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In the counsel chamber, Robert listened with a bored expression on his face as his small counsel drowned on. Right now it was the commander of the Goldcloaks, a lowborn butcher's son named Janos. He was popular with his men, and that seemed to be his only redeeming quality. However, Commander Manly Stokeworth was killed during the fall of KingsLanding and Janos was the best replacement they could get on such a short notice.

"Your Grace, I am pleased to report that the Goldcloaks have restored the Kings Peace. Crime has gone down back to its normal levels, and the city is beginning to repair itself. Grain tithes are coming in from the surrounding countryside and- your grace, are you sleeping?"

Robert leaned his head up. "Oh, I would never dream of sleeping during an important meeting, I was merely resting my eyes. Please do continue, I think I'll allow Good Lord Arryn to handle this. He is no doubt more skilled in this area of expertise than I am."

Having said that, Robert reclined his head back upon the cushion of his chair and went back to sleep.

After attending a boring Small Counsel meeting, the King of the Iron Throne was tired of the tedium of management. He looked forward to his daily practicing.

As the king walked from the counsel chamber to the armory, he was trailed by the newest member of his Kingsguard. Ser Richard Horpe had asked for one of the seven white cloaks, and neither the King nor his wife could find fault in good Ser Horpe. So was it that he became one of the seven knights chosen to guard the king. There were still a few vacancies left, but now Ser Barrestin Semly has a chance to rest and properly recover from his woulds.

The armory is a large room with two doors; one leading from the hallway and one leading into the training yard. It was full of weapons. Actually, a better way to describe it would be overloaded with weapons. On the day of Robert's Wedding, and again on the day of his Coronation, the noble and mighty who came to show tribute to their new king presented Robert with gifts. While a few of these were useful, the vast majority of these were decorative or otherwise masterly crafted weapons. However, all these swords with their hilts of gold or silver (often encrusted with rubies or diamonds or other jewels) are like to sit in this room and rust.

Robert Baratheon's weapon of choice for battle is his war-hammer, and as such the only blade he ever uses is the simple hunting knife Jon Arryn gave him on his sixteenth name day. All those fine weapons gifted to him by the wealthy men of Westros would be destined to sit uselessly in the armory.

When he got to the armory, he could already hear the sound of sword practicing in the training yard.

He entered the training yard and saw Lyanna practicing with a tourney sword. She was wearing a jerkin of boiled leather, and Robert thought quickly noticed that she looked just as beautiful and elegant in this as she did in fine dresses.

When Lyanna saw her husband walk into the training yard, she smiled at him a big smile that flashed all of her teeth. "Robert, good to see you here. I was just practicing my swordsmanship."

"Its a good day for practicing."

With that, Robert got his War Hammer and shield from the armory so he could practice with his weapon. First Lyanna practiced with a sword while Robert watched and gave pointers. When Lyanna is standing in a fighting pose, it is obvious to see how physically fit she is.

Swinging the sword she held, Robert could see just how fluid and naturally feeling Lyanna's movements were.

When she was exhausted, Lyanna walked over to the wooden bench where Robert was watching her. Sitting onto the bench with a thud, Lyanna looked into Robert's eyes. He could see how lovely those grey eyes were.

"My turn."

Robert picked up the war hammer, and now he practiced while Lyanna watched. Robert swung his war hammer with ease, only needing one hand to swing this weapon which for most would be too heavy to even lift. His other hand was freed up to wield a large shield.

People often praised Robert for his raw physical strength, and for good reason. He swung the hammer as easily as lesser men swing a sword, feeling the thrill of the immense amount of power behind each swing. Woe to the man who these hammer blows fall upon!

When Robert was done, he looked over at his wife. By Lyanna's facial expression Robert suspected she found his strength attractive.

He sat down on the bench next to her, and placed his arm around his wife's shoulder.

I love this woman.

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