We Can Heal Together


Author's Note:

If you liked this story, do not fret: I intend to write more stories set in the World of Ice and Fire. The story of Lyanna's captivity in the Tower of Joy still needs to be told, and there there are still troubles that The Starks and The Baratheons will need to face on the road ahead. Likewise, there is a Lannister in Castle Black and a Greyjoy under Stannis's protection; both of them will have stories that I would like to tell at some point.

Now to give credit where credit is due.


I would like to start out by thanking the following people for marking my story as one of their favorites:

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And finally, I would like to thank George R. R. Martin for writing the story which my story is based off of. While I don't agree with his views on the merits of fanfiction, I have a deep respect for his artistic ability.

Reasons I have for writing this story:

When I first started looking, I could not find a single story in which Lyanna and Robert get married and fall in love. Instead, I found countless stories where Lyanna and Rhaegar have a love affair.

As I believe that Lyanna did NOT go with Rhaegar willingly (that is something I refuse to believe), and as I feel that running away with Rhaegar would have been selfish and irresponcible on Lyanna's part, I felt that the lack of LyannaxRobert stories was an error somebody had to correct. So, I took up that mantle and told the story I wanted but could not find.

I was pleased to find that I was not alone in my thinking. All the support I received did not go in vain, I thank you all.

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