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In the royal bedchamber, Robert and Lyanna were asleep. Or more correctly, Robert was asleep but Lyanna was still awake. It was hard to sleep, because most nights at least one of them was having a nightmare. Tonight it was Robert; he kept mumbling in his sleep something Lyanna could not quite make out.

In order to ease Robert's sleep a little bit, Lyanna put her arms around him to keep him warm and comfortable. This is not the first time she noticed just how muscular Robert was; 'muscled like a maiden's fantasy' is a good description of Robert's physique. But that was not the only thing about Robert that Lyanna liked.

On the night of her wedding, Lyanna was terrified almost to sickness. The only experience she had with being bedded was when Rhaegar drugged and had his way with Lyanna while she was unconscious. However, Robert proved she had no reason to be afraid of him. Robert even called out Lyanna's name afterwards, something Lyanna remembered with fondness.

Lyanna reflected on all of this when she was holding Robert and trying to calm him down from his nocturnal terror. Gradually, he calmed down and his muttering was mostly gone. Soon,the very edge of the sky began to turn pink as rose.

Robert normally liked to sleep in; especially if he was hung over. However, today he was up and dressing himself before the Sun even broke the horizon.

"Robert, why are you up so early?"

Robert looked at his wife and smiled a toothy smile. "I'm going hunting. I hear the Kingswoods is a great place to hunt, lots of deer and boars in there."

When Lyanna first met Robert, she learned that he loved to hunt. Honestly, why wouldn't he? Crisp wind, a fast horse, the thrill of the chase. Lyanna herself loved horse riding, and there was unlikely to be a single person in the seven kingdoms who could outrace her.

Robert probably knew all this; he grew up with Eddard after all. But Lyanna still did not expect to hear what Robert said next.

"Would you like to come with me?"

Women weren't supposed to hunt. Lyanna's father Rickard never let me come on hunting trips with my brothers. Rickard promised Lyanna he would get her a hawk, but told her that it was unseemly for a woman to go on a hunt.

As a result, Lyanna knew what answer she wanted to give a Robert.

"Of course, I'd love to go hunting with you."

Robert was surprised by Lyanna's answer. In a good way, to be sure. He seemed giddy with the thought of his beloved wife sharing in his favorite hobbies.

"Great! Let's get dressed and saddled."

Lyanna and Robert rode into the kingswoods upon two black hunting coursers. With them rode five other knights. Four of these were also dressed for hunting, while the last on acted as bodyguard to the king. These five companion riders were Ser Eldon and Ser Lomas Estermont (Robert's two maternal uncles), Justin Massey (Robert's squire), Ser Richard Horpe (a loyal sworn sword who served Robert in the rebellion), and Ser Barrestan Semly (The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard).

Ser Barrestan Semly was still not fully healed, but he was well enough to ride a horse. According to tradition, at least one member of the Kingsguard must be with His Grace at all times. Robert looked over a list of the best possible candidates (prepared by Barrestan Semly, with Jon Arryn and Hoster Tully also looking over it to ensure no Targaryen Loyalists find white cloaks around their shoulders), and sent out invitations to four whom he thought would do a good job in the position. However, the ravens would take about a fortnight to arrive and return. And even then Robert still needed to decide on the last two.

As they rode out, they split into three groups. Robert's two uncles headed southwest, Massey and Horpe headed southeast. Robert, Lyanna, and Barrestan rode in the third group, heading directly south.

Their horses trotted through the woods at a leisurely pace, Lyanna and Robert were able to enjoy the fresh air of the woods.

Then a stag came into view. A big one too; it only looked at them a few seconds before bounding away. Lyanna and Robert wasted no time riding after them, clutching their hunting spears in hand.

As they rode, Robert turned to his wife. "I bet you can't ride faster than me."

Lyanna saw how Robert smiled when he made the challenge, and she knew why. This hunt was more thrilling than Lyanna could have imagined, and they were both happy to be riding with the wind in their faces and the adrenaline in their veins.

"You're on."

As the stag bounded through the woods, Lyanna and Robert rode after it. Kicking her heels into the side of her horse, Lyanna caused it to speed up. Soon Lyanna was in the lead and Robert had to ride fast just to keep paise.

Raising her arm, Lyanna drove her hunting spear at the stag. The beast tumbled after being impaled in the hindquarter, giving Robert a chance to ride up next to it and deliver a killing blow to it's midsection.

Robert dismounted, and when Lyanna tried to do the same Robert lifted her off her horse and spun her in the air before setting her down.

"Haha! Nothing is more joyous than a good hunt. You're good at hunting, we should do this every week."

Lyanna liked the sound of that.

Robert blew the hunting horn to alert the other members of the party of the kill. When they arrived, they were impressed to learn that Lyanna landed the first spear.

They brought the stag back, and the servants at the Red Keep roasted it for their dinner. That night, Lyanna decided she liked hunting with Robert.

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