Neon Genesis Evangelion: 2nd Branch of NERV Story


A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction side story about the NERV Branch located in Nevada leading up to Unit 04's disappearance. Enjoy.

Action / Fantasy
Mikey Rivera
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Episode 1

Words from the Author:

First off, I would like to say that I didn't come up with this entire story-line. I took a little bit from another writer who never finished his story and I liked his idea. This story involves the 2nd Branch of NERV, which is located in Nevada and their experience with other Angels that never attacked Tokyo-03. I decided to do this so I can show an alternate story-line that occurred in Neon Genesis Evangelion and for people to enjoy themselves as they read it. This will be linked to the original series and some things from the Rebuild of Evangelion movies. I'm not sure how many episodes I'm going to make *Yes, I said episodes, no chapters here people*, but I assure you that I will do my best to make it a good length. I will admit it right now that I'm not a great writer like other fan-fiction writers and I'm nowhere close to the greatness of the creator of Evangelion. I'm pretty much no one special, but sometimes I just like writing to kill time and I hope you all appreciate my attempt of entertaining you. By the way, I don't own Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I would love to work with the people who created it and that are a part of it.

Episode 1: The World We Live In

It's currently pass one in the morning and a young girl is sleeping on a bed while in a dark room until her green cellular begins to ring. She reaches for the dresser that she had left the cell phone on top of, looks at it right before answering to see who's calling and lets out an annoyed groan from being woken up so early.

"Do you know what time it is?" The girl says with an irritated tone.

"Uhhh... Sorry, Rivka." A male voice says while sounding a bit hesitant. "But we need you here... Right away!" He states that last part with some seriousness arising.

"But why?" Rivka whines while sitting up with her posture slouching forward as she puts her phone to her right ear so she can reach over to the lamp that's on the same dresser her cellular was. She then turns on the light, which reveals that the young girl's long, blond hair is quite messy due to having just woken up and is wearing green pajamas. "It's almost freaking 1:30 in the freaking morning! Can't it wait?"

"No, it can't wait, Rivka. It's a very serious matter and everyone has to be here. Even Major Valqua is already here." The male voice answers while still having a serious tone.

Rivka's still annoyed while getting up and then stands right next to her bed while yelling. "Oh, alright!" She then puts her right hand on her hip. "But this better be good or I'll make you all regret it!" After that, Rivka hangs up the phone, tosses it on her bed and promptly stomps on the floor with her right foot due to the anger she's feeling while keeping her eyes on the phone. "Damn it! I can't believe I have to get up so early!"

Having said that, Rivka pauses for a moment and suddenly realizes something while making a shocked expression. "Oh crap! It's a school night!" She closes her eyes as she grabs her head with both hands and screams while gesturing her head up. "I hate this!" The blond-haired girl then briefly calms herself and regains her composure with her hands now down. After doing that, Rivka turns around, walks to her closet and looks inside it. "And the worst part is that I don't know what to wear!" She yells again and continues to rummage through her closet.

Rivka quickly gets dressed and heads out to headquarters while still in a bad mood. Meanwhile, at the 2nd Branch, which is located in the center of Carson City, a conversation between 3 men and 2 women is being held in what seems to be the office of the Commander. Carson City is the capital of Nevada, which is located in the Mojave Desert. Also, some of the members of the 2nd Branch are German and have been transferred from the 3rd Branch to either help out or take over the commanding positions, which includes Rivka who's also German. Almost all of them are wearing uniforms that are similar to the ones that NERV has, but being the color grey instead of beige while the two commanding officers are wearing navy-colored uniforms to distinguish them from the rest. *I will explain this more in the end of the episode*

Male # 1 *Known as Captain Russell* gazes at the lady that's sitting at the only desk in the room, which is about a few feet away from him, with a calm demeanor. "Well Commander Skylark, how do you think we should break this to Rivka?" He then crosses his arms while saying, "She seemed a little pissed off."

Male # 2 *Known as Major Valqua* laughs a little with his eyes on Capt. Russell while standing to the right of him and then shrugs. "What did you expect? That she would be happy that we woke her up so late?" He laughs again while shaking his head. "That's very unlikely."

Female # 1 *Known as Commander Skylark* is sitting at her desk with her hands locked together and under her chin while focused on Capt. Russell. "Well... Did you tell her that it's of great importance that she's present, Captain?"

Capt. Russell hesitates for a moment and then nods. "Y-Yes, Commander. I did tell her that."

Maj. Valqua smiles at Capt. Russell with his head slightly tilted to the left. "Then you shouldn't be so nervous, should you?"

Female # 2 *Known as Lieutenant Mina* raises her left hand in a hesitant manner while being to the left of Capt. Russell. "Excuse me? Can we start with the meeting already?"

Male# 3 *Known as Sub-Commander Norwood* is standing to the right of the Commander with a curious look on his face due to the question he just heard. "What's your rush, Lieutenant? Are you that eager to go back home to sleep?" He then smirks while being a bit amused.

Lt. Mina stutters and shakes her head frantically from embarrassment. "Oh, uhhh... No, sir! I was just wondering, that's all!"

Sub-Commander Norwood continues to smirk and nods while displaying an understanding demeanor. "Be patient. We need to wait for Rivka and Doctor Florence to arrive. Is that alright?"

Before Lt. Mina was able to reply, the door opens and then entered Dr. Florence with Rivka on his right. It can be noted that Rivka's still very tired, considering that her clothes obviously didn't match while she was yawning with her left hand over her mouth, although she did manage to brush her hair to have not as messy as it was when she first awoke.

Maj. Valqua turns his attention to both of them while standing sideways with his right foot towards the pair and smiles specifically at Rivka. "Well, well... It's nice for you to join us, Rivka." He turns his gaze to Dr. Florence. "Thanks for waiting for her, Doctor."

Dr. Florence smiles back at him while stopping to the left of Maj. Valqua as Rivka now stands between the Major and Captain. "No problem, Jerry. What are friends for?" The Doctor then chuckles a little.

While Commander Skylark contentedly smiles, she gets to her feet to show the seriousness of what she's going to say, and at that moment, everyone looks at her. "Well... Now that everybody is present..." She shuts her eyes momentarily with her head down and then lifts her head back up to focus on everyone with a serious expression. "It's time to get down to business. That way everyone can go home."

Rivka grins due to liking what she hears and firmly nods while gesturing her hands mildly. "Good! I'm dying to go back to sleep soon! Anyway, Why couldn't it have waited though?" She says that last part with curiosity taking over.

Commander Skylark sighs while turning her gaze away for a moment and then looks directly at Rivka. "Because Rivka, by the time tomorrow would have come and you had finished with school for the day, I wouldn't have much time to explain our current situation."

Capt. Russell becomes quite concerned while putting both hands in his pockets. "Which is?"

Commander Skylark looks down and sighs. Then, she looks up at everyone again while saying with a bit of sadness in her voice, "I just received news that starting tomorrow, we will be prepping up Eva Unit 05 for battle."

Due to Commander Skylark's words, the others are all in shock while looking at each other for a moment.

Lt. Mina shows a lot of worry as she takes a step towards the Commander. "Why? There's no reason to prep-up the Eva, right? All the Angels should be focusing on Tokyo-03, right?"

Commander Skylark is still looking at all of them and then clears her throat to start speaking again. "That's where you're wrong, Lieutenant. I have received information that an angel is heading this way."

Maj. Valqua smirks while folding his arms together with his head cocked to the right. "Isn't that interesting? I was starting to think that we might have to send Rivka to Japan to fight. Just like Berlin sent the 2nd Child. So, how long do we have until the angel arrives?"

Commander Skylark sighs, quickly pulls out a report from her desk with her right hand and looks down at it. After several seconds of going through its contents, the commander looks back at everyone. "It isn't really certain when the angel will be arriving. I just got word not too long ago and we haven't had the chance to run the information through our MAGI System."

Dr. Florence walks closer to the desk with a mild amount of seriousness radiating from his person. "Well, let's keep in mind that we only have two MAGI brains while Tokyo-03 has three. Also, let me remind you that ours aren't as good as theirs."

Commander Skylark nods at the doctor, agreeing with what he said, and turns her attention down to analyze the report again. "At this point, we can't be worrying about that." She returns her attention to everyone with a firm look on her face. "We just have to work with what we have and with only one Eva while Tokyo-03 has at their disposal three Evas. We can all assume that life isn't fair for us." The commander then smiles in a sad way.

Rivka rolls her eyes and puts her right hand on her hip. "They can have as many pilots as they want! All we need is just one, right?" She looks at everyone with a determined smile.

Capt. Russell sighs in response to what Rivka said as he shakes his head with his eyes close and then gazes at the blond-haired girl. "You sound very confident." He then smiles. "Be careful though. Too much confidence can be a person's downfall."

Sub-Commander Norwood cuts in with a cold tone. "Enough. This isn't the time to be talking about life lessons. We all have to be focused on the task at hand."

Commander Skylark nods in agreement without veering her eyes away from those who are in front of her. "Well said. At this moment, all we can do is be prepared. So as a result," She specifically looks at Dr. Florence. "Doctor, you will be working with the MAGI tonight. We need to know how long we have until the angel arrives."

Dr. Florence simply nods. "I'll start on that right away."

Commander Skylark happily smiles. "Good, Sub-Commander Norwood and I will continue to search for more information on the situation. We will see if there's anything else that we need to be concerned with. This will be our first angel and Tokyo-03 has already fought 4 angels. So let's show them that we are as good as they are!"

Everyone nods and say at the same time. "Right!"

Commander Skylark nods back at them with approval brimming. "Alright. Everyone else is dismissed."

Rivka immediately shouts out with pure content while extending her arms up and having her hands closed. "Thank goodness!" She puts her arms down and starts to walk away in a tired manner. "Time for me to go home and sleep!" Rivka then turns to look at Maj. Valqua without stopping and waves at him with her right hand. "Hey, Jerry! Take me home! It was a pain taking the subway to get here!"

Maj. Valqua smiles at her. "Okay, Rivka. Let's go home." He then looks at the others and simply waves with his right hand. "Bye, everyone." Jerry starts to walk away.

Rivka maintains her smile while still walking, turns her head to look at everyone and waves as well. "Bye!"

As Rivka and Maj. Valqua left, everyone else started to leave the room except the two Commanders while Skylark is still at her desk that's in front of a giant see-through glass that shows the 2nd Branch's headquarters. Sub-Commander Norwood now goes to the other side of the desk and sits down on a chair that's placed there for visitors.

Commander Skylark sighs as she's looking down and then peers at the Sub-Commander. "Wow... I guess this is going to be a long, grueling experience." She smirks while laughing softly. "I wish things had stayed as simple as watching over the Eva and its pilot. But now, we have our work cut-out for us." Skylark then holds up her head with both hands.

Sub-Commander Norwood calmly stares at her with a smile. "What did you think was going to eventually happen? One way or the other, we were going to be put into the battlefield. Now we know what we will be dealing with very soon."

Commander Skylark plants her back onto her chair and crosses her left leg over the right while having both hands on her lap. "You're right... But there's something that I kept from mentioning to everyone. It was mostly because of Rivka."

A small amount of surprise quickly appears on Sub-Commander Norwood's face. "And that would be?"

Commander Skylark sighs and lowers her gaze to her lap. "There's a possibility that we might be receiving another pilot... The pilot for Eva Unit 04 to be exact."

Sub-Commander Norwood raises his eyebrows with astonishment showing and then quickly regains his composure by clearing his throat with a closed fist in front of his mouth. After doing that, he puts his hand into his left pocket with seriousness adding in. "That's unexpected. But why would we receive another pilot so soon? Eva Unit 04 isn't even completed yet."

Commander Skylark shrugs and lifts her head up to look at Norwood. "So far it hasn't been entirely decided. They will make their final decision once they see how Rivka does against the upcoming angel."

Sub-Commander Norwood has a curious look on his face. "They?"

Commander Skylark sighs. "The Committee is who I'm talking about." She turns her eyes away. "They were the people who labeled Rivka as the 6th Child and told us to increase the construction time of Eva Unit 04. Even though, they never said why, but now the reason for doing that is obvious. I never thought that they had a pilot tucked away for it all this time." Skylark then looks back at Norwood with seriousness returning.

Sub-Commander Norwood's curiosity doesn't seize as he asks, "What should we do?"

Commander Skylark responds with no change to her expression. "We need to do our best in keeping them from interfering. It would be much better that way. At least we wouldn't have to worry about them or this other pilot they want to put on us. We better hope that Rivka can take care of this angel."

Sub-Commander Norwood coughs a little and then pulls out a report that he has on Rivka. After that, he places it on the desk while skimming through it and reads some of its contents. "It seems that Rivka's highest sync ratio is at 70%." Norwood then looks up at Skylark with a hint of concern. "Do you think that's not enough?"

Commander Skylark leans forward to grab the report with both hands, quickly studies it and then returns her attention to Norwood. "Let's hope that it's enough. It would be really bad to have the Committee come to the rescue." She giggles.

Sub-Commander Norwood slightly smiles and shakes his head from disbelief with his eyes shut. "To avoid that outcome, we should try to find more information to help our side." He looks at Skylark one more time.

Commander Skylark contentedly smirks. "You read my mind."

The two of them promptly start on their investigation and continue throughout the night. Soon it becomes day-time as we find Rivka getting ready to go to school. At this moment, Rivka's talking on her cellular with her best friend while also standing in front of the closet that has a mirror on the door that's to her right as it reflects her entire body. The blond-haired girl already has her school uniform on, which is the same as the uniform that NERV's pilots wear, but with it being purple instead of blue and the reason she has to wear a uniform is because she goes to a private school that requires it.

Rivka says with a concerned tone while gazing at her reflection. "I don't know, Betty. It seems like you're asking a lot from me."

Betty anxiously yells out through the cellular, "Come on, Rivka! I can't go out on a date with Jonny if it's only me and him! You know my dad wouldn't let it happen!"

Rivka sighs while rolling her eyes and then drops her head down with her eyes closed. "We'll talk about it later, okay? I'm getting off the phone. I'll see you at school."

Betty responds with a happy tone. "Alright! Don't forget that I'm coming over today! I'll remind you!"

Rivka instantly opens her eyes out of realization and then throws her head back to look up at the ceiling with a shocked expression. "Oh crap! I forgot!" She calms herself down while letting out a big sigh with her head slightly tilted to the left. "I'm sorry, Betty. I completely forgot to tell you that I have to go prepare my Eva today."

Betty obviously becomes quite sad as she ask, "I thought you only did that on Sundays?"

Rivka stares at her own reflection again with her head straight. "There was a change of plans. There's actually a possibility that I might have to fight one of those angels. I'll tell you the rest of the details later. I have to go." She changes her tone to a happy one. "Bye!"

Betty's concerned about Rivka, but holds it in. "Ummm, okay." She quickly cheers up. "Bye!"

Rivka hangs up and puts her cellular away. Right after that, the blond-haired girl rushes out of her room, and as she's leaving the apartment, Rivka notices that Jerry isn't around. She quickly shrugs-off her concern since she knows that he's most likely at headquarters. And with that, Rivka quickly gets out of the apartment and runs toward her school. Fortunately, her school is only a mile away from the apartment, which is an apartment that's located on the 5th floor of a 7 floor building that expands roughly 100 meters wide and it's the last apartment on the right side of the building.

Rivka reaches her school and classroom that is labeled A-2 right before the bell rings. *Notice a similarity to Shinji's class?* She then sits in her desk and just stares at the chalk board while thinking with exhaustion being noted, "Made it..."

Betty suddenly appears to the right of Rivka's desk and leans on it while waving her right hand in front of her best friend's face. "Rivka? Hello...? Are you okay?"

Rivka stopped staring at the board, looks at Betty with a dumbfounded expression for a little bit and then quickly smiles at her while saying with a calm tone, "Yeah, I'm alright. I just had to really rush to get here. I was still at home when we got off the phone and I knew I was running late."

Surprise immediately takes over Betty's face. "I'm sorry, Rivka! I should have gotten off the phone sooner!"

Rivka maintains her smile. "It's alright. I woke up late anyway. So it wasn't your fault. I had a very late meeting at the 2nd Branch last night and it took a little before it was over."

Betty gives Rivka a sympathetic look. "Wow, you should have stayed home. That way, you didn't have to worry about school."

Rivka simply shakes her head. "No, it's fine. Anyway, we have that lousy test today and I don't want to be behind."

Betty smiles while nodding and then makes a curious expression. "So, what was up with that meeting you had last night? You said that you might have to fight an angel."

Rivka closes her eyes as she puts her head down on her crossed arms and sighs before deciding to refocuses her attention to Betty. "Yeah... That's what the meeting was about. Everyone has to start getting ready just to be safe. This might not be the only one we'll have to worry about."

Worry now radiates from Betty's person. "Please be careful. You're my best friend. I would hate it if anything would ever happen to you."

Rivka replies with a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, Betty. I was train for this. You know I would never let anything happen to me."

Betty happily smiles. "Good. I like it that you have so much confidence in yourself."

Rivka giggles. "Well at least you like that I have so much confidence."

Betty raises her left eyebrow out of confusion. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Rivka looks away and starts to laugh. "Oh, nothing..." She smiles to herself while closing her eyes again.

Before Betty got a chance to make a comment, she notices Jonny as he's waiving at her from the northeast part of the room. That causes Betty to blush while waving back at him. Obviously, Rivka notices and gets the idea to tease Betty, which she knows very well that Betty doesn't like it when she does that. The blond-haired girl then giggles while pointing at Jonny with her right hand. "There's your dream boy."

Betty blushes even more while being in a defensive pose and facing Rivka. "Stop it! That's not funny!"

Rivka puts the hand she was pointing with down onto her desk and laughs while looking at Betty. "Yes, it is! It's so adorable when you blush, considering that you blush every time he even glances at you!" She giggles again.

Betty ignores Rivka's taunting and quickly changes the topic while trying to stop blushing. "Anyway, that reminds me... What about you joining me and Jonny on a double date?" She then stares at Rivka intently.

Rivka hurriedly leans back against her seat due to being caught off guard and then starts to stutter. "Ummm... W-Well... A-About that..." She sighs loudly with her eyes shut and regains some of her composure, but then suddenly slouches onto her desk while looking at Betty. "Are you sure there's no way that your dad would let you two go out by yourselves?"

Betty lets out a soft sigh and then gestures her hands in front of herself. "Rivka... You know how my dad is. He thinks that if I go out with Jonny alone, and because of him knowing how much I like Jonny, that we're going to do something perverted. Of course, you know that we won't, but my dad is very protective over me." She puts her hands together in a pleading way while bent towards the blond-haired girl. "Please, Rivka!"

Rivka shuts her eyes as she sighs again and then opens them to look at Betty. "Oh... Alright." She then points at Betty with her right hand while displaying an immense amount of seriousness. "But don't expect the date to last that long! We're only going out to eat, right?"

Betty squeals out of happiness and hugs Rivka. "Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Don't you worry at all!" She tries to calm herself down a bit. "You're right about it being only dinner. That gives me plenty of time to enjoy being with Jonny. I got to go tell him." Betty lets go of Rivka and turns to walk away.

Right before Betty's able to get out of arm's length, Rivka quickly grabs Betty's arm with the same hand she was pointing with to stop her while sitting up straight. "Wait!"

Betty hurriedly returns her attention to Rivka with concern appearing. "What? What is it?"

Rivka tilts her head to the right in a curious way while also being a little concerned. "Who's my date?"

Betty gets quite nervous as her eyes widen and then responds with a hesitant tone. "H-Huh?"

Rivka asks again, but with a louder tone. "Who's my date?"

Betty looks away while she gets even more nervous. "Ummm... Why do you want to know?"

Rivka starts to get annoyed and makes Betty look at her. "Who's my date, Betty?!"

Betty hesitates for a moment and then answers with a stressed expression. "Uhhh... My brother..."

Rivka immediately gets really angry and yells out, "What?!"

Everyone else in the classroom look at Rivka for a moment. They then start to whisper to each other about her yelling while some are even making rude remarks about her wanting attention.

Betty tries to calm Rivka down by waving both hands in front of the blond. "Please don't change your mind, Rivka. You're my only hope." She looks around at everyone, who are watching them, and then returns her attention to Rivka. "And don't yell."

Rivka continues to be upset while trying to restrain her voice. "Why does it have to be your brother? Why can't it be someone else?"

Betty sighs. "Because first off, my dad wants my brother to keep an eye on me. And for second, my brother won't do it unless you're his date." She nervously shrugs with an apologetic look on her face. "Sorry."

Rivka screams out from pure rage and gets up from her desk. "I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!"

Betty tries to calm Rivka down again with both concern and panic being displayed. "I'm really sorry. But please, Rivka, please don't change your mind about going with us! I'm really depending on you!"

Rivka can't help but be upset while desperately trying to keep her anger from lashing out. "Oh... Alright!" She then points at Betty with her left hand. "But you owe me! You owe me BIG time, Betty!"

Betty puts her hands together and cheerfully smiles. "Yay! Thank you, Rivka!"

Rivka looks away while mumbling with annoyance in her voice, "You're welcome..."

While Rivka is still a bit pissed off and class is beginning to start, off the east coast of the United States, there appears to be an unidentified, giant object that's emerging from the ocean. It's moving at a slow pace, which is due to its size and the efforts of the U.S. Army. This giant is heading towards Nevada's Capital while being described as a four-legged monster that is of the color, aqua and white. It also looks like a liger with saber-like teeth that extend downward.

As this giant, unknown creature continues to its destination, there is no telling what it might do. Meanwhile, at the 2nd Branch of NERV, every person is doing their best to get prepared for the unidentified object they just heard about with Maj. Valqua's standing in the middle of the room while looking at the giant screen that shows an image of the creature's location. "So... What's the information on the angel?"

Lt. Mina talks with concern being displayed as she's staring at her station's monitor, which also displays the unknown creature's image. "What makes you think it's an angel?"

Capt. Russell looks at Lt. Mina from the right side of the headquarters and says with a sarcastic tone, "Oh yeah, Lieutenant... What else could it possibly be... A giant bunny?" He then laughs to himself.

Dr. Florence stands by Jerry as he's a bit irritated from the Captain's comment while looking at him. "Don't be so rude. She was just hoping that it wouldn't be the worst possible scenario." He turns his focus towards the clipboard that he's holding with his right hand. "Anyway... Based on the calculations of the MAGI System, the angel should be arriving in approximately 8 hours and 40 minutes."

Maj. Valqua briefly looks at the time on his watch, which is on his left hand's wrist. "That gives us until about 4:40 PM before it will arrive here."

Lt. Mina makes a surprised expression while making eye contact with the Major. "We have that much time? Rivka should be done with school by then and be here. In that case, there's no point of us pulling her out of school."

Capt. Russell gazes at his monitor for a moment and quickly turns his gaze to Lt. Mina. "I say we bring her here as soon as possible. At least we can have her ready for the angel without having to rush."

Maj. Valqua glances at Capt. Russell and then peers at the giant screen. "Don't worry about that. We'll have plenty of time to get her ready after school. There's no need in making her come here and wait so long for the angel." He then looks at the Captain out of the corner of his eyes. "Anyway, she has a test today. It would be a pain for her to miss it."

Capt. Russell sighs while taking a quick look at the main screen. "Alright..." He then focuses on his monitor again and speaks while having a slightly concerned tone, "But why is it going to take the angel so long to get here?"

Dr. Florence talks while analyzing the report that's on the clipboard. "The Military's slowing it down. Though, I doubt they're really making much of a difference. The MAGI have confirmed that the angel is also moving at a slow rate. Those are the reasons for it taking so long."

Maj. Valqua smiles at Capt. Russell. "There you go, Thomas. You got your answer."

Capt. Russell grits his teeth out of annoyance and snaps his head to look at the Major. "Don't call me by my first name! That's completely unprofessional!"

Maj. Valqua keeps on smiling. "Okay... If you insist."

Lt. Mina smiles and laughs while watching them. "It's good to see everyone getting along. I always hoped that we could be like one big happy family."

Both Maj. Valqua and Capt. Russell share a glance to each other with surprise showing as they say in unison, "Family?" They then both smile at the same time and look at Lt. Mina. "Yeah!"

Dr. Florence puts his hand on his forehead while having it lowered and shakes his head in disbelief with a mild smile. He then thinks to himself as his head is still down, "I guess this is one of those times where people have to accept what they have and appreciate the good times." The Doctor stops his train of thought for a moment to look to the side and then thinks, "Even though the world we live in is slowly crumbling..."

*Scene Fades Into Black*

To Be Continued...

Ending Statement:

I always believed that some of the original episodes of Evangelion were very addicting because of the way they left you on a cliffhanger. That's the reason why I did the same thing. I hope you liked it. Sorry about not getting to the fight yet, but it's going to happen in the next episode. I still haven't decided on how many episodes there will be and so far this episode has a good length to it. I'll most likely range the episodes to be decent lengths, but I won't go overboard... Maybe. Now, for my explanation of the whole transfer idea. I kind of screwed up with some information that I thought was right, but turns out that I got majorly confused. I did the transfer thing so I won't have to change so much when it comes to the characters. I still have to work on some things because I've written a good number of episodes already as my first drafts and to correct my error is going to be a pain for me. Well, I hope that you all enjoyed the episode either way.

Character Description:

I neglected to give any description of the characters during the episode. Here are the details of the characters and their full names:

Rivka Genster - Age 14, half German and half Dutch. She has light skin, weighs 113 pounds, slim, dark green eyes and is 5'5". Now, for all the perverts to know and so that you don't exaggerate about what her body looks like, she has size 36C jugs and a pretty nice ass *I prefer to use the word jugs for the moment*

Major Jerry Valqua - Age 31, German, has a light tan, weighs about 160 while having a decent build and brown short hair that he has spiked up. He also has light green eyes and is 5'10".

Commander Isabel Skylark - Age 34, German, has light skin and weighs 128 while being slim. She has short, red straight hair with bangs, light blue eyes, and is 5'7". Also, once again for the perverts, she has size 36D jugs and a nice ass, which explains how much she weighs.

Sub-Commander Frank Norwood - Age 39, American, has light skin and weighs about 155 while being a bit scrawny. He has blond and kind of long straight hair that's tied up into a pony tail while having hazel eyes and is 5'9".

Captain Thomas Russell - Age 26, African-American, has dark skin, weighs 150, a bit scrawny, shaved head, has dark brown eyes and is 5'8".

Doctor William Florence - Age 32, German, has light tan skin and weighs 165 while having a decent build. He has a mixture of white and brown short hair due to him seemingly aging faster than normal as he wears glasses and has light blue eyes while being 5'10".

Lieutenant Dana Mina - Age 25, American, has light skin and weighs 118 with a slim body. She also has short, curly dirty-blond hair, has light green eyes, stands at 5'6", has size 34B jugs and not much of an ass.

Betty Berra - Age 14, half American and half Belgium. She has slightly tan skin, weighs 110 while being slim, has long straight dark brown hair and has blue eyes as she stands at 5'5". Her chest size is 36B and a pretty nice ass

Jonny Russo - age 14, Italian, has light skin, weighs 140, slightly scrawny, has buzzed style blond hair, brown eyes, and is 5'5". *I decided to add the description of Jonny because he was involved in one scene*

The way the information above is shown is how I'm going to describe every new character unless I feel like describing them during the episode. When it comes to the angels, I will always give a description of the angel when it appears.

That's it. Talk to you all later.

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Ann Rodriguez: πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆβ€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Hussnain: I loved it so far It is gonna be into my favourite listJust amazing

Tessah: I love this book and the plot twist

juanitascholtz5: The storyline is interesting

Christine Collins Painter: Very Well wrote story. It had A great story line.. Good read for all ages.

Vhan027: Amazing Story!!! the plot and writing style is superb. Must read! Will read book 2. Thank you Author! Keep it up! ❀️

Melissa Harrington: This author has a clear, easy to read writing style that keeps the story moving along.

lekaza: The book started where book one ended so I had to find book one to read first to understand what was happening in this book. The story has been enjoyable so far I'm about halfway through it. I am kind of disappointed that so many characters die because their mates are killed it seems rather punit...

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dmcpherson652: Another great read, love all your work, can't wait to read more x

Rita Mcintyre: I am amazed at how you explained the dragon’s life, skills and appearance! Well done again πŸ™ƒ

Jeniah: Loved it! Great book

Lorene McMicken: Lov3d this story. He got what he deserved and they had a great time....

Mary Browley: The book was good would recommend it it to fellow readers

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