Daddy Hades

Chapter 12

Daddy Hades chapter 12

By ncalkins; ooc; Don't own Percy Jackson

Friday night after dinner there was a lot of excitement in the air, capture the flag was about to begin. Luke looked around in worry, he was trying to find Percy who said he would catch up… that was a hour ago.

Percy sighed as he looked at his daddy through the mist. His dad had just told him about Thalia and why he shouldn't be alive, " So you regret my being alive?" asked Percy trying to keep the hurt out of his voice.

Hades realizing the danger of telling Percy these thing hurried, " NO! I would never regret you being alive! I just want you to know why some people might seem to hate you even if they don't know you."

Percy nodded relief flooding through him, the man that raised him did not regret him. Hades smiled at the pure relief and softly asked, " You don't have a sword or armor for capture the flag, do you?"

Percy shook his head then yelped, " I was suppose to meet Luke at the mess hall an hour ago!"

In his shock he dropped the communicator, Hades let out an affronted, " Hey!"

Percy scrambled to pick up the rainbow compact saying, " Sorry papa. But I have to go!"

"Wait! In your trunk second compartment from the right."

Percy rushed over and opened his trunk, he started to ruffle through it when, " Your other right Percy." Stated Hades dryly, Percy switched sides embarrassed, shifting through clothes, toys and a book in Greek of 101 tortures written by Hades.

Percy picked up the book turning his head and raised a eyebrow at his papa, Hades shrugged and said, " It's a good read and you never know when you'll need a torture guide." Percy shook his head and put the book to the side saying, " I'm not even going to ask."

Going back to his investigation of his trunk, his hand quickly hitting something cold, hard and metal, wrapped in silk. Percy wrapped his hands around the silk bag handle and pulled it out. Hades smiled at Percy and said, " Open it my son."

Percy unwrapped the silk cloth and packed neatly with in it was armor, a sword and a helmet. Percy picked up the armor and saw it was all black with blue swirls, " I thought you would like the design, it's made of really tough stuff even a god would be hard press to destroyed it." Said Hades, Percy in wonder quickly put on the metal armor and black leather boots and gloves. After he was dress he next picked up the sword, it looked like black iron.

" Made of Stygian Iron, one touch can take the souls of the living and command the dead."

Percy gazed at the sword in awe as a magic sheath appeared around it, he tied the sword at his waist.

" Daddy I can't except this." Breathed Percy, Hades smirked and said under his breath,

" Looks like you already had."

A little louder he said, " Percy you are my son, but that sword is second to the real deal."

Percy looked up curiously, " The real sword my son is made of the same stuff, but unlike yours the dead do not have a choice in obeying the wilder. He would be the ghost king." Stated Hades, the little speech didn't sink in because Percy was so overwhelmed by the gifts.

"There is one more thing, the helmet is like mine it can change into anything you want and it will cover you in shadows."

Percy picked up the black helmet and placed it on his head, immediately it transformed. The metal formed around his head covering his ears and hair, the front was in the form of a M, letting him see and speak. A blue horsehair plume was on top.

" Do me proud son." Said Hades, Percy smiled and nodded he closed the connection and ran to the mess hall. Luke caught sight of Percy in full battle armor stepping onto the pavilion and made a bee line toward him.

" Where have you been! I've been worried sick you said you would catch up an hour ago!" Shouted Luke waving his arms in the air. Percy with his fingers in his ears waited until Luke was staring at him accusingly, " Sorry mother, I got wrapped up with talking to papa." Said Percy as he smiled at Luke. Luke punched Percy in the arm and said, " Don't give me that cheek and I'm not your mother….I'm your big brother."

Percy smiled and as they made their way to the center of the pavilion Percy told Luke of what his daddy had said.

" Well that explains your cool digs."

Percy laughed as Luke looked deep into his eyes, even though Percy tried to hide it Luke could see the inferior feelings how was he suppose to compete with some one who didn't exist. Luke pulled Percy into a one armed hug and said, " Everything will be okay."

Then all around them campers exploded with cheers as Annabeth and two of her siblings ran into the pavilion carrying a silk banner. It was about ten feet long, glistening gray, with a painting of a barn owl above an olive tree. From the opposite side of the pavilion, Clarisse and her buddies ran in with another banner, of identical size, but gaudy red, painted with a bloody spear and a boar's head.

"Dose Athena and Ares cabins always lead the teams in capture the flag?" Asked Percy, Luke shook his head and said, " Not always, but most of the time." A sly look appeared on Percy's face, Luke look at him with interest.

" It's the most interesting when Athena and Ares are pent against each other."

Luke laughed and nodded, " Yep but I would like to see Poseidon cabin vs. Athena's cabin."

Percy laughed and said, " If that ever happens you better be on my side."

Luke laughed as he began to gear up and said, " Of course Percy, I'd follow you to the ends of the earth."

Percy smiled as teams were announced Athena, Apollo and Hermes on one side. Ares, Demeter, Aphrodite and Hephaestus on the other.

A camper snorted and said, " This will be easy."

Percy frowned as he walked away and as Luke picked out his armor. " The others shouldn't underestimate the opponent."

Luke nodded as Chiron hammered his foot on the marble.

"Heroes!" He announced. " You know the rules. The creek is the boundary line. The banner must be prominently displayed, and have no more then two guards. Prisoners may be disarmed, but may not be bound or gagged. No killing or maiming is allowed. I will serve as referee and battlefield medic." After Chiron had finished his speech Luke turned to Percy and said, " Your border patrol, just stand by the creek. Kay?"

Percy nodded and followed after the rest of the blue team as Annabeth yelled, "Blue team, forward!"

After a couple of minutes before Luke and Percy parted, Luke left him with a few words of advice, " Watch out for Clarisse's spear, okay Percy."

Percy nodded as he went off alone and took up his position next to the creek, after a little while his was struck with an idea. Percy walked over to the shadowed trees and let the darkness swallow him whole.

After a while five Ares campers came charging out of the woods, " I can't believe they left the creek completely vulnerable." Said, one of them.

Percy waited until all of them had pass then stepping out of the shadows Percy raised his sword to be leveled with the back of Clarisse's neck.

" Surrender now or I'll make you." Clarisse and her siblings turned around and sneered,

" You and what army punk."

Percy smiled a motioned behind them, " That army." Six skeleton warriors stepped out of the shadows, pointing all weapons at the Ares campers.

Clarisse ordered her siblings to put down their weapons as she let her spear fall, " We know when we are beat, son of Hades." Percy laughed as they all sat down, " I'm not the bio son of Hades. I'm adopted by him though."

Clarisse looked like she wanted to ask but just then they heard a howl. The campers crowded together one of them asked, " What was that?" The skeleton warriors disappeared and all was quite.

Suddenly Luke came bounding over with the Ares flag that turned into an Athena flag, Chiron came charging out of the woods and blew the conch horn, Percy smiled as the other campers lifted Luke onto their shoulders they had won.

" I see your not dead." Said a voice behind Percy.

Percy turned and saw Annabeth with her arms crossed over her chest, ' Great what did I do now?' Thought Percy as Annabeth stomped over to him, "Why weren't you in position! I passed by to see you gone!"

Percy's eyes narrowed and he snapped, " Get off your dame high horse! Your not the only one with a magic item!"

Annabeth looked at him with wide eyes and Percy smiled sickly sweet and said, " Yea you might think your slick but your not."

Every one stilled and cheering died down as a growl was heard. Chiron shouted something in Ancient Greek, which all of the campers understood perfectly: "Stand ready! My bow!"

Annabeth drew her sword.

There on the rocks just above them was a black hound the size of a rhino, with lava-red eyes and fangs like daggers. It was looking strait at Percy. "Percy!" Yelled Clarisse as she picked up her spear and stabbed at the hell hound. At the same moment at least fifty arrows were lodged into the hound's neck, but before it disintegrated the hound swiped at Percy giving him three long gashes on his chest causing him to stager into the creek. Luke gasped and scrambled over to Percy from the place the campers had let him down, only to stop short. The gashes were healing but that wasn't what held the attention of all campers.

'I guess dad decided to claim me after all.' Thought Percy as he stared at the hologram of green light, spinning and gleaming. A three-tipped spear: a trident.

All around Percy campers bowed as Chiron announced what Percy knew all along.

" Poseidon, Earthshaker, Stormbringer, Father of Horses. Hail, Perseus Jackson, Son of the Sea God."


To clarify on the Annabeth and Percy scean Annabeth passed by Percy's post while he was in the shadows. She thought he had abandoned his post, and accused him of it. Percy rightfully enraged lashed out. NEED A NEW BETA ANY TAKERS?

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