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Visit to Greenstone


Queen Lyanna was practicing in the training yard, her husband watching. Scattered around were the remnants of several training shields, practice swords, and training dummies: all smashed to splinters by King Robert's Hammer a half hour before, when it was Lyanna's turn to watch.

Only it was not the training yard of the Red Keep. After Robert's two uncles finished their visit, Robert decided to repay them by visiting Greenstone. Apart from the Kingsguard, a few other members of the Royal Court came with the visit. Among them was Stannis, Elia, Oberyn, and Ellaria.

Stannis (the Master of Ships) came along because Lyanna requested that he accompany them; as stubborn as Stannis was, the ever headstrong Lyanna was able to somehow convince him to accompany his all-but-estranged brother on the trip (though not before repeatedly pestering him about it). With Stannis came his wife Elia, Elia's brother Oberyn, and Oberyn paramour Ellaria Sand (natural daughter of Lord Harmen Uller). Ser Davos Seaworth was not present on this goodwill trip, as he was left behind to act as Castallin of Dragonstone.

The party rode from Kings Landing to Mistwood, then crossed on a ferry to Greenstone. All in all, the trip was an enjoyable one. There was plenty of game along the way for their hunting spears and their hawks. All in all, it was an enjoyable trip.

Lyanna reflected on this as she embarrassed Robert's uncle Lomas Estermont, knocking the sword right out of his hands. This old knight accepted defeat in good grace.

"You fight better than half the men I have sworn to me, probably because you're part bear. If I was younger this sparring would have gone differently."

"That sounds tempting, but I'll have to pass. And my mother was not a Mormont, she was a Stark just like father:h ow many times do I have to correct that rumor? I'm direwolf to the core."

"Aye, a She-Wolf. As fierce and wild as a Crowned Stag." Robert called out encouragingly, to which Lyanna replied by flashing a toothy smile at him after remembering how sometimes after training early in the morning the two of them would sneak back to their bedchamber to make love.

It always did excite Robert to watch me use a sword, and vice versa.

While walking across the training yard to retrieve his sword, Lomas Estermont mentioned tomorrow's plans.

"Tomorrow we are going hawking. Tell me Lyanna, how good are you at falconry?"

My father taught me falconry. After I asked to go on a hunting trip like my brothers. I miss you father.

This thought made Lyanna sad, but she answered none the less. "I know how use a falcon."

"Well the weather tomorrow is perfect falconry weather, and it would be a good chance to show you around Greenstone."

Robert walked up to Lyanna and placed his hand on her shoulder. "It will be fun."

Lyanna looked into Robert's eyes and smiled.

His eyes are so warm and blue and full of life. Full of love.

"I look forward to it."

In the light woods in the hills of Greenstone, horses trotted leisurely and goshawk's flew freely. In order to cover more ground, the company divided into groups of three. They planned on meeting at a tavern in the fishing village on the east end of the island.

Stannis, Robert, and Lyanna rode in one of these groups of three. Each one had a falcon of some breed or other on hand, ready to fly at command.

As they rode, they made conversation.

"Stannis, is that a goshawk?"

"No Lyanna, I prefer to use golden eagles. Much more reliable."

At this response, Robert chuckled a little. When he saw the confused look on Lyanna's face, he explained what was so funny.

"My brother never had good luck with goshawks. One time when we were lads, he found an injured goshawk that fell out of it's nest and cared for it."

Lyanna was not sure if Robert was making a jape or not: Lyanna had a hard time picturing Stannis doing this.

Stannis, with an annoyed look on his face, told the rest of the story. "I nursed it back to health, named it Proudwing, and tried teaching it to fly. It would never fly higher than the treetops, so I got a new bird."

I guess Robert was serious then. Well, I am glad I decided that Stannis would be my friend.

As she thought these thoughts, Lyanna smiled softly. "Maybe Proudwing just didn't want to stray too far from his father."

Stannis simply rolled his eyes.

As they rode through the hills, they chatted back and forth about this and that. They encountered five wild fouls, three of which were caught by Stannis's falcon one of which was caught by Lyanna's falcon, and one of which got away after taking a thrashing from Robert's falcon.

They eventually made their way to the fishing village where they were to meet the others in their party. Ser Lomas and Ser Eldon were sitting outside of the coast side tavern, lying on the beach and sleeping in the sun. They got back to their feet when the others arrived.

Ser Eldon bowed before directing Lyanna and the two Baratheon Brothers to the tavern. "Ah, good, you're here. The rest are inside, some small place called the Sorry Sailor. The tavernkeeper used to be a Stepstone Pirate before he got hit by a morning star during the Ninepenny War. It left a limp in his leg so he had to trade in his cutlass for a keg of ale."

They went inside, and sure enough the others were there. Ser Swann and Ser Horpe were reminiscing about jousting lists they competed in previously. Ser Oakheart and Lady Elia were playing cyvasse, the later making a finishing move before getting up and walking over to greet her husband with a hug. After they all sit down at a table, a bartender brings them some tankards of ale and bread trenchers full of boiled clams and mussels. The bartender, Lyanna noticed, was indeed limping just as Ser Eldon said he would be.

After they paid the man, they broke their fast. After taking a gulp out of his tankard of ale, he asked Elia a question.

"Pray tell, where is your brother?"

Elia was still nervous around Robert, so Ser Lomas answered the question regarding Oberyn's whereabouts instead. "He and Lady Sand are likly getting to know the locals. Speak of the Stranger, there they are."

Oberyn and his paramour walked up to the table and sat down to eat. "Pardon our tardiness, we had some very important business to attend to."

Robert just smiled, "You two look like I could use a drink." After having made that jape, he downed the rest of his tankard.

Stannis spoke next, and Lyanna was unsure if he was japing or not. Did Stannis ever jape?

"Well, I hope you don't intend on using the wager to pay for your business. My falcon brought in the most fowl."

Oberyn just smirked, like he had a habit of doing. "My Dornish falcon caught two plump prey, but in any case she wouldn't accept my coin."

Ser Lomas disagreed, refuting the claim with sarcasm. "Yeah, right. And Braavosi courtesans fight over a space in my bed."

The tavern wench who came to the table to refill the ale tankards verified Oberyn's claim. "He didn't need to pay me: I've never seen a Dornishman before, much less fucked one."

"Well there you have it." Oberyn drank a sip of ale.

Stannis made a comment of his own. "I'm sure the tavern wench will remember it her whole life: you probably gave her some form of pox."

At this, Oberyn only chuckled. "Dear Goodbrother, what makes you think I have Lover's Leprosy?"

"You call yourself the Red Viper."

Oberyn looked at Stannis in confusion for a moment, but when he got the meaning of that statement he broke out in laughter.

"Oh yes, that is right. Well, fucking myself to death isn't the worst way to die."

Robert put his left arm around Lyanna's shoulder, and used his right arm to lift up an ale tankard. "Here here! I'll drink to that."

After drinking his tankard in one sip, he started to sing 'fifty-four tuns'. Lyanna was not bothered, because despite initial suspicion Robert was more than able to keep to one bed so long as she was in it.

Soon the levity of the mood got almost all of them singing along to the tune of 'fifty four tuns'.

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