A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 36:A score to settle

We push our way down the streets, killing any rebels we come across.

Some of the rebels are still in their sleep clothing; clearly having been woken up by the battle. In any case, they are killed almost as soon as they show their faces. Many die with surprise being their last emulation, as they have not registered what is happening and just ran outside with gun when the alarm sounded. If they had not been rebellious, than these men and women would not have died in a foreign land far away from their homes.

Occasionally, one rebel will jump out at me or one of my comrades from a hiding place; I got to use my bayonet after all. Due to the rebel lack of body armor, my bayonet rips through their chests without being blocked. My white uniform is stained red with enemy blood, and in a battle like this that is the way it should be.

Eventually, we reach a crossroads. At one end of the crossroads, Lyme was leading a division of rebel soldiers in a charge. I did not see Enonaria standing nearby until she said something, her voice filled with an anger that seemed personal.

"I want to be the one to kill her."

It seems that Enobaria does not approve of the fact that Lyme was willing to stand aside while her rebel comrade commit a genocide.

The rebel soldiers charging look to be from District 2. It is a sad thing to see two divisions from the same land, people who likely grew up together and knew each other before the war, set out to destroy each other. This was has become brother against brother, father against son.

As the rebel soldiers and the peacekeepers struggled, Enobaria was able to seek out and find Lyme amidst the fighting. She kicked out the feet of the rebel Victor, but Lyme was able to turn around and regain her footing in time. They both pull out their swords and begin to melee. Their fighting is fierce and it is clear that no quarter will be shown or given. With locked swords, it really is a sight to see.

Two Victors in a clash to the death.

Enobaria wields a Gladius sword which was modified and made longer. It is decorated ornately like her armor, but also like her armor I assume that it still fulfills the practical requirements easily.

I do not know what type of sword Lyme uses, but she is wearing a modified District 13 officers uniform.

While other peacekeepers manage to enter the fight and skirmish with the few remaining rebels in Lyme's division, I take my division slightly further down the streets. There we fire at the rebels who are charging in to reinforce Lyme's position. These rebels are gunned down before they can fire at us; their bodies fall onto the mud and are forgotten quickly as we turn to deal with the still living rebels.

They charge in waves of ten to fifteen, not taking the time to organize into their divisions before attacking us. The organization I saw later in the war did not have time to be set up, so the rebels die in droves.

A second wave charges at us, and our grenades make quick work of them. It is clear that the rebels did not expect an attack; the only defensive structures we saw were the shattered machine gun nests in the District Square. Not a single mounted machine gun or land mine to worry about; not even a coil of barbed wire.

Still, we must keep pushing forward if we want to beat the Rebs before they have a chance to set these things up.

It is still dark outside, the has already set and went under the horizon. It will not rise again for many more hours. Above me, the sky is filled with a multitude of beautiful and gentle stars. In the sky the clouds lightly pull some clouds across, like wooden ships across an ancient sea.

But I have no time to gaze in wonder at the heavens, for on the ground the dark city is illuminated by the flash of gunfire and the blaze of explosions from both grenades and hovercraft bombs.

Fighting off another wave of rebel soldiers, I push forward while Enobaria and Lyme fight to the death behind me. I know which one I hope will win this fight.

I suppose that Enobaria might have seen Lyme's disapproval as half hearted, and this might be why she wants to kill her. While Lyme might not have approved of the attempted genocide, but she still needs to die.

Though as I push forward, I have one question. Where did the Mockingjay and the other rebel officers go? While they were probably in the Justice Building, it is possible they escaped. In any case, I will find out by the time this battle ends.

I just hope I can stay alive until then.

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