We Can Heal Together

Awake and active


When the Lyanna Stark opened her eyes for the first time in a nearly a month. She knew at once that this room was different from the one in the Tower of Joy in which she was imprisoned, but it took a few seconds for the memories of what happened right before her unconsiousness to come flooding back to her. However, Lyanna still did not know where she was.

This does not look like that horrible tower, but it can't be Winterfell either.

Lyanna wondered where she was for some time, before she noticed the man asleep in front of the fireplace.

"Robert? Is that you?"

That was a voice Robert feared he would never hear again. The way he got to his feet and was at Lyanna's side in an instant is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of how overjoyed he became.

"You're awake!? You're awake! Gods be good You're awake!"

So much was Robert's happiness that he opened the door of the chamber and shouted down the hall for the servents and guards to hear.

"She's awake! Lyanna's awake! You boy, yes you! Go run to Lord Stark right now and tell him Lyanna has woken up."

After letting out an excited whoop, he returned to Lyanna's bedside and clutched her right hand in his. His hands were trembling as they onto her palm, and it seemed as though Robert was still unsure whether or not this is real.

"I am so happy that you are better. Its as though the weight of Harrenhal has been lifted off my shoulders."

Lyanna was still weakened from her coma, so all she could do was wonder how Robert got here.

"Robert? Where are we?"

"Why, at the Red Keep my darling. Do not worry about Rhaegar; that brute can not hurt you anymore."

Lyanna did not have anything to say to that. The last thing in the world she wanted to think about was Rhaegar; she just wanted to forget about all the horrible things he did to her.

Robert spent a few more minutes talking about how happy he was that Lyanna was alive, until Eddard entered the room.

When Eddard saw Lyanna awake, he too was overcome. He stood there staring, his mouth open in utter shock. No doubt he would need time for this to sink in.

After some minutes, Eddard asked his friend something in a hoarse voice.

"Robert, could you get Maester Cressen. I think he might want to see this."

Robert's mind was running over the recent events. When he went to sleep last night his dear Lyanna was unmoving and her mind was blank; now she was awake and alive once more. Instead of telling one of the servants to get the Maester, Robert sprinted off to get the man himself.

Eddard didn't know why he said that, nor did he know why Robert went to get the Maester. All he knew was that while Robert was gone, Eddard and Lyanna talked a bit.

"You're alive."

"Yes, but worse for wear."

Lyanna tried to make herself smile. If she pretended nothing happened, than it is possible that it might not haven but Lyanna just could not bring herself to smile.

Eddard placed his hand over hers, "Its over now. He's dead."

Lyanna didn't ask who, she already knew who her brother was talking about. "How did he die?"

"Robert killed him on The Trident. That's the day we won the rebellion."

Lyanna knew she was supposed to feel relieved, but right now she could not for the life of her feel anything. It was like she was numb.

She tried to change the subject.

"Can you bring in father, I want to talk to him. Brandon and Benjen too."

Eddard felt his heart tighten and his hands at his sides clench into fists. His throat dried and no words would escape.

The look on Eddard's face made Lyanna anxious. "Ned, where are father and our brothers?"

"Benjen had to stay behind in Winterfell to look after The North while I was gone. Father and Brandon are ... They're with The Gods now."

This is the moment where Lyanna finally reached her breaking point.

They can't be dead. They can't!

Lyanna wailed and lamented tearfully, knowing full well she would never see either Brandon or Rickard so long as she lived. She would never feel the comfort of her father's warm hugs, nor race on horses with Brandon.

As she cried, she demanded Eddard tell her how they died. He did this though Eddard felt sick to his stomach just thinking of it.

I should not be surprised Rhaegar did not tell me about this. Everything he said to me was a lie. He said he accepted my decision not to run away with him, and he drugged me. He told me I was his Queen of Love and Beauty, but he only said this after he forced himself on me. I hate him! He forced himself on me and did nothing while my father and brother were burned alive. He was too cowardly to even tell me they were dead. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him ...

Lyanna cried bitter and angry tears. Sensing that his sister wanted to be alone, Eddard left the room. He saw Robert and Maester Cressen waiting outside. No words were exchanged.

Lyanna wept alone for a few minutes before Robert felt enough time passed for him to enter the room without being intrusive. He did not say anything at first, he simply sat down next to Lyanna and hugged her so as to provide comfort. He stopped hugging her once he realized she was flinching, suddenly feeling ashamed of having scared her. However, this shame soon passed when he relied she was still holding his hand.

"Don't worry, I'm here for you. I know what its like to lose a loved one, so you can talk to me if you like."

How could he possibly understand? I shouldn't be mad at him though, it's not his fault.

Robert held her hand, brushing her hand gently while she sobbed and mourned her dead family.

The next day, Robert finally judged those who had been kept locked up for over a month. Lyanna was in the room, standing next to the throne which Robert sat upon. Though they offered her a seat she insisted on standing; Lyanna did not like being weak and wanted to prove to herself if nobody else that she was still a She-Wolf even after all that happened.

The first prisoner brought out was Ser Jamie Lannister. Still wearing his white and bloodstained cloak and armor, this golden haired man stood proud and tall despite the shackles on his wrists or the beard which grew on his face in the month he spent locked up.

Standing in the back of the room, also fettered and surrounded by guards, stood Elia and her daughter Rhaenys next to her. This widow held her son Ageon in her arms. Elia and her daughter waited their turn.

Varys and Pycelle were not present, as they had already been both pardoned, having received the same deal Ser Semly received and accepted it all the same.

Robert knew the verdict he was going to give. He had already discussed it with Jon, Eddard, Hoster, and Stannis. While Robert wanted to release Jamie from his vows and send him back to Casterly Rock with a Parade, the people he trusted convinced him to accept with reluctance that this was not the best idea.

"Ser Jamie Lannister, you have been found guilty of oathbreaking. Have you anything to say for yourself?"

Jamie did not say anything. He suspected nobody would believe him if he told them about what the late king intended for the city, or worse that they would accuse him of "making excuses". He simply stood with his mouth closed and his head held high.

The King reached his verdict.

"Ser Jamie Lannister, oathbreaking is one of the most severe of crimes. You said the words, in the presence of both Gods and Men. Under most circumstances this is punishable by death. However, the atrocities of the Mad King Aerys were such that even the most honorable men would renounce their oaths. For that reason alone I have decided to spare you. Ser Jamie of House Lannister, you are hereby stripped of your rank of Kingsguard, and banished to The Wall to live out the rest of your life in the Nights Watch. May the Gods have mercy on your soul."

The guards dragged Jamie out of the room, taking him to the wheel cage which took prisoners to the docks so Nights Watch ships could ferry new members to the Easternwatch-By-the-Sea.

Next, Elia was brought up. While Selwyn Tarth the Evenstar had saved her from the intentions of Gregor Clegane and Amory Lorch, Elia knew she was not out of the woods yet.

As Lyanna looked at this Dornish widow, she wondered what Elia must have went through. Was being at Rhaegar's lack of mercy as much a hell for Elia as it was for Lyanna, or did the dead prince save hidden ruthlessness for the latter? Did Elia hate him as well? After all, he practically abandoned her and her children.

Still, her children were Targaryens and Robert had to make sure nobody would rally around them so as to remove him from his throne. Robert and his trusted advisors also discussed how to handle this.

"Elia Martell, neither you nor your children have committed wrongdoings against the people of Westros. However, in the interest of maintaining peace in the Seven Kingdoms your children must not be allowed to continue the Targaryen name. As such, Ageon VI Targaryen shall be fostered in the Septry of Blackwater Bay and raised to be a man of The Gods. Your daughter Rhaelle Targaryen shall be fostered with Lord Tywin Lannister until such time that she comes of age and can be sent to the Silent Sisters. You will be held here until such time as your fate can be determined."

Robert had to foster Rhaelle with Tywin; he just sent the man's heir to The Wall after promising to release him from his Kingdguard vows. Trusting him with the last Targaryen girl was the only way to extend an olive branch.

While neither Elia nor her children would be killed, but this was small consolation for her of she was to be separated from them.

"Please, don't separate me from my babies. You already killed their father, isn't that enough?"

Everyone in the room could see that Elia was just saying whatever she thought would garnish the sympathy necessary to allow her to keep custody of her children. However, as soon as she said those words she relied who she was talking to and why those were the worst words she could possibly have said.

Robert stood up at his throne, walked down to her, and stared this woman in the eyes. He was so enraged his voice was a hoarse wished.

"Your husband was an evil man. He was a raper who watched noble and chivalrous men burn alive by his mad father. Whatever fate could possibly befall your children would not be near as bad as being raised by such a monster. Guards, take her away."

The guards took Elia and her two children to their different locations.

Robert headed to one of the dinner halls to eat dinner with Lyanna and her brother Eddard. Lyanna still did not feel like talking, so Eddard said the first word.

"You did the right thing Robert. Jamie was an oathbreaker and can't be trusted on the throne."

"Well, I'm still not sure. Tywin will probably raise hell, but hopefully he'll learn to get over it. In the meantime, there is a wedding, a coronation, and still many other things I have to plan."

This surprised Lyanna. She didn't think anyone would want someone as soiled as her.

Maybe Eddard was right, maybe Robert really does love me? Or he could just feel obligated?

Either way, Lyanna would just wait and see.

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