Daddy Hades

Chapter 11

Daddy Hades chapter 11

By ncalkins; ooc; thanks beta! Don't own Percy Jackson

Luke and Percy travailed to the circular arena, where Luke would be the instructor. The Hermes cabin was waiting for them to get there and when they did, the lesson started with the basic stabbing and slashing using straw-stuffed dummies in Greek armor. Percy was pretty good he still needed some work though. But the problem was that his sword it never felt right, it was too heavy, too light, or too long.

Luke tried to get the best sword he could for Percy but had no luck so far, more then once Percy considered asking his papa for one, but it would have to wait until the summer was over. Soon it was time for dueling in pairs.

Luke announced he would be dueling Percy, because it was his first time.

" Good luck," one of the campers told Percy. " Luke's the best swordsman in the last three hundred years."

Percy looked at the camper that spoke and said, " Maybe he'll go easy on me?" It sounded more like a question, and the camper snorted in reply. Percy was nervous; this would be his first time going against a live opponent and even when he practiced with the dead, they would go easy on him because his daddy was hovering, waiting to strike them down for hurting him.

Percy walked until he was right in front of Luke feet apart, holding his sword in front of him, sword across his chest one flat end facing him, the other was facing away, left hand moved back almost behind him, Luke was the mirror counterpart.

" Ready Percy?" Asked Luke at Percy's nod he lunged forward. Percy barley had time to block, the clang of metal on metal filled the air as all around pairs had began to duel. Percy put all his weight onto his sword pushing both swords downward, Percy and Luke where now shoulder to shoulder when suddenly Percy kicked out toward Luke's legs, hitting him in the side of his left leg right were his knee was.

Which by the sound of it really hurt, Luke began to crumble to the ground falling to his knees, the swords once locked made a screeching sound as Luke's slide down Percy's. Luke gasped as Percy kicked him in the stomach right hand coming up to hold it. " Hey! That's cheating!" Yelled a camper as Percy's sword swooped down toward Luke's head, he was planning to stop, but before he could get to close and claim himself the winner Luke rolled out of the way.

Luke rolled to his feet coming into a crouch sword raised ready to defend. " There's no such thing as cheating in a real fight! Except in a one on one battle and you have all your little friends jump in to take down one person." Said Percy as Luke raised to his feet right arm clutching his stomach, left arm holding the sword relaxed in front of him.

" Percy's right the sooner you guys learn that the better. Which means Percy won't mind when I do this!" As soon as Luke said, "this" he kicked sand into Percy's face, raising his sword he charge as Percy scrubbed his face with he non-sword wielding hand.

Luke's sword rushed down toward Percy's neck, Percy's sword raised to block just in time or else he would have lost. Sea-greed-blue eyes meet sapphire eyes both flared with determination to win. Percy raised his left hand and griped Luke's left hand holding the sword pushing to the side, trying to either get Luke to let go or make them both tumble to the ground. But Luke had another idea he grabbed Percy's left hand and wrenching it away from his sword hand, he jerked until their chest were almost touching.

Percy decided he wanted to try to kick Luke again, but once again Luke had another idea. Luke waited until Percy's foot swung forward and moved the target to the left, Percy's kick was meet with open air. While Percy was planting his foot on ground again, their legs now making a weird X, he hooked one foot behind one of Percy's legs.

Then Luke pushed forward making Percy lose his balance, falling backwards they landed on the sandy/stony ground Luke on top on Percy, as they fell Luke had dropped his sword and gripped Percy wrist slamming it onto the ground. Percy's grip on the sword loosened so much that Luke could remove the sword and take it from him flinging it to the side by their legs. Still gripping Percy's wrist he yanked it to the side until his right hand could grip hold and keep both hands/arms unmovable.

Reaching behind him Luke gripped Percy's sword, bringing it forward he held it to Percy's throat, " You. Lose." Gasped Luke, chest heaving and sweat running down his face, Percy was in a similar state.

Luke took the sword away from Percy and through it to the side out of reach from both parties, rolling over Luke laid on his back, trying to catch his breath, Percy was doing the same. Unknown to the fighting friends the other campers were watching this whole time, as soon as they caught their breath and stood up the campers exploded with applause.

Luke raised a hand in the air, still kind of breathing heavily. Luke stumbled over to the drinks cooler with everyone else, Percy was about to follow when he heard three different voices in his head say, " Good job Percy." Thankfully Percy recognized all three, Hades, Poseidon and Hermes had been watching. As Percy walked over to the drinks cooler he saw Luke dunk his head under water, thinking it was a good idea he did the same thing.

After he was done he looked at Luke only to see him jump about a foot in the air, " They talk to you too?" asked Percy as he came up beside Luke, at Luke's nod Percy patted him on the back. " He wasn't kidding about the whole acting like a real father was he?" asked Luke, Percy smiled and said, " What do you think?"

Walking away to the group he was meet with pats on the back on how long he lasted with Luke. Luke walked to the middle and called everyone over, " Okay, everybody circle up!" He ordered. " If Percy doesn't mind, I want to give you a little demo."

Percy walked to the front and said, " Oh sure as if pounding me to the ground for one day wasn't enough." Luke laughed and pointed at Percy, " Talk to my stomach then we'll decide who's the one who got pounded into the ground." As Percy got into position, Luke told everybody he was going to demonstrate a disarming technique: how to twist the enemy's blade with the flat of your own sword so that he had no choice but to drop his weapon.

" This is difficult," he stressed " I've had it used against me. No laughing at Percy, now. Most swordsmen have to work years to master this technique."

He demonstrated the move on Percy in slow motion. Sure enough, the sword clattered out of his hand. " Now in real time," he said after Percy retrieved his weapon.

" We keep sparring until one of us pulls it off and no tricks, hand to hand, feet to feet, feet to gut, or any thing else. Just sword against sword, okay?"

At Percy's nod he asked, " Ready?" Percy raised his sword in answer and they traded blows each pressing the other hard. Until Percy tried the disarming maneuver. Percy's blade hit the base of Luke's and he twisted, putting his whole weight into a downward thrust.

The sound of Luke's sword hitting the ground echoed around the arena, Percy's sword was inches away from his undefended chest. The campers were silent as Percy lowered his sword saying, " Sorry." Luke's face broke out into a grin and he said, " Sorry? By the gods, Percy, why are you sorry? Show me that again!"

So they tried three times, Percy was able to do it again but Luke was able to do it twice. " Beginner's luck?" asked one camper, Luke stared at Percy.

" Maybe, but I don't think so. I wonder what Percy can do with a balance sword." Luke murmured, the said loud enough to be heard, " Percy! From now on you're my partner in training. Now lets start training again." So they trained for the rest of the day.

Later after Luke and Percy got patched up and they were relaxing in cabin eleven. Luke asked, " Percy how did you do that move the first time and second time?" Percy looked up from his lap and said, " Well after I had some water I felt re energized. And my papa had already taught me that move." Luke looked at Percy then started to shake him, " Why didn't you tell me you already knew the move!" Asked Luke after Percy got free they both laughed at Percy's answer, " Well you wanted a demo. Might as well take everyone by surprise while we're at it!"


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