Daddy Hades

Chapter 13

Daddy Hades chapter 13

By ncalkins; ooc; Don't own Percy Jackson; found beta DarkLadyIreth!

The next morning, Chiron moved Percy to cabin three. Being an only child he didn't have to share with anybody. He had plenty of space, got to sit at his own table and could call lights out any time he wanted. Despite all of that Percy was absolutely miserable. He came to camp because he was forced yes, but he still had hope that he would make friends.

But, now he was singled out like the plague. The only person who didn't act different around him was Luke. The last couple of weeks would have been hell, if Luke hadn't visited. At times Luke would even spend the night in Percy's cabin. Percy would still train with Luke, but since the hellhound incident Luke had pushed him harder and harder.

Percy steered clear of Annabeth, he had dropped her lessons of Greek, everything she tried to teach him he already knew. To tell the truth Annabeth was starting to freak him out. Each time he encountered her most of the time against his will, she would start muttering, " Quest… Poseidon?… Dirty rotten…Got to make a plan…" He mentioned this to Clarisse and now each time Annabeth came near Clarisse either pulled him away or challenged her to a battle…So far it worked.

One night Percy had his worst nightmare yet. He was running along the beach in a storm. This time, there was a city behind Percy. Not New York. The sprawl was different: buildings spread farther apart, palm trees and low hills in the distance.

About a hundred yards down the surf, two men were fighting. They looked like TV wrestlers, muscular, with beards and long hair. Both wore flowing Greek tunics, one trimmed in blue, the other in green. They grappled with each other, wrestled, kicked and head-butted, and every time they connected, lighting flashed, the sky grew darker, and wind rose.

Percy felt like he had to stop them. But the harder he ran, the more the wind blew him back, until he was running in place, his heels digging uselessly in the sand.

Over the roar of the storm, Percy could hear the blue-robed one yelling at the green-robed one,

"Give it back! Give it back!"

Hearing an adult say that made Percy wonder, ' Is this guy a kindergartner stuck in a adult's body?'

The waves got bigger, crashing into the beach, spraying Percy with salt.

" Stop it! Stop fighting!" yelled Percy as he reached a hand out toward them, as if he could will peace between the two fighting men.

The ground shook. Laughter came from somewhere under the earth, and a voice so deep and evil it turned Percy's blood to ice.

" Come down, little hero," the voice crooned, " Come down!"

Percy's eyes widened he knew that voice. Memories bombarded him of nightmare after nightmare of being sucked into a bottomless void. But this time his daddy was not there to wake him up. Percy cried out as the sand split beneath him, opening up a crevice straight down to the center of the earth. His feet slipped, the last thing he saw was a pair of green eyes just like his catching sight of him, those eyes widened with fear.

Just as Percy was swallowed by darkness he heard, " PERCY!" Being bellowed by Poseidon his father.

Percy woke up feeling like he was falling.

Chest heaving Percy took in his surroundings and saw he was still in his bed in cabin three. Percy's body told him it was morning, but it was dark outside, and thunder rolled across the hills. A storm was brewing. Percy felt uneasy if he hadn't dreamed about the storm what else was real? Percy's head snapped toward the door as he heard a clopping sound at the door, a hoof knocking on the threshold.

" Come in?"

Grover trotted inside, looking worried. " Mr. D wants to see you."

" Why?"

" He wants to kill… I mean, I'd better let him tell you."

Percy nervously got dressed and followed, sure that he was in huge trouble. But at the same time he heard a calm voice from within telling him, ' Calm down papa and father won't let anything happen to you.'

' Yep, not on purpose.' Chimed in another voice. ' Not helping!' Snapped the first.

Percy was starting to worry he'd need a shrink before this summer was over. As the Big House loomed closer the storm seemed to get darker. Grover let out a nervous bleat as thunder boomed louder and the waves got higher. Grover and Percy walked up to the front porch of the Big House. Expecting to find Mr. D and Chiron playing pinochle, but only Chiron was there.

" Where's Mr. D?" Asked Percy as he sat next to Chiron.

" Mr. D was called away to urgent business on Olympus. But never mind that, Percy when that hellhound attacked how did you feel?"

Percy looked at the table remembering the terror he had felt at the sight of the hellhound's red eyes. " Scared." Stated Percy, Chiron nodded and said, " You will face worse if you choose to go on the quest that is being offered to you."

Percy looked up confusion dominating his face.

"Quest?" He asked, " What quest?"

Chiron grimaced. "Well, that's the hard part, the details."

Thunder rumbled across the valley. The storm clouds had now reached the edge of the beach. As far as Percy could tell the sky and the sea were boiling together.

"Poseidon and Zeus," Percy said, still staring at the violent scene. " They're fighting over something valuable… something that was stolen, aren't they?"

Chiron and Grover exchanged looks.

Chiron sat forward in his wheelchair. "How did you know that?"

Percy blushed and explained his dream leaving out the part of the ground laughing, he had a feeling they were going to blame it on someone and he was not going to be happy about who they pent the blame on.

After Percy was done explaining Chiron nodded, " They are fighting over something valuable that was stolen. To be precise: a lightning bolt."

Percy looked at Chiron blankly and summed the situation up nicely, " Shit."

Chiron not happy with Percy's choice of word, still nodded in agreement. " Zeus's master bolt has enough power to make mortal hydrogen bombs look like firecrackers. And Zeus believes that you have stolen it."

Percy looked at Chiron and busted out laughing, " What the hell would I do with a lightning bolt? Besides I was in the underworld basically the whole time only coming out to travel to Poseidon's palace."

Chiron nodded and said, " That is probably the reason Zeus suspects you."

Grover chewing on a card looked at Percy and asked, " You agree then?"

Percy kind of glared and grouchily said, " Well I'm going to die someday anyway."

" Great now all you have to do is consult the oracle." Stated Chiron cheerfully as he led the way into the big house.

Chiron and Gover waited outside on the porch as it began to rain on camp half blood. Percy had claimed up four flights of stairs only to face a greed trapdoor. Percy pulled on the cord. The door swung down, and a wooden ladder clattered into place.

The warm air from above smelled like mildew and rotten wood and something else… a smell Percy remembered from the zoo in Elysium. The smell of reptiles. Percy began to breath though his mouth as he climbed up the latter.

The attic was filled with Greek hero junk: armor stands covered in cobwebs; once-bright shields pitted with rust; old leather steamer trunks plastered with stickers saying ITHAKA, CIRCE'S ISLE, and LAND OF THE AMAZONS. One long table was stacked with glass jars filled with pickled things_ severed hairy claws, huge yellow eyes, various other parts of monsters. A dusty mounted trophy on the wall looked like a giant snake's head, but with horns and a full set of shark's teeth. The plaque read, Hydra Head 1, Woodstock, N.Y., 1969.

By the window, sitting on a wooden tripod stool, was the most gruesome memento of all: a mummy. Not the wrapped in cloth kind, but a human female body shriveled to a husk. She wore a tie-dyed sundress, lots of beaded necklaces and a headband over long black hair. The skin of her face was thin and leathery over her skull, and her eyes were glassy white slits, as if the real eyes had been replaced by marbles; she'd been dead a long, long time.

Percy being use to dead things still felt a slight chill at the sight of her, and couldn't help but twitch when the mummy sat up and opened her mouth. A green mist poured from the mummy's mouth, coiling over the floor in thick tendrils, hissing like twenty thousand snakes. Percy began to stumbled toward the trap door, dodging the mist as he went. But it slammed shut a voice slither into one ear and wrapped around his brain: I am the spirit of Delphi, speaker of the prophecies of Phoebus Apollo, slayer of the mighty Python. Approach, seeker, and ask.

' Oh ya I'm so going to need therapy after this.' Thought Percy, visible shuddering when he heard a dry laugh in his head.

" Please Lady Delphi, tell me how to find the lightning thief." Said Percy and feeling foolish bowed until he heard a voice that told him to rise.

Percy rose to see in the mist the form of Poseidon, Hades, his mom and Zeus. Percy gulped at the sight of his mom and felt relived when all three gods stepped in front of him protectively.

Poseidon looked at Percy and put an arm around his shoulder. Percy felt the mist give a light squeeze as it said, " You shall go west, and face the god who has turned."

Hades stepped forward and ruffled Percy's hair saying, " You shall find what was stolen, and see it safely returned."

Zeus stepped forward and seemed to consider Percy as if he didn't know what to make of him. " You shall be betrayed by one who calls you friend."

Much to Percy's distress his mother tried to step forward only to be blocked by three angry gods. His mother looked at him with seemingly sad eyes and said, " And you shall fail to save what matters most, in the end."

' Figures my mother would deliver the worst news.' Thought Percy as the mist traveled back into the mummy's mouth. Percy knowing that his time was up climbed out of the attic and walked back to Chiron and Gover.

Once Percy was outside he explained everything even the last part knowing from his papa and his dad that prophesies have double meanings.

" So who do you guys think is the god who has turned?" asked Percy, Grover and Chiron exchanged looks. Percy caught on quickly, " Oh No. You better not be thinking it's my daddy. He would never do that."

Grover looked at Percy with guilt in his eyes, " Percy you have to understand Hades is not the most liked. And besides he has all the motives."

Percy angrily spat, " Really just like my father Poseidon!"

Chiron put a hand on Percy's shoulder, which Percy shrugged off. " Percy, you father is the only one who would benefit from this war. His realm would grow greatly, not only that but he could take over."

Percy rounded on Chiron fire flashing in his eyes, " His realm is barely big enough as it is! With all of the death and decay going on, you honestly thing he wants more traffic jams? Or more problems!" Chiron tried to cut in seen Percy's point, but Percy sped on.

" And how would he take over? Their immortal gods, what in the middle of fighting because of the lightning thief, their just going to go, " Oh we give up." And just fade leaving everything to Hades? NO!" Percy red faced and panting let Chiron have his say, "Okay I see your point. Are you going on this quest?"

Percy looked at Chiron like he was crazy and said, " I just ranted about the innocents of my fathers and you have the nerve to ask me if I will go on this quest?"

Chiron coughed and said, " Yes, well Gover as your protector shall be going and you already have a volunteer."

Percy's eyes narrowed as the air shimmered behind Chiron.

Annabeth became visible, stuffing her Yankees cap into her back pocket.

" I've been waiting a long time for a quest, seaweed brain," she said. " Athena is no fan of Poseidon, but if you're going to save the world, I'm the best person to keep you from messing up."

Chiron nodded and said, " Alright you shall set off in the morning."

" Hold up!" Shouted Percy standing up. " Don't I get a say in this? I don't want her." He spat her out like a curse.

Annabeth looking insulted narrowed her eyes and hissed, " Why not?"

Percy eyes flashing rounded on her and snapped, " You have been nothing but an arrogant, stuck-up little know it all. Thinking your better then everyone else!"

Annabeth sputtered, " What did I ever do to you?"

Percy about to answer saw out of the corner of his eye Mr. D sitting with Chiron and Grover who were all watching them like a live show. Percy refocusing on Annabeth felt all his anger returned, " HMM! Lets see, you shouted at me for doing as I was told during capture the flag. You called me the one and harassed me from day one, but apparently that's nothing new! You tried to pry into my personal life with no regard for my feelings when I was clearly throwing signs that I didn't want to talk! You have ridiculed me, embarrassed me and got angry that I didn't tell you my inner most secrets."

Percy was about to go on when Mr. D spoke up, " As entertaining as seeing Annabell being pulled down a peg or two. What started this?"

Percy taking deep breaths let Grover explained, " W-well Mr. D-D-D, Annabeth had volunteered to go on the quest with Percy, but seeing as Percy doesn't like her. H-he p-p-protested."

Mr. D sighed as said, " Then let Parry Jonson chose who to take on his quest."

Annabeth snorted and said, " As if he can find anybody to replace me."

Percy glared and spoke, " Luke or Clarisse."


So what will it be Luke or Clarisse? Personal I'm leaning toward Luke but it's up to you.

Luke, Clarisse or Annabeth

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