Betrayal of the Unspoken


666 years ago, everyone left Percy Jackson, betraying him, banishing him, destroying his identity and his life. Soon, Chaos took him in as one of his charges. When he comes back, he's... different.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Percy POV

How's it going? My name is Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon, Savior of Olympus, Bane of Hyperion, Kronos, Gaea, and a few giants here and there, killer of the gorgons, the sow, the Minotaur, and many more. Oh yeah, but all of that no longer exists. That was all exactly 666 years ago. Now? Now I am a Guardian of the Earth, and I mean savior of the whole Earth, not just America. Name a country and I can assure you that I have been there, and that everyone there knows me in one way or another. How, you may ask? Well, I am one of the Four Guardians of Earth. One of the Four SEASONS of the Earth. I am Winter, Friend of Chaos and the first and most powerful season. The Olympians altogether are no match for me, should they anger me. And they have angered me indeed. Oh yes, they all once knew me, before I took up my current life. Here is how it all began.

Flashback (666 years ago)

I had been gone for nine months. Doing what, you might ask? Well, I was training with Hades and in the Underworld. I had a task that was given to me by Athena, to see if I was worthy of proposing to her daughter. Apparently, me saving the world twice didn't cut it. Therefore, I was to defeat all the dead warriors and heroes, such as Achilles, Theseus, etc. to gain the trust of Athena.

I trained with my biggest opponent, Achilles for six out of my nine months. In that time, he taught me hand to hand combat, weapons training, and honor and dignity in battle. The air in the Underworld was stuffy, to the point that it was like fighting in honey so that above ground I would be faster. After training with him for four months, I was given the challenge of defeating him. I still remember the sounds of our weapons clashing, as I was looking at his every movement, observing every shift in weight. Every time he tensed, I had a fiftieth of a second to determine where he was going to lunge. The first time I fought him, I lost. I had nearly won before Achilles pulled a few moves, shocking me to the point that he was able to put his knife at my neck. I had no idea what he had done, but it had me flat on my back with a dagger at my throat.

"How did you do that?" I questioned.

He smirked. "Do you really think that I taught you all I knew in four months? It took me 3 years to learn all I know now, and years more to master everything. Even now I don't know everything."

He handed me back my sword, his face stoic with barely a trace of a smile on his face. "Now, back to training!"

After another 2 months, I was able to pick up a few tricks. This time, I chose to dual wield, using my sword along with a few throwing knives in a sheath supplied by Hephaestus. My plan was to fight with the daggers as distractions and a few wicked feints that I had thought up. I had already been told by Achilles that my fighting style was so unorthodox that it was like trying to solve two puzzles that had all the clues jumbled together. I was confident that I could capture him off guard and finally get to sleep for a full twelve hours. (After nine, I was forced to fight 15 undead Myrmidons with sore muscles. The Myrmidons were warriors of Achilles, and their coordination and teamwork was unrivaled. Together, they were deadly. Not the best wake up call.) I remember this fight clearly, since it was tougher than the fight against Kronos.

A/N My first fight scene, so tell me what you think of it!

I hefted my sword as I stood beside the River Styx, twirling a dagger in my left hand. They were made of Stygian Ice, and the cool metal in my palm soothed my churning nerves. Yeah, thanks to my time in the Underworld, I had grown resistance to Stygian essences to the point that they affected me like normal metals only.

I looked my mentor in the eye. We both bowed, then stood in a ready stance. Well, he did. I stood in my regular stance that seemed to change and develop over these months. My arms made an X in front of me, my legs spread out at shoulder length. One shoulder was tense, while the other dropped in a relaxed position. This caused confusion as to which side I would attack from.

I made the first move, hurling a dagger and lunging forward. Achilles deflected the dagger back at me, rolling out of the way at the same time. Without breaking momentum, I caught the dagger and quickly dropped it in the black dirt. It would return to me soon enough.

We both circled for another moment, our eyes calculating each other's movements. Simultaneously, we rushed forward, exchanging blows and jumping back at the last second. I wasn't worried about how long the battle lasted, since my endurance outlasted my mentor's.

We carried on fighting like this for 45 minutes, the Fields of Punishment blazing behind us. We both could have gone for half a day had we wished, but I was relentlessly pushing on the offense, slowly letting him analyze my style and fall into my trap. I had let him assume that I was attacking straight and hard, and he calmly blocked each blow, keeping an eye out for my daggers.

After a while, I saw my time had come. Achilles was starting to grow impatient, and was about to snap. I hurled a knife at him, then flung my sword like a ninja star. His eyes widened in surprise as he deflected one projectile, hitting the dirt for the next as it grazed his head. Before he could move completely, I had thrown a knife and locked my sword (which came back immediately, an upgrade by Tyson) on the blade of Achilles. I threw my weight, flicking my wrist, and knocking the sword out of his hand, using the disarming maneuver that Luke had taught me. Normally, Achilles had a grip of steel, but my dagger had embedded itself into his forearm, paralyzing his ghostly nerves for a split second, which was all I needed.

I put my blade at his neck, and he grinned.

"Yield?" I asked, careful for any tricks.

He smiled, a genuine smile that shone with happiness and pride. "I yield."

I capped Riptide, and stumbled backwards, exhausted yet euphoric. I finally did it, was my last thought before I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was whisked off for the remaining three months of training. After beating Achilles, taking down the other legacies was a cinch. The only challenge was learning what they had to teach. Nevertheless, I soon succeeded in my tasks. With the approval of Hades and Athena, I was finally able to forge my wedding ring. It had a celestial bronze base, and was stringed and laced with Stygian Ice and Stygian Iron. A cross of an owl and a trident were upon the front of the ring, swirling with Ancient Greek phrases that rippled and moved constantly with phrases: "To Tartarus and back for you…" "Always one…" and many others.

I went back to camp with the blessing of Athena, confident, and yet nervous. It was time, and I was freaking out.


I was finally here. I walked through the borders of camp, stopping to say hi to Peleus and Thalia's pine tree. After that, I went down to the beach to sooth my nerves. I spent a few minutes over there, praying to my dad that everything would be all well.

The other campers had not seen me yet, so I was surprised when I received a rather hostile welcome. First, Nico glared at me before melting into the shadows, a look of outrage and sadness on his face. Second, Thalia came up to me with tears in her eyes, yelling at me about insulting her and Artemis, along with breaking her spear. I told her I had no idea what she was talking about, and she shocked me backwards a few feet, flooring me before she stalked off towards the hunters, who glared at me as if expecting me to catch fire and burn. Everyone, the Stolls, Clarisse, Will Solace, Katie Gardner, and everyone else, including the Seven (apart from Leo, who died), looked at me with disgust and gave me a wide berth except for a few, who went up to my face and yelled at me about various stolen items and broken possessions, along with insulting me and simply claiming that they were "returning the favor".

I decided that I wouldn't judge them just yet. Gods knows what was happening. I headed towards the Athena cabin, blocking out all the campers, and knocked on the door. When Malcolm opened it, he had a look of anger on his face just like everyone else. However, traces of pity and sadness were on his face as well.

"Malcolm, where's Annabeth?" I asked.

He replied in a worried tone. "Percy…"

"Just tell me."

He sighed, handing me a paper. "Here, she told me to give this to you. Also, I would be careful, after everything you've done here, I wouldn't be surprised if you were driven out of camp. "

Shocked and a little confused by his statement, I opened the letter. It seemed to have been sealed so that only a son of Poseidon could have opened it. What I saw next made me feel neither sadness nor unhappiness, just emptiness.


I am sorry, but it is obvious that we cannot do this. First you disappear for 8 months, and now you've vanished again? I've decided that I need to take a break. I've been called up on Mt. Olympus, and I am going to work on the temples to all the gods. Therefore, I just want to break up this relationship. There never was any "us" if it came down to you or the other choice. I now have a job, and something worth living for, where you gave me recognition and fame for being your friend. In case you are wondering, I had convinced the campers through a few rumors that you had broken a few possessions of theirs. Of course, the true damaging was done by a few newbie Ares campers. This is nothing personal, I am only doing this so that you understand what it means to take care of your friends and not leave them for over 8 months. I hope we can still be friends in the future, although that remains to be seen by whether I see fit.

Your comrade,

Annabeth Chase, architect of Olympus, slayer of Arachne and immortal guardian of Camp Half-Blood

I stared at the letter for a few seconds, comprehending what had been said. Annabeth held no love for me. She had merely used me as a tool for her reputation. She knew that on her own, she would never be noticed by her mother, much less be given the title of Architect of Olympus. And how arrogant was she now that her secret was out, that she decided that she could determine whether we could be "friends anymore"? Not to mention she seemed to use her titles as a way of saying that I was nothing compared to her. For some reason, this didn't bother me as much as it should. I had a feeling that this was coming, with Annabeth's pride getting in the way at random intervals during our adventures together. And for the record, Leo was the one who dropped a ship on Arachne. All Annabeth did was fall right into Tartarus after her like a klutz.

I dropped the letter, and it immediately incinerated, slowly folding in on itself as it burned to ashes. Walking to my cabin, I quickly opened the door. I looked around at everything I had. I had no need for any of it. Pulling out the ring, I gently put it on my shelf, where it lay beside the Minotaur horn, looking desolate and alone. I quickly vapor-traveled to the Empire state building, walking past the guard and grabbing the key he held out to me. Over time, he had grown to recognize me and actually gave me the card without saying a word. Shocker, I know.

I waited for the elevator to rise, listening to the crappy music that was being played. I had long since realized that since this was the pathway to Mt. Olympus, I couldn't short-circuit the machinery, so I was forced to merely tune out the music. As soon as I got out, I walked through the streets, ignoring the looks of pity and hatred that I was being given. It seemed that my famous "idiocies" had been heard about on Olympus as well. I wasn't positive, but I suspected that the Hunters must have told Artemis something and she reported it to the council. Like I cared.

As soon as I walked through the palace doors, I felt all eyes on me. I slowly walked to the center of the throne room. 8 hateful glares were centered on me. Hades was there, in the new throne I gave him, but he merely looked at me with pity in his eyes, as did Athena. Hestia looked saddened as she stoked the flames, unnoticed by many. She still preferred the hearth to her throne. Poseidon, my father, had a look of deep disappointment on his face. Apollo had a passive face, as if he was brooding, which was a first. Hermes was frowning, and his hateful expression was flickering between confusion and anger, as if he was having an internal battle. Dionysus was asleep.

I looked around, staring each Olympian in the eye as they glared right back at me. I saw Hestia give me a sad smile, and I returned the favor, telling her in my mind that it was all right, that I would soon be okay. That was when I realized. The air seemed to be heavily laden with magic. Some of the gods had slightly dazed looks on their faces, while the others were glaring at me, their eyes clear and unclouded. Ever since Tartarus and the Underworld, I had grown sensitive to my environment, to the point where I could tell if Jason was controlling the winds 50 feet away from me.

Zeus stood up. "Perseus Jackson, you have showed hostility to our children and failed to protect many of them even though you had a chance. We have come to the conclusion that since you have somehow failed many times when you could have saved innocent lives, you are a traitor and must have been spying for either Gaea or Kronos."

Ouch, that hurt. I had already caused the death of many, and I had no intention of being reminded that I couldn't protect all of my friends. Bianca, Zoe, Lee Fletcher, Beckendorf, Silena, Michael Yew... The deep rift in my heart grew wider, and I realized that the pain of the deaths of my friends made me feel close to nothing towards Annabeth, who could no longer be considered a friend.

"For your constant failures, I, Zeus, King of the Gods, banish you from Mt. Olympus, Camp Half-Blood, and Camp Jupiter for the rest of eternity by the approval of the council. This vote cannot be vetoed, and you are to be killed on sight, should you ever be seen again."

I stumbled backwards. Whatever happened, I had not expected this. I was banished from the whole world that I knew of, never to be seen unless I was killed on sight. How could this actually happen to me? I had planned to stay with my mom or with Camp Jupiter until everything blew over, but it seemed that that wasn't an option now. I looked at my dad in shock. He looked sad and desperate for a moment, as if he was looking for a way out of my predicament, but eventually, his eyes hardened and filled with a steely resolve. The next words completely cut off all previous emotions I had felt before.

"Due to your disgusting and vile actions, I, Poseidon, Lord of the Seas and Earthshaker, father of Horses, do disown you for all eternity. I cut off all ties with you, and no longer share any relations with you." Poseidon's voice rumbled throughout the Great Hall, no corner being spared from the words.

I looked every council member in the eye, and as soon as I looked at Athena, her gray eyes bored into mine, and I felt a mind link opening in my head.

"I am sorry Perseus, but this was destined to happen. My daughter was meant to leave you, and every Olympian was to hate you and banish you, including all your friends. Apollo spoke a prophecy, in which your death would start a chain reaction of events, but only Hades and I were there at the time. That was the reason I sent you on your quest, so you would understand that some of us know of your innocence, despite the fact that we should not. I have no doubt that whatever sorcery was used on the gods, it didn't work on Hestia, since she is always so secluded. I believe that she will soon find out of your innocence no matter what happens. Apollo also knows, since he had a premonition of this coming. He does not know everything, but he knows that you are innocent."

Apollo and Hades each gave slight, imperceptible nods, Hades looking me in the eye. Immediately, I felt a rush of power flood through me, and I subconsciously shifted towards the shadows. I realized immediately what had happened. Hades had given me his blessing.

I smiled at him, and he nodded back with a staunch expression. I looked the remaining Olympians in the eye, and they all flinched at the glare I threw them.

"Very well, but know this. Should you ever need him, Percy Jackson shall not be there. He will never help any of you should you request it, and you cannot make and mold him any longer. I wish you good luck with any future threats, should there be any." I pulled out Riptide before anyone could stop me. "I, Percy Jackson, renounce my ownership of this sword, Anaklusmos, and return it to its original owner among the stars." The sword flashed and glinted for a few seconds before slowly fading into a silver mist that flew to the ceiling of the throne room and disappeared.

I whirled around, walking out of the throne room, my footsteps echoing on the marble floors. I barely paused when I heard Zeus standing up, roaring something about not bowing to him. My mind was on autopilot, I wasn't really thinking as he hurled the crackling master bolt at me. I turned around at the speed of light, snatching the bolt out of the air, ignoring the cries of surprise and shock as my hands slowly burned and my body twitched from the voltage. I held the bolt tightly with both hands, smashing the middle of it with my knee, and snapping the bolt in half with power that I didn't even know I had. As soon as I did, I heard a roar of outrage before a shocking explosion engulfed me from the two pieces of the bolt. The last thing I saw was a sharp flash of light before I flew backwards, passing out, my body twitching in pain.

Man, the Fates hate me.

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