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Kings Landing fell with hardly a fight. The city's depleted garrison was ill equipped to withstand an assault from the combined might of the Riverlands, the Vale, the North, and the Westerlands. The Goldcloaks were quickly routed, many throwing down their spears and running.

Unfortunately, maintaining discipline proved impossible, as looting and sacking erupted throughout the city when the assaulting armies broke through the gates. However, Robert took no notice of this as The Red Keep was the solitary goal on his mind.

The guards of the Red Keep put up no fight, surrendering instead to save their own skins. This is not to say that there was no bloodshed at the Capitol of the Seven Kingdoms.

When Robert Baratheon walked into the Throne Room, he was greeted to the sight of King Aerys lying at the foot of the Iron Throne with his throat wide open. Blood flowed out of this cut and pooled on the floor below. Being dragged to a cell in the dungeon was Ser Jamie Lannister, his white armor stained with dark red which would turn a deathly brown once it dried. His sword lay coated crimson, just but a few inches from the dead king.

Robert was so glad that it was finally won that he did not even ask which of his men killed the King. He simply walked up to the Throne and sat down upon the pile of swords for which countless have died and killed to obtain over the centuries.

Once the fighting and sacking died down, the major Lords of the Rebellion entered the Throne Room to discuss what should be done now that the war was won.

Robert Baratheon took part in this meeting, as he is the face of the rebellion and he has the best claim to the Iron Throne. He had left his horned helmet at the top of the throne, but this muscular black-haired man could still be identified as a Baratheon by the Stag that blazoned his armor.

Jon Arryn stood to Robert's left. His hair was completly grey from age, yet The Lord of the Vale still put up a fearsome fight on the battlefield. He was Robert's biggest support sinceThe Lord of Storm's End first arrived to be a ward at the Eyrie, and was the first lord to back Robert's rebellion when Aerys murdered half of Eddard's family.

Standing to Robert's right was Jon Arryn's father in law. His daughters were married to Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn respectively, and he himself proved his loyalty to the rebel cause at the Battle of the Bells. His red-brown hair was beginning to grey at the edges, but he was still a brave fighter and a talented tactician.

Tywin Lannister stood to Jon Arryn's left. This Lion essentially was what came to mind when one thought of House Lannister. Relentless, ambitious, and brilliant. Indeed, in the past Tywin had been hand of the King. Had it not been for Varys's advice, Tywin might have taken the city by surprise. However, as things stood he joined the war late and appeared an opportunist in the eyes of the other four.

Stannais Baratheon and Eddard Stark were not in this meeting, as the former stayed behind in Storm's End to shore up defenses and the latter is do to arrive with his sister in about five days.

The meeting started simply enough, with them filling their new King in on how the day went.

Hoster Tully spoke first. "We have taken control of the main checkpoints in the city. All the fighting died down, as the most of the looting and pillaging. Lord Tyrell's host was utterly routed at Storm's End, and the Dornish have not made any offensive assaults since The Trident. With any luck, those two houses should surrender. Dragonstone is still in Targaryen hands, but they should fall soon enough."

Jon Arryn nodded in agreement before summing this up. "We won it. Soon we'll be able to go home."

It's finally over, we finally did it.

"My Lyanna shall make a fine Queen." Robert spoke those words to himself, almost in a whisper.

Tywin picked this time to interject. "Lord Robert, if I may, I believe it is in the best interest of everyone here that alliances be cemented to tie the kingdom together and prevent another war of this length from breaking out again. I have an unwed daughter who is of age, may I suggest a marriage to bring our families together?"

Tywin knew that he did not have the power to claim the throne on his own. However, he suspected that if he could marry his daughter to the king than he would have enough power to make his next move. Tywin gave no mention of Jamie at this moment, smugly suspecting that his son's arrest was just a formality and that Jamie would be released from his vows as was the agreement Tywin brokered with the rebels.

Robert just shook his head at the suggested marriage. "No. My hand is promised to Lyanna."

"While I am aware of that, she has been a prisoner of Rhaegar's for over a year. It is probable that she has been soiled."

This might have convinced another type of man to set aside a betrothal. In fact, a woman who was proven to have been deflowered before marriage is generally unmarriageable. However, all Tywin's comment accomplished was angering the Stag.

"I don't care! I love Lyanna, and not a damn thing in the either divine or mortal can change that!"

Robert was about to let his entire temper loose, was about to start shouting and cursing and saying all manner of things unsightly for a Nobleman to say in public. However, before he could continue a courier entered the room with a message.

"M' lords, a raven just arrived from Storm's End. It is addressed to Lord Baratheon."

Robert snatched the letter out of his hand, and looked it over. As he read it, his heart sank.

Oh no. Oh noohnoohnoohnoohno.

Where previously Robert had been having a cheerful day and looking towards a bright future, now all he saw was bleak.

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