A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 30:Preventing a genocide

I sit in the main conference room, showing the recording on my communicator to the Headpeacekeepers, the Victors, and the other members of high command who sit around the table. I am too drained both physically and emotionally to do anything more than fast forward to the important part (the High Command does not need to hear about the rejected plans between Lyme's presentation and Gale's idea), sit in my soggy and sweat soaked uniform, and watch the reaction of the High Command.

As they hear Gale's plans for genocide, every person in the room experiences an intensity of one emotion or another.

Some, like the guards, react the way I did: with an overload of horror.

Most of the rest react with shock, numbness, horror, despair, or anger.

Thread has the third emotion; his eyes turning wide, his skin turning pale, and his hands clasping the edge of the table to keep from feinting of overwhelm. This is the first time I've seen him afraid.

He is not the only one, as I can see quite a few Headpeacekeepers overwhelmed by the severity of the situation.

Barca, who was promoted to Legionary Headpeacekeeper in my absence (I learned of this after he told me of my promotion to Commander), grips his hands together and has a look of grim determination on his face that hints to goings on his his head about how to handle the situation.

Enobaria, who looked uninterested and frankly bored when the meeting began, was convulsing with rage by the time the recording is finished.

She is not the only one, as several Headpeacekeepers and a few of the more hardened guards are also visibly furious.

Once the recording comes to an end, the room fills with talk. Apart from a stream of creative curses and swears Enobaria and a few others shout, I can not hear what anyone is saying.

Eventually the Headpeacekeeper of District 2 gets everybody to quiet. Once the talking dims down to a murmur, he speaks.

"Alright then, let's figure out how to deal with this. I don't know about you, but I didn't fight against rebels in the Dark Days just to die now. We beat them before and we'll beat them as many more times as it takes."

The Headpeacekeeper of District 1 asks, her voice calm. "We can have our antiaircraft guns on order to attack all rebel hovercraft on sight. Of they can't reach us, they can't bomb us."

A Loyal District One Victor who escaped the invasion of his home shouts in outrage, "Then what? Wait for the rebels to make another plan? They want to kill us all!"

"Not if we stop them."

All eyes in the room turn to Romulus Thread, who has emerged from his shock with a new vigor.

"The rebels will be mobilizing their forces and taking down their defenses, expecting that they will be able to make a push for the Capitol soon. They will be vulnerable, they will be unprepared, and they will not be expecting an attack. We hit them and we hit them hard. If all goes well, they'll not be able to organize their forces fast enough to hold us off."

The Headpeacekeeper of the 4th Legion asked simply, "Are you suggesting a counter attack?"

"Yes, I am suggesting we attack now and end this once and for all."

After some brief discussion, the High Command agree on Thread's plan. Then there is more discussion on how to bring it into fruition.

Once that is done, we are dismissed.

As we leave, Thread gives us a reminder as he closes the door behind him.

"Remember, we have five hours until our planned attack. I suggest you get some rest while you still can."

Barca takes me to commander quarters, where I get my own room. It is not much, but I have my own bed and some privacy to rest. He promised to check up on me in one hour.

Sitting on my bed, I felt the abysmal situation overwhelm me.

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