A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 38:The park

Fighting in the park is much different than in the streets.

After all that, we finally reach the statue in the center of the park. Once there, I see Peacekeepers stationed at the platform around the statue firing at the rebels in all direction. Some supply crates holding ammo and grenades have been parachuted onto the platform so that soldiers can resupply.

One soldier, whose uniform is colored in a mixture of black and silver, walks to the crate to get some more magazines for her machine gun.

This soldier is Enobaria.

She is clearly just beginning to calm down after have been in a battle frenzy. The fact that she is still shaking with wild rage is all I can see of it; the visor she wears covers her eyes so I can not see if they are the widened eyes of temporary insanity. In any case, she clearly won the battle.

I can tell Enobaria was in a state of battle frenzy because with her free hand she held Lyme's severed head.

It is probable that Lyme fought to the bitter end. Even though Lyme was an enemy and a traitor, I can not imagine her going into battle one moment and dying like a coward the next. Apart from that, Careers are trained never to beg for mercy and I know that training is not some thing that goes away on its own. Did she realize and accept that her death would be in vain? Did she convince herself that she was somehow helping her cause? In any case, it would be painful if she was beheaded before being killed as apposed to after.

Such is the way of war: not everybody gets to go home.

Seeing someone hold a severed head would have shocked or horrified me a year ago, now it does not. In fact it reminds me of how Cato, upon defeating the thug from District 11, cut off his head and held it in front of him for everyone to see. The only significant difference is that Lyme's head has a pallor which probably stems from having bled out her blood for some time.

In any case, I am so used to stuff like this that I just reload my machinegun and fire at the rebels. Since we can not risk taking the defensive, we must push onward. Apparently Headpeacekeeper Thread agrees, because he gives us the order.

"Peacekeepers. Forward!"

We push our way through the park, fighting rebels in fierce combat which is both shooting and hand-to-hand.

Shooting, stabbing, lobbing grenades, and killing rebels. This is the business of the day. Blood and guts run like spilled wine, and all of this is to a symphony of screams.

By the time the fighting and the firing is over, my uniform is completely colored brown with mud. This is the case for virtually every other peacekeeper, and in spite of the cold air I am saturated with sweat.

Once the park was secured, it was designated as a stopping point. It's shad providing trees were cut down to be used as fire wood by rebels who were unused to the comparatively cold weather of my home. This meant that the park was no flat enough for hovercrafts to land here; hovercrafts that will be needed to drop in soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles, and supplies.

Still, only some of the soldiers are allowed to sit down and catch their breath. The rest are back to pushing the rebels out of our district.

We have so far taken over half of the city. The battle is going well for us; a vast multitude of the rebel army has been killed and they are taking many more casualties than we are. In fact, while the rebels are losing many many more soldiers than they can afford, we have lost extremely low casualties. The bulk of the rebel army is here, so a decisive victory could easily knock out their war making capabilities. I hope we can turn this war back in our favor, as it looks like both sides are past the point of compromise.

In any case, I can only push forward.

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