A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 32:Promise

After an hour of sleep, I decide to get up. I gently climb out of my bed and dress myself. I dress myself quietly, pulling my new uniform over me as well as my armor and my weapons. I make sure that Annona is not awoken.

After I am fully dressed, armed, and armored, I sit at the foot of the bed and watch Annona sleep.

After ten minuets, she wakes up.

"Rise and shine sleepyhead."

As she dresses herself, she says the things she wanted to before I embraced her in my arms.

"Lyes, I haven't seen you in months. When they told us that you were Missing In Action, your mother and I feared the worst."

I smile while I answer. "Well, you need not worry; you already know for yourself that I was not dead."

"You're mother became sick when she heard the news."

This would be bad news in any case, but with the memory of my father' death it is intensified.

I nervously ask."How sick?"

"She has been getting better since she learned about your return, but she was at one point near death."

I am thankful that Annona told me of my mothers health returning before bring up the fact that I was almost an orphan.

Annona and I stare into each others eyes for a moment. I feel myself getting lost in those beautiful blue pools.

I am only shaken from my trance by Annona's words.

"I love you."

It feels so good to hear her say those words. I want to feel this way forever.

"I love you too. Will you marry me?"

"But you're a peacekeeper; peacekeepers can't get married."

"I don't care. I never want to be away from you again. Once my twenty years are over, I will be free to marry you. Will you wait for me as my fiancée until then?"

This is not a well-planned proposal. I do not have a ring; when I get the chance I will have to buy her one.

But she doesn't care.

"Yes!Yes!Yes I will marry you!"

I will keep this promise to the best of my ability; if I am blown to bits by rebel artillery, than I will not be able to make good my promise. Still, I will try. I will try to do my best to return to her.

Until then I will fight to protect her.

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