We Can Heal Together



In the Dragonstone sept, Stannis Baratheon and Elia Martell were wed. Gathered in the sept to watch the ceremony was friends and relatives of the bride and groom.

The guests included Ser Eldon and Ser Lomas Estermont (Stannis's maternal uncles), Maester Cressen (who for all intents and purposes raised the three Baratheon Brothers), Prince Doran Martell (Elia's older brother) and his wife Mellario of Norvos, Pirnce Oberyn Martell (Elia' younger brother) and his paramour Ellaria Sand, Ser Davos Seaworth (who's onions saved Stannis from starvation during the siege of Storm's End) and Lord Selwyn Tarth (who saved Elia from Ser Gregor's bad intentions during the fall of Kings Landing). Of course, various lords from Dorne and from The Narrow Sea have also come to attend this wedding.

When they said their vows, Lyanna was able to notice that neither of them seemed exactly happy about this marriage.

Is Elia mourning her first husband? She might not have known what a monster Rhaegar was. Or maybe she does know, and she is afraid of Stannis being just as callous. It could be that Elia simply wishes she had more of choice in the matter.

Whatever the case, Robert was right about one thing: Stannis was not smiling.

They kissed briefly, and the Septon raised the crystal that the Southern Gods consider sacred.

"Here in the sight of gods and men, I do solemnly proclaim Stannis of House Baratheon and Elia of House Martell to be man and wife, one flesh, one heart, one soul, now and forever, and cursed be the one who comes between them."

The guests either clapped or muttered in agreement. Robert, who was already drunk, voiced his agreement as well. "Aye, a spike through the heart of the one who comes between them!"

After the ceremony, they made their way across the dreary courtyard to the Dragonstone hall.

Once they were in the hall, they feasted on the food items there. The meal was an odd combination of fish based Stormland dishes and spice laced Dornish cuisine. Though many of the guests were conversing, there was little music.

Elia and her brother Oberyn talked quite a bit. Meanwhile Stannis ate in silence, Davos Seaworth and Ser Horpe exchanged war stories, and Robert drank.

Lyanna herself did not like to drink. She would rarely drink more than a cup of alcohol, and even then it was always Ale or Mead. Lyanna flat out refused to touch wine. Though this was not without good reason: the last time Lyanna drank wine Rhaegar put sweetsleep in her cup and took advantage of her. Now wine understandably left a very very bitter taste in her mouth.

Soon Robert was fully drunk, singing "A cask of ale" in an uneven voice that none the less made the sullen atmosphere of the room slightly more inviting. Some of the others sung along with Robert, and soon everyone (except Stannis) was having a little fun. Lyanna noticed that about Robert; his remarkable ability to turn anyone into a friend.

After everybody ate, it was time for the bedding. The women took Stannis to the bedchamber to be undressed, the men took Elia there for the same.

Those who were too drunk or too asleep or too busy eating did not take part in this, and instead stayed behind with Robert to sing drinking songs.

Soon the night winded down and everyone went back to their own bedchambers to sleep. Robert staggered to his bed as well, Lyanna holding his hand to make sure he does not lead go to the wrong room.

"A bear their *hic* was a bear. A bear. All black and brown and covered in *hic* hair ..."

"Come on Robert, you need your sleep."

When they got to the room, Robert fell backwards onto the bed. Lyanna, thinking he was asleep. Began to fold the bed sheets over him. So she was surprised when Robert's hand wrapped around her wrist.

"You look p-p-pretty."

"Robert, you're drunk."

"Not too drunk for ..." Before he could finish that sentence, Robert yawned loudly.

"You need to sleep. We can do that in the morning, when we'll both be sober."

Robert closed his eyes, then let out another yawn. "I suppose you're right. Besides, my parents will be returning from their voyage soon and I don't want to miss their returning."

This caught Lyanna's attention. She knew from talking to Eddard that Robert's parents were dead, so what Robert said could not be true.

It is probably just a memory. I am probably making too big a deal of this.

Though Lyanna crawled into bed and tried to sleep, she could not get any. Though Lyanna and Robert both have nightmares, they manifest in different ways. Many a times Robert has had to reassure Lyanna of her safety after she woke up screaming from a nightmare about being back in Rhaegar's captivity.

Once, after he forced himself inside me, Rhaegar told me I was never going to see my family or anyone else I cared about ever again. That I was going to die in that horrible tower. Well, his exact words were actually "we'll be together forever" but to me it meant the same thing. Fortunately the Gods were good, and the last person I saw in that tower was Eddard.

Robert, on the other hand, did not wake up screaming. While he did have nightmares, this instead meant he would mumble in his sleep and would sometimes toss and turn. On a good night Lyanna would only need to hold onto Robert until morning and he would calm down. But tonight his mumbling is even more noticeable because of his comment regarding his parents.

The next morning, Lyanna slipped out of bed. She dressed herself as quietly as possible, yet Robert still was awoken by this.

"Lyanna? Why are you up this early?"

"I have some letters I wish to send. I will need to talk to the Maester."

Robert knew who those letters were being sent to. Lyanna often corresponding with her remaining brothers on a regular basis. Very often she would send and receive ravens to and from Winterfell and Castle Black (the latter is because Benjen took his vows and became a man of the Night's Watch).

Though the truth is that Lyanna wanted to ask Maester Cressen what happened to Robert's childhood. The old Maester more or less raised all three of the Baratheon children, so surly he could answer this question.

Robert was still hung over, so he just covered his eyes with his hands and rolled over to sleep a bit more.

"Ok. Maester Cressen can send them for you. And be sure to give Eddard my regards while your at it."

Lyanna nodded and walked down the hallway quietly, so as not to wake anyone else. When she reached the stairwell to the sea dragon tower, she began to climb the steps to the Maester's chambers.

When she got to the chamber, she saw Maester Cressen sitting in a his desk. Standing next to that desk and talking to him was Stannis. He does not look all too thrilled to be interrupted.

When they saw Lyanna, Maester Cressen was the first to greet her. He did so with a kindly smile.

"Ah, Lyanna Stark, though truth be told I should be calling you Queen Baratheon now. I see you have healed well."

Lyanna knew that Maester Cressen cared for her when she was comatose, so she was happy to see him. "Yes, and you have my thanks for that. I actually came because I want to ask about Robert's parents."

The room became silent for a long moment as Cressen and Stannis exchanged a look. Stannis is actually the one who answered this question.

"I'll handle this. Lyanna, we should talk about this in my solar."

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