A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 27:Rebel plot

After some looking around, we finally get a lucky break. Two of the guards who were sent to stand as watch at a meeting room fell into an unexpected accident, so the sergeant ran up to the first soldiers he saw and asked them to fill in for them. The fact that the first soldiers he saw were us is just simply miraculous. Now we'll get to listen in on a rebel meeting.

I am sure to turn on my communicator to record, so that everyone the rebels say will be saved.

We march as best we can (the District 13 soldiers have a weird marching style) and eventually we reach an empty justice building. We go into the meeting room, and wait for the Mockingjay with other rebel soldiers. The only difference it that these ones are real rebels.

Eventually, one by one, they arrive. Inside come District 13 officers, the traitor Lyme, and the Mockingjay and her cousin.

I try to calm myself when I see the person who killed my cousin. I remind myself that I am here to spy, not to assassinate them. I breath in and out until I am calm enough, that is when I notice that Katniss is seems weary and exhausted; hardly the charismatic rebel leader seen on television.

The traitor Lyme gives a presentation on the Acropolis, and I am quite frankly horrified. They know every detail about the facility, down to the most minute feature. Of course, this is not surprising when I consider that there are probably spies and traitors in the Nut. I am acutely aware that in some of those hallways and rooms are Annona, Mom, and millions of other innocent civilians.

Next Lyme and the others go over the problem of assaulting the Acropolis. I struggle to suppress a smirk while every last plan is thrown off the drawing board due to some defensive feature of the Acropolis. I can see that the traitor is becoming increasingly frustrated. Though I am disappointed that fighting has occurred and that attempts at the Acropolis were made, failed though they may be.

The important rebel officers are given lunch after some hours, and some more hours pass after their eating.

I learn that my assumption of spies being in the Acropolis is shown to be correct. Suggestions of overriding the computer system are made, but those suggestions quickly sink beneath other conversations and suggestions.

Finally, the Traitor shouts in uncontainable anger, "The next person who suggests we take the entrances better have a brilliant way to do it, because you're going to be the one leading that mission!"

It is clear that the rebels can not muscle their way through the entrance. This is one place where their human wave tactics are not going to work. A handful of men and woman can easily hold a choke point against even an otherwise overwhelming opposition.

Katniss's cousin, who spent the last hours looking out the window, chimes in.

"Is it so necessary that we take the Nut? Or would it be enough to disable it?"

Wait? What does he mean by that?

The District 3 Victor says something. "That would be a step in the right direction. What do you have in mind?"

"Think of it as a wild dog den. You're not going to flush your way in. So you have two choices: trap the dogs inside or flush them out."

I am quite frankly horrified. Is he really so brutal that he can not see us as human beings? I hope I never reach the point where I consider all enemies to be wild dogs; less than humans and not deserving of humane treatment.

More horrific is what he means by flush them out or trap them inside.

Lyme, the traitor, says something that I hope will put Gale's (I think that's his name) plan to rest, "We've tried bombing the entrances; they're set too far inside the stone for any real damage to be done."

"I wasn't thinking of that, I was thinking of using the mountain. See? Running down the sides?"

Their elaboration leaves me stricken with deathly terror. I only need to stop myself from vocalizing my petrified horror, as many others in the room become mortified as well.

Beetee joins Gale at the window, sees the slopes, and mutters softly, "Avalanche paths. It'd be tricky. We'd have to design the detonation sequence with great care, and once its in motion, we couldn't hope to control it."

"We don't have to control it if we give up the idea that we have to poses the Nut. Only shut it down."

Lyme, of all people, voices her objection. I do not know why she suddenly cares about her own people, but I can not think about this puzzle. I can not think about anything else whatsoever.

"You're suggesting we cause avalanches and block the entrance?"

Gale responds the affirmative, maliciousness in his voice and on his face. "That's it, trap the enemy inside, cut off from supplies. Make it impossible for me to send out their hovercraft."

A district 13 officer looks through some blueprints before frowning and explaining what should be obvious to anyone from District 2.

"You risk killing everyone inside. Look at the ventilation system. Its rudimentary at best. Nothing like we have at Thirteen. It depends entirely on pumping air in from the mountainsides. Block those vents and you suffocate whoever is trapped."

The fact that this District 13 officer shows genuine moral objection makes me wonder if perhaps not all the rebels had hearts of malice.

Beetee points a detail, though it does not change the fact that many would die in such an assault. "They could still escape through the train tunnel to the square."

What Gale says next (saying it with bluntness and an absence of hesitation) confirms that what he is planning is the worst nightmare of myself and many others. He confirms that, even if the rebellion has roped in some goodhearted men and woman, it still is full of monsters. I am paralyzed by terror.

"Not if we blow it up."

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