We Can Heal Together



"You're really good at Crevasse."

The only response Elia's husband gave to Lyanna's smiling compliment was a curt nod.

She's not wrong. Stannis knows how to play crevasse.

Lyanna was one of the few people in Kings Landing (other than Elia) who actually liked being around Stannis. She played crevasse with him, discussed politics and history with him, and dragged him along to most of Robert's hunting trips and other outings.

This meant that Elia ended up spending a good amount of time with Lyanna as well; not that she minded. Lyanna was actually good company once Elia overcame the awkwardness of Lyanna being Rhaegar's victim.

Truth be told, Elia did not miss Rhaegar. He never loved Elia, and barley tolerated her presence. Though Elia did not think her first husband hated her until Rhaegar pissed on their marriage before the entire kingdom, then he stomped on it and kidnapped a northern girl. Though it was not until Elia met Lyanna (and learned that she was actually a kind woman) that Elia truly hated Rhaegar: how could anyone gain pleasure from making such a nice woman cry and suffer?

It is like Oberyn said; Rhaegar wasn't worthy of me. Even Robert's hammer in his chest is a kinder fate than he deserved.

Fortunately, Elia's second husband was more agreeable. While Stannis Baratheon was not exactly comely, he was not ugly either. Stannis was a tall man with broad shoulders and dark blue eyes, just like his brothers. As for personality, while Stannis did seem cold and unfeeling on the outside, Elia knew he was a just man who never broke his word. And Elia also knew that Stannis was completely cold: he certainly liked what Elia could do in his bed.

But in any case, being around Lyanna made Elia less afraid of Robert. Lyanna even promised to ask Robert about having Elia's son Ageon be sent to minister at the Sept of Dragonstone once he has taken his Septon's vows.

It would be good for Baldric to meet his older brother.

That delivery was hard on Elia, but Maester Cressan was able to keep her alive. But Elia did not want to think about that, so she turned her thought to the crevasse discussion Lyanna and Stannis were having.

"You sent your elephants and knights out too early, leaving them vulnerable to the the spearmen I had waiting at the flanks. You would win more often if you had some reserves."

"But where's the fun in that? Taking risks and feeling the thrill is what makes life worth living?"

"You sound like a smuggler."

Elia corrected her husband, "No, Lyanna sounds like my brother Oberyn."

Lyanna smiled, "He's adventurous, sure. If you haven't met my brother."

Elia was not sure if Lyanna was joking or not: that fling with Ashara (or whoever Jon Snow's mother is) is the only known time Lyanna's brother did anything out of the ordinary. But then again, perhaps Eddard was different in his youth. "Eddard Stark? Really?"

"No, Brandon Stark. Everyone called him the Wild Wolf, and for good reason. It is too bad he's not here; I'm sure he would have liked Oberyn."

"Oberyn and Brandon would no doubt have been fast friends. But I am sure your brother is in a better place."

Stannis said nothing during this conversation, and Elia had a notion as to why that was.

He still believes Robert gave him Dragonstone as a slight. Nothing Lyanna or I could say has convinced him otherwise.

Lyanna suddenly got to her feet. "As fun as this is, I really must be going. My husband's new Sworn Sword will be sparring against some kedge knights today, and I don't want to miss it."

Stannis simply nodded. "Well, I have work I need to do today in any case."

Elia smiled at her friend teasingly. "Just don't name your son after good Ser Clegane."

Lyanna laughed, "Sandor Baratheon does not have much of a ring to it. And besides, you know he's not a knight. He actually refused to knighted when Robert offered."

When Lyanna left, Elia walked over to where Stannis was sitting and wrapped her brown arms around his neck sweetly.

He's not flinching as much as he did the first week we were married. That's a good sign.

"Baldric is growing strong. Hopefully he will be as strong as his father."

Stannis simply nodded. "Yes, hopefully."

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