opposite direction. I wasn't going to be caught looking at him in his sleep. I felt the bed shift, as he sat up. He crawled out of bed, shuffling over to his clothes, which were front of me. I blushed furiously when I saw his naked form, so I quickly rolled to the other side.

"You know after last night’s activities I think you would be a little less modest." Jace teased.

"I didn't actually see anything last night." I nuzzled into my pillow, feeling uncomfortable.

"I guess that's true." He shrugged, tossing my clothes on the bed. "I'll wait outside for you." He strode out of the tent, leaving me alone. I took a deep breath, running my hands through my tangly hair. I quickly braided it to the side, tying a piece leather around the end of it. I slipped out from under the covers, and tugged my skirt on under my robe. I was glad he let me keep it on last night. I felt like I still had some of my dignity left. I was also thankful that he left me to change alone. I removed my robe, easing the top on. At least this top had one sleeve. For the first time I felt a little more comfortable about what I was wearing, which made me feel much better. I padded out of the tent bare foot, as a grimace set in across my face.

"Do I not get shoes?" I asked Jace, crossing my arms.

"We typically don’t wear shoes." He informed me.

"Great." I muttered, following him around various tents. "So where do I have to get this rune thing?" I asked, carefully stepping around a rock.

"One over your heart, and another on your forearm." He explained.

"I have to get it on my boobs." I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

"Well, technically, I guess." He rubbed the back of his neck, looking slightly mortified at my indication.

"Awesome." Sarcasm dripped out of my voice when I spoke. We finally climbed into another tent, and I realized it was the healer’s tent.

"Magnus." Jace nodded, when we saw him.

"Jonathan and his biscuit." Magnus smiled widely between us.

"Biscuit?" Jace furrowed his brow at me.

"What? He just started calling me that." I shrugged my shoulders, not knowing how to respond.

"We are here for the rune equipment." Jace told Magnus, holding out his hand. Magnus handed him a stylist, and shooed us out of his tent because he had a guest coming soon.

"Don't you need like ink or something?" I asked, gazing curiously at the device in his hand.

"This is a special material that tattoos your skin without any ink." Jace explained softly.

"Oh." I was still confused, but oh well. We returned to our tent, and I sat on the edge of the bed. He came up to me, standing over me. Again I was intimated by his height, flashing back to the night before when he made me his. He lifted up my hand, rolling it over to the inside of my forearm.

"You have to copy this rune onto me, so pay attention." Jace informed me, gently holding onto my wrist.

"Why can't you do it to yourself?" I asked, as he pressed the stylist to my arm. I wince, clutched onto my upper arm. It burned my skin to the touch, making me hiss in pain. "Ow." I tried to move my arm, but Jace held me tighter.

"I can't do it myself. The point is to symbolize that we are tying ourselves to each other." He lifted the pen from my arm, and I sighed in relief.

"Crap that hurt." I gripped my arm, seeing the beautiful black mark on my arm.

"You don't think of it much when you get a lot of them." He murmured, setting the stylist on the bed, as he began untying my shirt. I sucked in a breath, feeling a pit form in my stomach. "I won't take it all the way off." He assured me, moving the fabric away from the top of my left breast.

"Thank you." I felt better almost immediately because for some reason I trusted him. He tucked my hair behind my ear, as he positioned the stylist.

"Deep breath." Jace murmured to me. Instead of taking a deep breath, I ended up holding it. This one hurt much more. I squeezed my eyes shut, forcing back any sounds that were about to escape my lips. My hands gripped the blanket tightly. I don't know how I was going to be able to do this to him because I couldn't even watch. Finally it was over, and pain still radiated from my arm and chest. Jace laced my shirt back up, tying it tightly.

"I missed what I was supposed to do." I said after a few minutes.

"I'll draw it for you." He searched around his room for some paper, and showed me how to do it. I took the stylist in my hand twirling it experimentally. What in the world is this thing made of? He held his arm out for me, and I steadied it with my hand. I gently slid the stylist over his arm. To my surprise he looked unaffected. I guess he was right. You get used to it. I pushed his vest aside, so I could reach his heart. I glided the material around in the pattern he showed me, and it burned black into his skin. "We are officially tied to each other for all eternity." He whispered, standing up. We were almost chest to chest, and for some reason I thought he was going to kiss me. I've never thought of being bound to a person, but he didn't make it sound like a bad thing. What if it’s a really good thing? "I have to go train." He took the stylist from my hand, making his way out of the tent. I scoffed. I can't believe I thought we were having a moment. It's just an arranged marriage. He doesn't feel anything for me, but it doesn't mean I can't hope. My brother trusted me enough to look in on the Herondale clan. I don't care if I'm married to the leader’s son. If they are traitors, I shouldn't even bother with him. I slipped out of the tent, and headed over to Stephen's. I need to speak to him about getting me a decent handmaiden. I stepped into his tent, but it was empty. I looked at the door wondering when he might be back. This could be the only opportunity I could get to sneak a peek at Stephen's desk. I inched towards the desk, fixing my eyes on the paperwork that was sprawled across it. I glanced back at the door, as I stepped closer. It seems like the coast is clear. I take another step, and I hear someone enter. I squeeze my eyes shut to compose myself quickly.

"Little one, what are you doing here?" Stephen asked with a smile on his face. He doesn't suspect anything.

"I was wondering if I could get a proper handmaiden. I'm not used to having to doing my own hair or dressing myself." I plastered a smile to my face.

"Of course. Whatever my daughter-in-law desires will be hers." Stephen slung his sword onto the desk. I winced internally, wishing that I had gotten a look at his desk. "What were you thinking?" He asked, sitting down on the chair.

"I definitely need a lady who knows her way around here. I have a feeling I'm going to get terribly bored if I don't, and I would like a girl who is a little more cultured." I explained, sitting across from him.

"I know just the girl. Why don't you take today to rest? I assume you had a long night, and I will send her to you tomorrow" Stephen suggested kindly. I felt slightly sickened at his indication of my night last night, but I brushed it aside, smiling falsely.

"Thank you so much, Stephen." I stood up, brushing some dust off my legs.

"No problem, little one." He scooted himself into his desk, and I lingered for a second before deciding to leave. If I stayed much longer, it might seem suspicious. I strode back to my hovel of a home, and crawled into bed. I was tired, but I didn't like that fact that Stephen assumed I would be. Jace was with me last night too. Did he say anything about Jace? No. Because he's a man, while I'm a lowly woman. I pulled the covers up to my neck, blinking back tears. By the angel, I've never felt more like a woman in my life. I've cried half a dozen times, I was forced to get married, and on top of all that I lost my virtue to a man I didn't want to lose it to.

I really hope I'm not pregnant so soon. People don't necessarily get pregnant every time right? Or else women would always be pregnant? Right?

"Wakey, wakey!" A girl busted into our tent in the morning, ripping our covers off. I moaned in annoyance, curling up in a ball.

"What the crap, Izzy!" Jace exclaimed, sitting up.

"I'm your wife's handmaiden. Now get out." She ordered him, which made me laugh.

"Since when do you give me orders, Iz?" Jace grumbled, shuffling out of the bed.

"I always have." She slapped his butt on his way out, making him finch a mile.

"You need to teach me how to do that." I giggled, sitting up groggily.

"I wish I could, but I was born with this talent." She teased, sitting on the bed next to me.

"Pity." I played with the blankets, glancing down. "I assume you know Jace?" I asked curiously, wondering what her relationship with him was.

"Yes, I do." She nodded, as she got up to get a brush. "Scoot forward let me do your hair." She tapped my shoulder. I shifted forward, letting her sit behind me. "He's my cousin." She informed me. "If you were wondering." She slowly ran a brush through my hair.

"Oh." I played with my nails, feeling slightly relieved that they weren't intimate. I feel like I wasn't the first women he was with, and I didn't want to meet any of those women.

"How is he treating you?" She continued running the brush through my hair, making sure it was running all the way through.

"Respectively." I lifted my head up to look straight ahead, knowing I was lucky that Jace wasn't a monster to me.

"Are you just saying that? I know Jace throw a fit when he was told he had to marry. I wasn't sure how he would treat his wife." She set the brush aside, as she pulled strands of hair back.

"I'm not just saying that. I grew up with two abusive men, so if I was being beaten again, I would speak out." I mumbled, feeling my back go ridged.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." Izzy or Iz murmured.

"It's ok." I took a deep breath. "What is your name?" I asked kindly.

"Isabelle, but I prefer Izzy. Isabelle is much too fancy for me." She explained with a smile on her face, as she pulled a few of my curls into the hair styles.

"Isabelle is a beautiful name." I complimented. "I hate Clarissa." I wrinkled my noise, twiddling my thumbs.

"Jace told me yesterday that you prefer Clary." She inquired, finishing the elaborate braid.

"I do." I nodded, turning to face her.

"You don't need a fancy name here." She assured me.

"So what am I supposed to do all day?" I sat Indian style across from Izzy.

"There are numerous things you can do. Do you have any skills that we can put into use?" She asked.

"I can paint, but I don't know how that would be useful." I was never taught skills. I was taught how to dance properly, how to play instruments, and how to woo a man, but none of those skills are useful here.

"I know what you can do." She smiled, climbing off the bed. "Follow me." She slipped out of the tent with me on her heels.

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