A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 44:Johanna's last stand

I meet up with the peacekeepers on the other side of the alleyway. There I see what I missed.

Before I can actually see what is happening, I hear a scream which is silenced by gunfire. It is a scream of anger and fury, not of fear.

On the ground in front of a building lies the bloodied corpses of four rebels. While three of the rebels are unknown, the forth one is clearly identifiable. Johanna Mason, well known Victor from District 7 as well as a rebel and supposedly a serial killer to boot, is dead. Her eyes are still open, and though they are now dull they are still wide like those of a cornered wolf. Her cold dead hand still grips a battle axe, the other axe is buried in the chest of a Peacekeeper, and she wears what looks like an improvised suicide vest; I did not look close enough to see if she has a fuse, but it is clear that her plans were halted by the rattle of machine guns.

I guess this rebel got to burn alone.

The other peacekeepers explain what happened. Apparently she and ten rebel foot soldiers holed themselves up in the building when the peacekeepers attacked, and after an intense standoff she was one of only four rebels left inside. After running out of ammo, the four rebels made a charge during which they were all gunned down by the hundred or so peacekeepers who surrounded the building.

It looks like the District 7 Victor met a fitting end. Except for one thing.

"What was she doing here? I thought she was in District 13."

"So did we, but it turns out that the Rebs decided to send in their Victors in the hope of raising moral enough for a victory. Heh, as if the presence of Victors would save them."

"So, apart from Johanna, who else was flown in?"

"We don't have a full list, but security cameras showed that Finnick and Peeta were here. We don't know where the former is, but Peeta is probably with his fiancée."

"Well, it's their funeral. How are the positions."

"Everything is going well. Most of the rebel artillery guns were either destroyed or captured, quite a few of the rebels here are dead, and there is no way the President's Palace or the Nuclear Silos will fall into rebel hands. This battle will be over by lunchtime."

I look up at the skies, and realize that we have been fighting all day and into the night. I am sure that back in District 2, the rebels have been completely routed. I would not be surprised if the entire district was secured and the Loyalist Armies were pushing the rebels back.

If I live to see the end of this battle, than I will get the opportunity to return to District 2 and see the triumph of the National Banner for myself.

Right now, I must go to join the rest of the Peacekeepers in defeating the enemy here and now once and for all.

I march with the others to the battle.

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