Breaking Point


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See you later Scarlet!

It was never supposed to end like this. The thought moved like a slug in his mind. His feet move on their own accord, faster than his brain could ever hope to react. It was instinct. Instinct to protect her from whatever harm they throw her way. Everything is moving in slow motion, his body flying in front of hers his hands outstretched, his body acting graceful for once in his life.

He feels the pain before the crack of the gunfire. It explodes in his gut like a hot brand, and he feels like he's burning from the inside out. Screams fill the room, her screams. His body hits the ground, but the spots on his vision are already starting to gather. He can hear Natsu yelling in fury, and knows that she's safe for now. Natsu won't let anything happen to her. Despite their differences, he would do it for him.

Still, he wants to yell at her to run, to get out of here and leave him behind. His breath is coming in shaky gasps, and he can't force the words past his throat. The sounds begin to fade, even though he doesn't think they're done screaming. It's like he's underwater, the sounds muffled. Background noise. Someone was lifting up his shirt, exposing the gory wound. His hands are clutching the wound he realizes, as a smudge of blue and white pries them away. Wendy.

His head is lifted, and placed in a warm lap, fingers running through his hair. His eyes attempt to focus on the face above him, because he knows it's her. She's always there.

"Please hold on." She begs, but her voice is slipping in and out of focus like ocean waves. Her scarlet hair is tickling his face as she bends over, and his left hand moves to catch strands of it in his grip. It was the first thing he noticed about her. Like a stop sign.

The hand moves to cup her face, his bloodstained thumb rubbing comforting circles on her cheek. Tears are falling out of one brown eye, sobs rocking her body. Other people are speaking, someone is running towards them, but all he can see is her.

"See you later Scarlet." He whispers, blood trickling out of his mouth. His hand falls from her face, and his eyes slip shut.


Two Years Previously

"This is for your own good son." His Father's hand felt like an iron weight on his shoulder, and with a brutal abrupt move Gray Fullbuster shakes it off. He knows his Dad's so called 'guilt' is for show, and that he was probably relieved to see his screwed up son sent far away from his perfect life. They would probably have a party when he left for this 'Fairy Tail Academy for Troubled Children'. It was made clear a long time ago that he didn't fit into his family's perfect life style, that he was to like his Mother for his own damn good.

Adjusting the large duffel bag he had propped on his shoulder, he surveyed the empty train platform before him, ignoring his families prolonged goodbyes. Sure, he knew he was the last stop, but he didn't think that no one else would be getting on the train with him. It was a special train, meant for the school so any attempts at running away would be thwarted, and parents didn't have to drive their lazy asses up to the school to drop their kids off.

The train was coming; he could hear its wheels whistling on the tracks. Stepping forward, he ignored his sister Ultear's fake attempt at sobbing. She wasn't sad about him leaving; none of them were deep down. At least Lyon had the decency to screw the fake act and merely looked bored, occasionally ruffling his silver hair and puffing out his chest as if he could show off his abs to nonexistent girls.

The train burst into the station with a shrieking whistle, pulling to a stop in front of Gray. Ultear hugged him from behind, and their Father pulled her away, soothing her. She'd still gotten to whisper her message in his ear anyways.

"Don't fuck things up this time." She had hissed , and he simply rolled his eyes at the whole lot of them. Without saying a word, he boarded the train. He wouldn't miss them. Who would?

The train consisted of one car, filled with rows of seats. Almost every single row was already filled with students, and two adults guarded each entrance. They were really serious about keeping him there then. Looking at it, you wouldn't think this was a train for troubled kids. Almost everyone there looked perfectly normal, calling out at friends, exchanging hugs, laughs bounding around the carriage. Gray felt instantly out of place in a place where he was supposed to feel the same as everyone else. Nothing new then.

As he passed each row the students turned to glance up at him, their eyes surveying him quickly before darting away. He ignored them. If he didn't need friends back home, he didn't need friends here. He made his way towards the row at the back of the car, the only one that was mostly empty. Mostly being the key word there. Only one girl occupied the seat, her face turned towards the window. Ignoring all polite courtesies, he sat on the opposite end, leaving one seat between them. The seats were green plaid, and didn't give you much space. Still, he would rather sit one seat away from her then next to the couple making out in the opposite row. Seriously who did that on a train?

As soon as he sat down, the train took off with a lurch, causing his head to slam back into the seat. Someone moaned from a row in front, and Gray caught glimpse of a pink haired guy falling into the aisle, clutching his stomach. A blonde girl went to help him up, although her annoyed yells signified she wasn't to happy about it.

The girl by the window didn't move an inch as the whole thing went down, still leaving him wondering slightly about her face. Not that he cared about those things generally; he just wondered if her eyebrows were the same shade as her hair.

You couldn't call her a ginger, or compare it's shade to dye, as it was a blood red. A beautifully fiery scarlet his Mother would have loved at first sight, then taken up a paint brush and painted its shade. It's tips rested on the seat behind her, and hid most of her from view. He rummaged in his bag for a moment, his Mother still hovering in his mind.

He pulled out his sketchbook and flipped to a blank page. It was his Mother who taught him to draw, how to turn his stick figure drawings into something else. He began to sketch the girl before him, the stiff robotic posture she carried, her hair which took up so much space, the way her palms rested on the window as if she wished to break the glass. It was only when he began adding the details of the area around her when she said something.

"It is common courtesy to ask someone's permission before you draw them." The voice was cool, crisp, and confident. He looked up, but she hadn't moved from her position. Rolling his eyes, he snapped the book shut. After a couple minutes she spoke again. "You're very talented."

"I try to be." He said back, and then leaned back against the seat and pretended to be asleep until the train screeched to a halt. He still hadn't seen her face, as she was gone from the car before he could move, shoving past him, leaving his nose filled with the scent of cheap soap and peppermint.

He trudged past the various people departing the train, until a hand on his arm stopped him. The platform was supposed to be right off the school, but he couldn't see past the large pine trees obscuring his view.

"Are you new?" A bubbly voice sounded, and he looked down to see big brown eyes and a cheery smile. Wordless, he nodded, and recognized her as the girl who helped up the boy earlier. "I'm Lucy!" she introduced herself.

"Gray." He replied curtly, and they didn't say anything else until they rounded the corner, and he got his first glimpse of Fairy Tail. In all honesty, despite the niceness of the train he was expecting a prison looking building surrounded by barbed wire fences. Instead, a soaring grey stone building shot up to the sky in front of him, impressive beauty radiating from it. At first he thought they had taken a wrong turn, surely the happy building with all the flags couldn't be a place for troubled kids, and he couldn't even see all of it.

Lucy let out a sigh at the sight of the building, an easy grin spreading over her features. "Levy-Chan!" she shrieked, evidentially spotting someone she knew and darted away. He couldn't say he was too sorry to see her go. She seemed nice enough, a bit eager… and not his type. The school was surrounded by a fence, large and high… to high to climb over. The gates at the front opened, and out stepped a figure.

"Testing…" the girl tapped the microphone, "Testing… Hello students!" Her voice was like something from a cheesy ad, bright and cheerful. A couple catcalls sounded, but the woman merely smiled. "For newcomers, my name is Mirajane, and while I'm usually in charge of cooking I also would like to show any newbies around." She waved a hand, "Please step forward."

Sighing through his teeth, Gray stepped up,, hearing whispers sound from every corner of the assembled students. To his surprise he saw a flash of scarlet, the girl from the train was already standing in front of Mira. They were the only two.

"Follow me please." Mirajane said happily, and up close Gray could tell Lyon would have hit on her given the chance. She had soft waves of white hair, and large blue eyes which seemed to hold to much false cheeriness to be real. Not that Lyon would notice something like that anyways. Once they had stepped inside of the gate, Gray could see the building properly now.

It was made of solid gray stone, the school emblem hanging from every flag, the windows large and beautiful. It didn't look like a school, more like a castle. "What are your names?" Mirajane asked.

"Gray Fullbuster." He said, and zoned out for a moment.

"…Scarlet." He heard, missing the first part of what the girl on the train said. He mentally slapped himself in the head. He was sure her first name wasn't Scarlet as well, and he couldn't ask her what her name was now without looking like a bloody idiot could he?

"I'm just going to show you around." Mirajane said, "While everyone else returns to their dorms."

She showed them the cafeteria (which looked like a normal high school cafeteria with better food), the gym, the hall where all their classes were held, the detention center, the library, the field, and the Headmasters office (well they saw the door, they didn't get to step inside.)

That whole time, about two hours, Gray didn't get a glimpse of Scarlet's face. She was always in front of him, or her face turned away. He wondered if she was really ugly and just didn't want to show him. It wasn't that he was interested in people in general, more the fact he was rather curious now to see if her eyes were oddly colored as well.

"And these are the dorms." Mirajane said, "Girls to the left, boys to the right. I need to go cook dinner, why don't you go meet your roommates?" She waved goodbye.

"Mirajane is pretty, why don't you stare at her?" Scarlet snapped, whirling around to face him. He realized he had been staring, at the small glimpse of curved throat he could see between the curtains of hair. Now that he was looking at her face, he choked on his own spit.

She was beautiful. Her scarlet hair hung over one eye, obscuring it from view, but the other eye was narrowed, and the brown of oak wood. Her skin was unblemished, the curve of her nose, her throat, everything looked graceful. Her eyebrows matched her hair, and they were drawn down over her eyes in annoyance. She turned away, stalking towards the left having evidentaly gotten her room number already.

"See you later Scarlet?" He called after her, although he didn't know why. She turned back for a moment, her eye reflecting something dark.

"My name is Erza." She spat. "Learn it."

She disappeared around a corner, and Gray stumbled over to the board, searching for his dorm number and his roommate.

Natsu Dragneel, room 7.

If you made it this far, you're amazing! I really am not good at beginnings, but I promise I can write drama like no other. Maybe. Probably not.

Anyways, I only need one person following to update again because I seriously love it when someone cares about my stories... Woooooop!

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