A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 42:Battle of the Capitol

In the City Circle, there is fighting all around.

Rebels a few blocks down the road are charging the Capitol Guardsmen, trying in vain to overwhelm the beleaguered defenders.

All over this area, traps built by the defenders kill rebels in creatively gruesome ways; some of these traps are brand new, but some date back to the dark days.

First we fight with rebels who are resting at the farthest edge of the battle; I assume they have a cycle as to who rests and who fights.

In any case, many of the ones who are resting are killed quickly. The ones who are not killed like pigs prove to be problematic. While we are inevitably able to kill them as well, they do not go out alone. They fire at us and throw grenades, killing about seven of us for each of them. Since there were only eight of them left, the casualties on our sides did not even dent our numbers.

Next comes the planning phase. The plan is not so elaborate as to confuse the peacekeepers.

One division will separate into four sub-divisions, after which they will comb the area where rebel artillery would be; the sooner there are no more rebels shelling the city, the better. Once the shelling is brought to an end, they will move on the rebels.

A second division circles around and attacks the rebels from the east. They will be joined with half of the third division. It is smart to hit the rebels in two places, so that they can not focus all of their soldiers on us.

The rest of us, lead by yours truly, will attack the rebels from the south.

With any luck, we should prevail on this day.

My division and a half marches to the main battle, and after we take up positions we fire at the rebels. Slowly, moving from position to position, we push our way forward.

Many rebels die, but many others turn around and fire back. The way they fight resembles a mad wolf that is surrounded by hunting dogs.

Grenades fly, exploding with an accompanying scream as whoever was on the wrong end perishes.

Someone must be controlling the grizzly traps, because they only seem to spring when they are sure to hit only rebels.

One of these traps is in an alleyway full of rebels; it fills with boiling steam which turns the rebels into pools of rendered goop. All that remains are guns that are hot enough to hammer into a new shape, and uniforms which will no doubt be stuck to the ground.

Another one is a street in which several rebels are positioned, along with a District 13 tank. The streetlights shoot out a purple light which makes all the rebels it touches start to bleed uncontrollably from all the natural holes in their body.

A third one is a manhole which causes acid fog to spew out and snuff out all rebels in the plume. There were many variations of this; sometimes it was acid fog, sometimes it was chlorine gas, sometimes it was mustard gas, sometimes it was some other type of poisoned vapor.

A forth was a stoplight which simultaneously shoots lethal lightning at rebels in the vicinity. If there are peacekeepers or noncombatants or civilians in the area, than the lightning is at a non-lethal intensity so that they are only incapacitated; this gives us chance to secure the area and finish off any rebel soldiers there.

Most bizarre are the living traps, trapdoors deep in rebel held parts of the city occasionally open. Out of them pounces a genetic monstrosity that devours,poisons, or rips apart rebels there. Occasionally we would have to finish off the creatures before it turned on us; we would use grenades when bullets lacked effect.

Other traps were less creative; a barbed wire net, a spike pit trapdoor, hidden machine gun turrets which are doubtlessly controlled remotely, a well placed bear trap.

While these traps were objectively extreme, they still share a single redeeming quality; they were not meant to target noncombatants. These only go off if there are rebel soldiers in the vicinity. And while I may be wrong, rebel medics do not seem to count as combatants (though they do get non-lethal lightning shocks). This might be because the traps are remotely controlled, or it might be for some other unknown reason, but either way they are not as cruel as snare bombs.

The Rebs do not do well against these, and now they are fighting on two fronts. I sincerely hope the rebels will be defeated once again on this day.

I already know that District 2 is under firm Loyalist Control, but now I have to defend more defenseless civilians.

Katniss Everdeen will not survive this day, and I hope her cause dies with her.

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