A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 41:Golden city of destruction

When we step out, and as we march down the streets we see how the rebels treated the Capitol.

After what what I saw in District 8 and District 4, I am not surprised that acts of rebel barbarism would also take place here.

Apart from one nearly petrified Montgomery, the other peacekeepers in my Division and the other three divisions are not shocked either.

In the distance, I can hear the booming of artillery. The Rebs must be shelling the central circle.

As we march, we see a rebel patrol.

Both sides draw guns, and the outnumbered rebels are killed. However, the gunfire alerted other rebels who were sleeping in nearby buildings. The buildings, which were probably luxurious in times of peace, are trashed and damaged and some are even in fire.

The rebels pop out of the windows to fire at us.

With gun in hand, we spread out into loose formation and fire at the rebels. One by one they fall, some falling dead back in the buildings and some falling out the windows and landing on the ground with a crunch. Their grey uniforms stain red with blood.

Rebels in buildings farther down the street run down to meet us, expecting a few Capitol Guardsmen or maybe some local civilians with stolen firearms. It is clear by their charge strategy that they are not expecting four divisions of battle hardened peacekeepers.

We close ranks and fire at them, killing each and every one of the rebel bastards. While I have long been desensitized as a result of learning of widespread accounts of rebel mass-murder in District 1, the Capitol, District 4, and an attempted genocide in District 2, it still does not make this type of behavior acceptable.

As the rebels here are dead, we push forward. As we do, we see even more evidence that the rebels in the Capitol really tried to break their own record in cruelty and barbarism.

Eventually we reach a rebel artillery squad. There are three artillery guns next to each other, all pointed towards the center of the city and all firing constantly. I bet at there are squads like this all throughout the city, constantly shelling the inner residences.

Now there is going to be at least one less.

We fire at the rebel artillery crews, killing all of them. They die before they can even turn around, many simply slumping on top of their artillery cannons. After making sure there are no rebels hiding around, we use grenades to destroy the rebel artillery pieces and thus ensure the rebels can not use them.

Finally, we reach the lakeside.

Boats and yachts float in the middle of the lake at various points, abandoned and partially sunken. I do not need a strong imagination to guess what happened to those who were on board probably had something to do with the rebel hovercrafts that right now are dogfighting with the beleaguered hovercrafts of the Capitol Guardsmen.

Following the lake, we are able to reach the train station. Oddly enough, there are no rebels here. I guess it is not that strategic a location. In any case, we can now follow the road from here to the main combat.

Walking into the conductors office, I pick up the phone and punch in a number which the phone's digital phonebook tells me is the President's Mansion. I figure there will probably be the Headpeacekeeper of the Capitol on the other line, and I can tell him that we are on our way.

An unidentified old man answers, I assume whoever it is only picked up the phone because of someone were to call in the middle of a battle, it must be important.

"Hello? Who is this?"

"I am Peacekeeper Commander Hardley. I am currently leading four divisions of peacekeepers to reinforce your position; hold out until we arrive. Whatever happens, do not surrender."

"Well, that is good to know. Please be quick."

"Will do sir."

I hang up, and we head out again. I can already hear the fighting, and it gets louder the closer we get to the City Circle.

This battle will determine the outcome of the war. If we lose here, we lose everything.

Once again, the stakes are high as possible.

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