A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 34:pre-battle speech

Standing with the soldiers under my command, I listen as Headpeacekeeper Barca gives a speech to the entire army. Sitting to his left are the other Headpeacekeepers, sitting to his right are the victors who are willing to fight. As he speaks, there is a fire in his voice that makes his speech stick with all of us.

"Soldiers, it has been an honor to serve with you through this hardship. I have seen you preform acts of chivalry and valor far above and beyond the call of duty. You have repeatedly validated the expectations laid before you. It is unfair for any man to ask anything more of you, and it would not be before you doing exactly that if there was no other choice.

Right now District 2 and all its people are threatened; the rebels have made a plan to cause an avalanche over our heads and to bomb all the exits so as to prevent anyone from surviving the onslaught. What they plan is the complete and utter genocidal annihilation of our people. They want to wipe us from existence and make the world as though we never existed to begin with. We, the men and woman wearing the white uniforms of the peacekeepers, are the only thing standing between them and their murderous goals.

When I look into the ranks before me, I see peacekeepers from District 1, District 2, District 4, and from the Capitol. Our willingness to defend the people we love from these enemies; that is what units us, what holds us together. Remember that it was only three quarters of a century ago that our forefathers fought to defend their families as well.

I would defend our families even if I were the last peacekeeper on the earth. I ask that you join me in the defense of our homeland. Are you with me?"


"Then the uprising ends today."

We stand ready, almost every peacekeeper and loyal soldier in this base stands ready. The infantrymen, the tanks, the armored cars, the hovercrafts, and all other vehicles of war are standing ready to charge forth from the Acropolis and strike down our enemy that waits below.

This is a matter of life and death, survival and an annihilation. This battle will either be the turning point of the war or our last defeat.

We can not lose this battle. The hopes of myself and every single person I care about (as well as untold millions) rests on the outcome of this day.

The peacekeepers must be victorious.

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