We Can Heal Together



After a few weeks of planning, it was finally time for the wedding.

Doran Martell was in the Crownlands as well, but for a different reason. Dorne had not yet bent the knee to King Robert, and while there was a ceasefire the war had not officially ended yet. It was up to Jon Arryn to negotiate the peace terms, a task which could end the war now if successful. The Dornish are still upset over Elia being held prisoner and her children being blocked from succession, but if anyone can calm their fiery temperaments it is Jon Arryn.

I owe everything to that kind old man. He really put himself at risk supporting my just cause. But it was all worth it in the end.

While many were present at the wedding of Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark, there were others who were not. Stannis Baratheon, who had previously held Storm's End against the combined chivalry of Highgarden, was busy raising a fleet with the intention of capturing Dragonstone and taking the last two Targaryens prisoner. When Daenarys and Visearys are captured, it is likely they will be sent to the clergy with their nephew Ageon so as to nullify their claims. While Hoster Tully was here, his two daughters and his son were not. Edmure, Catelyn, and Lysa waited behind in Riverrun, Winterfell, and The Eyrie respectively. Tywin Lannister flat out refused to attend the wedding; he was so insulted by his son being sent to The Wall that The Lord of Casterly Rock went home. Tywin brought his ward, Rhaenys, with him.

Eh, let Tywin go back to his rock. We don't need him.

The Throne Room was filled with guests, drinking wine and eating expensive foods. Outside the city walls the encampments of Rebel Soldiers had their own tents where they could drink and be merry. It seemed the whole city was celebrating the marriage of King Robert Baratheon and his She-Wolf Queen.

After making his way through the people who were in the throne room, holding his bride to be by the hand so that she followed him, Robert was able to find who he was looking for.

"Eddard! Good you decided do come. I heard you have a gift for the bride."

At this, Eddard smiled. Then he turned to Lyanna.

"Oh yes. Lyanna, there's a man here you might recognize."

At this, her youngest brother stepped into her view. Lyanna now saw why Robert dragged her to this spot.


Benjen Stark was about to open his mouth to say something, but before he could Lyanna had her arms around him in a tight hug.

Benjen put his arms around her and hugged his sister back. "I missed you too."

While Lyanna and Benjen were talking, clearly glad to see each other again after so long, Eddard took Robert aside and walked his dear friend to a wall at the end of the room so as to talk to him in private.

From this point, Robert could still see Lyanna talking to Benjen. Even now he still recalled when he first saw her; the memory of that made him gasp.

"Has there ever before been a woman even half so beautiful?"

Eddard heard what his friend said, and smiled in sadness. No doubt Rickard Stark would have been proud have he could have seen his daughter now.

Eddard inhaled, and said what he meant to.

"Robert, I feel I should warn you. Lyanna has been through a lot. I don't want her to be scared, so I ask that you be gentle with her."

It took a few seconds for Robert to figure out what his friend was saying.

"You mean during the bedding?"

Eddard nodded, and Robert replied.

"Ned, I hoped you'd have known be better than that. I promise you I would never dream of hurting Lyanna. Don't worry, I promise to be gentle with her."

To reassure his friend, Robert patted Eddard in the shoulder.

They went and enjoyed the rest of the wedding feast, enjoying the dishes and generally celebrating the end of the war.

Great meals were served, and all agreed it was a wonderful feast to behold.

Afterwards, they made the procession to the Sept of the Red Keep so that the bride and groom could say their sacred vows of marriage. The Great Sept could not host the royal wedding, as the clergy was still cleaning up after the refugees who took shelter in it during the fall of Kings Landing.

Robert stood at the alter, dressed in finery befitting the soon-to-be King on the Iron Throne. Robert was certainly a handsome man; he was muscled from a lifetime of martial training, making him appear like a maiden's fantasy. He held in his hands a yellow cloak with a black stag on it; the colors of House Baratheon.

In her wedding dress, Lyanna Stark looked absolutely breathtaking as she walked down the isle towards Robert Baratheon. She was being lead by Eddard Stark, who was giving her away as her father would have if was still alive.

As Lyanna walks down the isle, Robert has a chance to look her in the eyes. He can see something in her eyes; though what it is he is not sure. Hopefully it is good.

When she reached him, she removed her Direwolf cloak and handed it to Eddard. Robert gingerly draped the Stag of House Baratheon around her shoulders.

Robert held Lyanna's hands in his own, and with his blue stared into her grey ones. He found himself drawn to her eyes, which were like stars. Robert did not hear what the High Septon was saying; he only knew it was time to exchange vows when Lyanna nudged him gently in the arm.

"With this kiss I pledge my love, and take you for my king and Husband."

Robert still could not fully believe he was finally here, that all he had undergone had been worth it in the end.

"With this kiss I pledge my love, and take you for my queen and Wife."

Pulling Lyanna close to him with his arms, Robert kissed Lyanna deeply and passionately.

She is finally safe, finally mine. As she was meant to be.

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