A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 43:Retiarius

Hearing gunfire on the other end of a long alleyway, I go down the alleyway to join my comrades on the other side. Due to rebel shelling and bombing, the ground of the alleyway was blown to bits and the sewage pipe beneath it was filled in with the debris of the tops of the buildings that make up this alleyway. The alleyway was more like a trench than anything else.

As I crawled my way down it, I got surprise in the form of an assaulter charging at me from out of the shadows.

This person had blond hair. He was wearing what looked to be a uniform of District 13 make but it was not a standard officers uniform, it was modified and included armor and this hinted that my assailant is in a special division. I know I saw him somewhere before, but I do not have time to piece this together. Right now I am need to worry about the fact that he has a trident.

When he comes rushing at me, I am just barley able to roll out of the way of his trident stab.

He tries to stab me again, but this time I am able to block and push back his trident with my bayonet.

Using this opportunity, I get back to my feet and swing the butt of my bayonet at his head.

He blocks this with his upraised elbow, and tries to stab at my underside.

I am barley able to get out of the way, but in doing so I fall to the ground. Before the assailant can stop me, I swing my legs and kick his out from under him.

He lands with a roll, and I roll out of the way. We both get back to our feet.

He is able to knock the bayonet and the gun out of my hands with a downward slash of the trident, but no sooner does he try to stab me than I sidestep him and pull out my sword.

I am able to slash at his shoulder and arm before he can turn around, and he lets out a groan of pain as he tries to stab at me again.

Once again I sidestep and land a solid punch to his stomach. Since I had the sword hilt in my hand, it hurt him even harder.

He throws me back by hitting me with the shaft of his trident, but this gets me within reach of the machinegun and bayonet.

I now hold the sword in my left hand and the machine gun and bayonet in my right.

He he charges at me with the trident.

Using my sword, I turn away the points of the trident.

Using the bayonet, I break through his armor with a forceful stab. I stab again, and this time I pierce his chest.

The assailant's eyes open wide, as does his mouth as he gasps for breath. He stumbles back, off of my bayonet point.

He falls against the wall, and slumps onto the ground. He attempted to prop himself back up with his trident, but as he did not have the strength to do this the trident slipped from his weakened grasp and fell to the ground next to him.

He is coughing up blood, and his skin is beginning to pale.

I sheath my sword, and walk over to him. Raising bayonet, I level it at his head.

Come on. Pull the trigger!

I do not know why, but I can not. Perhaps it is the look of helplessness in his eyes.

In any case, I notice him feeling in his pants pocket for something, but he seems too weak to pull it out for examination.

Against my better judgement, I help him pull it out. It turns out to be a picture.

The picture is of a blond haired man in his mid twenties, sitting down next to a woman of similar age. They are wearing what looks like District 13 clothes, but the first thing I notice is how happy they look. It is clear that this is a picture of the man and his wife or fiancée.

I hold the picture up so the assailant can look at it without effort; his head is laid back against the wall so he does not need to use draining energy to hold it up.

I only notice I am speaking when I hear my voice."Don't worry, I won't leave you yet."

With his eyes, he says thank you.

I hold the picture for him until his eyes grow dim and finally close.

I look for a pulse near the throat, there is none.

Gingerly, I place the picture in his front pocket. After that, I place his trident across his lap.

Even though he was an enemy, he was still a human being and a worthy opponent. As such, it would be rude of me not to treat his remains like the remains of a human.

Leaving the dead soldier behind, I continue down the alley towards the sound of gunfire. I must have missed something.

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