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Sky High Romeo and Juliet story Lillian Stronghold and bad boy Warren Peace find out that they are soulmates and fall in love but Will and Warren’s dad don’t like it but Will learns to trust him but Warren’s dad get out of jail and wants to get rid of her but Lillian stops him.

Romance / Drama
Joselin Hernandez
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Chapter 1: Meeting Warren Peace

Warren’s point of view (he is in 11th grade and is 17)

“Warren angel you need to hurry and get your butt out the door. If you don’t shape up and stop missing school maybe they will keep you there, I swear Warren if I come back into this room and see you still here or in this house I will post naked baby pictures of you all over Sky High and town,” My mother ranted before shutting my door.

Well it’s like prison at Sky high but mama is right, I better shape up or I will be staying for an extra year. I groan as my bare feet hit the cold floor, I haven’t even slept yet. I pull on blue jeans then fasten my silver belt buckle; I put my wallet into my back pocket clipping the chain to the loop in my jeans. Socks and shoes go next; I put on a black long sleeved shirt then a red shirt with short sleeves. I went into my bathroom to take a fucking piss before I exploded, I ran a brush through my long dark hair, I had a deep red streak down the left side. I walked out and headed downstairs to grab a drink before I left to school.

I was supposed to meet Angelo, Trace and Dice in the court yard before first period, probably for a smoke, like always.

“Good boy, remember you are visiting your father in a month,” Mama said kissing my cheek before I walked out the front door to my Harley.

I drove off doing 110 down our small street watching the older people on our block give me dirty looks as they watered their grass at 6 am. Fuck them, I may not be my father but I still hate heroes all the same. I hit the black skull button and the Harley lifted off the pavement and into the sky seeing as I had to fly the rest of the way to school. It was a nice feeling, the fresh air in my face; I was in control. I like being in control, always.

I landed with ease in the student parking lot, I saw my three friends waiting by Dice’s truck for me. I made it just in time, this idiot Lash and Speed always try to fuck with the freshmen.

“Come on Warren lets go,” Trace called I nodded and walked with them to the front steps watching the freshmen walk out of buses or fly from the sky.

I saw a curly haired ginger glide off the bus then some kid in a bright orange sweater vest, a Yellow guy then a girl clad in a deep purple came next, I was waiting for this day. I see William Stronghold fall off the bus as girl helping him off the ground before walking over to the ginger.

Speed rounded them up, but I saw the small black haired girl looking annoyed. Lash was making his speech when she walked right up to him kicking him in the nuts, fucking priceless, she has been the only freshmen to stand up to Lash and Speed. Stronghold came up next to her talking in her ear as Lash bent over in agony. This year was going to be fun I am going to make his life hell for what his father has done.

“Come on man before Powers catches us smoking again,” Angelo said walking away we followed him heading into the school.

I walked to class, as always it droned on and on. I was smart; school just bored me to no end. I like hot girls, bikes, trucks and old cars and above all my mother; she was an angel here on earth. I hoped I never found my mate I don’t share control and I will not be whipped by some chick.

William Strongholds point of view

I watched my best friends do their power placement with growing worry; Zach was basically a glow worm. I watched Magenta go up and she shape shifted into a guinea pig but was put into hero support. Layla Williams, my best friend, refused to show her powers since she is an activist and has certain beliefs she holds dear. Coach Boom again yelled “SIDEKICK!” I watched as little Larry became a hero as did Marcus Maxwell, he was a shape shifter but he was way better than Magenta, as he did humans.

“We will take a ten minute break then we will continue,” Coach said in a firm tone. “I don’t have my powers yet, I am so dead,” I said to Layla who looked worried for me.

“Hey you can be in hero support with us buddy it won’t be that bad,” Zach and Ethan said.

“It’s not that, like hello my parents will kill me,” I said with my head hung low.

“You know they won’t, well dad maybe but he will get over it but you will be in real estate after high school for sure,” Lillian said I could always count on my sister, Lillian Stronghold is 5′2′ with black straight hair that reaches her shoulders. She has a small frame but I have heard boys say she has a nice round butt and her chest area looks like she is over 18, I wish I had super strength every time she was mentioned, to kill them for talking about her. She had full lips and striking grey eyes that were almond shaped.

“Your name and power,” Coach called to Lillian after the ten minute break.

I watched my sister walk up even me and my parents didn’t know what her power was yet.

“Lillian Juliet Stronghold,” she said in her tinker belle voice.

I was shocked as a bolt of lightning came from nowhere and struck the ground at Coach’s feet. We all laughed as Coach jumped back and fell off the stage, terrified of the blue bolt.

“HERO,” he called in a clear voice that boomed through the halls making the classes shake.

Lillian walked off the stage with a smile; she stopped at my side putting her head on my shoulder. I was supposed to protect her not the other way around.

“Break for lunch! You’re next Stronghold,” Coach said with a smile to Lillian.

I sighed and walked with Zach and Ethan while Lillian walked with Magenta and Layla so we could get to lunch. I went and grabbed some lunch as Lillian packed hers she never really like school food. I tried to tell her Sky high was different but she didn’t believe me. Magenta walked with me to the table that Layla and Lillian picked for us, I sat in between Layla and Lillian with Zach, Ethan and Magenta across from us.

“Food is pretty good Lillian,” I said to her when I felt it, the burn, like a hot dagger in my neck. I turned and saw an older boy staring with three others, I didn’t even know them. The guy had dark hair with a blood red streak, very dark eyes and dark clothes on but it was the look on his face. He hated me, wanted me dead and he wanted to do it, he was a sick person.

“Who is that guy?” I asked.

“Warren Peace, man you and Lillian’s dad put his dad in prison, quadruple life sentence!” Zach said with enthusiasm and worry dripping from his voice.

“Great first day here and I already have an arch enemy,” I said with frustration.

Warren’s point of view

Stronghold sat with his friends, he looks weak. I always pictured him more like his father. The ginger looks at him with unrequited love in her green eyes, she isn’t half bad looking and neither is the purple girl, maybe I will get to know them better. But the girl to Strongholds right, she is one fine looking little hottie, her ass and tits are beyond perfect. She makes the other girl in this school pale in comparison. She has nice lips and her grey eyes are amazing looking, I liked to give her a ride sometime.

“Hey man which girl you looking at?” Trace asked me.

“First all three but the hottie with the black hair man,” I said still glaring at Stronghold when she got up and went to get a bottle of water; I jumped up with Dice following me.

“Hey there doll,” I said leaning against the wall looking down at her with a smug smile.

“Hello douche bag,” she said in a tinker belle voice never looking at me. This girl is awesome, such spunk unlike all the egotistic bitches here ay Sky high.

“I am hurt doll, you don’t even know me, I’m a nice guy,” I said it wasn’t true.

“Oh I am sure you are, to all the whores you leave early in the morning before they wake up,” She said choosing a bottle of Smart water and standing in line.

“Wow what a little mouth you have,” I smiled Dice just chuckled.

“How about I pick you up Friday night around seven and we go on a date,” I said like hell she’d turn me down, I know I am hot and buff every girl wants me.

“Oh wow! What a perfect first day Warren badass Peace has asked me out, I sure can’t turn down that down. Sure show up at my place and I am sure daddy will be so pleased,” She said giving me a wide eyed look with a dazzling smile, it made my heart race and knees weak.

“I am sure he would so tell me your address,” I said with a large smile.

“Of course, it is 4598 The Commander is my daddy way,” she said, whoa what, oh fuck no the Commander has a daughter a fucking hot one at that.

“You’re fucking with me doll, your parents are not the Commander and Jet Stream,” I said not thinking it was funny at all.

“Lillian can you please come back to the table your brother is freaking out about Mr. Peace talking to you,” the ginger said in a sweet voice but it held no appeal for me.

“Please tell my brother I will join him in one minute Mr. Badass was asking me out until I told him who daddy was,” now her voice sent shivers down my spine.

“Fuck me,” I groaned running my fingers through my hair.

“No thank you, I don’t want some disease,” she smiled and walked away as if I was nothing.

I have the hot’s for her, but she has him as a brother, and them as parents. I can never let this happen, not in this life time. Dice and I walked back; both Trace and Angelo were shocked when I told them. I don’t think anyone knew he had a daughter it must have been kept secret, I should ask my mother. I shook my head trying to brush thoughts of her away as I talked to Trace, Angelo and Dice, but it seemed futile.

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