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By TheFallenAce15

Adventure / Action

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Percy Third POV- Calcutta, West Bengal

Smog filled the air as the dark-haired teenager walked past all the people on their bikes in the dark night, making his way to the small building that served as the hospital with a pack of water clenched in his hand. In the hot and dirty part of the city, he stood out like a sore thumb in his black aviator jacket and sea-green shirt and scarf.

That was the point though. To everyone around him, he was the American doctor-in-training, whom everyone went to when they needed medical assistance. All around him, the grass was dead and bottles and other plastics littered the floor.

Calcutta was a beautiful city, and when Percy was first told he would be there, he was ecstatic. It had some truly beautiful sights in it that he was eager to explore. Of course, he had other priorities, but it would still be fun.

There was just one drawback: the place had a serious pollution problem. Sulphur and nitrogen dioxide filled the air, and haze and smog laid waste to the poor. Of course, there was healthcare, but there was only so much they could do with such a large population. Lung cancer was scarily common. Percy was lucky that he could cleanse the air around him using his power over water vapor.

Recently, an epidemic had raged out due to the lack of cleanliness within the environment. Percy's employer had chosen to come to this place to help, and Percy, being the faithful intern, followed him.

He entered the building, quickly pulling bottles out of the pack and distributing it to the people who were sick and putting them besides those who were unconscious. He had subtly purified the water in them before filling them. This was in fact just rainwater that Percy had collected quietly. Even Bruce didn't know about this.

He smiled as he put his hand on the head of an old woman who was using a cool cloth to wipe the head of her son. She looked over at him and smiled thinly, bags under her eyes.

"Ye leejiae." Percy spoke in fluent Urdu, handing her a bottle. "Apko bi zurrat hai." (Here you go. You need it too.)

The woman smiled and accepted the bottle, taking a large gulp from it. "Shukriyah." (Thank you.)

Percy nodded to her, smiling. The native language here was Hindi, but Urdu was so similar that either could be spoken. There were only a few grammatical differences. He quickly scaled the rickety steps to the second floor where the person he considered his older brother squatted next to one of the people who were shaking fitfully in their sleep.

Percy First POV

As I watched, Bruce swatted a few flies away before gently and carefully sticking a thermometer into the person's mouth. He looked over and saw me standing by the stairs. He nodded in greeting and smiled tiredly.

"Check his temperature for a moment will you?" He asked. "I just need to clean up."

I nodded and as he passed me I put my hand on his shoulder. "Be careful. I don't want you stressing yourself out too much."

Upon seeing his frowning face, I smiled. "Don't take it that way. Lots of people here need help, and it may only get worse. We both have to be ready in case something else pops out. I know you can't get sick, but take rests whenever you can in short intervals."

Bruce nodded, smiling at me before walking over to a nearby basin to wash his hands. I was one of the few people who knew him personally, and about his other side. I was also one of the few people who treated him like a normal person, which was why we got along so well.

As I was wiping the patient's head with a damp cloth, a young girl came running up the stairs, stopping halfway through. She immediately looked at the Doc, who was drying his hands with a towel. The young girl started talking quickly, desperately holding out a wad of rupees. Basically, the gist of it was that her father was not waking up, and she was desperately worried for him. I quickly looked at Bruce, and we both turned to the unconscious man beside me at the same time. I nodded to him, signifying that I would be fine and to go help her.

He turned to the girl and calmly quieted her before pointing to the patient beside me. "Inki tara?" He asked, in fractured Hindi. (Like him?)

She nodded, before desperately holding out the money through the rails of the stairs, her eyes trembling. "Please." She whimpered.

Bruce wrapped his fingers around the girl's outstretched hand, closing it. Then he nodded to her, as if saying lead the way. She ran back down, and he hurried after her.

I turned back to the guy beside me and gently pulled out the thermometer. 104. Well, crud. I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out a small clear bottle. I took out a pill and crushed it in my fingers, then sprinkled it slowly into the cup of water beside me. I slowly tipped his mouth open, before dribbling a bit in.

I gestured to a man who was rushing around gathering items, by the name of Karan. He was deaf, but extremely hardworking. On top of that, he had a powerful immune system, so he volunteered a lot.

I spoke to him in sign language, telling him to gently pour the water into the man's mouth. I then signed to him to make sure it was a little at a time, and to be positive that he was swallowing. He nodded and I walked out, going to search for Bruce.

As usual, I threw out my senses, searching through the water vapor for any trace of gamma radiation, which Bruce was loaded with. I found one leading away from the city, and into a rather secluded area and followed it to a small shack about 5 minutes away.

I frowned. This was pretty far from the city. Did the girl's family live here?

I froze. From here I could sense at least 15 other presences, all surrounding the shack. Without looking, my senses roared, feeling over a dozen guns cocked and loaded aiming at me.

I was about to knock them all out - Bruce would be fine for a bit - before said person roared inside the shack. "STOP LYING TO ME!"

I quickly walked inside, noting that the men with their guns were trained on the house once again. What I saw surprised me.

A redheaded woman - Russian by the look of it - had a gun aimed point-blank at Bruce's head, her knuckles tight. He had his hands on the table between them, and his skin was tinged green - not a good sign.

I quietly slipped into the shadows of the room, warping the water vapor around me so I wouldn't be seen. As silently as I could, I pulled my Glock G17 out of my pocket and flipped the safety off. There was a reason these guys were after the Doc, and it wasn't because he did checkups for free.

As I watched, Bruce smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry," he started. "I just wanted to see how you would react."

The woman put her hand to her ear, her jaw taut. "Stand down." She said, her voice slightly shaky.

I could hear the men behind her lowering their guns and moving back from the shack.

Dr. Banner smiled. "Just you and me, huh?" He asked softly.

Third Person POV

Dr. Banner smiled. "Just you and me, huh?" He asked softly.

"Not really," Percy said, choosing to step out of the shadows at that moment with his gun trained on Natasha. In a flash, the Russian assassin had her pistol up, aimed point-blank at his head.

"There are almost two dozen men outside with their big, flashy guns." Percy said, not moving his eyes off Natasha. "They seem to think that the other guy comes out on an hourly basis."

As he talked, Natasha looked the teenager over quickly. He was about six feet, and had messy black hair that clashed with his sea-green eyes. He had a lean build, not that of a bodybuilder, more of a swimmer's build. He was clearly powerful and fast, and Natasha noticed that he was balanced on the balls of his feet. What surprised her was his caucasian skin, slightly tanned. He wasn't from around here then, and his voice had a slight American accent. He wore a black aviator jacket with a sea-green shirt underneath and a matching green scarf.

"Bruce, who is this?" Natasha asked calmly. "Your student?"

"His intern," Percy replied coolly. "And you are?"

The assassin frowned slightly, turning to Bruce. "You don't take students."

Dr. Banner shrugged, looking slightly sheepish. "We've both had horrible lives, and he works hard. I wouldn't just grab a random student now, would I?"

Natasha just stared at him. "Whatever. Let's go." She said to Bruce.

"Woah woah woah," Percy said as Natasha walked past him. "I'm coming too."

"Not safe, kid." She said without looking back. She missed his smirk.

Bruce spoke. "He's coming. Otherwise I'm not coming." Natasha stopped just short of the doorway. This made everything a lot more difficult.

"Besides," Percy spoke up. "Dr. Banner's specialization is gamma radiation, which you probably need him for, if my guess is correct. I have knowledge about gamma waves, and while I don't know them in and out like the Doc does, I can track them with about as much skill as he can."

Natasha was thinking. This kid wasn't part of the Avengers Initiative. If anything, all he would do is make things more difficult. But she really didn't want to deal with this right now. She was edgy enough as it was around the Hulk, as much as she'd rather not admit it.

Maybe it would be best to leave this decision up to Fury.

"Welcome aboard..."

"Percy," The son of Poseidon said with a cheeky grin. "Percy Jackson."

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