We Can Heal Together

Another Wedding


On the ship, The Crowned Stag and his She-Wolf Queen stood at the ship's prow trying to catch a glimpse of land. They were told they would land at Dragonstone in just an hour, but the weather was not in their favor so they can not see where their destination is.

"Do you think your brother will be pleased with his wife?"

Robert shrugged, "His wife is comely enough, and the Maesters said she appears fertile enough. I do not think he'll be smiling though; he has not smiled since he was eleven years old. But this wedding should bring the kingdom peace in our time."

While Stannis's wedding was in planning for almost a month and a half, it could not commence until Dragonstone was in Baratheon Hands. Of course the wedding was Jon Arryn's idea. But ever the dutiful brother, Stannis will go along without protest.

Lyanna still felt it was unfair that Stannis was given Dragonstone instead of Storm's End. When she asked Robert about it, he admitted that he did not like the situation any more than she did but that he felt Stannis was needed there most so as to root out Targaryen Loyalists and prevent the last two Targaryen children from having a base with which to launch a potential invasion. In any case, whats done is done.

Needless to say, this did little to improve Stannis's already strained relationship with Robert.

Dragonstone came into view, appearing over the horizon. The sight of Stannis's newly granted castle gave Lyanna a chill.

This castle is as majestic as Rhaegar described it, but I thank the Gods he can not fulfill his promise to take me here. I hope Rhaegar could look up and see me from whichever hell the Old Gods condemned him to, I hope he could see that he could not break me.

Even so, Lyanna grabbed onto Robert's hand and held it tight. Robert just put his arm around Lyanna's shoulders and held her close to him.

Within an hour the ship pulled up to the docks, and when the King and Queen stepped off they were greeted by what appeared to be an honor guard of knights. It seems Stannis is going to wait for them at the castle, as he is not present at the docks. Instead, they are greeted by a knight who appears to be leading the honor guard.

His surcoat bore a black galley on a grey background with an onion in its sails. One of his hands had shortened fingers. And when he spoke it was with the speech mannerisms of a lowborn sailor. Even so, he seemed friendly enough.

"Your Grace, I am Ser Davos Seaworth. I was sent on behalf of Lord Stannis Baratheon to see you safely to the castle."

Robert shook hand, giving a nice firm handshake like he always does.

Lyanna then shook his hand next, then he lead them to the castle of Dragonstone. The King and his Queen were being escorted not only by the honor guard Stannis sent but also by the Knights of the Kingsguard. These included Ser Arys of House Oakheart, Ser Meryn of House Trant, Ser Mandon of House Moore, Ser Balon of House Swann, the recently knighted Ser Jory Cassel, Ser Richard Horpe, and of course Lord Commander Ser Barrestan Semly.

While Lyanna did not know the other six well enough yet to gouge whether or not to trust them, she was immediately distrustful of Ser Semly. She did not know if she could trust anyone who was friends with Rhaegar. Though he might not have known the prince' true colors.

As they rode up to the castle, the gates opened to them. In the courtyard they were greeted by Lord Stannis Baratheon.

When Lyanna saw her good-brother, she saw that he was just as Robert described him. Stannis was humorless, unsmiling, and the air was tense whenever he and a Robert interacted.

He had the same Black Baratheon hair and blue eyes, and like his older brother he is a tall man. However, that is where the similarities seem to end. Where as Robert was muscular heavy set, Stannis was thin and sinewy. Where Robert had a full head of hair and enough left over for a bushy beard, Stannis was clean shaven and his hair was thinning (an indication he would bald earlier than most men. Most noticeably was that Stannis seemed to be scowling the majority of the time.

"Your Grace, it is kind that you bothered to show up."

Robert smiled, "You came to my wedding, so I had to return the favor."

"Well, do come in. Three days from the morrow I am to wed Elia Martell. I would love to talk more, but right now I have to manage the royal navy. Ser Davos, please show my brother and his queen to their chamber."

As Lyanna and Robert were lead to their room, the former reflected that she wishes she spent more time with her brother. She wondered he Benjan was adapting well to life in the Nights Watch. She wondered how Eddard was getting on with his wife.

Lyanna also wondered if her parents were watching her from their place with the Old Gods. She was grateful for the time she got with her father.

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