A Peacekeepers Nightmare

Chapter 47:Recovery

I awaken with a start in a hospital bed, and with a bad headache.

It takes an hour for my headache to lessen enough for me to take stock of my surroundings.

Before I can open my eyes, I am made aware of the sounds of the room. A heart monitor beats on a regular pattern.

Lights above me flicker a bit.

A medical practitioner with a Capitol accent talks with another medical practitioner, the second one has a District 2 accent and sounds exhausted.

When I finally open my eyes, I see where I am. I am in the Capitol Hospital, in a hospital bed, with bandages wrapped thickly around my chest. The number of wounded must have been to the point where the Capitol Hospital had to be pressed into service as a military hospital. I can see the hospital beds to my left and right are filled with injured civilians and wounded Peacekeepers.

The Capitol Doctor and the Peacekeeper Medic he is talking to seem to notice me being awake.

The medic rushes over to attend to me, and all I can do is mumble my question repeatedly.

"Where are my Peacekeepers? Where are my peacekeepers? ..."

"Don't worry, they're resting. The battle is over."

"Did we win?"

He turns on the television on the wall across from my bed, and says, "See for yourself. Now please get some rest."

I focus my attention on the screen in front of me. The footage on the screen must have repeated over and over for hours; when I see what it is I can easily understand why it would be important enough to repeat.

It if footage Katniss and Peeta recorded from an elevated angle. The footage shows two peacekeepers walking up behind them. Katniss and Peeta turn around, and Katniss fires an arrow at one of the peacekeepers and hits him in the chest. The other peacekeeper blurts out "for my parents!" and unloads his machine gun at the two Victors. The two Victors fall back onto the ground, and with his last ounce of life Peeta reaches out and clasps Katniss's. He pulls himself close to her and holds her in his arms as he dies.

The subtitles on the bottom of the screen read: "The Mockingjay is Dead".

I close my eyes, relieved that this is finally over.

After about a day the doctors feel I am recovered enough to go out join with the rest of my division. The Capitol medicine must be really high quality, as they were able to heal a near-fatal arrow wound in a few hours. I am even allowed to keep the arrow as a souvenir, though I have to keep it in a plastic bag until the blood dries.

It is night time, and most of the peacekeepers here are asleep or otherwise resting in Victor Park. It is called this because it has statues of every single Hunger Games Victor; under each statue is a plaque indicating when the Victor was born, when he or she died if he or she died, as well as notable things this victor did during or after their Hunger Games. I assume that the statues of the rebellious Victors will be either taken down, vandalized, or given updated plaques describing their crimes.

I go to my division, and after making my way through the tired and weary peacekeepers, I reach my friends.

Jacobine, Aric, and Montgomery are asleep under the statue of Gloss. I do not read the plaque, but I assume it includes some mention of him and his sister killing the Beast in the third Quarter Quell. Unfortunately they did not kill the real threat, but I can no longer dwell on the past too much as I am too tired to.

It is midnight.

"Aric, how have you been doing? I haven't seen you for half a month?"

"Doing fine. The Quack managed to fix my foot, so I'll be able to walk. Helena got promoted to Corporal while fighting in District 2. How are you doing? I heard you got an arrow in the heart, are you okey?"

I did not know it hit my heart. But in any case, I am okey now. I nod in answer to his question. Then I check on Jacobine.

"Jacobine, how are you doing?"

"Good now that the battle is over. The airstrip was a fucking meat grinder."

"Well, at least it is over. Montgomery, how are you doing? I heard you killed the Mockingjay."

If Montgomery is proud of ending the rebel threat, he does not show it; he just treats it like a fact of life, his voice giving this event the importance of breakfast.

"Yes. I got a medal and met the President."

"This is quite a victory."

"Two teenagers are dead, but I guess it can be called a victory. I just wish someone else could have to be the one to do it."

We stare up at the starry sky; years ago Montgomery told me that the Capitol uses some technology to cancel out light pollution ao they can see the sky, but I do not remember the science bits.

Either way, we watch the stars and think of all that happened.

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