Daddy Hades

Chapter 10

Daddy Hades chapter 10

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The next couple of days Percy fell into a routine that felt normal, even with all of the satyrs, nymphs, and a centaur hanging around him.

Each morning he took Ancient Greek with Annabeth who was still mad, but he might not have to do it anymore because his daddy taught him all of this stuff. The rest of the day he rotated through outdoor activities, looking for something he was good at. Chiron tried to teach him archery, but they found out pretty quickly that he wasn't good at it. Chiron didn't complain even when he had to desnag a stray arrow from his tail, he was probable use to it now.

He tried foot racing with the wood-nymphs and even with the rose tree nymph cheering for him, he still lost. When Percy lost and the nymphs told him not to worry about it, he took it in good nature, " You got to be fast with all the love struck things going around."

Percy tried wrestling and was always paired with Clarisse, who would according to the other Ares cabin mates go easy on him, but that didn't stop him from losing. But he wasn't sore about it, because Clarisse would give him tips and he was slowly getting better.

The only thing he seemed to excel at was canoeing which didn't surprise him, but it frustrated the others who know about Hades adopting him, but didn't know who his blood father was. Chiron and the other camp counselors were watching him trying to find out who his dad was, apparently Mr. D liked keeping secrets from Chiron. One of those, I know something you don't things.

All Chiron and the counselors knew was he wasn't as strong as the Ares cabin no matter how much they acted like he was, he wasn't as good at archery as the Apollo kids. He didn't have Hephaestus's skill with metalwork or Dionysus's gift with vine plants. Luke once suggested that he might be a son of Hermes, he said it with such hope in his voice that Percy didn't have the heart to shoot that suggestion down.

Percy once thought of just telling about Poseidon being his dad, but decided against it. If Poseidon wanted people to know then he would claim him. Even though no one knew who his father was Percy likes camp, sure he missed the underworld, but camp was becoming a second home.

Percy got use to the fog that hung over the beach in the mornings, the smell of strawberries baking in the afternoon sun, even the monster noises in the forest at night. He would eat dinner with camp eleven and make offerings to the gods, always to Poseidon, Hades and Hermes, after those three, the god would differ from each night.

Percy understood Luke was bitter towards the gods, so it came as a surprise when Luke and Percy found a man in his twenties sitting on Luke's bed when they walked into cabin eleven alone. The man looked like a older copy of Luke but with a few changes, the godly aura was one, the caduceus propped against he shoulder was another. His left leg was drawn toward his chest, arm resting on it, while the other dangled brushing the floor.

" Father," Breath Luke as he stared at the man, Hermes turned his head toward Luke a slight smile appearing on his face.

" Luke." Percy looked between God and demigod, father and son, then said,

" I think I'll be going now."

As Percy tried to walk out Luke's hand shot out gripping his arm. " Wait, I want you here." Luke said, keeping his eyes on Hermes. Percy nodded and went over to his sleeping bag and dropped onto it, crossing his legs he waited for the show. And there would be a show.

" Luke I wanted to talk." said Hermes, smiling down at Luke.

" Now? After all this time. You choose now to care?" Luke's voice broke as he looked at Hermes, Hermes flinched and whispered,

" I do care. More then you know."

Luke stared at Hermes as memories began to flood his mind, of his mom as she screamed at him with glowing green eyes and the first time he saw his father. " Care?" Luke strangled out, " You care more then I know? Well you have a funny way of showing it! You weren't there when mother had glowing green eyes and would scream at me, shaking me until I was so terrified, I would run to the nearest room to hide in!"

Hermes bit his lip and in a wobbly voice from anger or sadness Percy didn't know said, " I would have been there if I could. But we are not aloud contact with our children."

Luke let out a bitter laugh, " Contact? You are the god of travelers, thieves, merchants, of all who use the road. You are the massager of the gods and you can't send a fucking letter to me saying, Its okay. I'm alive. Your not along, I'm watching over you?"

Hermes eyes flared with anger at the accelerations and sadness at the hatred flowing out of his son. " Zeus forbade it. My hands were tied; if I tried it would be suicide." Luke glared at Hermes as he laughed bitterly, tears being to fall from his eyes.

" Zeus? Suicide? You're a god, you can't DIE! You could have convinced Zeus to let the others have at least letter contact."

Hermes walked toward Luke raising his hand to wipe away his son's tears only to have his hand smacked away. Hermes eyes narrowed dangerously, Percy began to feel uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but promised Luke. Hermes took another step forward looking down at his son he snapped, " CONVINCED?" He roared face turning red then throwing his hand toward the window he continued, " Zeus's animal is the eagle, but the other animal that should be his is the stubborn jack ass."

Thunder roared out side making Percy jump up and rushed to the window, " I apologize for Lord Hermes sir." The Thunder stopped but the yelling had just began. Twisting around Percy stared as Luke's face turned red and he roared back, " You could have withheld his mail! Convinced the other gods to take a stand and confront him!"

By now Luke and his father where so close they were almost touching, tears streamed from both faces that were red with rage. Then the rage that had filled Hermes drained out and he swooped Luke into a hug, ignoring his struggles to get away.

" I'm sorry. Your right I could have tried something, we all could but we didn't." Hermes buried his head into son's hair, Luke who was still struggling stilled as he felt droplets fall onto he head.

" I'm sorry, so, so, so sorry." whispered Hermes over and over again in between sobs. Luke raised his hands and hugged his dad back, after a minute they collapsed onto the floor and onto their knees still holding onto each other. Luke buried his head into his dad's shoulder as Hermes continued whispering, " I'm sorry."

After awhile Luke whispered, " It's okay." Hermes shook his head as he lifted it from his son's hair. Pulling back to look Luke in the eyes, he said, " No it's not. I'm going to start acting like a father as I should have a long time ago. And to begin that quest, if you ever yell at me like that again, I will put you over my knee and whack you bottom so hard you won't be able to sit for a week."

Luke stared at Hermes for awhile then began to laugh, " It's so weird to hear a god say that!" Percy joined into laughter fallowed by Hermes,

" Now you know how I feel! You don't know how many times I've heard that or something similar." Laughed Percy, Luke smiled at Hermes and Percy, who both smiled in return.

" Well It's time for you both to head for your sword-fighting lesson." Hugging Percy and Luke goodbye Hermes shimmered out of existents back to Olympus.


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