Daddy Hades

Chapter 14

Daddy Hades chapter 14

By ncalkins; ooc; Don't own Percy Jackson; found beta DarkLadyIreth!

Mr. D sighed loudly when Annabeth tried to protest, " Grover go get Larry and Casey." Grover went off at a trot, goat eyes lit with fear.

' Oh! I don't want to go to the underworld. Why can't the lightening bolt be inMaine? It's very nice this time of year.' Thought Grover as he approached the Hermes cabin, walking up the rickety stairs onto the porch.

Grover raised his hand and knocked, the door opened to show a girl Hermes camper.

" What do you want?" snapped the camper with brown hair.

'Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.' Thought Grover as he asked, " Where's Luke?"

The girl gave him a disgusted look brown eyes flashing and hissed, " How should I know you damn satyr!"

Grover taken aback looked at her open mouthed with shock. The door opened a little wider to show a boy who looked like her big brother.

" Ashley? What are you doing?" Asked the kind looking boy, brown hair falling into his face as he looked down at his sister.

"Nothing, just trying to make the freak of nature disappear." Spoke Ashley with smugness as if she thought it was okay to treat someone like that.

The boy gave her a tired look and said, " Ashley, this is our life now. You can't just will everything away."

Ashley glared at her brother and snapped, " None of this should be real! It doesn't make since and I don't care what you say this is not OUR life! It's YOUR life, I hate this!" Ashley eyes filled with tears pushed passed Grover and ran passed brown hair streaming after her.

The boy looked after her with a tired expression, sighing, " Not again."

Noticing Grover standing awkwardly looking between him and the direction his sister had went. The boy smiled rather kindly and shook Grover's hand, saying, " My name's Tim and you'll have to excuse my sister. She is one of the 'science can explain everything' people and well…. The satyr and everything else was like a big slap in the face for her."

Grover nodded and asked, " Why don't you talk to her?"

Tim shrugged closing his brown eyes saying, " I've tried, but she's pretty much stuck in denial. I swear she can not meet any of the gods, she probably shout 'you're not real!' at them and then run."

Grover looked thoughtful and said, " Maybe that's what she needs."

Tim opened his eyes looking thoughtful and said, "Maybe you right, but until then we can only hope she'll get over it. Now, what did you come over here for?"

Grover startled as he remembered, " Bahhha! Mr. D is going to be so mad if I'm late! You have to tell me, WHERE IS LUKE!"

Tim recognized the desperation that Grover reeked of and said, " He's at the sword arena, practicing."

Grover ran off yelling, " Thanks!" Over his shoulder as Tim closed the door he smiled and said, " You're welcome and good luck."

Grover passed camper after camper, racing toward the arena. The arena came in sight, it was a duplicate of the Roman Coliseum. Running through one of the door ways Grover could hear the sounds of swords hitting one another echoing off the stands. Reaching the end of the tunnel that you enter through, he saw Luke and Clarisse sword fighting in the pit.

' Well, this will make it easier.' Thought Grover as he yelled, " Clarisse, Luke! Mr. D want to talk to you!"

Luke and Clarisse stopped sparing and looked up to the stands at Grover. Taking off his helmet Luke shouted back, " OKAY!"

Turning toward Clarisse he nodded his head to the exit and said, " Come on."

Both of them ran toward the exit, wondering what Mr. D wanted with them. As they reached the outside, they met up with Grover. Together they ran back to the big house, as they went Grover was filling them in.

" Percy has to go on a quest." Panted Grover as he picked up the pace, hearing the sound of shoes hitting earth at a faster pace.

" WOOT! GO JACKSON!" Yelled Clarisse as she kept pace with Luke and Grover.

Luke let out a breathless laugh when he heard Clarisse and saw Grover's face. The Big house was nearing in sight.

Grover shook his head and said, " He has to go to the underworld."


Grover nodded as he slowed down, they were almost there. So there was no need to run anymore. " My thoughts exactly."

" Not that, I almost tripped." Said Luke as he caught up with Grover and Clarisse.

Clarisse laughed loudly as they walked up the steps and over to the awaiting group. Chiron smiled and said, " So has Grover told you everything?"

Luke shook his head and said, " He only told us that Percy had a quest and it was to the underworld."

Percy turned saying, " Partly, Zeus's lighting bolt has been stolen. He blames Poseidon and I for the theft."

"That's crazy! There is no way you or Poseidon could have stolen the bolt!" Snapped Clarisse her brown eyes flashing, hands on her spear tightened to the point that her knuckles burned white, Luke nodded in agreement.

Percy inclined his head, " Well other's think it was Papa. But there is no way Hades could have took it either. So I'm heading to the underworld to find out what is going on and reclaim both of my fathers' honor."

Luke looked at Percy weird and said, "Reclaim my fathers' honor… Really?"

Percy shrugged and said, " I thought it would be cool."

Mr. D with his feet propped up on the table and a coke in his hand said, " That saying is way over done."

Percy smiled and said, " Anyway, you two were called here, because I need someone to replace Annabeth. I really don't want her to come."

Annabeth huffed in the background and shouted, " Good luck getting this quest done without me!"

Luke stepped forward before Clarisse could and said, " I will."

Chiron nodded and said, " Fine, Percy, Luke and Grover. Go get-"

He was cut off by Clarisse's shouting, " Hey what about me!"

Percy looked pleadingly at Grover, " Grover would you mind being replaced by Clarisse?"

Grover pretended to think, " Hmmm, going to the dark, dank and cold underworld. Or staying at camp." Grover looked at Percy and asked, " What do you think?"

Percy smiled and hugged Grover saying, " Thanks man."

Chiron sighed and shook his head saying, " Okay Luke, Clarisse and Percy, go get packed. You're in for a long journey."

Percy, Luke and Clarisse went to their cabins to pack. Grover went off to the forest too visit Jupiter. Mr. D went to take a nap muttering about troublesome kids. Chiron took out his book to read and nobody noticed Annabeth's dark look.


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