A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 33:Lost loved ones

I eventually reach one of the armories for mid to high ranking commanders. Most of the Peacekeepers and Militamen-turned-into-peacekeepers were already armed and armored, so there are not many in here.

Right now Enobaria is talking to Headpeacekeeper Romulus Thread.

She is wearing a uniform and a suit of armor made specifically for Victors who would be fighting alongside us; it is essentially a Peacekeeper uniform with the color scheme of the tribute uniforms of the 75th hunger games. The rank does not say a rank in the Peacekeepers Armed Forces, it says 'Victor'.

I load my guns while those two talk. They seem to notice I am here, but this does not cause them to request privacy.

"Don't think that me fighting changes how I fee about this whole mess. I am fighting to save my home from sadists; the Capitol is still something I could not care less about."

It looks like someone else also found something actually worth dying for.

"Either way, I'm glad you'll be fighting alongside us."

"Remember, it is only until my people are safe. As soon the Rebs are out of District 2 I will put my gun away and let you handle the rest."

"In any case, I appreciate what you are doing. I also appreciate what you did for my niece."

"Clove was a brave woman, it was an honor being her Mentor."

I guess I am not the only person who lost a loved one during the 74th Hunger Games. I clearly remember Clove getting beaten to death with a rock, Cato swearing revenge, him hunting down and killing the thug who murdered his district partner. When I saw Cato hold Thresh's severed head and scream furiously into the storm, I thought that there was nothing that could beat Cato.

I wonder if Thread took solace in his niece's death being avenged.

"Thanks, that means a lot."

"That reminds me, I wanted you to have this."

She hands the Headpeacekeeper a dagger, then elaborates.

"She used it in the Hunger Games. I thought that as her last surviving relative, you deserved to have it."

At this, Thread, who I have never seen display emotion passionately before, cried.

"Thank you. This means a lot."

After this, Thread began to cry.

"It's not easy losing someone close to you."

Enobaria places her hand on Thread's shoulder in a comforting way.

"It never is."

After a while, Thread is able to regain his composure. Since we have a dangerous job to do soon, he shakes hands with Enobaria.

"See you on the battlefield."

Thread leaves, and as I am about to go out to follow him Enobaria tells me to wait.

"Wait, aren't you Commander Hardley?"

This is confusing, is I don't remember formally meeting her. "Yes."

"You are Cato's cousin."

"That is true."

Enobaria hands me a rather large dagger. "Cato used this in the games, he would want you to have it."

"Thank you." I can not help but ask my followup question. "Did you ever talk to him in the games?"

"Yea, he was really determined. He and Brutus got became friends fast."

Cato did always have that quality about him. "Thanks."

With that, I take out my combat knife and put Cato's dagger in its place.

Now I head out to join the other soldiers.

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