A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 17:Setting up camp

Once again we are on the move. Since the rebels are once again advancing, we must push further into the heart if the District. The further inward we go, the more fortified our position; hopefully it will be fortified enough that the Rebs can't push us back any longer.

Like always, we leave some gifts for Johnny Reb so they can't use the spot we were in. These gifts include land-mines to blow the rebel vehicles to bits, barbed wire to cut them to bits, and anti personnel mines to blow the rebel infantry to bits.

As we ride trucks down the road to the next destination, we can see signs of war all around. Each village and hamlet we pass is completely abandoned, and most of them have a rather large cemetery. Taverns and restaurants that were once prosperous look eerie without anyone inside. On rare occasions we will see some sign of activity by either rebel guerrillas or loyalist partisans, it can be as small as a footprint in the mud, or as big as a corpse hanging from a tree with a sign explaining that his or her death is from supporting the wrong side.

We have to ride on the rode for a long time, but we eventually reach the location. When we do get there, we find another Peacekeeper Legion is already waiting for us; apparently we will be merging our numbers.

After we finish setting up camp and settling down, I see that this encampment is enormous. It is more of a small town than a temporary camp. How Romulus Thread is able to manage this is a mystery, but I am thankful he can handle such a Herculean task.

The rain sets in, so we eat our meals inside. It is in a big tent which serves as a mess hall.

Tomorrow we will have to fight more rebels. There are so many, and we are outnumbered, but I still have hope. Underdogs like us have won before, so I hope this is one of those cases.

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